House Ruxton
Heraldry for House Ruxton
House: Ruxton
Kingdom: Mobrin
Seat: [[[Weston]]]
Fortification: Ruxton Hall
Motto: Faithful to the end
Colors: Scarlet & Black
Liege: Kilgour
Vassals: Leask, Ruxton of Dellhaven, Mowbray
Rank: Duke
Head of House: Duke Sir Jon Marshall Ruxton, Protector of the North
Predecessor: Duke Sir Marshall Denys Ruxton, Deceased
Heir: Lord Sir Robben Jon Ruxton


House Ruxton is a very old House, dating back to before the time of Gaelor Manghem. The line has run continuously as rulers of Weston since they accepted Gaelor as Emperor, retaining their title by not fighting the New Order. At the border of Laniveer, Jadda and Mobrin, Weston, and thus House Ruxton, is often on the front lines in any battles or wars that are fought, particularly as they also guard the border with the Khundari.

House Ruxton has many famous knights and captains in its history, as well as a famed scientist or two. The house is notoriously famous for its loyalty to Mobrin, the Manghems and their descendents. Rumour has it that the Ruxtons may have proof in their archives that Gilmesh Kilgour is descended from Gaelor Manghem.

Ruxton's Household includes the current Duke, his wife, children, siblings (and their spouses and children), aunts, uncles, cousins, and a robust number of Knights, men at arms, guards, and ship captains, all to keep the northern borders of Mobrin safe. Perhaps unique to the Ruxtons, they also have a Chief Scientist included among their household retainers.

Recently, House Ruxton of Dellhaven has been formed. This cadet branch was created by King Callem Kilgour, when he gifted Lord Sir Ruthgar Ruxton with the barony of Dellhaven upon his marriage to the king's daughter, Caillin.

Ruxtons traditionally have light to medium tan skin, brown hair and brown eyes, though red hair and blue eyes are not unknown.

Current Members:

Baron Eldan Mowbray(Deceased) — Former Baron of House Mowbray.

Lord Sir Ruthgar Ambrose Ruxton — Lord Ruthgar is the second son of the current Duke of Weston, a Knight of the Rioga and the Baron of Dellhaven, and husband to Princess Caillin, daughter of the King and Queen of Mobrin.

Lord Robben Jon Ruxton — Oldest son of Duke Jon Ruxton, Robben is the heir to the house. He's always been known for his dedication to his House. Near the end of 227, he married Lady Aemy, one of Duke Kincaid's daughters, and they now have three children.

Lady Aemy Ruxton — Daughter to Duke Kincaid, Lord Robben's wife.

Lady Solara Ruxton — Youngest Daughter of the Duke, Acting Vice Chancellor of Mobrin.

Baroness Caillin Ruxton née Kilgour — Baroness of Dellhaven Caillin Ruxton nee Kilgour, wife to Baron Sir Ruthgar Ambrose Ruxton, daughter of the King Callem of Mobrin.


Arthur Jaegar — Commoner Knight to House Ruxton

Gaela Rascalin — Handmaiden to princess Caillin and the two are close friends.

History and Family Legends

Some of the more memorable Ruxtons:

155-200 2E Lord Elberich Arnold Ruxton - Youngest son of the Old Duke, uncle to Jon. Known as The Mad, Elbie kept trying to invent workable wings. He never succeeded. His children and grandchildren are all a bit quirky.

99-160 2E Lord Admiral Sir Terrence Samuel Ruxton - cousin to the duke at the time. Noted Sailor, tactician and navigator. He was the King's Admiral in 143 2E when Laniveer invaded, throughout the First War of the Three Kingdoms, until his death. He was married twice and had a shipload of children.

187 - TBD 2E (41 years old) - Lord Matthew Ruxton - The Dusty. Brother of Duke Jon. Spends most of his time in the library archives. How he managed to have 3 sons and 4 daughters is anyone's guess.

There are others, of course, and this list may be updated at any time. If you have an idea for an ancestor Ruxton, please let us know.

Family Tree

Duke Jon Ruxton

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