Thedor 2, 229: Scolding A Duke

Scolding A Duke
Summary: Baroness Wenna invites Duke Aidan for a visit and is unexpectedly rattled.
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Aidan Wenna 
Private Residence — Darfield Castle
The main room for the apartment is very large but cozy and smells of herbs and flowers. The stone walls have been washed with paint; they are a soft pale blue. On the stone floor woven rugs have been placed instead of rushes for the comfort of those staying there. By the door hooks have been placed to hold the owners cloaks, scarves and even a cane. In this room you see a long bench near the fire that is of walnut and the back of the bench has been carved to show an ocean scene with a ship sailing. The bench also has comfortable cushions that covered in a woven fabric with the following colors: white, light blue, dark blue. Wall sconces of silver hang on the wall to provide illumination for the room. Opposite of the bench there is a large stone fireplace that is flanked by two comfortable tall wooden chairs. Before one of the chairs there is a small foot stool. The cushions of the chairs have been covered in a heavy light blue fabric. Above the fireplace, hangs a wood carving of a ship at sea. The fireplace itself has an oak mantel that is heavily carved with a ships sailing on rough waters. On the mantel is a model of a wooden sailing ship that look like exact replicas and silver candelabras holding bees wax candles, last but not least there is a large conch shell.

Near the fireplace in the corner there is a spinning wheel and small loom.

On the opposite side of the room across from the windows is a long oak table. Set around the table are matching heavy wood chairs. On the table there are two more silver candelabras. At each of the windows there are window boxes filled with herbs and flowers.

Along the wall there are two doors leading to other rooms. The doors are spread apart and between them is a wooden bookcase. In the book case there are rare scrolls and books on various subjects

It is day 2 of the month of Thedor, 229 2E

The day has come to a close and though it is still getting dark early the darkness does not stay, not a star can be seen in the sky as it is covered with heavy clouds. Snow whispers softly like a lover as it falls to the already snow littered ground. Inside of the apartments for the voice located on the first floor of the near the infirmary is warm. A fire merrily burns in the hearth and the scent of mulled cider fills the air. A guard dressed in the colors of Alban stands outside the door. Finished with work Wenna sits at her loom working. Beside her is a cradle that contains an infant. She moves the shuttle through the stands and then uses the beater to tighten the weave. She is dressed simply in a gown of pale pink silk and her hair has been gathered up into a golden hair net. The ornamentation on the gown is simple in its design yet rich in gold and pearls. As she weaves she hums and she looks tired and ashen. Next leaning against the wall next to her are crutches. A servant sets a table.

Aidan should be expected. He's arrived precisely when he means too, according the correspondences, precisely when he should. It is a matter of propriety that he comes as summoned, regardless of who it is that has invited him so. In this case, the wife of the Voice certainly has him intrigued. After all, she had just been returned to the kingdom, or so Court gossip had mentioned, which, of course had been the reason the men died in flames. He hesitates at the doorway, casting his eyes curtly at the guard that keeps at her door. The Duke of Lakeshire has come in a presentable long formal tunic, belted at the waist, and breeches that were snug and form fitted, tucked into knee high boots. Over the tunic a cloak was pinned up at the shoulders to cross his chest, with ornate metal hasps securing it firmly. The tunic itself is trimmed in silver embelishments of Kincaid design, the Lake Lily worked into the patterns. He nods once to the guard and waits for the door to be open, thusly presented to the woman he anticipated within. His steps were graceful and ever measured, his shoulders straight, chin held with confidence, lips at ease and showing a faint but pleasant indication of a smile to come, while his sharp eyes at once too notice of the room and those within.

The guard announces Aidan and Wenna sets her shuttle down and she moves to get her crutches. She turns on her stool and rises. She then offers him an awkward curtsy, but it is still formal. "Good evening duke I hope that you are well. Will you come and have seat? Also would like a cup of mulled cider?" She offers to him as she looks over at her servant. The servant also offers him a formal curtsy and she waits to get him the drink if he so chooses. "I am very glad that you have decided to meet with me. As you know I am also the Royal physician. I wish to speak with about a number of issues."

Aidan bows his head to return her curtsy and the formalities that go along with it, saying in a kind baritone, "Honourable Lady Wenna, how kind of you to invite me. How are you faring since your return?" He asks as he accents to the wine, gesturing to the servant absently to bring it over as he makes for the seat offered, "Very kind of you. I hoped I did not interrupt your evening hobbies?" his eyes pointedly turned toward the loom, then back to the woman before he looks on to take his seat after she does. He straightens his tunic and cloak out behind him to sit proper once he does, accepting the wine without a hint of gratitude to the servant, as if they are there and he has just forgotten along the way that they are people - a matter of station that eventually keeps propriety to others of the noble world. "Yes indeed, a position most notable. Your husband must be quite pleased." He tilts his head, curiosity behind the brooding hazel eyes, "I'm surprised by the request but nevertheless curious to what these issues are regarding, having no word of them prior to my arrival." Something underlying in his tone suggests he doesn't like surprises, at least, in Courtly matters.

"I am faring well and am already back at work. Nay I weave every night or I spin. You are not interrupting as your company is welcomed." She tells him in a gracious manner. Using the crutches to move she goes to take a seat once he is seated. The servant moves to get them mulled cider. "I held the position before we were married, I like to think that my Lord his pleased." She arranges her skirts around her and she sets her crutches aside. "I am not one to show my displeasure in public and I am one to wait before speaking. I thought that the time was right since you are now here. Your daughter needs to be more careful with those in court. She might be the daughter of a duke but she is just that a daughter. She is not the duchess herself or you. She is lucky it was only I and my lord husband she was trying to get to bend the knee. Both of us were more amused. Now as for Lady Faerinia! She decided to practice in my infirmary before announcing herself and then she caused a brawl. I have handled the situation and I believe that she will not be making that mistake again. But, why on earth do does she have more guards and handmaidens than a princess following her about. When she is working in the infirmary or coming into my private quarters a handmaiden should suffice."

Displeasure. Aidan focuses on that word even if that wasn't the first brought up. The formalities that fall before it are simply acknowledged with a nod, perhaps a smile, and a tip of his cup to salute her words. Either way, he says naught until she is clearly defining the purpose that he is here. To get a scolding. That has his lips crease just enough to show his patience is wearing thin. "I believe she had attempted to apologize for her careless behaviour, though if you wish to keep hanging that over her head, she is no better off than had she stayed her presumptions," his words are polite, placed between the casual sips of mulled wine, adding with a blithe tone, "She is facing consequences for her actions, what more if you want, you may simply tell me." As for Faerinia, well, that seems to be another matter entirely, "She is eager and longs for the grand infirmary of Lakeshire, I'm sure. She dislikes me for sending her to the capitol, where she is away from opportunities of such education. I will speak to her about no longer practicing her skills here, if they are troublesome." As for guards and handmaidens, he muses, "She has a new handmaiden, the last was dismissed. The guard is simply for my peace of mind. The guard will remain outside the infirmary and your private quarters, as you wish." But he will not recall the guard.

"You misunderstand me and this is not true scolding and do not hold a grudge, I might be from Greeshire but the thought of a blood feud sickens me. What I mean to say about Lady Faerinia is that she if she is allowed to work in the infirmary as she will learn more and I will fight you tooth and nail to keep her there. What she needs to learn that is that not all are out to crucify her and it is okay to ask permission from those above her. But, those guards are too much and they get underfoot; I appreciate you keeping them out of the infirmary and out of my quarters. For one they interfere with her education and two I have enough guards of my own thank. Now with that said, I have a question to ask you, are you looking for a new wife?" Wenna says. The infant in the cradle begins to fuss and servant goes to pick the infant up and she brings the infant to Wenna. Carefully Wenna takes the child and she cuddles her.

Aidan doesn't seem to be pleased by the conversation they're having. Of all the conversations he's had with acquaintances and of other nobles, this seems to be the first that he is completely unprepared for - that was likely her intent. So it does not earn a warm reception, clearly. His smile has gone, replaced by the cool exterior of a cautious but proud leader. He sips of his mulled wine and listens, though does not offer any more insight on the situation. It is the question that comes so closely on the heels of her preaching that has him jolt in such a manner of his surprise, as if he nearly choked on his wine. He recovers only by a quick cough and finger dab of any excess wine on his lips, admitting once he's sure he won't continue to cough, "That was unexpected." The answer comes after an inhaled breath and exhaled sigh, "While I'm indeed searching for suitable women for my sons and nephews and men for my daughters and nieces," and cousins, "the priority for myself was low, as I imagine the prospects for a second wife aren't as high as the first. I leave it in the hands of the Eight."

Shrugging her shoulders Wenna snuggled the infant and she smiles warmly at Duke. "That is a shame good Duke, I was thinking that if you could stomach my company that perhaps you could join my lord husband and I for dinner, I was thinking that I could ask if his older unwed sister could join us." She says gently to him as she shifts the infant's position again and she rubs her back. The infant begins to quiet down. "But it is an invitation I wanted to offer to you and it will be a chance to meet someone who is well traveled and has more than a good ear for music." She points out to him as she continues to comfort the child. "Beside if anything you can at least get a chance to meet my lord husband in a less formal setting."

Shame?! The man becomes rather studious of her, drawing his elbow up on the arm of his seat so that his index finger and his thumb can thoughtfully rub down his chin, a motion repeated over the scuffy whiskers there upon. As his chin turns aft with a quiet 'hmm' on his lips, he considers the fireplace absently, thoughts long beyond it and into some other great distance. "I appreciate the offer-" despite his pensive attitude, he is quick to respond to the invitation to dinner, "-truly. While I must say I am naturally defensive fo my family, as I imagine any good parent to be, I would not decline such an offer to join you and your family for dinner." This is where he seems to come back into his own, the guarded manner becoming less so as he questions easily toward the infant, "I had not known you had a child. Though perhaps I had missed such announcements and wish you a belated congratulations." Because, why else would a baroness hold onto a child if it wasn't her own!? He means no insult, clearly, he's been out of the loop on some royal affairs. An eyebrow does lift at once, again, Wenna claims the upper hand by knowing his respect for good music, "Ahh yes, well, our House does entertain ourselves in the arts quite heavily." He sits forward a bit now to place his mulled wine on a table, looking honestly at Wenna, "I must say, your title doesn't give you justice, that or you are truly your brother's twin." Now if that's a good thing or a bad thing, is yet to be seen.

There is a laugh from Wenna and she does not seem to take offense. "I have my moments, but I prefer to do good where I can. To teach and to pass what knowledge I have to others. I also like to learn as I found that one cannot know everything. But, I am the eldest child of our lord father and our gentle mother. There are two things I believe in and that is to serve the realm and to always have compassion and some kindness." She confesses to him and there is a sense she is studying him. But the question of the infant does get her to smile. "She is our ward. Her noble parents did pass away and she was left to our keeping as she is the last of that branch of the family. Her name is Gwenyth. Because she is our Ward she is now like daughter to us."

"My sister, who is also my husband's true sister, is a gifted musician. She also has a soul with and she is intelligent. Our king made certain she was able to learn from the finest tutors and he sent away to learn more about music." Wenna explains to him.

"Then both my daughter and my niece will have undoubtedly learned something from their time with you," and as to his own learnings? He's not on that list now is he. The reflection though that she is much like her twin has him listening, hearing her confession which would normally make him quip something to her, yet, his tongue is cautious here. He is still dealing with a Haravean after all. As for the infant, he nods and gives the child a curious consideration, "Then more luck for her to be raised in your capable care. I'm sure as you said, you have much good to do in this world and she now has a sufficient teacher." That is praise there, in those words. The last has him nod quietly, "It'd please me to have the opportunity to hear how gifted she is, should time ever grant it before the ground shakes beneath us yet again." A references to the lightning and the odd things at the Temple. The touch of conversation in regards to Caedmon's sister has Aidan smiling quietly, a likely awkward thing, as if timid or meek in the face of such things as courtship again. He had been long out of that -game-… he was in fact only a kid when he was married to Isys. Courtship wasn't needed as his betrothal was secured when he was still a squire. "I'd be pleased to meet her-" he does include, "as well as your husband. I will be attending the Royal Court," he announces, "so it would be good to see him beyond the scope of such discussions. Is it possible to sup together before then?"

"We will have to see, his duties are numerous but if you are agreeable to having the dinner on short notice and do not mind the dinner being informal, then I think we could do it before court." Wenna smiles. "She is also a very good conversationalist." She smiles as she says this. "I will make sure she will be able attend. All I ask is that you forgive us if we are called away during dinner for an emergency. It can be either my Lord husband or myself that can be called away." She smiles. "Now would you like to the bathing room that all those rumors were about?"

"I agree, with the time constraints, the dinner would have to be arranged in a much more informal setting. Though I assure you, that does not displease me," as if she would be worried about that. He shifts so that he can pull on his cloak a little more, the fabric having gotten too tight around his shoulders as he sat back on it, flipping it out absently as he takes his wine back once more, sipping on it further. "Should we fear such an emergency to interrupt a dinner, planned or not?" He asks casually, though the hint behind his tone suggests he is hoping for an explanation behind that, "The King is in good condition, I had heard. Or is he ill beyond your aid?" Clearly, the King being cloistered in his Halls for his long has given many cause to be concerned and perhaps inviting great men like Aidan to gather around and prepare for the fallout of such events. The last, has him gesture dismissively, "I do not need to know more of what your brother considers proper or not. I have seen enough of that with my own eyes to care to what he does in his spare time. My only regret is that my niece somehow became entangled again in it." Which, seems to exasperate him. Undoubtedly.

"It would just mean you will lose one of us and dinner can continue, it happens more often than not." Wenna says gently. "I will also speak with my brother, what did he entangle her in?" She says in the same mild mannered way. "As for the king I serve him, the queen and the realm and I cannot share that information, either way." She points out. The infant is asleep again and she waves her hand and servant comes to fetch her. Reaching for her crutches she uses them to rise from where she was seated. She stretches and moves. "Now my dear Duke, let me show you our indoor gardens, so I can help put some rumors to rest." She moves towards one of the doors that lead from the main room

"Then it's unlikely an emergency and more of an urgency," he plays on the words with a hint of a smile, certainly able to use a bit of his wit even if this evening has not entirely gone his way. There is the matter of entanglement, to which he laughs, "Only in rumour, I assure you, the very same one in which you hope to clear up." There's no need to create more after all! Or is there? For the matter of the King, he is reflective and of course trying to keep in check his tongue, however, he adds, "It is only out of concern for the King that I ask." Which could be true, since it was -his- liege lord as well, undoubtedly the King and the Duke having gone through many trials as young men together - both having come into succession rights of their Houses within years of one another. In any case, he doesn't press it, so he rises with her, satisfying her request with a hint of mirth on his lips.

Wenna smiles and leads him into the Private Bath. She pauses when she reaches the door and she holds the door open so that he may enter, or just peer in in. if he does so he sees a fountain, and tiled sunken bath. He also sees raised flowerbeds overflowing with flowers and plants The air is warm and sweet. "It is our garden in winter. We also use it as a private bath, but it is our garden in winter." She repeats.

"That clears it up…" he drawls with some dry humour, looking back toward Wenna with a careful smile on his face, "I'll wait word on your invitation for dinner. Until then, I appreciate the conversation tonight. Have yourself a pleasant evening. I must retire to other business, I'm afraid." He bows his head and will take his leave when the proper formalities have passed between them.

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