39th of Alasair, 229 2E : Rumours, Letters, and Intentions

Rumours, Letters, and Intentions
Summary: Haraveans get together. There's shouting, drinking, and talk of love. Moray gets somewhat stuck in the middle of it all.
OOC Date: 26/Sep/2014
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Dining Hall - Greenshire Manor, Stormvale
Stone floors, a vaulted ceiling and a large stone hearth at the far end of room greets guest. Natural light is let in through high windows, which are at least 8 feet up from the floor and stretch towards the ceiling. A formal old dark and mahogany table graces the room, along with red velvet cushioned high back chairs that sit sternly around it. Tall silver candelabras stand spaced at intervals along the table. Soft yellow bee wax candles from a local beekeeper rest in place on it of the great silver pieces. Between each of the candelabras are fresh cut flowers from the garden. Theses flowers fill the room with their rich scent. The stone floor is padded with colorful hand woven rug and the walls are covered with tapestries featuring hunts.
39th of Alasair, 229 2E

It's evening, although the light hasn't faded entirely yet. A fire is lit in the hearth to warm the room but the candels on the table are not yet lit. An empty but still warm bowl rests on the table, and next to it a plate with grubs and flakes of bread crust, all off which tell plain enough what Eoin has been doing these past few minutes. For now though, he's stood withhis back to the room, wine cup in hand, and gazing out across the garden.

Aldren descends the stairs from his office in the manor now, a hitch in his limping step and a fire in his eyes. When he gets to the bottom he rounds the corner and heads for the dining room, seemingly informed his cousin is there. When he enters he has a scowl on his face. "Eoin." He says with authority. "You truley love these Lakies. That much is apparent. But would you be so kind as to keeping it to their women folk?!" He stomps to the table and leans down with balled up fists. "There is certainly enough angst circulating. I should not have to squash the idling ramblings of the towns folk." The Count does not buy into rumors but he does not relish in the fact that he must now deal with them and their circulation it would seem. "It would be beneficial to remain in the good graces of his majesty."

Eoin turns at the sound of his name. Given the expression on Aldren's face and the tone of his voice he prepares himself for another fight, verbally at least, but the words that follow result in a frown of confusion, not anger. He eyes the balled fists for a moment then asks, still frowning, "what the hell are you talking about? Have you drunk anything other than wine since I saw you last? What ramblings, and what about His Majesty? You're not speaking any sense."

Aldrens face reddens. "Yes, I have drank in the letters of nobility that is concerned with the relationship you are keeping with Sir Kierne." He leans back and crosses his arms, "I do not buy into things that have been said but I do not appreciate reading such things. In fact. I task you with laying such things to rest." His voice is edgy now, "There are some that would not see our family's name dragged through the mud. It is bad enough you run to your friend the Duchess and tell her all you know of any plans we would make. If folks were to voice such suspiciouns as have been brought to my attention we would have to deal with them accordingly. I prefer not to go that route though." Now he turns and pours wine. In mock salute he raises it. ""Only my third since I last left you. You should thank the gods."

Eoin turns briefly to set his cup down on the windowsill before also folding his arms over his chest. "Sir Kierne is a friend cousin. We drink together. You remember what that was like? Having a friend to go to the taverns with? To share stories and exploits with? To hell with whatever some meddling busy-body says, since when did you listen to that sort anyway?" His voice has been rising steadily throughout that, but reaches a peak as he finishes with, "and leave the Duchess out of this. Don't you think you've done enough damage there already?" A pause for breath and his tone drops abck a fraction, "I shall lay nothing to rest, for I have done nothing wrong." Well, bar trying to punch Aldren in the street, but thats not what he's talking about at the moment. "If you'll take my advice you'll write back to them and tell them it's noneof their damn concern whom I spend my evenings with, or better yet, through the letters into the fire now, and think nothing more of them."

Aldren stares him down. "I have no suspicouns. And I place no weight in the rumors." He scowls at the part about friends and taverns. He really can't remember what its like! "I do not doubt you have done nothing wrong, but others seem to think you have, or will. Do not forget the name you carry is not yours alone. Rumors spread fast. And I would prefer they did not reach the King. Such things are frowned upon, true or not." He gulps down his wine now "Rest assured, i anything more comes of it you will," He says with a pointed finger, "put it to rest. Regardless of your actions."

"As head of the house you can do many things cousin," Eoin starts, reaching back for his cup again, "but I will not let you dictate to me who I may or may not drink with, and who I socalise with." His voice is calm, dead calm, almost icey calm in fact. "Trust me when I say that far worse things happen at sea then I am sure whatever it is your rumour-mongers suggest, so what is it that has them a flutter now? That I choose a Kincaid? That we dare enjoy each other's company around town? Tell me cousin, just who is it that has got you so worked up over this? Who is trying to throw their weight around by whispering in the dark?"

Aldren shakes his head in frusteration. "I am not telling you where to go or who to go there with." He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes before straightening up. "I am most likely the only one who is upset it is a Kincaid." He cracks a half smile though whether at that or the part about being at sea one could not be sure. He does however say, "Twas not someone whispering in the dark. But a concerned good brother of mine. One who shares the blood of our good majesty. I dare say he is in a good posistion to offer words of warning."

Eoin relaxes, a fraction at that smile, although as he pieces together Aldren's description of who has been writing he frowns once again before draining his wine. "Caedmon?" his tone has hints of incredulous disbelief, "he had concerns and wrote to you rather than me directly?" Shaking his head slowly he mutters, "you think you know a man," then back to Aldren and normal pitch, "I can honestly say I never took the Lord Voice for a coward. I am sad to hear such."

"I am sure he wished to cause no offense. And I doubt it really matters. Do know, I would not listen to the rantings and ravings of mad men nor would I eaves drop on a sewing circle. If such things have gone as high as the Voice then it causes me concern." He goes to pour another drink and with his back turned he says, "Not concern for the truth, but the damage such things could cause our family." Turning back around he looks to his cousin. "There has been much tension between us. In a perfect world political manuevers would not come between kin." A sip, "But we both know what kind of world this is."

Brendolyn isn't running into the dining hall but her steps are quick. A blanket is over one arm, her skirts aswish, cheeks pink, eyes bright, she has the look of a kid just coming inside from playing in the snow, sans snow. She draws up short to see who is in the room and turns to look back where Moray is following close behind, giving him a worried glance before she looks back to the gathered family, "What's wrong?" she asks. No need for niceties, this is family. Lets just be out with it.

Some might call it coincidence. Others might name it as a move of the gods. By either name, Caedmon and Wenna have arrived at the manor amid the lengthening shadows. Both look weary. They are dressed in simple, functional clothes for riding. Wenna is leaning on Caedmon's arm and they walk at their usual slow pace. When they are close to the door, Caedmon can be heard outside, saying, "I won't pretend to understand, love, but if you feel concern for him, then I agree that we should enquire and settle that matter before we go to the castle. Since we made better time than I expected on the road, I hope that I will be able to talk to him before that letter arrives." Then the door opens, and they continue, entering the large dining hall. "Here we are," he says. "I will take you to a chair and see if we might have a bite to eat."

Moray had been out in the garden its clear showing the signs of the colder weather or at least evening time. He looks to Bre as she moves in front of him having heard the shouting it would seem. He isnt entirely sure he should have followed but if there's trouble it appears he'd rather be here. The heir tries to give a reassuring look to her worried glance but he pauses at her question and looks about to see who all is in here and what might be the problem.

Despite the weariness etched deeply on Wenna's face her blue eyes blaze with anger. Her lips form a thin line and her nostrils flare ever so slightly. Her long hair has been braided and bound up. "I would not be opposed to sitting." Wenna responds back to him with curt voice. That fiery stair lands on the others and she comes to halt just inside of the large dining hall. She leans her weight against Caedmon. "I pray you are all well?" There is sharpness to her voice.

"A bloody shit one," Eoin replies to Aldren as he moves to refill his cup from a bottle on the table, "but that stil doesn't excuse a man I thought a friend not seeking me out personally." Anger seems to have dropped somewhat towards disapointment, but is not gone altogether from his tone as his find himself turning towards his Brendolyn as she arrives. Lightening his tone omewhat he replies quickly, if still somewhat shortly, "nothing that needs concern anyone. There are ruour about the town and people are reating by sticking their noses into other people's business, that is all." He doesn't look to Aldren then, merely moves to return to his previous position by the window, although the enterance of Caedmon and Wenna does cause him to pause in his step. He says absolutely nothing, not until Wenna is seated, then he turns to the Voice and folds his arms back across his chest. "Just the man," he starts bluntly, "Aldren was just telling me of a letter he recieved. I have but one question for you, if you'd care to enlighten me, at what point did you feel that you couldn't raise any concerns with me direct? That going behind my back and writing a letter to Aldren would be preferable to merely speaking with me? I had though we were friends, and both man enough to speak directly with each other, but it would appear I misjudged, and that, more than anything else, grieves me." Moray, for his part is either ignored, or unnoticed, but Wenna gets a short nod and a "Cousin," once he's finished adressing Caedmon.

"Aye" Aldren says with a raised cup as they share the sentiment. With Bre's sudden arrival he turns. When Eoin is finished he says, "Much as your cousin has stated. Nothing that needs concern you." Suddenly he perks up and turns to the door, Nods are given to the pair but for now he remains silent. When Eoin has spoken his peace the Count only shakes his head. Moray is given a nod as well and he says, "Everything is mostly normal I daresay." His attention goes to the Voice now, "I was simply inquiring of my cousin at the contens of said letter." OH, that damn letter causing all this angst! "I do believe he is sore that I have broached the subject." And for no apparent reason he says to Wenna, "Would you calm down. I am irritated enough…" His eyes dart this way and that and he clears his throat uncomfortably. Sip sippy time. No one look at me.

Caedmon pauses long enough to offer a bow to those already in the room, and then leads Wenna to a chair beside the fire where she can rest. Once she has settled, he looks to Eoin and nods. "Aldren is family, and rumors are foremost a concern to family," he answers. "By bringing my concern, privately, I believe that I allowed more honor than the secretary to the Master of Spies would have given. He arrived at first light with those … whisperings." Seeing that Aldren already has a drink in hand, Caedmon strides to the sideboard, finds a plate, and collects on it an assortment of light fare. Then he pours some of the wine into a cup and carries both plate and cup to the chair where Wenna is still fuming. "I know that you are troubled, my love, but eat if you can," he urges. Looking back to Eoin, he adds, "Tell me that the secretary was mistaken, and the Masteer of Spies will be seeking a replacement for him by the morning."

Brendolyn looks to her sister and brother-in-law giving a quiet nod to them in greeting, then her head swivels around toward Eoin as he answers her question, her eyes widening a little. Then, he sees Caedmon and sparks fly. Brendolyn nudges Moray over away from the door though they stay back near the wall for the moment. Awkwarrrrrrd. Aldren gets a sort of narrow-eyed look and color rises to her cheeks, glancing to Moray before leaning in to speak quietly to him.

"Just wait one minute there you little buzzard, you better have some leaf on you." Wenna's gaze goes to her brother as she says this. She then turns her attention on to Eoin and she says with equal bluntness. "Harsh words cousin, you are too sensitive." She comments.
That keen gaze goes to her sister. "I pray you are well and he who is courting you is well? I see him enough around you where I am starting to think that he is or is at least entertaining the idea." She adds when she sees the blush. "Lord Moray, what is your intent?"
She looks to her husband when he brings her food and she nods her head and actually softens. "I and I thank you Caedmon." She places her hand on his arm as he sets the nourishment before her but she does not eat it.

Moray nods to the nudge and he'll move to the side along with her he seems content for now to simply watch and respectfully not wishing to be a menace. He does give respectful nods to those here but leans in to listen to Bre's words when she speaks to him nodding in agreement though it seems it is not to be as he looks back towards Weena when she speaks to her sister and than unexpectedly to him. "Honorable Lady, I have no dishonorable intent, I assure. My family has sent word, but I don't wish to be an interruption at this moment."

"Tell me why you didn't bring your concerns privately to me," Eoin retorts to Caedmon, "then at least I might have an idea of just what exactly it is I am accused of. Being friends with a Kincaid? If that is the charge then I am afraid I am guilty on two counts at least, and unashamedly so. Does that disapoint you? Then perhaps you have an idea of how I'm feeling right now. I honestly thought you better than this Caedmon." As Wenna calls for leaf he unfolds his arms and digs into one of his belt pouches before pulling out a small bundle and crossing the few paces to her. "Here, have mine," he states, tone normal once more, or as normal as in manageable in the circumstances, adding, "sensitive? Would you not also be agitated if a man you trusted went behind your back so?" He doesn't liik to Caedmon then, although it's hard not to, instead he turns to make is way back to the window, only then spotting Moray and giving him a faint nod. Yeah, awkward. "Captain Moray," he greets, mentally trying to work out just how much he said before he noticed an outsider was present, but it's too late now.

She takes the offered leaf. "Not any more, the one time I got sensitive was because of the buzzard over there. Cousin, I do thank you kindly for offering me this. It is appreciated." Wenna points to Aldren and then she sticks her tongue out at him. She then slowly rises. "I need to get a pipe and give myself a moment to be at peace. I shall be right back." She places the small bundle on the chair. "I need crutches." She then slowly begins to make her way out of the room. Because she is moving slowly she answers. "Lord Moray that is not a good enough answer," She continues on her way. Then when she reaches the door she offers a nod of her head slips out.

Aldren listens, and when everyone has finished he just shakes his head at Wenna. "I am glad I have one mature sister in the room. Speaking of!" He turns and heads towards Moray and Bre. "Soooo." He says trying to crack a smile. "You are not to be safe hiding in the corner as the Baroness has proved." Turning fully to Moray now he says, "I do believe my older sibling has taken interest and notice of the time you spend here in the garden. Do the Horizons not have there own manor or rooms in the castle?" He is a bit blunt and flat in speech but a slughtly cracking smile shows he is ribbing the man. Eoin and Caedmon are left to sort it out while he thinks up jokes to plant on Eoin later about the 'letter'.

Bre looks to her sister and smiles at first then that last comment draws her mouth into a slack-jawed oh. Her eyes flutter and she glances at Aldren then back to Wenna, "My w-whowhat?" she asks, stammering. She can barely look at Moray, giving him a glance when he answers Wenna then away and she takes on the look of a trapped animal, rocking on her feet, eyes darting from the people to the door. What does one do now?? There is nothing in the book about /this/. Wait, yes there is. She stops moving and stands there, silent, chin up, back straight, smile pleasantly, pretend you feel and think nothing. NOTHING. Her eyes are a little wide to look like she thinks nothing but she's got the back-straight part down pat. Sadly, her knees are locked, too, but who would know.

Caedmon stands near the chair where Wenna is sitting, and he smiles briefly when she rests her hand on his arm. However, Eoin's challenge forces him to exchange that moment of relaxed affection for a weary sigh. "Friendship with a Kincaid is no crime, Eoin. In fact, I have not judged you. I brought what the secretary told me to Aldren because he has been family to you longer than I could hope to be. He is your cousin, and your liege. I felt that it was my duty to defer to him in such matters." He nods to the count. "If I were your enemy, as you now seem to imagine, I would have gone to /my/ liege. Instead, I entrusted it to blood. If I was wrong to trust your cousin, then I will apologize for that." Then he looks to Brendolyn, and finally to Moray before he comments, "For what it is worth, on occasions when I have witnessed you in the company of my good sister, you treated her with the utmost of respect. I should warn you that she once attempted to tame a baby squirrel with little success. But take heart. The squirrel lives yet in the castle's herb garden." For a moment, a mischievous smile flits over his face when he remembers that little episode. When Wenna starts to rise, he bows his head to her and offers, "If you need my aid, I will come to you."

He speaks respectfully, but truly he'd not come to disrupt the family's meeting but not can he just not answer them either. Moray knew his answer didnt do as a complete one though he does nod to Wenna as she confirms this matter. He'll look to Bre apologetically a moment since he'd had try to tip-her off with no time to do so. He looks back realizing he'd not answered a word to Eoin. "M'lord, an honor of course." He looks now to Aldren as he's gained his attention. "Of course m'lord, though she is correct my answer wasn't well enough. My intentions are those of my family, I wish to find a suitable agreement which will allow a match made." he can manage only a small grin at the teasing nature given well he's on the spot. He looks finally to Caedmon "Thank you m'lord, and of course I try my best to be respectful, a squirrel? I suppose I can see that Lady Brendolyn seems well attuned with nature."

"Your trust, or not, of Aldren is not in question here Caedmon," Eoin replies, his tone is still forcefull but it has at least dropped in volume to a more normal conversational one, "it is your trust, or apparent lack of it, in me. I never imagined you my enemy, merely my friend, but a friend would have spoken, or written, to me himself and I find myself disapointed. Dispointed in you for not trusting me, and disapointed in myself for thinking our relationship was something it obviously is not." He'd say more, but the presense of Moray has him holding his tongue, for now at least.

With his back turned only Moray and Brendolyn none would see the Count bite his lip in anger and wine soaked annoyance at Caedmon's words on trust. But he goes on listening. When Moray has finished he looks to the man and squints an eye before grinning and clasping him on the shoulder. "I am sure she will see that /you/ are attuned with nature." Looking to Bre now he adds, "We shall have to have a talk I presume." He gives an approving nod to them both now before turning. "I should hope not." He says in remarks to Eoins words on what is in question. When his cousin has finished he adds his two patins. "Relax coz. Perhaps I approached the situation with haste. But…." Eyes back to the Horizon man before continuing. "Perhaps I have been on edge with you as of late." All he chooses to say right now. And now it is Amiable Aldren, right between that state of drunken happy bliss and innebriated asshole. "Let me accept the blame for this. Perhaps you are the one who is now on edge. I promise his letter is not what brought it to my attention. I am sure his intent was good." He shrugs and sips.

After Wenna slowly hobbles from the room probably destined for the garden where she can enjoy the leaf and some quiet, Caedmon looks to Aldren and then Eoin. He bows and replies contritely, "I have explained my intentions. I still believe them to be correct, and not a betrayal of trust. However, if I have troubled any of you when I meant only to safeguard the matter for all concerned, then I regret, and ask forgiveness for the decision." He picks up the cup of wine that he brought for Wenna, peers into it for a moment, and sets it on the table again without tasting it. "All uf us have seen heavy strain recently. I am sure that it frays our wits and our judgemens."

Bre is motionless there, like a doll on a stand then Aldren's words draw a blink of her eyes and she looks at him, did he just approve? Is he approving? Is this happening right here and now? Wait what did Moray just say? She looks at him briefly and then down at her hands and blows out a breath, wringing her hands. Caedmon mentions the squirrel and her eyes dart upward, blush rising to her already pink cheeks and she smiles softly at him. "I..think I need some air.." she says, clearing her throat. Then Aldren is saying they need to talk but it all starts to sound so.. distant. "Yes, air.." she repeats turning for the door.

When Wenna returns she has a pipe in one hand and she is using crutches to walk. She moves quickly through the door just as Bre is leaving and Wenna is heading towards her chair. There is a look of relief on her face. She quickly moves to the side to avoid taking Bre out.

Eoin eyes Caedmon as the man speaks, then drains the rest of his wine. "When you can understand why they are a betrayal of trust, then come and speak with me once more," he replies, setting his cup down, "then we can talk of forgiveness. Fornow though, if you'll all excuse me, I find my desire for company somewhat deminished this evening." Caedmon gets the briefest of nods, and Bren would have got a kiss on the cheek had she not already been gone. Moray and Wenna a nod each, then a momentary look to Aldren to acknowledgehis words, and hopefully indicate that they can talk more on it later. Then, with nothing more to say for the moment he moves for the door into the foyer and hence onwards to his rooms.

Moray looks back and forth a moment he keeps an eye on Bre perhaps judging her reaction, but he looks to Aldren as well not wishing to miss his words as he's clasped on the shoulder. He nods to his words "I am assuming we all should speak at some point?" He looks at Aldren curiously now too at the look approval will likely require papers and the like but the approving look is a good start, though he will continue listening he catches the glance given by the man before turning to listen to Bre as she speaks "M'lady?" he calls to her he doesn't wish to be rude but he's a bit worried at her reaction. "Hm perhaps I should make sure she is okay?" he offers looking to Eoin he'll give a nod though.

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