Rumors Policy

Rumours are by their nature anonymous bits of gossip. They may be true, they may be false, or they may have bits and pieces of truth and falsehood mixed together. Please keep this entirely clear - any rumour may be completely false.

It is up to each player whether their character acts on any rumour or not. Additionally, just because something is posted to the rumours board does not mean that every character in the game automatically knows that rumour. It means that there is a chance they have, if it makes IC sense for them to have heard it.

As such, staff has the following guidelines for posting rumours:

1. If you wish to post a rumour about your own character, by all means. Whatever rumour you would like.

2. If you wish to post a rumour that involves someone else's character, you may do so, ONLY if the rumour comes out of an actual RP'ed scene. Note - this does not mean the rumour has to be true. But if you have not been in an RP scene with a character fairly recently (within the past 2 to 3 days), their name should not be on your rumour.

3. If you object to a rumour that has been posted about you, please post a counter rumour. All players are welcome to defend their own characters by positing an alternate rumour about their own characters.

4. If you feel that you are being harassed or that someone is being vindictive with rumours, please open a +request with staff, who will act as impartial judges to assist with the matter.

5. Keep in mind that in Mobrin, witches are burnt at the stake, often by mobs who do NOT wait for the King's justice. Rumours of witchcraft really should be few and far between.

6. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask staff via a +request.

The end.

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