Nar 2, 229 : Sating the King's Curiosity

Sating the King's Curiosity
Summary: Nylie goes to talk with Tyrel about the changes around Lakeshire and see his curiosity sated.
OOC Date: 4/July/2014 (OOC)
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Nylie Tyrel 
King's Study - Darfield Castle
The room is nicely appointed but austere. Floor to ceiling bookcases dominate the walls, the many-colored spines presenting a varied but demure mosaic within the walnut frames of the shelves. On one wall, a large stone hearth presents itself, the fire always tended to drive off the chill of interior castle rooms. Above the fireplace one may view a portrait of Callem Kilgour's children.
At one end the room is a heavy oak desk, always strewn with bits of writing in progress and stacked with books. Comfortable chairs are placed almost randomly around the room, each with its own table and lamp. In one corner is a rather long, comfortable couch, upholstered in azure fabric, with a blanket of llama wool thrown over the back and several comfortable pillows at one end. From the indentations in the couch, it is clear that someone naps here frequently.
It is day 2 of the month of Nar, 229 2E

For the last few day's Tyrel has been working on Callem's study, the papers of import have been dealt with and the King seems to be selecting those artifacts that will remain as Callem's mark on the room. Two shields have been hung with swords and a mace, a single suit of Callem's armor has been assembled in one corner. Trophies from several of his hunts and tournies have been arranged as well though a large selection of curios still await Tyrel's attention in the center of the room.

The morning had seen a request from the Duchess of Lakeshire seeking a meeting with the King, and as such she had come to the study when informed there would be time to speak with him. Whatever guards saw her there are left to the hallway, though there is a pause at the door, it was not a room that Nylie had set foot to since that night. As the meeting was a measure of business, Nylie did offer a curiously gracefully so befitting the Duchess of Lakeshire to the King of Morbin,"Your Majesty, I pray your evening goes well." She wore a simply gown of black and silver, though of some notice was the fact fabric now had to contend with the growing roundness that was her belly. A thing that could not be hidden by loose dresses any longer. A more personal note made once bidden to rise,"I do not envy you the task you have taken up in here."

Tyrel smiles somewhat wistfully but his voice is clear and collected as ever, "Do you not? These are many happy memories and stories which I wish to recall when the children are old enough to hear them. My father did not live a life of sadness or a dreary one. Deciding between which of the tales should be told most often takes some thought, but not a tedious amount."

"Nay, he did not. And there are many stories that they should hear of him. Others that many should be reminded of. I have been remise in creating the ballads deserved, but I fear that was my weakness of grief in the time after. I nearly lost that part of myself, my music." An admission of a truth that few had likely been privey to, since it had been a busy time in Nylie's life. "Many fine stories to be considered, but the part I am not certain I would do well is on what would be best kept, what might be better suited in the care of someone else, what to change now, what to change over time, what to never change….But I fear such questions are more of the sentimenal nature of the musician in me, the part that lingers to long on lyrics to a song trying to find the right series of words to fit with the notes. "

Nylie' gaze briefly lingering upon one of the trophy heads that had once been in her brother's quarters. "Though I fear, I have not come to speak with you on personal matters, but at the request of the Duke of Lakeshire to discuss the recent changes that have occured concerning House Kinciad. While the matter is one that is internal to the House, there is no doubt that you would have questions and wish to know the reasoning behind it. Such things do not have place in a proclamation for all to be aware of." Not that the gossips won't speculate anyways. Pausing a moment before she adds with a slight smile,"My husband did not wish his anger to cloud the matter, as it is a subject that causes it ro rise easily. And one of the factors to his reasoning, I fear, I am the best to speak upon as it were." Some explanation of why the Duchess was sent to the task.

Tyrel says, "He is the head of his household, and while I have on occassion disagreed with his decisions I have not been given reason to think of him as incompetant. It is his decision who should follow him to lead his house and, unless his house were to falter, I would accept his decision." Gestures for Nylie to move to one end of the couch clearing an area for him to work. "I am quite curious about the events that lead to the decision, more so after a conversation with Hadrian provided me his opinions and views on the matter. Do share whatever you and your husband feel is appropriate but pass along to Aidan that I respect his decisions and require no justification of them, though I appreciate the insight so as to assuage my curious nature."

Nylie drifts to the one end of the coach as he directs, giving a small bow of her head,"I shall pass your words on to him, I am sure he will appreciate to know that. " Lightly folding her hands,"It is to keep Lakeshire form faltering that the decision was made. In truth, if Aidan had not come to make this decision on his own, I was planning to talk to him to that end. For while Hadrian is capable in many areas, he is not suited nor fit to become a Duke, Lakeshire and in turn Morbin would suffer for it in the end. He is a man that tends to put himself first rather then his duties, a thing that can perhaps be…overlooked in a lesser Lord, but as you are more than aware yourelf, as a Heir, certain things are expected in order to help secure alliances and ensure the future of Morbin is kept as peaceful and stable as we can hope for it to be."

There is a simple pause before Nylie continues on,"I am sure in Lord Hadrian's view, everything has come about simply because he chooses to marry for love rather then duty. While that is certainly a reason, it is simply the last in a long line of them. To be honest, while Aidan had given permission for Lord Hadrian to get to know Lady Emma, he had hoped that she would be just another of his passing fancies. Politically, there was little for Lakeshire to gain beyond what had already been secured through Lady Aemy's marriage. It did not help matters that Lord Hadrian did see to separating Lady Emma from her guards for several hours early on. But Lord Hadrian has always decried wishing to be his own man, so with making this final choice, Aidan has given him that wish rather then continuing to try and force the duty required of a Heir upon him."

There is a small breathe before Nylie does continue on, doing so was ease and calm,"Leading up to that, there were a number of situations in this past year along that would have allowed Hadrian to step up. Most rescently, when Aidan was kidnapped, I would have expected Hadrian to step up and perhaps even in the tradition of House Kinciad, try to take control. I looked for it in truth, to have that bit of a power struggle. Yet what came, I found ot be worse, there was a lack of interest in what occured with his father, or how faired Lakeshire. Instead, he was seeing to pursuing a betrothal between himself and Lady Emma, pressing for it without consent from his father. Some discontentment that it was not already arranged, that life had not been but on pause for his happiness to be seen to. No matter that the war had taken the focus of everyone's attention, particularly in Lakeshire."

Tyrel nods, "I have encountered a similar line of thinking lately with Logen, so I have some grasp of what Aidan is encountering. I have, in fact, heard of several similar situations and have come to suspect it will be a story retold several times over before the realities of warfare expunge the fantasies of the bards from the minds of the young lords and ladies of the land." Tyrel lifts a lance that rests against the wall and inspects it. A favor is tied to one end bearing the colors of his mother's maiden house and the lance is broken in the shaft and decoratively rebound with metal bands. "I must remember to stress the proper sequence of events when I recount stories of myself and my father to the children." He puts one lance aside, then another, the remaining three he leaves in a pile. "Hadrian indicates there is no emnity between himself and Bowen, and Bowen indicates the same, but I cannot say I am under the same impression regarding Hadrian and his father. What is your impression of their relationship, and if he intended you to share it what is Aidan's impression?"

Nylie dips her head gently,"I fear it is not that different from what little I have heard of occuring with Logen. Though I would like to think Logen…to not be quite so vulgar as Hadrian in some matters. " Taking a small breathe,"The situation of which Aidan wished me to bring up, that I admit I do not think needed in the matter, was Hadrian's attempt sto put an end to our own betrothal, through conversations with myself that I should say were things not fit for anywoman's ears. But he took to with gusto, in the end estentially seeming to indicatate that I had soul discrestion over whom I might marry and would thusly marry based on what may or may not happen within the bedroom chambers. " Just shaking her head a little bit on it all. They had been rather….odd conversations.

"Aye, the sequence is important. For even if there was affection between Aidan and myself prior to our own marriage, it was not a matter pursued until after he had spoken with your father and he agreeed it was a viable and advantageous match. To that end, it was one that Roslin even had a mind to see about setting up early on." Her eyes quietly take in the broken lance, a brief smile….perhaps even remembering a tournament. "Things have never gone…well between Aidan and Hadrian, there is certainly hatred there. But in truth, Aidan's own relationship with his father was rather strained as well. " A family 'tradition' of sorts. "There have oft been veilled death threats from Hadrian toward his father. And during our betrothal, towards myself. Things did seem to ease after Hadrian met Lady Emma, there was some hope that he was perhaps changing to the man he needed to be. And Aidan gave him openings to prove he could step up. For Aidan's part, he does not wish his son dead, he is disappointed that Hadrian does not understand that duty is a thing that comes first. He does wish his son well even yet, and thus part of why he has given him freedom to become his own person. He no longer has power in Lakeshire to that end, the Lakeshire Rangers have been given over to another to command. However, if Hadrian seeks to hurt the family in anyway, Aidan will do what needs to be done to protect us. "

Tyrel nods, "I've heard that to be a peculiarity amongst the Kincaids, a casual nature regarding murder, though I suspect it is only casual to those not steeped in their habbits as I imagine the Kilgour reputation to physical confrontation could be considered a casual disregard for one's person. Do be certain that Lord Eoin's naval proceedings do not suffer from this shift in authority. I believe Hadrian recently ordered a contingent of ranger's to join him aboard ships. Have word sent if it would ease matters for me to send a similar number of the Royal Rangers in their place. I have the men to hand here while a new selection by your master of rangers might take the better part of a week to be sent for and reach us."

Nylie gives a bow of her head,"I will be certain to see to it, for in fact, I imagine it can only help. For Hadrian has already personally alienated Greenshire and Albion, making future matters there difficult at best. " Giving an incline of her head,"I will have the word sent along as you wish, and ensure that nothing keeps the navel proceedings form stalling. "

Tyrel nods, "Thank you, cousin. As Lord Hadrian has, up to this point, done well in his position as Master of Arms I intend to permit him to continue in his service and to invite the Lady Emma here to find a place as the castle. His natural inclination to think of the less sporting methods of dealing with one's enemies makes him ideally suited for the position.'

Nylie dips her head,"I have seen that he has been doing wellin the position, not that you would need my agreement for it, of course." Giving a soft smile to her cousin. "For as I said, he does do well in certain areas. " Inclinging her head,"It does make him suitable to the position, though please do not take it wrong that I shall likely spend less time at the castle when he is about, I doubt he will simply accept the changes and will seek to strike out at his father in any method he is able. I imagine myself," her hand lightly touching to her small yet rounding belly," will be high upon the list of ways to do so. "

Tyrel says, "Your absence is a high price to pay for the position to be filled." He glances to Nylie's middle at the gesture, "I should like to be able to assure you your safety within the castle, however I should have thought I could have assured my father the same, and that has been proven false. Do as makes you feel the most comfortable, but be certain that if Hadrian acts against the greater good of the kingdom he will suffer the fate of traitors, and the protection of the good ladies of the kingdom is paramount to the kingdom being sustained."

A small smile is made,"I promise not to be entirely absent, I have several young cousins who I do yet like to entertain with music. " Nylie inclines her head with a touch of solemness,"We all would have liked to have thought that. And I have never had doubt that he would suffer so if he acts against the greater good of the kingdom. I fear though, that he is often blind to what is for the greater good of the kingdom. "

Tyrel says, "Such blindness is not excusable for the position he seeks to hold, if he fails, in even a small way, then he will be replaced." Tyrel continues sorting through the artifacts of Callem's rule. "To both my benefit and detriment I cannot allow some of the laxities that my father was forced to endure from those within the kingdom."

"Aye, it is not. I shall pray that he will be able to overcome that particular handicape, for he does have potential if he would but see it and make use of it. A thing, I fear could be said as well of Logen. " Nylie gives some attention to the artifacts that get sorted. "Times are different for you then they were for him. He did ensure I understood the importance of Morbin as a whole, and for that, I can assure you, that I shall always serve Morbin to the last of my own breathe. And I shall not allow these halls to completely lack for music."

Tyrel smiles, "Or worse, to have me fill them with my efforts at music making, but Logen faces much the same ordeal as Hadrian. I can no longer tollerate failure, so I have tasked him with that for which eh claims to be best suited, winning his place of honor on the battlefield."

Nylie laugh softly,"For that alone, I shall ensure that I give time yet to providing music for my family and those who may wish to hear it yet within these walls." Nodding gently,"While it is no true excuse in the end, for we have all suffered greatly this past year, Logen has had much to contend with, where Hadrian has not. I shall pray that Logen does success well in the task, he has always seemed a bit more at peace when he had a sword in hand."

Tyrel nods, "He does seem to find some comfort in the apparent simplicity of battle, however he did not seem pleased by the assignment. We shall see how he comports himself."

"That we shall, but I should let you focus back to the task at hand and see that the communication is made concerning the Royal Rangers. Asumming your curiosity is dully sated?" Nylie giving the edge of question should he have any other questions, even if she does not think he does. He was not one to leave something unasked.

Tyrel shakes his head, "My curiousity is never fully sated, but it will bide for a time. Thank you, cousin, for your visit."

Nylie rises and bows her head,"For the time then, though if there is question I can ever ask, please do not hesitate to inquire of me, my cousin." Before retiring from the room and leaving him to the task at hand.

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