Sheat 33, 229: Salon Talk and Garden Walk

Salon Talk and Garden Walk
Summary: Cordelia and Harmon meet Robben in the castle Salon, then later take a walk in the garden.
OOC Date: 20/06/2014 (OOC)
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Darfield Castle Salon
A haven of serenity amidst the rush of the castle, the salon is designed as a place for relaxation or socialization. A hearty fire burns in the massive, marble fireplace, throwing a russet glow across the room. The walls are divided top from bottom with pale wooden paneling above and lapis marble with silver veins shot through it below. Several armchairs, a couch, and a loveseat are set around a beautiful table for an intimate tete-a-tete, the furniture finely made of deep mahogany wood with blue and silver cushions. An azure rug covers the center of the room, but at the edges the dark wood of the floor can be seen. A side table holds tea, coffee, wine and several small hors d'oeuvres, and desserts.
Sheat 33, 229

It is just after the midday meal, and the young Horizon lady is found within the salon with some sewing sitting to the side of her. She's looking out the window instead, three small balls held in her hand, circling one another by the motions of her fingers. They make the occasional ringing tone as they knock against one another. She's a new person to be seen around the castle, recently arrived from Sky Forest's direction, or rather from it's coastal region.

Harmon walks into the salon with a messenger following behind him. "Ensure that the letter reaches the Duc. It is of vital importance that he hears this news." The messenger nods and then leaves the salon. Harmon turns his attention to Cordelia. He gives her a bow, "Lady Cordelia, it is well to see you again. I hope you have been enjoying your time here."

Stepping in from the outside, Robben looks around for a few moments, before he heads further into the room. Nodding to the Horizon lady present, the Ruxton heir heads towards one of the seats now, as he brings up his left hand, missing one finger, to run it through his hair, a bit absently. A nod is offered to Harmon as well, as he spots him.

Thoughtful is Cordelia, that is until the arrival of others to the salon. Lifting her gaze, she first offers a bow of her head towards the Count, "Good day to you as well, milord." The smile warms, "I have been managing, though I still feel a little lost at times." When another joins, her gaze turns to Robben to study him, trying to perhaps place if she's seen him or not. Likely no.

Harmon turns when Robben comes in and he gives a bow to the man. "My sincerest apologies in not ensuring you have a proper escort. I have been very busy with council meetings and land responsibilities.." He then looks between Cordelia and Robben, "May I introduce Lord Sir Robben Jon Ruxton, Heir to the Duke of Ruxton. M'lord, this is Lady Cordelia Rois Horizon," He then pauses before continuing, "My betrothed."

"Count Harmon," Robben greets the man, before he offers a smile and a nod to Cordelia as well, "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Cordelia." Nodding a bit at the rest of what Harmon said, he smiles, "Congratulations, to the both of you. May you both be as happy as me and my wife is."

Rising from her seat upon the sofa, Cordelia slips the three small balls into a pocket to face the other young lord as introductions are made by Harmon. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Lord Ruston." A smile is given, though she seems slightly distracted. When mention of the bethrothal is brought up, she blushes, glancing aside to Harmon as she murmurs, "And thank you." The last given to Robben, of course.

Harmon nods his head, "Thank you. It had been arranged some time ago, but we are now just meeting one another. If I remember correctly, your marriage was arranged, m'lord? Did you know one another well?"

Nodding a bit as he hears Harmon's questions, Robben smiles a little. "It was arranged by my father and Duke Aidan, yes. And we did not really know each other before." A brief pause and a smile, "Seems our fathers knew us better than we did."

"There is traditions to uphold." Cordelia murmurs when mention of how long it's been in the works, though hearing that Robben and his wife were also arranged has the young lady listening to his answer, "Then the Eight blessed you both, truly." The smile warms further, perhaps taking a little bit of hope from at least one happy arranged marriage?

"It sounds like it worked out well for you," he says to Robben. He calls for a servant and orders drinks and a tray of fruit and cheese to be sent in. He looks to them both to see if they have want for anything.

"It sure did," Robben replies, a bit quietly. Taking a few moments to ask the servant to bring some tea as well, words kept rather quiet for the moment. Looking back to Cordelia and Harmon, he nods to them again. "How are the two of you today?"

Cordelia glances to the window, then back to the two men, only to answer soon enough, "Doing well, though I wonder if you might suggest any shops that perhaps your lady wife enjoys, when in the city?" Curious is she. "I found the bookstore.. and the chocolate shop." Of course she did.

"I have been a little busy with issues concerning my land, but as of late- I am well," Harmon responds. He looks at Robben as Cordelia asks him about places in the city. He takes a seat into an arm chair and settles into the comfort of the chair.

Robben smiles, "Those are the main ones, although there's also this good bakery," he replies, with a quiet smile now. Nodding again at Harmon's words. "Such things can be a bit busy and troublesome."

"Bakery?" That is one shop that Cordelia hasn't manage to find just yet upon her own. "Where is it located?" For future reference when she next journeys into the city proper. "Are there other places that you and she might enjoy going too?" The question comes as Harmon makes himself comfortable upon the chair, leaving her to resume the seat upon the sofa she had when they arrived near the unfinished sewing.

Harmon nods to Robben in a quiet understanding. The refreshments arrive and he takes a glass of wine off the tray from a servant. He drinks until he has consumed a third of the glass and then sets it down on the table. His gaze goes to watch the two speak of what the city offers.

"Well, for other nice places in the city, there's a lovely beach, and a very nice garden." Robben replies, before he takes a sip from his tea as he gets it from the tray. "Another good place is right on top of this castle, on the battlements." He's always had a liking for such locations.

Cordelia will take up a glass of wine as well, to hold it in her hand as she looks between the two men. Upon hearing Robben's answer, she hmms, nodding slowly before casting her gaze towards Harmon. "Perhaps we might explore such places in the future sometime."

Harmon nods in agreement, "I favor the battlements, and the forest as well. I do not have as much time as I would like to ride off in the forest." When Cordelia turns to him he inclines his head, "Yes, we can explore any place you would like. I think I will have some time free tommorow." A servant comes into the room and gives a missive to Harmon. He takes his time opening it and reading it's contents. He eventually rolls it back up and sets it into a pocket of his doublet.

Robben smiles, nodding a little as he sips his tea rather quietly. "Trouble?" he asks as he sees Harmon getting that missive, but otherwise keeping silent for now.

"It would be nice to get outside and take a walk." Cordelia offers to Harmon before the missive arrives. Like Robben, she is curious but doesn't ask, though waits his answer when Robben does speak the question aloud. She pats her pocket with one hand where the balls had been slipped inside upon their arrival to the salon.

"Only more bad news of the same. An issue that can not be helped, but I did not want to bring the joy of the conversation down. I am sure there will be time enough to speak on it," Harmon states. He reaches for his glass, and he nods to Cordelia, "A walk would be quite pleasant. Have you seen all of the grounds, Lady Cordelia?"

Smiling as he nods to what's being said, Robben shrugs a little. "Some business never waits," he offers, before he adds, "I'm sure a walk would be a very good thing for you both."

Cordelia smiles as Harmon agrees, then turns to Robben, "Ruxton.. where was your lady wife from?" She asks curiously. "Forgive me if I do not immediately put a name to a face and all, or whom is married to whom. I'm still picking up on that."

Harmon sips on his glass of wine as he listens to the others speak. He seems content to learn the answer to Cordelia's question.

"My wife is the oldest of the two daughters of Duke Aidan Kincaid," Robben replies, before he offers a smile. "And you're forgiven. Such things can take a bit of figuring out, after all."

Cordelia listens, recognizing the Duke's name then, "I see. Thank you. How long have you been married?" She asks then, suddenly curious about the man and his wife. At least she didn't ask him if he had kids or not already!

Harmon listens to the two speak with a analyzing look on his face. He doesn't interupt.

"One and a half year or something close to that now," he replies, smiling a little as he does. Robben then takes a long sip of his tea, before he adds, "I love her very much, and our wonderful little children too."

Cordelia ohs softly, "So long? And children? Already?" Not child. Plural. Woa. She chuckles, "Congratulations then to you both,milord." Perhaps there's hope yet in this arrangement! Such a glance is givn back to Harmon then.

Harmon looks at Robben as he speaks of his children. He looks away, his eyes moving toward the window with a unreadable expression there. He looks to Cordelia as she speaks with such enthusiasm. He says quietly, "Congratulations, m'lord. How old are they?"

Robben smiles, "They were born last fall, twins. And there's a third one that will be born soon." It's near this time one of the Ruxton servants enters, and moves over to his House's heir. Speaking in quiet for a few moments, Robben nods, and drains the rest of his tea. A smile is offered to the others. "It was a pleasure to meet the two of you now, but I fear I will have to retire for now."

"Oh.." Cordelia's voice carries that 'aww' that some ladies get when speaking of children. "A handful you shall have, it seems." She begins, though as the servant arrives, her comment fades, and she takes a moment to sip upon the tea in hand. Rising then as Robben makes his goodbyes, she offers, "IT was a pleasure to meet you, Lord Ruxton. I look forwards to meeting you and your lady wife sometime soon."

Harmon gives a nod of his head to Robben, "Good day to you, m'lord." He watches the lord leave and he reaches for that missive to take another look at it. His eyes move back to the window.

As Robben leaves the salon, Cordelia then turns back to peer curiously at Harmon, and the missive he's once more taken from his pocket. "Do you mind if I ask what is in the note?" She won't push if he doesn't wish to share it with her, though as his gaze turns to the window, she adds, "Would you want to take a walk? Get some fresh air?"

Harmon speaks plainly, "My lands have not done so well this year. There will be a low yield. I am hoping that I can bring in enough food to feed my people." He then stands up, "Yes, fresh air would do me well." He offers her his arm and begins to escort her out.

Rising to her feet then, Cordelia takes the arm offered to her, considering his words, "Perhaps we can appeal to my family to also help. I do not think the seas have been affected as badly. Even if people get tired of seafood, at least it's food, right?"

There is a relaxing look on his face and he nods, "True enough. True enough…" He walks her out of the salon and out of the castle to the gardens. "My apologies for being so distant. I have had a lot of things on my mind."

Cordelia walks at his side, proper distance kept, likely followed by a lady's companion to keep things all proper and right. Even betrothed as they are, there are still rules to be had. As they exit the castle, she looks about, then turns, shaking her head as her gaze alights upon his face, "No apology is needed, though I am here to talk too? You need not handle this all alone, Harmon. If I am to be your wife, I would like to help you in any way I can?"

He takes in some deep breaths, enjoying the summer air. "I did not mean to exclude you, Cordelia. It is a part of my nature to handle things alone. My father believed it to be a sign of a good leader. You have been here for a short time. I didn't want to burden you with the news."

"But it's news that will affect our people, news that will be dealt with now and after our wedding. It isnot a burden to share it with me, Harmon." Cordelia offers quietly, "I understand you are used to handling it all on your own. I merely wish you to understand…. I am here? The burden can be shared?"

"I thought since we were to have a long engagement that things of this weight could wait until we were closer to be wed. We had spoken at length that this was a union that we should both consent to," Harmon begins to explain. "I didn't want to assume that you would have me. There is still a great deal that we do not know of one another."

"I am not looking at anyone else, as some might do, prepared to have another in the wings should we not work out." Cordelia puts it plainly then, "I am here, seeking to learn more of you, more of what it would mean to be your wife, your Countess. Part of that knowledge is even the bad parts, Harmon. It's as much that as the good."

Harmon nods as he takes her plain words in. "I can see that. I hoped that you would see more good before seeing the bad." He gives a smirk to her, but it fades away after a moment. "The threat of war looms toward our land. My head is often filled with what options are available to me and what ways I can worry more, which do well to help the situation. As you can see."

"As you say, we're at war. If I cannot accept you and the future that might come to us, then I am not the woman that would fit at your side." Cordelia says as they walk along the garden path, "So first, we must figure out how to feed the people. I can write to father and see what sort of stores we have there. If that is not enough, then we start speaking with others, where war does not loom so heavily, and see what we could barter to them in trade."

Harmon looks at her as she speaks, this glint of admiration comes to his eyes. He nods, "Yes, I had hoped to get more information on the issue to see if he could be fixed. But a low yield is a low yield. We had heavy rains this year, and a mold that infested our grains. We do have a great deal of timber, but the import prices have gone up."

"Look towards those with ships to build to sell your wood too. Especially right now. I know Father has his own contacts for that, but I know what sort of wood is needed by a shipwright. Sky Forest has the wood." Cordelia answers him. "We can make this work, though it will take some wiggling of things to make it fall right."

"I had not considered that before. Those are good ideas. I would like for us to perhaps sit down and speak together on some solutions. Writing things down helps me to understand them a bit more," Harmon says.

Cordelia smiles, "I'd like that, perhaps later? Or tomorrow. I'll give it further thought, and see if I come up with something else that could work." This is a promise as they come back around to the castle, having made the circle of the gardens. "Thank you for the walk. I enjoyed it, Harmon. And I look forwards to talking to you more on all this. Truly, do not think it a burden. I want to help. And talking about this, teaches me more about Sky Forest."

Harmon nods, "Tomorrow will be a better day. I will do my best to attempt to include you more." He lifts her hand up and kisses the air above it. "Blessings to you until we meet again." He gives a bow before taking his leave to another part of the castle.

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