Ruxton of Dellhaven
Heraldry for House Ruxton of Dellhaven
House: Ruxton of Dellhaven
Kingdom: Mobrin
Seat: Dellhaven
Fortification: Dellhaven Castle
Motto: Light in the Dark
Colors: Red, white and black
Liege: Ruxton
Vassals: None
Rank: Barony
Head of House: Baron Ruthgar Ruxton
Predecessor: None
Heir: None


The House Ruxton of Dellhaven was created just recently, with a scion of House Ruxton being awarded the Barony of Dellhaven after the former ruling House Granswynne no longer was able to see to it. It consists at the present only of two members, Baron Ruthgar and his wife Caillin, the eldest daughter of the King and Queen of Mobrin.

History & Culture

On the 41st day of Nar in the year 228, Lord Ruthgar Ruxton received the title from King Callem of Mobrin. Some rumors say it was to appease his future wife Princess Caillin Kilgour and make her agree to the match, others proclaim he had earned this position through his valiant deeds at the Battle of Blackbarrow. Especially since he was accepted into the Order of the Knights of Rioga on the same day.

On the 5th day of Alasair, less than two weeks later, the wedding was held at Darfield Castle, which transformed a princess into a baroness and deprived the City of Stormvale of a charitable mentor.

The Barony has been taken care of by the steward Sir Amrys Nackholme and the castellan Lady Merdreene Granswynne, as long as the Baron and Baroness have been away at the Capital. After Baroness Caillin had lost the child she was pregnant with - and some sort of disagreement with her husband over a punishment of her handmaiden - she returned to Dellhaven with the foster child Brandon, while the Baron stayed a little longer at Stormvale, expecting to be called upon in the impending war with Laniveer.

On the 8th day of Sess in the year 229, Baron Ruthgar took part at the Great Joust held by Duke Aidan Kincaid at the Tourney Grounds of Stormvale. A fall off his horse, caused by a well aimed lance, led to a severe concussion. Some people rumor this fall brought the baron back to his senses - maybe he had a vision during his unconscious state? Because as soon as he recovered he decided to leave the capital to finally take up his duty as the ruler of the barony, and has returned. This time to stay.

Current Members

Lord Sir Ruthgar Ambrose Ruxton — Lord Ruthgar is the second son of the current Duke of Weston, a Knight of the Rioga and the Baron of Dellhaven, and husband to Princess Caillin, daughter of the King and Queen of Mobrin.

Baroness Caillin Ruxton née Kilgour — Baroness of Dellhaven Caillin Ruxton nee Kilgour, wife to Baron Sir Ruthgar Ambrose Ruxton, daughter of the King Callem of Mobrin.


Gaela Rascalin — Handmaiden to princess Caillin and the two are close friends.

Sir Amrys Nackelholme, Steward of Dellhaven
Lady Merdreene Granswynne, Castellan of Dellhaven Castle
Knights and attendants, handmaidens.

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