Lord Sir Ruthgar Ambrose Ruxton
Alexander Vlahos
Alexander Vlahos as Lord Sir Ruthgar Ambrose Ruxton
Full Name: Lord Sir Ruthgar Ambrose Ruxton
Age: 21
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Ruxton
Position: Baron of Dellhaven, Knight of the Rioga
Place of Birth: Ruxton Hall
Father: Duke Jon Marshall Ruxton
Mother: Duchess Vanessa Ruxton
Siblings: Lord Robben, Lady Solara
Spouse: Baroness Caillin Ruxton, née Kilgour, daughter to the King of Mobrin.
Children: Brandon Vale (adopted)


Lord Ruthgar is the second son of the current Duke of Weston, a Knight of the Rioga and the Baron of Dellhaven, and husband to Princess Caillin, daughter of the King and Queen of Mobrin.

Recent Developments

  • Nar 41, 228: Ruthgar is accepted into the Order of the Rioga and receives the barony of Dellhaven, a reward for his valiant fighting at the Battle of Blackbarrow (although some whisper this was arranged to make him a more suitable match for the Princess Caillin).
  • Nar 45, 228: Ruthgar rides at the Tourney in honour of the visiting King of Aberdeen, undefeated until he loses in the final tilt against Crown Prince Tyrel Kilgour.
  • Alasair 5, 228: Ruthgar marries Princess Caillin Kilgour.
  • Inouv 2, 228: Ruthgar's wife goes missing in the city of Stormvale, she is attacked and severely wounded but a ranger and the City Watch come to her aid and bring her back to the Castle.
  • Inouv 4, 228: Caillin loses the child she was pregnant with, as a consequence from an infection of her wounds.
  • Inouv 13, 228: Ruthgar and Caillin adopt the foundling she has saved while she was attacked, a baby boy who they name Brandon Vale.
  • Sess 8, 229: Ruthgar takes part in the Joust Competition of the Kincaid Tournament at Stormvale. He defeats Sir Cian Conwy by points, shattering his lance on him on the second pass; he unhorses his own brother, Lord Robben Ruxton in the first pass. Then he faces Sir Shepard Kerrigan, and is unhorsed in the second pass - a fall with consequences. But not until another round against the same knight will decide who will move on to the final, which Ruthgar wins by points, suprisingly enough, before he collapses - unconscious and unable to continue.

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