5th of Nar, 229: Salty Sea Dogs

Salty Sea Dogs
Summary: Oscar, Killer, and Uffern meet down by the beach. Respective humans appear too. Cricket Cameos.
OOC Date: 07/Jul/2014
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Darfield Beach - City of Stormvale
The rocks by the docks give way to sand, a tannish brown in color, that lines the beach front. The beach goes for several miles in either direction at low tide, the docks a midpoint in their length. There are several coves and inlets to be found along the way. However, when the tide is up, some parts of the beach become impassable. In several areas, a fire pit has been set up, with logs and boulders around for seating. Seaweed drifts to the shore, and the tide leaves driftwood and other debris, along with small sea critters, in tide pools that can only be found when the tide is out.
5th of Nar, 229

With his sister almost ready to pop, Eoin would have to admit to having been fussing a bit of late. His defense that she's his baby sister seems to have worn thin and so he's been kicked out of the Mowbray manor and told to go bounce Oscar the dog to get them both out from under Elisabeth's feet. The beach itself is relatively quite as most of the populus are busy at their work leaving the young mastiff to bound back and forth into the surf with the admiral plodding along in his wake. He's got his boots in his hand though, as he paddles along the shallows parallel to the waterline.

A day at the beach— what could be more idyllic? Even with the spectre of war and death hanging over him, Kierne's shucked his own boots and has his riding trousers rolled up about his knees, a light cream linen shirt drifting about his form as the wind whips in off of the water. His only companion is Killer, his three-legged war bitch of Laniveeri stock, who's been putting her weight back on with the exercise he's been putting her to, and who's become completely subject to his mastery: even if she growls at him, it's with a wag of her tail as he digs into the sand with his feet and pulls at one side of a knotted rope, letting her pull at the other side, the two of them striving at the tug game together. Oscar gets Killer's attention before Eoin gets Kierne's, and it's only when he turns around to see what she's running after now that he sees the both of them coming down the shoreline.

Having returned from another tradeing mission of goods, Dandy has set his crew on a three day furrlow so that they can spend their hard earned coin and have a bit of fun at the house. While he and Uffern have a bit of fun of their own, Currently Dandy is under the surf… While Ufferns, working on his doggie paddling skills. The German shepard breed has always loved the water as his dark coat is soaked with sea water, as he swims back and forth and catches sight of not one but seemingly a pair of new dogs.
So Uffern heads for shore, of course as Dandy pops up to catch his breath he looks for Uffern and only spots the shepards rear as Uffern shakes himself dry and gives off a bark of greeting to the two other canines. " Uffern you craz'd mutt what are you doing.. " as Dandy proceeds to swim towards shore, diving under as waves crash down to use the momentum to speed up his arrival.

Is she the only one without a pup? Brendolyn hasn't made it to the shoreline yet but can see the two people and two dogs, her brows wrinkling briefly with the wish for one of her own. She's wearing a day gown of pale pink with silvery embroidery along the skirt and decorating the fitted bodice. Her slippers are silvery as well, laced to fit up over the ankles, hopefully enough to keep the sand out since she can't very well be running around barefooted. Well she could but what with Aldren being older and all the war business, she might as well not give him cause for yet more heart palpitations today. She is walking toward the shore, and unbeknownst to her, a little dog waddles along behind her. Dang Cricket.

It seems that Oscar is similarly more alert than Eoin as the dog notes the approach of Killer first and starts to charge over to greet her. Then of course, Uffern is spotted crashing out of the water and the mastiff swings his head back and forth between the pair of them before making a beeline for where their three paths should converge. Training may have been happening, but that was something Elisabeth was doing with him, not Eoin, so the Admiral can merely give a couple of calls, "Oscar!," and "here boy!" before giving up with a faintly resigned shrug first to Kierne and then, once he's spotted Dandy. A look back to the dogs again to ensure they they're greeting each other and not falling out, and he spots Bren, lifting an arm to greet his cousin as she's still too far off to greet verbally.

Kierne keeps an eye out on the convergence of the dogs. He's pretty sure Killer isn't going to rip either of their throats out— at least intentionally. But when she plays, she plays rough, as she learned to from the time she was a puppy, so he's going to follow after her and be ready to beckon her if she looks like she's getting too rough with them. Even on her uneven gait she bounds through the sand, keeping relatively low for a canine of her size and bulk, bullrushing the other dogs and trying to tackle them back into the waves. Kierne doesn't discern any of her truly aggressive behaviors about it, though, so he'll stroll sedately along toward the conflagration of houndage. "Hey," he calls gently toward Eoin, once they get into range to speak without hollering.

Uffern does in fact meet up with Oscar and Killer as he proceeds to getting each of the other hounds in true Canine fashion. While Dandy makes his way out of the surf, and heads for a Log where he's got his Uniform and Towl laying across it so that he can dry off. "Uffern you crazed hound, stop bothering their dogs. " of course Uffern who's not seen any other canines since his sibs promptly ignores Dandy and continues to greet them. Dandy draps a towel around his neck as his bare feet mingle with the sand, while shaking his head and heading to the convergance of Canines. "crazy mutt. " as he smiles softly as Uffern plays with the others.

Brendolyn lifts a hand to wave then out of the corner of her eye she sees movement and it's Cricket running ahead with a low baritone 'wuh-oof'. He pauses just ahead of her and keeps pace, apparently she has a chaperone in addition to the guards who trail along behind her and the two young ladies who are right behind her, chattering quietly. They giggle just lightly and look around then keep talking as they walk, getting a quick glance from Brendolyn as she speaks to them. The tone seems amiable and all three smile even if the lady seems a little distracted.

It takes Eoin a moment to work out just what is wrong with the gait of Kierne's mutt, but he gets there eventually. He too continues to converge on the dogs, although he's not rushing since they seem to be playing, even if it is rough and tumble, rather than actually going for each other. A nod to Kierne, "reckon they'll wear each other out?" he asks half rhetorically before greeting Dandy with a quick "Captain," making no coment on the tate of dress (or lack there of). Then,finally, his cousin makes itin range and he offers her the slightest of bows, "how are you today?" he enquires of her, "I see someonedecided to come for a walk too?" Cricket. Really. That mutt needs some disciplin in his life.

"I've been trying to wear her out all morning, maybe they'll have better luck than me," Kierne answers, watching the bitch with a hint of fondness in his smile even if his wrods are fairly wry. "But I shouldn't complain. I'm amazed at how much strength she's gotten back since her injury. I remember when she would barely take three steps if I wasn't there by her side." His musings grow wistful, just there, before he shakes them of and turns to see whom Eoin is addressing, tossing Bren a short wave before stepping in to supervise at closer quarters, recognizing the third dog and his master, finally. "Oh, hey. I didn't know you guys were back. Hope the rest didn't have to swim to shore, too," he teases Dandy good-naturedly, tossing out a boyish cuff at the man's upper arm.

There's a few moments where Bren can stop and greet the gentlemen properly then Cricket takes off, back past the maids and guards. The youngest Haravaen turns around and stares after him then sighs, "He is the strangest little dog but if I lose him, well, it would not be good.." she says with a sigh. The guards can't leave her to go chase, the maids can't leave her with the guards to go chase, and so, the entire enterage must away and she sighs, "At least we're outside breathing fresh air," she says then curtsies lightly and pads off after him.

Dandy grins a Kierne's comment, "No I've been back a while now, mostly doing cargo and trade runs on the darkstar. " he Nods to the lord High Admiral as he reachs over to Muse with Uffern's scruff. " Sorry if this louts been being a pain, but its been ages since he's gotten to play with any other canines. You'd think he'd stop growing by now but he's from what I've been told not done. " Even if Uffern stands Thirty inches tall at the shoulder. Uffern gives Dandy's hand a lick as he then goes back to playing with killer and Oscar, pausing to look at Cricket a bit and wags his tail. "How are you doing this day, Admiral … " he ask but just has a hard time comming up with all the formalities when they are on a beach and enjoying the day.

Eoin gives his cousin an understanding nod and peers briefly after Cricket before turning back to the others. A tilt of his head towards Oscar and he nods to Dandy, "aye, he's still growing too. Gods know how big he'll end up." Setting his boots down to save carrying them he continues to his fellow mariner, "not terrible thank you Captain. Trying to think up clever ways to get past the Greek Fire the Laniveer keep using against us but there is at least now somethingin he works on that score." Then, with business done he turns to Kierne and asks, "hunt? Or other dogs?" There are of course other possibilities for Killer's lackof limb, but they're the ones springing to mind.

"It was a sword wound," Kierne answers. "She was with the Lannie army, trained to harry our troops. When we were gathering survivors to take back for ransom, I noticed she still lived, so I took her back to camp with us." Those are the broad strokes of the story, at least. "It happened that the next day's skirmishing brought me a pretty wicked strike, myself, and so we ended up recovering together. Greek fire?" he wonders. "Oh, that… stuff," he realizes.

Dandy listens and while he's never encounteded this greek fire stuff first hand he has heard stories of it. "Well from what I know its designed to burn even on water and water cant put it out, but as anyone tired to smother it with.. " as he looks around and then down .. "Sand.. a fires still a fire it needs two things to burn yes, fuel and Oxygen, so if you smother it with sand would't that deprive it of what it needs to do its damage?"

Eoin give Kierne his attention as the lad tells the tale. Since theres no yelps of pain and such from the dogs he's decided to just leave them to it as they hare around after each other. "Sounds like you had plenty of time to get to know each other then" he observers before a faint nod is given to th recognition of his main threat at the moment. Glancingdown to the sand as it's suggested he can only shrug to Dandy, "maybe, ain't that much sand in the middle of the sea though and we can't find out if it'd work beforehand or not as the temple have deemed it sorcery. Perhaps we should ask them for advice on how to fight it eh?" Not that he sounds like he's convinced they'll have a practical solution mind, but he can't outright say that he wishes he was allowed some to experiment with to find a solution. There's that whole 'sorcery' thing.

Kierne wrinkles up his nose briefly. An itch, or a stifled comment on the bans on natural inquiry. Either way, he'll let the seamen talk, going to gather Killer from the dog-melee and give her a petting in the waves.

Dandy looks to the Admiral, and grins. "Okay true, the church declares it sorcery yes, and agree'd its hard to find dand in the middle of the Ocean, but sir have you ever concidered your standing on a ton of sand right now. How hard would it be to have your ships, store several barrel of this sand on board for those ships only that will most likely encounter the lanni fleets and their greek fire stuff. Then you can see if what we've discussed is valid or not, should they use the greek fire you can then use the sand you've on board to try putting out the fires with, should it prove successful you can then know for a fact if it works or not. "

"We carry some sand already," Eoin notes as he thinks, "it's useful for ballast. It's something to consider perhaps, although my current plan is more to do with stopping them from using it in the first place." A glance uptowards the castle. "I've managed to secure a number of rangers for the fleet's use. Men who'll be posted in small groups about each squadron that sails, who will be tasked with neatralising the enemy's supplies before they can be brought into action. Most likely by swimming across and ditchingit in the sea but I asked for rangers as they're generally good at adapting to the situations they find themselves in."

Dandy nods his head and smiles. "true.. another viable option. Though the darkstars built to do ramming damage, which in our last fight I found to be quite useful as Lanni ships are'd all that well protected in the middle, when a reinforced prow like the Darkstars slams into it. Tis why we carry marines on board during battle as we ram and baord enemy ships, if we've not outriht sunk them in the impact."

"I must admit to being a fan of the traditional 'gain the windgage, attack with archers, draw up alongside, then board' option," Eoin offers. "Too fond of taking their ships whole to add to the fleet to ram as a primary tactic, there's not denying it has it's advantages in some occasions though. You'd have to make sure you didn't end up tangled though as I imagine they'd loose the Greek Fire if they knew they were going down but saw an oportunity to take you with them." He then 'hmmms' faintly. It's one of those problems with no perfect solutions really. To take his mind away from the mental images of burning sailors he glances back towards the castle. "I'll speak with you again if I have anything more Captain, but for now I suspect I'd best be getting back to work. Enjoy your afternoon."

Dandy bows a bit as he calls Uffern and smiles. "You as well Admiral.. I hope your able to come up with a solution to save more ships and deny the lanni's their fire. " as he moves to toss the towel back onto the log where his uniform is and both he and Uffern once more revert to kids as they both head back into the surf splashing and playing.

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