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Message: 11/90 Posted Author
Umbra's Favor and Visit Nov 03 2013 Through the Grapevine

A group of people leaving the fairgrounds after the trick shot archery contest speak in hushed, animated tones.

"…Umbra Herself showin' up…"

" Didja see… Prince… like old friends!"

"But how… Count of Greenshire… tool of the goddess?"

"…jes' a priestess… seen her afore… jes' looks like Umbra…"

"Did you see… moved her hand just before… the Count… impossible shot… Weston missed by a league… no way that was natural…"

The others suddenly grow quiet and eye their wordy friend cautiously.

"Careful what… even if… priestess…"

Finally, one of the men who has been quiet the entire time speaks clearly and loudly enough for others around to hear. "What if Umbra took on human form to keep an eye on us all, see how faithful we are? What better disguise than that of a priestess?"

The others shiver, then the entire group heads straight for the nearest Temple.

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Message: 11/91 Posted Author
Ransom Demand Nov 03 2013 Through the Grapevine

"I'm telling ye, it had to have something to do about the disappearance of the Lady Forrester. The Voice seemed all out of sorts after he got the package. Not sure what it was, but it didn't look good."

"I heard it was a ransom demand for the Lady. That they asked for money. I don't know who could do that."

"It's sick I tell ye. The poor lass. I hope they don't hurt her."

"Well I heard they sent a part of her with the ransom demand, but I don't know for sure. I believe it may be true though, cause the Voice did look mighty disturbed."

"A part of her? But what part?"

"I don't know. I can hope it was just hair or something, but I don't know. It's all just sick. I hope the girl is gonna be okay. What is the world coming to?"

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Message: 11/92 Posted Author
Watchman on the Rampage? Nov 04 2013 Through the Grapevine

Hey did you hear what happened last night?

No, what happened?
I heard that watchman Allyn I think his name is? The young, cute one? you know?
Oh yeah him, he's cute! Though he's a little rough around the edges. I think he needs an older woman to teach him a thing or two!
Yeah, hime. Well, I'm not sure I'd want to be around him anymore.
Why not? What happened, you know I love good gossip!
Well, it seems last night he got into a brawl in that shady tavern down by the docks, you know the one?
Oh, was he gambling again? or drinking?
Well, I don't know if he was drinking, but he was gambling, yeah, but then all of a sudden he shoted some strange things.
Strange things? like what?
That he had to get away, that things were after him and then he took a swing and nothing was there! Well, except for Jak's face!
Oh no! and I bet ole Jak didn't like that too much?
No, of course he didn't, he punched Allyn back and Allyn screamed at him that he was an abomination and that everyone in there were abominations and that he was tehere to put an end to everyone!
Huh? that doesn't sound like Allyn he's a fine upstanding watchman, are you sure it was him?
Of course I was sure! He's hard to mistake for anyone else. Well, as I was saying then he screamed like a man possesed and ran out of the tavern! I think he jumped into the river or something, but I'm not sure. I didn't go chasing after him!
I hope the Captain or someone catches him and calms him down. He looked horrible and like he hadn't sleep in a month!
Poor boy, maybe he should be locked up for a while, or have the healers look at his head if he's seeing things.

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Message: 11/93 Posted Author
Injuries in the castle Nov 05 2013 Through the Grapevine

There is word that the Count's man, Harlik, is making a full recovery. Whispers of his lounging around in the Greenshire suite in the company of his lord and his rumored bethrothed, Moira, along with her maid Kayla are heard here and there within the castle. First word that he was dragged down the steps by Cricket, the family dog, surfaced some weeks ago but now there are new tidings. Those of gambling debts that involve the man who is known to drink as much as Aldren, and has been doing so for the better part of ten years. No doubt being seen throwing bones with nobles fuels these unfounded rumors. Though they circulate none the less. Rumors, how they fly with so little truth…

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Message: 11/94 Posted Author
Bardic rumors Nov 06 2013 Through the Grapevine

It seems there have been some sightings of Blian, the minstrel who won favor from the king in the celebration after his crowning as king of Lanniveer. After taking a vicious beating one night from some sailors and having his gift from the king smashed upon his body, rumor has it he was seen walking down the beach where he then dissapeared into the darkness. Seemingly, he has resurfaced and has been spotted with a battered face and is hunched over in his movements. Though that has not stopped him from popping up here or there in the city. Though his injuries have reportedly put a temporary end to any singing. At least he hasn't lost any fingers this time.

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Message: 11/95 Posted Author
Drunk and off duty Nov 08 2013 Through the Grapevine

A quiet conversation heard in the castle from around the corner.

"Seems those twins is as close as ever these days. That cripple spent the night there at the suite with her brother and the Kerrigan girl. When I went tha' smorinin' to empty there chamber pots she was asleep in his room. The whole place stunk like wine."
"How could any woman sleep in there. Looks like a four year olds room. The place is a dissaster!"
"Well, I dare say it was most likely not her first choice. Nor hers at all! Like i said, it seemed they may have been up late into the night."

"If she was drinking with the count then it is doubtful she could have made it back to her own room."

"Especially on one leg! Though I daresay, the Haravean man was up and about, and as chipper as ever."

"Where do ya' reckon he slept?"

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Message: 11/96 Posted Author
Dreariness Nov 09 2013 Through the Grapevine

Two chambermaids in the castle

"The poor dear, she seems to fade away a little every day." one says clucking her tongue.

"I know. Maybe she's feeling as if some things will ne'er happen?" replies the other

"Nay, I think not. They seem as hapy as ever - it's more like she's slowing down. I hope the poor dear's not taking ill.'

"Well, she seems to feel better when she's out in the gardens and all, maybe she's just pining for home?"

"Perhaps, she always does seem more lively when she's been outside for a while. Well, she's always kind to me n you n t'others. Let's see if we can come up with something to cheer her up."

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Message: 11/97 Posted Author
Ship sighted Nov 11 2013 Through the Grapevine

Mid morning and word spreads through the docks that there is a sail upon the horizon. As time passes the first sighting resolves itself into the Admiral's ship, the Lady Aoife, still flying both the Morbin flag and Lord Eoin's personal colours. It's later in the afternoon before she passes the havens at the enterance of the harbour but to al intents and purposes it seems that the month long voyage has come to an end.

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Message: 11/98 Posted Author
More Missing Nobles? Nov 12 2013 Through the Grapevine

A chambermaid and a scullery maid are talking in the kitchen while the scullery maid cleans and slices vegetables.

"Are you sure, then?" the scullery maid questions in a mildly challenging tone.

"I 'eard it with me own ears!" replies the chambermaid, nodding her head vigorously. "She said that they went for a ride North o' Stormvale, and not to bother with dinner for 'em."

"And they didn't take the morning tray?" the scullery maid queries.

The chambermaid shakes her ahead. "I took it to the door. I knocked. Then I banged on it. The food was goin' cold an' I didn't want it to go to waste. Then that quiet servant o' 'is came down the 'all. Pointed to the tray, shook 'is 'ead, pointed to me, an' pointed back down the 'all. What could I do? 'Tis a right fine breakfast, too."

The scullery maid looks up from her work and urges, "'E's the Voice o' the King and she's the Royal 'Ealer. They're married right proper. No tale if they went 'way from the castle for a night. An' if there's trouble, that's for other folk to worry. 'Elp me clean these and we'll 'ave their breakfast for our own, that's what we'll do!"

The chambermaid frowns and picks up a potato. "Still in all, They're good people. They always treat me right. Wouldn't want nothin' bad to 'appen to 'em." She starts to help her friend the scullery maid.

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Message: 11/99 Posted Author
Newborn Kitten Nov 12 2013 Through the Grapevine

Two servant girls of the Kilgour family are whispering near the small table with flowers in the hall:

G1: "Did you saw how Gaela was runing in and out of the Dellhaven's suite? She looked so afraid…"

G2: "She always looks afraid!.."

G1: "This time it was different. At first she brought food. The most favourite pears' pie. The young baroness, our former princess, loves it. But she left with the same pie. It was not touched!"

G2: "Maybe she was just not hungry?"

G1: "Are you stupid? She is always hungry! She is eating for two! Later a healer came to the room and left quite worried. I heard how Gaela and healer were speaking together. They mentioned, that baroness can't climb out of the bed. She is weaker than a newborn kitten!"'

G2: "But… What about the young baron's heir?"

G1: "We shall pray for that… Poor girl… You know, her husband did not left the room. I bet he does not leave her side at all. He is not just incredibly handsome, but also so caring about that girl!

Both woman giggles at the last remark and continues to do their work.

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Message: 11/100 Posted Author
Stormvale is abuzz Nov 14 2013 Through the Grapevine

Excitement begins to build after messengers from the castle begin to tack the official announcement onto notice-boards throughout the city. The Grand Duke of Moniwid will be arriving! and although only one ship is necessary to carry one grand duke, surely there will be other ships accompanying him, possibly even a small fleet. Merchants begin to stock up on wares. Vintners and brewers deliver casks of wine, ale, and cider to the local taverns and inns around the city. Chefs begin to worry about learning to prepare special dishes that might appeal to these strangers. Even the healers and apothecaries in the city talk with excitement, hoping that the legendary healers of Moniwid will share new cures and techniques. One thing is certain. Even petty criminals listen to the news with keen interest, thinking that this might be their big opportunity to fatten their purses with loot, if they can manage to avoid the heightened security that surely will accompany such an event.

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Message: 11/101 Posted Author
Orphanage Nov 15 2013 Through the Grapevine

Conversation by two men heard in the Tavern:

M1: Did you heard about new orphanage?

M2: About what?

M1: About new orphanage! It will be build in our city by the princess Caillin. Well, she won't build it, but she is looking for people to help her!

M2: She is baroness now, first of all, and second - she is crazy about these kids! Who cares about them? They live better than me. I need to go to that shitty work!

M1: Cunt! I think it is a great job! I will sign for it. I heard, that she already has drawings of that place. It will be like a small manor, you know. One woman, a servant of baroness, told me, that she heard, how lady was saying, that it will be not just orphanage, but a school too. She will gather all ladies and lords, who wants. They all will go there once per week or twice. Ladies will teach girls, and lords will teach boys. Lucky bastards!

M2: Indeed. They are lucky. But how they will gather all these kids?

M1: I have no idea, but I am sure baroness has the plan. I will definitely go to help building it. I am not good with sword, but I am strong! And in fact, I am going to sign for it now!

And the man drinks his ale till the last drop, before he leaves through the Tavern's door, leaving his friend thoughtful.

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Message: 11/102 Posted Author
Lady Nimue Returned? Nov 20 2013 Through the Grapevine

Gossip abounds that the Lady Nimue Forrester has been recovered! She has been seen in the castle infirmary and later, moving about the halls of Darfield castle with a new handmaiden. It is said that a group of Rangers have brought her back alive, if not entirely well. Leading them was one of Sky Forrest who took a personal interest in seeing the Lady of his home recovered. With them the Rangers also had a prisoner, a man whom they took to the Crown Prince for interrogation.

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Message: 11/103 Posted Author
Sutherland Duke Nov 20 2013 Through the Grapevine

Some days back it is said that the new Duke of Sutherland rode up from the south with no fanfair and arrived in Stormvale with a decent number of men and horses. Though surely the Crown Prince was in the know from post riders who would have reported the movement to him, no one else seems to have been expecting the Duke. No, not Cedric Crawford who was recently murdered with his wife at the sacking of Trueborn keep three months back, but his younger brother, Sir Ronan Crawford.

The new Duke's stay has been low key. The man doesn't seem to have a flair for socializing though he has been seen out for a ride with Princess Roslin after boar hunting. He's also rumored to have sat in on a meeting of the King's Council by invitation, and is said to be getting along rather well with Count Aldren Havarean which included some drinking and sparring.

Whatever the truth of these matters, the Sutherlander men and horses have moved out to head west and north after being inspected by Prince Tyrel. As for the Rioga Duke himself? Rumor has it the Sutherlander is preparing to return south to his home until such time as King Callem returns from Jadda, or until the Duke is summoned.

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Message: 11/104 Posted Author
Returned Indeed! Nov 20 2013 Through the Grapevine

The Lady Nimue Forrester has indeed been returned, all thanks to the brave Rangers and the others who took part in her rescue. While sound of body save for a missing finger, it has yet to be seen how it might have impacted the woman's mind. Several have said that she appears to be fine, however one handmaiden who has known Nimue for a long time has said that it appears that some of the noblewoman's fire has been dimmed and that she's perhaps not as spirited as she once was.

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Message: 11/105 Posted Author
Baroness Assaulted?! Nov 20 2013 Through the Grapevine

The City Watch has brought in the young Baroness Caillin with a newborn infant she found somewhere in the city. With her clothes torn, smelling badly, and bleeding she appeared to have been stabbed in the ribs. The Watch took her at once to the infirmary. With them they also brought the body of a Ranger who … if he wasn't already dead, was pretty close to it.

"What happened?" Asked a man named Allyn while the healers hurried to assist. A man of the City Watch said, ""Looks like lady Caillen went into a bad part of town. Either with that Ranger or by herself 'n he found her, don't know. Nobody else with them, no guards, no handmaidens. Baroness found her an infant. Two roughs showed up, seem to have stabbed that Ranger bad, run him through. But he kilt one of'm with his bow. Had an arrow trained on the second fella but he'd grabbed Lady Caillin and had a knife to her throat by the time we showed up."

An old healer woman gasped, "No! Poor thing!" The Watchman nods and finishes, "Ranger was bleed'n out bad. He collapsed and the last fella, he stabbed her and threw her down to make a run for it. We got him though!"

That's the story going around. The City Watch is far from pleased. Rumors abound that the Ranger Araltaidan was there to meet her for a trist! Others say he came to the Lady's aid to save her. Some say it doesn't matter because the Ranger died in the night. Will the lady Caillin live? Did she loose her baby? Some say it died in the night too.

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Message: 11/106 Posted Author
Haravean health Nov 21 2013 Through the Grapevine


"Done changed it out thrice a morn'"
"That's mad. And what of…her?"
"And, what did Eli say?"

ooc: You folks should not creep around corners and make assumptions…..The castle is full of lies."

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Message: 11/107 Posted Author
The gods… Nov 21 2013 Through the Grapevine

"Ya heard 'em, right?"
"Didn't everyone?"
"How could they not!"
"Umbra allmighty! I'd aint heard the gods names invoked like that since I was a babe!"
"It was so blasphemous it was beautiful'!
"Sounded like a prayer!"

ooc: You folks should creep around the castles and start rumors…..The castle is full of quiet."

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Message: 11/108 Posted Author
Captain Commoner Nov 21 2013 Through the Grapevine

"That Cap'n spendin' more and more time up there in the castle. No wonder the city is so upside down."
"You ass. The man spends 18 hours a day on his feet, so what if one or two of 'em is in the castle? He aint got no choice."
"Just sayin', maybe his men are falling lax in their duties?"
"What?! The watch in the city has never had such a presence! And gods, the man single handedly tracked down that filthy band of traveling bandits and slayed 'em himself!"
"Aye, I'd heard he even brought back the rotted head of that Vil fella."
"Pry what put his brother off the deep end…."

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Message: 11/109 Posted Author
The scream Nov 23 2013 Through the Grapevine

Conversation of two healers heard in the halls of the castle:
H1: Have you heard that heart-breaking scream?
H2: Who didn't? Poor little girl. She already loved her child, before it was born… To lose a child like that…
H3: It is natural. Many women loses tha child, but out little princess has a heart which may not bare this fact. She looked really horrible.Teared her hair.
H2: And I heard she won't continue orphanage job… What will be done with that?
H1: Who cares about Orphanage now, when she said she is worth of blades of executorer. She blames herself… She might not bare that. I was inside, taking care of another patient. I saw everything…
Healers shake their heads and walks their way, continuing discussion.

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Message: 11/110 Posted Author
Bardic truths Nov 23 2013 Through the Grapevine

A song heard song by the docks in the deep of the night. Many a voice was lent as this is a new rendition of an old favorite

She was a lady fine and fair, wearing green and blue
He was a bastard foul and meak, words he spoke untrue
He came upon her in the dark, Her body he did take
He hauled her off and tied her up, took a finger for his taste
The rangers did seek her out, and rescue her they did!
she's back in town and with a frown, her maidenhead they rid!

Nimue! Nimue
we waited for you!
Nimue! Nimue!

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Message: 11/111 Posted Author
At night in the streets Nov 24 2013 Through the Grapevine

A young barely dressed woman, who is saved from coolness just by the dirty heavy cloak with furs are walking down the street in the block known by its low reputation. A man is following that woman with quite mischievous grin in his features. Suddenly he slaps woman's rear playfully, making her gasp.

She grins widely and says, "You came back! Today I might do a discount. I liked you yesterday!"

The man grins and nods, not saying too much.

The woman continues speaking, while leading the man somewhere, "So, I heard one of these nobles, for whom you serve, lost his child… Ruthgar his name, I believe. Whole city is speaking!"

Man frowns, "Lord Ruthgar Ruxton for you!"

The whore laughs, "I would call him pretty face! He is soo handsome! Sadly, he never visits us!" The woman grins and suddenly presses the man near the wall, "I could make him happy. I heard, that poor boy lost not just his child, but that naive little girl, his wife is insane!"

The man slaps whore's cheek, "She was a princess and now is baroness! And do not dare to speak like that about my masters!"

Woman does not care, just grins even more, "Someone likes violance. I wonder… Does that boy likes it too?.. Noo… He is too pure!"

Passerbies tries to bypass the pair quickly, but some of them curiously listens.

"He has to take care of his wife as she would be an infant. Is it true she does not eat and does not drink without his presence? He should come to me! Someone has to take care of the handsome one, while he is still not too old. Now, he spends his youth taking care of the child! I could warm him as I warm you!"

Woman runs with her fingers down to man's trousers. However, the man slaps woman again, more firmly, "Whore! I will teach you some manners!" And the pair disappears from the street.

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Message: 11/112 Posted Author
A foreign song Nov 24 2013 Through the Grapevine

A nurse and a servant girl walk through Darfield Castle speaking, like so many lately the talk seems to be about Baroness Caillin.

Nurse: "Did ya 'ear 'bout the Baroness?"
Servant: "Course I 'ave, ev'ryone has been, such a tragedy."
Nurse: "Not that, ya know that new Ambassador from the Isles? She came to visit, and seemed to actually calm the Baroness some."
The Servant stops and asks, "Ya mean the 'xotic lookin' one? How'd she do tha'?"
Nurse: "Yeah her. She said a few things I could'n't hear, mostly she sang to her. When she rais'd her voice so it fill'd the room, I almost got strap'd by the head-nurse for nearly dropin' bandages when I 'eard her."
Servant: "Really? I didn' know she sang, almos' wish I was 'round ta 'ear." as they continue to walk.

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Message: 11/113 Posted Author
Contained mourning of a Queen Nov 25 2013 Through the Grapevine

Whispers and words lunge through the castle, from guards and servants, back and forth to each other, and up the echelons to others by way of modern day messaging; gossip.

From all accounts it would seem as if the recent attack upon her daughter, and subsequent death of her grandchild, has left the Queen in tatters. Wailing can be heard coming from her suite, and handmaidens and guards have been banished from the rooms, pressed into such by vases and other items being hurled at them and bloody screeches following terrified and sobbing maids as they rushed out trying to calm the Queen. She has not been out of her rooms since receiving the news and those who have tempted to cross the barrier have been met with violence and rage from the woman.

Guard: She nearly took out m'eye, and that scream from 'er, sounded unworldly, still gettin' shivers from it. Ain't never seen that look from her. I ain't going in there, she's liable to call down the Gods and Goddesses to confront any that do. Though ain't many can say the Queen of Mobrin nearly blinded them with a swipe of her hand - kinda a badge!

Servant: She hasn't touched anything we've given her, not food, and refuses to touch anything that hasn't been personally vetted by her in her rooms by her dogs. All's she in there are teas and wine, that won't sustain her or the child!

Handmaiden: I heard her demanding that all who are not family be removed from the castle and banished, she's forbade us from tending to her. Last I saw she was wearing the same gown as the day she found out. Terrible, terrible news but we need our Queen while the king is away. Of course she's not being heeded, thankfully her son Tyrel is of sound mind, but she's absolutely of the belief we're all trying to kill her and her family. She even thinks the King may already be dead and the trip to Jadda was a ruse to do so! She needs to /eat/ and be calm, she's going to end up killing herself and the child if she doesn't!

Guard 2: Surprised the Queen hasn't tossed her from a window yet - y'won't 'ear me sayin' tha' out loud though, 'nuff to give her an idea. Wit'out the King 'ere, I ain't thinkin' she's going to be doin' too well. 'Specially with them pregnancy madness them women get, can only 'magine them royal pregnancy madnesses even worse, yeh?

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Message: 11/114 Posted Author
For The Record Nov 26 2013 Through the Grapevine

It appears that Lady Nimue Forrester went to the Royal Healer, asking her for help with the matter of verifying her status as a maiden after she heard some disturbing rumors regarding that very subject. After a proper exam it was etermined that she was not despoiled in any manner. Paperwork has been sent to the proper people to be stamped and put on record, both privately as well as publically if anyone has any questions about this subject. A copy is also to be sent to Lady Nimue's father.

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Message: 11/115 Posted Author
Rumors of a Little Queen Nov 26 2013 Through the Grapevine

With the Queen gone mad, who is running the realm now? The Voice? The Prince? Perhaps, but it is the Princess Roslin who has stepped into the place of her mother in many duties, including being hostess to the court. Servants now tell of how much of the correspondence that the Queen has been handling on behalf of her husband matters that do not go to the Voice or the Prince are now being sent directly to the young Red Princess. Servants Mistresses are saying that anyone with concerns about the Queen, the Baroness Ruxton, or any courtly matters are being told to seek Princess Roslin out.

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Message: 11/116 Posted Author
Lickety Split Nov 26 2013 Through the Grapevine

Out of mourning after days of being barricaded the Queen has finally roused from her woeful mourning. With the deftness of only the best of healers, Wenna, a dear friend of the Queen, has managed to get the Queen out and about.
The Queen has been seen heading to the infirmary in the castle, looking mostly well aside from bruising and a paleness, the woman said to be on the verge of tears nearly always, though smile is quick to her lips as well. Upon emerging she went to break her fast with Wenna and other close members of her family before retiring to her rooms. Staff is being kept out from her rooms aside from her closest lady, Winifred, and visitation has been closed off to all but family. It is rumored she will be making a trip to visit her daughter Caillin.

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Message: 11/117 Posted Author
A Pleasant Rumor, For Once Nov 26 2013 Through the Grapevine

(as told by one of the elder healers)

It would seem that the Ranger Araltaidan has been spending quite a lot of time in the company of Lady Wenna's apprentice, Eliylw. It might make one have to wonder what is happening behind closed doors as they seem to be very friendly and it was told to me that just yesterday the young lady was seen walking arm in arm with him. It would do this old lady's heart some good if a courtship were to grow from it.

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Message: 11/118 Posted Author
Unfound? Nov 26 2013 Through the Grapevine

Drunkards heard at the inn

"That ranger, Araltdaidan, Courtship seems his specialty as he swoons each lady he meets!"
"I seen him with that red-headed bard, Virah!"
"As did I!"
"Princess Caillin better watch out. She is ripe for the picking. And I heard she is pining for him after that whole /rescue/ thing."
"Rumors. That is all they are."

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Message: 11/119 Posted Author
Return of a Baroness? Dec 01 2013 Through the Grapevine

It has been one and a half weeks after that incident where Baroness Caillin has been attacked. A little more than a week since the devastating news of her losing the child she was pregnant with. Disturbing rumors have travelled the hallways of Darfield Castle and even made it into town, that the the nerves of Baron Ruthgar Ruxton's young wife have been wrecked to a disturbing degree. She has been heard shouting, screaming, some saw her pulling out her hair - and even the visit of her mother the Queen Laetitia has done little to improve her state.

It may come as a surprise that on this morning the baroness has been brought back to her quarters at the Dellhaven Suite of Darfield Castle, after the young baron Ruthgar reportedly had a long talk with the Baroness Wenna, the healer in charge. Word has it Caillin has promised to refrain from hurting herself, that she can be tended at her own chambers, where the soothing tranquility and the presence of her husband might manage what the care of the healers at the infirmary so far has failed to accomplish: To stabilize the state of mind of the young woman and to help her cope with the loss of her unborn child.

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Message: 11/120 Posted Author
Snowballs and babies Dec 01 2013 Through the Grapevine

Two noble girls heard in the courtyard

"Yep. A snowball fight. There were all sorts about. Those Haravean twins and one of their sisters, Lady Moira, that ranger Lord Trevian, and the Duke fo Sutherland too. Oh and some young common girl I think as well, yes I am sure of it. she wasn't wearing any shoes! They all started to team up on her majesty and that is when she went into labor!"
"They did?!? That is awful. Will she be allright? Wait, the queen didn't have any shoes?"
"Who knows. I daresay it did not, wait what?! Not the queen you dolt! But anyways, she looked most distressed I would say she did not look good. I doubt it will help she went in with that witch."

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Message: 11/121 Posted Author
A Birth Confirmed Dec 02 2013 Through the Grapevine

As word has passed through halls and corridors of the castle and beyond, an announcement has been made that the Queen has indeed given birth. The Queen Mother and child are both quite happy and content, the child being reported as having lungs enough to give it's siblings a run for their coin. The birth was said to be long, though the Queen was not in pain and the child eased its way into the world easily

The Queen has denied a reveal of the childs sex until her husband has returned home, and with this decision no name as a result will be released.

Both child and mother are enjoying time bonding within the King and Queens rooms, a limited amount of staff and close family, only the most trusted, allowed to trespasse in to assist with the needs of both.

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Message: 11/122 Posted Author
Berry cute! Dec 03 2013 Through the Grapevine

Matty and Patty, two of the serving girls in the kitchen of Castle Darfield are overheard giggling.

Matty leans over while clearing the dishes, "Did you see how she blushed when he mentioned taking her up the coast? What do you think that meant?

Patty giggles, "I don't know, but if he'd feed me berries like that I wouldn't care where he wanted to go sailing."

Dropping her voice Matty says, "He offered to share a cake with me like that once."

Patty laughs, "Oh, he never did. I were warned of how he'd get his cakes, and it wasn't like that. Wish it were."

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Message: 11/123 Posted Author
A Party of Knights Dec 03 2013 Through the Grapevine

A trio of stableboys are grumping:

"Can you believe they had us up and saddling horses on a night like this?"

"You think that was bad, wait till they come back and those horses need rubbing down."

"Where were they off to that was important enough they wouldn't wait till the snow passed?"

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/124 Posted Author
A Lady In Hiding Dec 04 2013 Through the Grapevine

Whispers are going around the castle that Lady Nimue has fallen into a bout of depression, most likely brought on by a delayed reaction to being held captive and the rescue that took place. She has not come out of the room she has been staying in and it's questionable as to whether or not she has taken any visitors. The good news is that she's eating but that could change if this is allowed to go on for too long.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/125 Posted Author
Baronial Magic? Dec 04 2013 Through the Grapevine

"Eh. Have you heard? They say the baroness is back at the Dellhaven Suite…", asks a young kitchen maid when she stops by a servant of the Kilgour household

"Oh sure, I know. That baron finally got her out of that infirmary.", replies the lad rather matter-of-factly.

The maid nods eagerly. "Aye! She was all screaming and stuff, on the days before she was brought back. A wreck of nerves, if you ask me. And now… silence."

"Ah, true. I even heard she was all giggling and in best spirits." He smirks. "On the first morning after her return."

"Oh, where'd you get that from?" the maid giggles.

"Well they were even jesting in the afternoon, I hear," the lad continues. "You know what I think? That baron worked some magic on her."

"Magic? You mean like… some witch or sorcerer?" The girl's eyes grow wide and she shudders.

"Bah, no. Stupid. I'd say he wiggled with his magic wand and *bang* all the madness and sadness was gone!" The lad winks to the maid and laughs.

Which leads to the inevitable blush. "Oh no! No, she's still recovering. He can't have…" She shakes her head. "I don't know, but that can't have happened - only in your filthy imagination!" And with that said she runs of giggling, not without casting him a last glance over her shoulder.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/126 Posted Author
Pirate ship cited Dec 04 2013 Through the Grapevine

Some sailors down at the dock are talking, after stumbling out of a nearby tavern.

You hear the pirate ship The Crimson Spectre was seen off the coast of Sutherland? The sober sailor asks the drunk one

Mmm hmm, herd it wus seen attackin 'nother pirate ship." the drunk replied, shaking his head.

I herd it was attacking a merchant ship the pirates had just hit!" the sober friend replied and frowned to the drunk, "Besides, you're drunk, why would a pirate attack another pirate?"

The drunk glared at the sober friend, "Now you listin to me! I know what I herd! The pirate attacks other pirates! but I herd he attacks merchants too. So who knows? I hope its captain don't come to Stormvale!"

The sober sailor nods to his friend, "If he did, you can bet the watch would get him! They aren't going to let some scoundrel do what he wants!"

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/127 Posted Author
Busy King Dec 04 2013 Through the Grapevine

"King Callem doesn't waste time." Whispers the guard.

The other one standing outside the door nods, "Did you hear them? The Duke can bellow like a bull. And see how angry the Rioga was when he departed the King's study?"

"Yeah," admits the first guard, "I'm glad I don't have to stand outside /his/ door tonight."

The second guard agrees, "Me either. Might end up some bad blood between Darfield and Sutherland. But I hope not."

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/128 Posted Author
A Foundling's New Home Dec 05 2013 Through the Grapevine

Word is trickling from the vast corridors of Darfield Castle, that the little infant Baroness Caillin had saved before she was attacked in the streets has been accepted into the care of the baroness and her husband. Before the gods of the Light they have vowed to raise it as it were their own child. The boy has been named and will be known henceforth as Brandon Vale.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/129 Posted Author
Holy Challenge Dec 05 2013 Through the Grapevine

"Didja hear 'bout that crazy priestess? The one what looks like Umbra?"

"Thinks she /is/ Umbra, from what I hear."

"An' you can say she isn't? Yeah, well, she gave the big sermon the other day in the Temple an' done called out everyone for not bein' the best they could. Said that's why Inouv's been doin' all these horrible things, what with the kidnapping, attacks on the royals, an' losin' the baby. Even called down that new duke for leavin' right before the sermon."

"I bet he's got a bee in his bonnet over that!"

"It gets worse. Some Forrestor lord — the twin of the lady what done got kidnapped — said he's done enough and who's she to say otherwise. Then he asked what /she's/ gonna do to better herself. His sister looked 'bout ready to have the floor swallow her up. Anyway, the priestess told him that's the best thing to say an' we should never be afraid to ask each other that. An' 'specially to ask the clergy that!"

"The Englightened must've choked! I missed all this? Maybe I need to go to Temple more."

"You really do. Anyway, people was goin' crazy, yellin' out what they'd do to improve theyselves and help each other. The Holy Loon herself said she'd start giving healing lessons to anyone who wanted them, even if they couldn't donate to the Temple. Then that Forrestor lord said he'd give His Majesty maps of somethin' or other."

"Yeah? Well, maybe she ain't all bad after all. Still a nutter, but a nutter who gets shite done."

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Message: 11/130 Posted Author
Red Spectre seen in Stormvale Dec 05 2013 Through the Grapevine

A couple sailors at the dock are talking again.

Sailor 1: Ya hear? the person known as Red Spectre was seen in Stormvale!

Sailor 2:The infamous pirate?% I heard his ship was off the coast of Sutherland!

Sailor 1: Yeah, I heard that too, but it seems someone that looked like the captain was here! What will we do?

Sailor 2: I wonder what he wants in Stormvle? did the watch arrest him?

Sailor 3: Nah, I doubt they saw him, I heard people only saw flashes of crimson. bet it wasn't even him!

Sailor 1 & 2:But what if it was? We're in trouble!

Sailor 3: Loooks that way.

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Message: 11/131 Posted Author
Shiner fit for a Prince Dec 05 2013 Through the Grapevine

A couple of guards on nightwatch walk through the streets, hoohooing grandly as they pass near enough folk heading off to various places to hear:

Guard 1: Y'see tha' face o'is? I ain't believe it! So full o'im self, serves 'im, yeh? Goin' off't'th'forest at night, s'no safe 'untin' der for dem nobles.

Guard 2: *Laughs hoarsely, coughing out as he spits on the ground* Aye, 'specially bein' noble from dem islands. Ain't no place for no sun swelling Prince, ain't that fer sure. Bet y'tried wranglin' a deer, yeh, got 'im in the eye straight off. Looks like 'e got it right in 'is face, 'is betrothed ain't gonna like that.

Guard 1: *chuckling with a knowing nod* Dem Ladies, like dem men soft an' pretty.

Guard 2: Maybe it was a wild pig and not dem bandits as claimed!

The guards turn about a corner in the street and their laughing voices carry off and swept off by the wind.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/132 Posted Author
Traveling Woes Dec 05 2013 Through the Grapevine

After an attempt to travel south by boat went wrong a large group of Laniveeri had to make landfall and continue their trip by horse and carriage by way of the Darfield coastline. The purpose of their trip is a mystery although they are traveling not only the banner of the royal family but under a banner of peace as well.

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Message: 11/133 Posted Author
Private words, public place Dec 06 2013 Through the Grapevine

"I'm telling you, this bastard sounds like he should be put to the sword /mortal villians/? They're all villians to me."
"Heh, that reminds me. She was no better."
"That's what ya' said. But how so?"
"Anyone who dares to speak ill of /my/ family?! Cunt acted as if she was telling my fortune. And it didn't sound like good news. I'll tell you, I heard of wit-"
"Allright, allright. You need a drink."

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/134 Posted Author
Braedon! Dec 07 2013 Through the Grapevine

Rumors place the Lord Braedon Haravean at the beach recently. Seems he has made ammends with an old Granarian ranger. Word has it he even took him back to the Greenshire suite in the castle. The once-noble ranger was heard to kiss the Count's sisters in a loving way as if her were an uncle. Rude japes seem to fill the halls now as The knight of the rose has linked with his kin. One can only guess at the debauchery that wil ensue when the Royal Admiral returns. Three Haraveans, the quicker this manor is built the less folks will have to worry about the propriety of their daughters.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/135 Posted Author
Lady-in-Waiting Wanted Dec 07 2013 Through the Grapevine

Two maids discussing royal gossip in the castle:

Blonde Maid: I heard the Princess talkin' about it!

Brunette Maid: Who with?

Blonde Maid: Oh who can remember. But I know what she said - She wants to take on a lady-in-waiting.

Brunette Maid: Like a noble lady? A noble lady companion?

Blonde Maid: Yes, that's what lady-in-waiting means, ninny! Do you think it'd be glamorous, being Princess Roslin's companion?

Brunette Maid: Ha! I shouldn't think so. Katerina says the Princess stays up all night, burning candles or some such. She moans about scraping the wax off the table. I bet it'd be right dull to have to be around that Princess all day.

Blonde Maid: Well it'd be an honor at least, to tell folks you're lady-in-waiting to a Princess.

(OOC Yes, I am looking to take on a lady-in-waiting, a noble lady companion for Ros! This would be an honorable position for an unmarried lady to take, leading to learning opportunities, a higher station at court, and royal assistance in husband-hunting. I've never done this before so I don't know if it would be interesting or dull but I would like to try it. If you are interested in the position, please +mail Roslin and we can discuss.)

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Message: 11/136 Posted Author
Snuggly Watchman? Dec 07 2013 Through the Grapevine

A couple watchmen can be heard talking among themselves

Watchman 1: Hey did you see Allyn?

Watchman 2: Yeah, we were on patrol last night, remember?

Watchman 1: Oh yeah, that's right. I forgot who I was paired with on patrol. Looks like he's doing alright.%rWatchman 2: Yeah he does. Very alright if you ask me. Ah well he was off duty, so guess we don't need to report it.

Watchman 1: Yeah, probably for the best, but was getting close to the merchant girl wasn't he?

Watchman 2: Maybe it will calm him down more and he wont be such a bother for the Captain.

Watchman 1: We can only hope right? Maybe the Captain will be in a better mood if he does.

The talk drifts off as the two watchman finish walkign apst.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/137 Posted Author
Gold and White and Red All Over Dec 08 2013 Through the Grapevine

A pair of elderly men chat over some ale at the tavern in the shady part of the city.

"Did ye see 'er? Came in drippin' blood all down 'er leg. That robe ain't so white no more! That's what she gets fer teachin' an' doin' 'er 'ealin' down by my neighbor'ood."

"Yeah, I stayed after you left and saw her bandage it up. Deep, nasty gash she got." The scruffier of the two pauses in consideration. "Nice gams, though. Real nice. Too bad she's a priestess."

"Yeah, well, if she ever wants ta piss off tha Eigh', she can sin wit' me all nigh' long."

"As if you could last all of a candlemark, nevermind all night!"

Heavy laughter and cackling ensue as they move on to reminisce about their favorite flings of yesteryear.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/138 Posted Author
refresher course Dec 08 2013 Through the Grapevine

It seems the Count Aldren has taken to one of his old hobbies. Reading. While it is rumored he has bested a knight or two, even some Riogans it is said, the man seems to be spending time in the library more oft than not. What does he study while he spills wine upon the flush carpets upstairs? Has he just taken notice of the vast collection in Darfield like one he has never seen? Or could there be a certain topic he wishes to brush up on? Time will most likely tell what the outspoken fellow is up to. And if not his sisters are always good for spreadng word.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/139 Posted Author
On the early mornings Dec 08 2013 Through the Grapevine

The rumor spreads, that at an early hour, when it is still almost dark outside and there are just a few people around, a company of three women and four men is leaving the Castle to get a short walks in the courtyard or gardens, especially gardens. It is said, that one of the woman is always carrying a warm bundle, that looks like an infant wrapped in furs. She looks happy at these moments, when the child is giggling in her arms.

Some are quite sure, that the men are the four guards of the young baroness Caillin, the three women her handmaiden, the nanny of the baby, and the baroness herself, who looks like she is finally getting her strength back. The walks are very short, that the boy wouldn't get cold. So, some of the servants are trying to appear in the courtyard or the gardens, or somewhere close at this early hour, just to look at their former princess, to see with their own eyes, if she is getting better, or worse.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/140 Posted Author
Winnowing The Staff Dec 08 2013 Through the Grapevine

"Another one dismissed?" The servants and guards of castle Darfield have begun to take note of the number of staff that have been dismissed from service.

"She wasn't just dismissed, she was beaten nearly to death then thrown into the gutter." A guard offers, "Seems she thought a tussle with a lover was more important than the safety of the castle."

"Oh, I had heard she was a bit forward in the company of one of the noblemen." An upstairs maid opines.

"Wasn't she one of the one's that failed to watch the Baroness?" One of the cook questions.

"No, I'm not sure what happened to that lot, giving us all a bad name though and the royals are coming down hard because of it." Another guard complains.

"What about all those upstairs maids being sent down as 'unsatisfactory', what'd they do wrong?" One of the scullery girls asks, "And will there be a chance for one of us to move up?"

"Don't know as you'd want to right now, but you keep your face as clean as your pots and maybe you'll get set up and one of them will take a liking to you." An older woman of the downstairs staff suggests.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/141 Posted Author
Six for the road Dec 08 2013 Through the Grapevine

The lord and lady who visited the Bard's Tale Tavern tonight drew little attention at first, because they were wearing drab, functional riding clothes rather than fine, colorful outfits. They had with them four guards, and sat at a table near the back of the room where they dined quickly. They might have gone unnoticed, but when they left the serving girl more coin than she usually makes in a week, she began to talk to others at the tavern. Soon, they concluded that the nobles were the Baron and Baroness of Albion, and that the four men with them were guards accompanying them on some journey. No one knows where they were heading, but the server is hoping that they'll return soon, and that she'll be there to serve them again!

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/142 Posted Author
Discussions Nautical Dec 10 2013 Through the Grapevine

Word about the docks is that the King's Admiral is calling in ship's captains for talks. Exactly what is being discussed onboard his flagship is not yet immediately clear, but some of those who keep an eye on such things note that he seems to be spending more time with those with knowledge of the east coast than those from the west.

(OOC: If you reckon you count as one of the above people but I haven't cornered you yet, give me a yell and we can sort a scene - Eoin)

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/143 Posted Author
A Wedding Party Dec 10 2013 Through the Grapevine

"What in the world is all that ruckous over the west bridge?"

"Oh, I heard some couple is throwing a wedding party at the Inn."

"Phaw? I heard there was some priest had been slipped some strong wine and was marrying any couple that was fool enough to want to be."

"Oh, you mean like what happened in Butterbay?"

"I thought that was just a story."

"No, my cousin lives there."

"Did they get married in an inn by a druken priest."

"I heard they tickled the priest until he was willing to do it."

"Tickled? I heard he was pickled."

"So what's going on over the west bridge then?"

"Someone is tickling a priest."

"Really? I heard it was just a wedding party."

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/144 Posted Author
Another departure… Dec 10 2013 Through the Grapevine

"For Land's sake, ain't ever seen anything like that before. Downright strange that be."

"Whatever are you going on about?"

"All them snow folk I done passed on the road in ta town."

"Snow folk? Ya already been drinkin'?"

"No ain't had a sip yet taday. Swear. And you know, snow folk, like the kids up and make sometimes. Were a number of 'em along the road. There were ones setting like they were keeping watch and I swore there were set like they were having a snow fight. It was right odd seein' 'em out there."

"Sets of 'em? You mean there was more than one?"

"That's what I've been tellin' ya! Swear there were new ones every few miles. It started getting right strange. Just seemed to start up out of the blue."

"Wonder who was making them. Seen a few folk heading out that way, even a Lady by the attendants and guards I glimpsed. But can't imagine any of 'em would have made such things."

"Seems like something kids would do. But so many? And so fair out?

"Just know it was right odd seeing 'em all."

It seems another noble has set out upon a journey but days after the Baron and Baroness of Ablion, though from the sounds of it, they might not seem to be in much of a hurry with the trail of snow folk that may or may not be getting left in their wake.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/145 Posted Author
Riders on the storm Dec 11 2013 Through the Grapevine

In the wee hours of the morning the Count of Greenshire was heard to storm outside the castle. With a healer and his own trusted men in tow they did ride. The guard at the gatehouse seemingly now has no words of encouragment for the party as he may have been treated most unkindly on their way out. Some say it is rare that Aldren would leave his sisters alone in the castle. Some would also say that he loves to hunt. While it may be an unusual time he did seem geared for such a thing. Regardless of what is believed the fact remains, the Haravean would never do something rash without speaking to his sister and rumored confidant, Wenna first. Rorey and Bre surely sleep soundly while the Count explores the woods and this phenomenon called /snow-men/.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/146 Posted Author
Experimental Combustion Dec 11 2013 Through the Grapevine

Two guards hang lazily outside the Kincaid manor at dusk, taking their shift with a discussion over a snifter of brandy and cards. Conversation shifts to the recent affairs of the nobles interred within.
"The…small one, that always wears those dark glasses. Hasn't left her study for a week, keeps sending her handmaid out on errands for all kinds of stinky parcels." Hands dealt, the second guard snorts at the tale.
Leaning back, he dismisses the story with a flick of his wrist, hatching the glass down in one.
"That one always is locked away, burning the oil. Proud as anything, those nobles inside won't admit to relying on her when the coffers run low. Can't afford a decent maid, except those outsea rabble, Venya and her ruffian brother."
The first frowns at this, leaning in. His look one of surpressed excitement. "Yes…however, my lass says…it's resulted in a mess. Several of the staff threatened to quit over the stench, like the mouth of the yawning devilish Inouv himself, it was…"
"Stories. Your lass got a mouth larger than any deity. Nice calf on her, though. Now get playing, you lily livered superstitious old crone. I don't brook the rumours of this old man and his book in our ladys hands. Like fire can burn on water. Nonsensical tales to frighten children."

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Message: 11/147 Posted Author
Missing Voice Dec 12 2013 Through the Grapevine

"Did ya hear? A pigeon got sent from Albion asking when the Voice and his wife was leaving."

"Didn't they already leave?"

"Aye, they did, which has some people all worried. They left days ago and never reached Albion it seems."

"Well maybe they decided to take an impromptu honeymoon or something? I mean both have been a bit stressed lately."

"Yeah, but they are usually more responsible than that. Besides, the Lady Healer would have told her brother at least."

"True. I wonder what's going on. It ain't safe to be a noble lately."

"Aye, still wouldn't mind being one."

"True, it'd be nice to have someone cleaning up after me for a change."

<OOC> For the record yes they are missing. By now the word has spread. Anyone who wants to check things out can contact Anahyta for further information.

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Message: 11/148 Posted Author
Riders in the dark Dec 12 2013 Through the Grapevine

Late in the evening, when no sesnible folk are still about on the roads, a great clatter of riders is heard to approach Stormvale. Numbering a little over a dozen, and mostly in Kilgour colours with a few couple of Haravean thrown in for good measure, the group scarcely slows as it traverses the city roads towards the castle. Only at the gatehouse does it slow, with one of the greenclad southerners breaking off and heading back down through town towards the docks.

In other news, shortly there after, the Lady Aoife, flagship of the King's Admiral Lord Eoin Haravean, undocked from her bearth in the port and made for open water. Her departure being unscheduled to say the least.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/149 Posted Author
Utterings Dec 13 2013 Through the Grapevine

*Two Darfield merchants chat while they go about opening their shops for today, each one setting out their wares outside for today's shopping:**

"I heard that those damn Laniveeri bastards have decided to come a callin'."

"I 'eard the same thin'. Makes one wonder jus' what they are wantin', eh?"

"Dunno, but it was said they flew a banner of peace so 'ere's for hopin' they won't try somethin' sneaky."

"I jus' hope they ain't planning on commin' here to shop. I ain't goin' to sell anythin' to any damn Lion…"

*As they go about their business the conversation fades.*

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/150 Posted Author
Visting a princess? Dec 13 2013 Through the Grapevine

Some maids in the castle talk about various things they have seen over the last couple days.

Maid 1: I was cleaning the halls the other day and I saw something!

Maid 2: Oh? do tell you know I love gossip! What did you see?

I saw that ship Captain..What's his name? The cute one?

Maid 2: Oh him! I don't remember his name, but he sure is handsome isn't he?

Maid 1: Yeah, he is, wonder if he'd take me out on his ship? I'd probably be scared though!

Maid 2: I don't know would you want to be alone with him on a ship? Well, get on with the story, what did he do?

Maid 1:Well, I aw him heading towards Princess Nima's room, you know that Kundari ambassador?

Maid 2: yeah, i've heard about her. Oh? did he go inside?

Maid 1:Yeah, he was in there for a while too. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall, if you know what I mean. I don't know what he went in there for, but he seemed rather happy when he left!

Maid 2: Scandalous! but that's great gossip!

The head maid then comes by and the two gossiping maids scatter when they get glared at.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/151 Posted Author
A most unkind cushion Dec 14 2013 Through the Grapevine

Two gossipers wander the streets after hitting up taverns and getting subsequently booted out of them.

1st wanderer, "Awk, you see tha? I ain't goin' near 'er no more, she's vicious."

2nd wanderer, "Nearly sharted myself when she burst back in, I ain't think th'man would do sumfin like that by sittin' in her lap, but I ain't thought she'd come back t'get 'ers."

"An' I 'eard she got 'im good, y'see 'is face?" The 1st tavern goer says with a cringe.

The 2nd man nods with worry, "Looks like she /bit/ 'im, Ain't gonna ask - just gonna tip toe 'round 'er."

The 1st one gives an exaggerated shiver, "Took 'im out to the forest an' all, I 'eard 'is screams!"

The 2nd one gives the other a nudge, "'Oy, y'been wit' me all night an' I ain't 'ear not, don't go 'gaggerartin', she might 'ave ears like them wolves."

The 1st one makes a sign warding off evil, "I'm goin' to th'temple first thing, maybe she's huntin' down folks for der sins."

2nd one breathes, "The Eight forbid, I'm comin' wit'."

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/152 Posted Author
Counting the days Dec 14 2013 Through the Grapevine

With The Count of Greenshire being due last night his absence has raised some suspicion amongst loved ones. With odd news coming from both the Lord Admiral and the Lady Nylie it is predictable that some might assume the worst. Having left with only two of his men and dispatching two rangers that have not returned either, speculation is rampant. Though there are the few confident ones who merely blame the storms east and north of Darfield and the growing and slowing traffic into the city.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/153 Posted Author
Rumble in the Docks Dec 16 2013 Through the Grapevine

Reports of some kind of chaos circulate out of the docks and into the city proper. Some sort of brawl or something started in the docks, four people were found to be unconsious. The criminal was quickly caught by the city watch and dragged away to the jail. No other details had been given out. No one knows what esactly happened, though there are people who say they saw it all.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/154 Posted Author
Overheard Nobles Dec 17 2013 Through the Grapevine

Two overheard voices, walking through the castle's corridors.

"Those letters… those letters carried the royal seal."

"What about that?"

"Not the usual royal seal… /That/ royal seal…"

"The griffin one?"

"In black wax."

"So, it has finally happened… How many of them?…"


__ Rumors _
Message: 11/155 Posted Author
Raised voices in the throne room Dec 18 2013 Through the Grapevine

It would seem that tensions remain high in the castle after a reportedly vocal disagreement between Morbin's Marshall, Crown Prince Tyrel Kilgour, and her Admiral, Lord Eoin Haravean.
All tose who overheard agree that they were discussing their differnces of opinion regarding the most efective use of the kingdom's naval forces, and most are under the impression that this was specifically in relation to the men's missing cousins, the Baron and Baroness of Albion. What is slightly harder to judge is what exactly was said though, with whispered reports ranging from 'he threatened to dismiss the admiral he did' to 'then that southerner called our Crown Prince a coward' and even 'told him he'd be better off going and getting drunk, or was it that he already was drunk? I dunno, had to keep my head down a bit, you know how it is'.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/156 Posted Author
Departing for Dellhaven Dec 19 2013 Through the Grapevine

A Kilgour servant meets a handmaiden in the hallway, and keeps casting glances up and down the hall as he engages her in a conversation. "Have you seen Hilda? I keep looking for her. But I can't seem to find any of that Dellhaven Household."

The handmaid grins and blushes. "Certainly you can't find her, all of them left this morning. Well apart from Jack, the baron's servant. But you know… I'm still here…"

"Hmm, nevermind," shrugs the lad and looks disappointed. "She didn't tell me they were leaving. Strange…"

"Not so strange, really. It hasn't been fun serving at the Dellhaven Suite lately. I hear the Baroness wouldn't see any visitors and wasn't going out - ever. Since that flogging. Well, her Gaela seems to have recovered somewhat. At least she is gone as well." The girl's fingers entwine with each other. "They even say… the baron wasn't allowed to enter the bedroom. He had to sleep on the couch in the antechamber."

The servants whistles, looking impressed. "Really? Well, I wouldn't allow my wife to treat me like that. Even if she is the former Princess Caillin."

"Well, I wouldn't ban you from the bedroom if I were your wife," the girl remarks, blushing a deep shade of red.

"You aren't my wife and I ain't the baron. But anyways. Why now back to Dellhaven? And why did all of them go, I wonder?" The lad seems oblivious to the girl's admiring gazes and her blush. "And why didn't Hilda tell me?" That's what bothers him most, probably.

"The Baroness wanted to leave the court. She needs peace and quiet, to care for her little Bran.", the girl explains. "And the baron,… well he wants to makes sure she gets there safely. He was looking soooo handsome in that Rioga armor, and that purple cloak… Well, he put some furs on, as well before they rode off. But… oh my, I can't understand the baroness."

"How many were they?", the lad inquires. "And when will they return?"

"A dozen Ruxton guards, six servants including Hilda and Gaela. And… well I wouldn't count on Hilda returning any time soon. The Baron will be back tomorrow. That's what I was told."

"Hrrm," the servants looks displeased. "Well thanks for the information." He heads off. "You're… welcome." the girl mutters, but he is already gone, unable to hear her reply.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/157 Posted Author
Is the King alive? Dec 19 2013 Through the Grapevine

Has anyone seen the King of Mobrin as of late?

Word is that he has not left his chambers in many days. Only a few servants claim to have witnessed him, but only the Queen and his family may know of his condition.

Is he sick? Is he praying, as some voices have said?

Is he even alive?

Letters have left and reached the Royal Room, though. Perhaps it is a signal of his welfare. Only time will tell.

(OOC: Holidays are here and I'm with my family, which is not common at all for me. So I will be scarce, too scarce to manage a proper scene. You know I love long scenes and such! But I (Callem) am using this time to plot as I had not done until now. That means trouble, for sure.

If you want to contact Lem, feel free to send an IC letter. I'm answering everything and sending some more. ICly, Callem may or may not be alive - feel free to include that in your scenes -, but he is certainly not welcoming visitors. And, trust me, there are good reasons for it.

I won't be totally absent. I will log in as much as I can, so pages can work too. That said, and if I miss anyone by the time it happens, merry christmas to you all and I sincerely hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful next year.)

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/158 Posted Author
Blizzard Dec 19 2013 Through the Grapevine

Word trickles from the borders of the Kundari Desert that several of the Laniveer ships controlled by the Kundari were capsized and sank during the most recent blizzard. How many is unclear, as is any damage to the ones remaining.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/159 Posted Author
A Lady Ill Dec 20 2013 Through the Grapevine

Two members of House Kilgour's staff talk

"Did you see that Laniveeri gal just now?"

"Nay… what about 'er?"

"She exited the salon and then took off towards those rooms the King and Queen are lettin' 'em use, her hand pressed to her mouth. One of the maids who passed by said she could hear 'er bein' ill through the doors."

"Really? What happened?"

"No idea although I'm bettin' she's pregnant or somethin'."

"Pregnant? Are you out of your mind? She isn't even married!"

"I dunno. Those Laniveeri women are supposed to be lose of morals and everythin'. Wouldn't surprise me if she went and got herself with child despite not havin' a husband to make doin' such right."

"Gods 'elp her if that's true and 'er father catches wind…"

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/160 Posted Author
Settled Swords Dec 20 2013 Through the Grapevine

"It was a bloody mess!"
"Them's Sell swords ya' mean?"
"Yea! Ya' should a seen! If it weren't for them sailors those Riogans would'a been cut t o pieces!"
"Pfft, not surprised. They let the Baron and the Baroness get carried off."
"Yep, and I hear's it was these bastards outside the inn who done it. That's what the prince wanted 'em for."
"Well, we can expect a safe return for them then."
"That's right. Them damn Lanny's think they can march in here and just swoop up nobility! I bet the Count calls for their heads."
"If the king don't first!"
"That old sot?! He's dead they say! That Tyrel though, don't think he'll balk at puttin 'em to the sword."

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/161 Posted Author
Reward Rumors? Dec 22 2013 Through the Grapevine

"What?! Na! That's not how it went /at/ all! The King's Rioga swooped in on /seven/ sell swords. The knights was led by that Sutherland Duke!"
"I heard them Rioga had it rough!"
"Not at all! I saw it wit' me own eyes! They cut them ruffians down outside the Bard's Tale Tavern, they did!"
"I heard some sailors and a hunter did'm in for the knights!"
"You be daft! The Rioga weren't even hurt. Took the rest o' them in to the Crown Prince to quest'n them."
"If that be true, I guess we'll get a hang'n show!"
"Aye, might at that. Put'm up hight to rot for all ta see."
"We can take bets! See if their heads pops off!"
"You know what else I heard?"
"That the Duke said those who help'd out with the fight? If they come to him, he'll reward them for their bravery!"
"Really?! Reward, how?"
"Who knows! But they may get paid a bit o' gold!"
"Wow, wish't I'd been there. I could have whack'd some o' them with a skillet."

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/162 Posted Author
Where is that fool headed? Dec 22 2013 Through the Grapevine

"You see that fella go by on those little horses?"

"Those were mules, ya snow blind idiot."

"Were they? My sight's not been the same since I took an arr…"

"If you roll out that tired joke again I'll set the watch captain on your store of rum."

"Ah, yes, like I were saying. That fella on the mules, did you get a gander at him?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Queer sort of fellow, kept talking to his hors…mules. Oddest bit, there were only four there but he kept talking to five of them. Telling them all to ignore 'Lum' whichever that was, and that they'd get along in their own time."

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/163 Posted Author
Ghosts on the water Dec 23 2013 Through the Grapevine

Sailors, merchants, longshoremen, and other nautical types at the docks outside Stormvale have been whispering. A small, swift ship, flying unknown colors, arrived recently. She stayed only long enough to restock, although some say that a courier left the ship and visited Darfield Castle. The ship was sailing again with the next ebb-tide, but she was not alone according to some with sharp eyes. The Lady Aoife, the Lord Admiral's own flagship and a swift ship in her own right, sailed along with the foreign ship. Still others along the coast report seeing a third ship, running with no colors or lights but seeming to follow the same course. One old seaman swears that while fishing at night, he saw a small skiff on the water, sailing between the Lady Aoife and that mysterious third ship, as if it was carrying messages or men between the two ships.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/164 Posted Author
A Nautical Return Dec 24 2013 Through the Grapevine

Scarse few days since the departure of the pair (or was it trio) of ship from Stormvale docks, word gets round the docks that fishermen have spotted familiar sails on the horizon and sure enough, on the tide a few hours later, the ships of both Admiral Haravean and Captain Aleksy made port.
Exactly who disembarked became the staple speulcation of the dockside taverns for at least a couple of hours, with some saying it was the Lanniver King either come to beg for life after a daring raid had lead to his capture, some that the Baron of Albion and his wife had been returned while yet others nudge and wink at each other in the corner and suggest that the Admiral has finally taken another wife, and was using his positionand authority to impresse her.
Whatever the case though, about a dozen horses were summonded, including those for guards, and the party rode straight for the castle.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/165 Posted Author
Sutherland Departure Dec 24 2013 Through the Grapevine

Early this morning the Duke of Sutherland was seen to depart Darfield castle in the company of his squire and Sutherland Knights. Sir Ronan Crawford left orders with the Sutherland Attache office that he would be away for some days. He is expected to return by, or before, the end of the Festival of Lights.

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Message: 11/166 Posted Author
Duke Kincaid: Act One Dec 27 2013 Through the Grapevine

"The Kincaid Duke is back in Stormvale," says one hob nobber on the bench just outside the Kincaid Manor.
Another looks over, mildly interested because of the increased activity at the Manor, "Oh?"
"That one handmaiden, Venys I think…. That one who had served for the Duke's niece - yanno, white haired girl, odd looking type? Yeah, well, that 'maid be dismissed from the house, without papers of recommendation. As I hear it, she now -owes- House Kincaid a month's worth of pay! How is she ever going to afford to pay that back? No House to serve and all?"
"Ahhrrmmm, how do you know?"
"Eh, she was sobbing loudly at the stairs of the house when the guards dragged her out. Begging to be forgiven. Be tryin to comfort her myself but, yanno how these handmaidens are, think they're still special even without a House to serve."
"So?! Day one of the Duke residing in the city and he tarnishes a good woman's reputation. She won't be workin for any noble house now."
"Eh, she probably stole something."
"Could be… but you know what?"
"I smell a job opening…"
"Phahaha. I hear it tell, that's not the only job opening there is!"

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Message: 11/167 Posted Author
Duke Kincaid: Act Two Dec 28 2013 Through the Grapevine

"He doesn't waste time, does he?" One of the servants in Darfield castle goes on about.
"Who? Someone got up a noble's skirt again while a handmaiden wasn't looking?"
"The Duke."
"Sutherland? Lakeshire? Weston?"
"Eh? You've lost me."
"You've got a problem you know that. Pay attention. I'll spell it out for you."
"So do it already."
"Quit rushing me. As I was saying, the Duke of Lakeshire-"
"Not Sutherland?"
"LAKESHIRE. What in the depths of Oblivion is wrong with you? Shut up and listen."
"If it's important. Okay."
"UUUGH. I'm working with idiots."
"We're not actually working right now."
"Do you even care?"
"About some Duke? Does it matter?"
"You didn't even let me get to the juicy part. He's gone and announced to the world that he's looking for a suitor for his youngest daughter."
"Well that was lame."
"Yeah you heard me. Nobles do that crap all the time. Marry this, marry that. What's the difference here?"
"Get this - in a matter of a couple hours, after announcing he's searching for a wife, as well as a husband for his daughter, he's going to go riding with the Sutherland Duke, he's invited a foreign Princess to Lakeshire, oh and let's see, he's secured a personal introduction of his daughter to the Queen - and he's been asked to speak personally with the Royal Physician, the Voice's wife, about another member of his house."
"So… no hand up anyone's skirt?"
"Oh sweet mother of mercy! Just, go do something, over there. UGH. You're so annoying. Why do I even bother?!"
"That's so boring. He totally felt someone up, didn't he? In a corner? Right! Didn't he? That sounds better!—-"

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/168 Posted Author
Rumors Among The Ranks Dec 28 2013 Through the Grapevine

*Two of the Crawford soldiers whisper between each other while on patrol*

"So it seems like that Cass is back although it doesn't seem like anyone knows where he's been, save perhaps the Duke."

"I had wondered where he ran off to, myself. I had assumed he perhaps ran off to join those people over at the Temple or something."

"He might as well become a priest, seeing as how he refuses the… hmm, the more gentle attentions of women. He vowed not to until the war is over."

"I'll bet he goes insane before that ever happens."

"Aye. Insane… or blind."

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/169 Posted Author
Sutherland Duke Departs Dec 28 2013 Through the Grapevine

Early this morning it is heard that the Duke of Sutherland gathered up some of his men and departed Darfield castle to return to Sutherland. It isn't known how long the Rioga plans to remain in the South but there is rumor that as long as King Callem remains reclusive and non-conductive to further business in the realm for these Dark Days of Inouv, the Duke's patience to wait has run out. Something about squires to make into knights, horses to breed, mines to inspect, men to make ready for war, and much more…

Gossip runs amoke. Was there some ill parting between Duke and his King? There have been hot words in the recent past. Or will the Duke return when summoned and all is well? What does this mean for marriage alliances that have been whispered about concerning foreign Princesses and the Duke? Hard to say.

(OOC Note: I will be catching up on some flashback scenes as people are available. So don't worry if you need to RP with Ronan and he's not in Darfield now. Also, if you are willing to obey the travel times posted on the wiki, you may ICly come down to Sutherland to meet with the Duke!)

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Message: 11/170 Posted Author
The strange thing nobles do Dec 29 2013 Through the Grapevine

"Merith, I heard some bit of nonsense earlier from Pyrth. Now I know you like seeing just what sort of outlandish yarns you can get the poor girl ta swallow. But that one was a bit much. Taking tea in the baths? Now really."

"But it was the truth of it, Dania. There was a handful of 'em sipping on tea in them private baths in the Voice's new quarters."

"In the baths though? Surely not. Mixed company even?"

"Aye, the baths. Overheard his sister's attendant grousing about it a bit. How the lot just lingered on in that place like it were some sitting room."

"I admit, I rather tuned Pyrth out after figuring it were a tale. Treating the baths like a sitting room? Who all? They weren' know…"

"Like a sitting room. From the sounds, seemed like it was near a right party with being that rather pale Kincaid and he weren't there but his wife was along with her brother and that cousin, you know the Admiral. And no, no they weren't. Heard that being stressed."

"By the Light, that is a right few. You sure about…"

"I ain't seen it myself, but seemed to be the case."

"I knew them noble folk did strange things sometimes…Thought I'd heard most of 'em. Guess maybe I have now. Tea time in the baths. What'll be next?"

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/171 Posted Author
Sweet royal delights Dec 29 2013 Through the Grapevine

The Queen made a visit to the Shire Bakery one lovely evening according to reports, her carriage having brought her from the castle to the bakery due to word of the recent event that was held at the Inn and word of the mans prowess with flour and butter.

Upon arriving it was said the Queens guards forced everyone out so that she and her ladies, and men, could enjoy a private tasting, other rumors stating the Queen announced she'd pay for everyone in the bakery. Regardless of what occurred all rumors agree that the Queen was /incredibly/ pleased with what was served to her, and ordered many of the particular items she adored.

As well, people in court have been inundated with the amazing delights she calls 'Orange Chocolate Blossoms', the woman gushing about them effusively, much praise given to Master Ray Trevens, the Queen recommending to every noble she stumbles upon to access him for their events.

Further rumor says that there are hints from the Queen that she may seek him out as Royal Baker.

Of course rumors are just that, rumors, but it has been made clear that the Queen has endorsed Ray Trevens and his bakery, and has indeed been passing out the treats to nobility and castle staff.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/172 Posted Author
Turning the Tides Dec 30 2013 Through the Grapevine

A delegation of royals from Jadda and Laniveer were seen meeting very recently and word has drifted down into Mobrin about a possible alliance forming.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/173 Posted Author
Rumble in the Castle Dec 30 2013 Through the Grapevine

Maids are flurrying and servants are scouring within the castle, the word having gotten out that the King and Queen got into a fantastical argument that resulted in the Kings Study being tossed, window broken, boars head in the fire.

No word on who broke what but word is to step lightly about the Queen who went into the study with a look in her eyes, waiting for her King to arrive after.

It's said the King met with a commoner when many vassals had been waiting and that the queen was enraged that they had been ignored thus. Others claim it's because the King had a dalliance with the commoner who was in his office. Some say it was all of the above and more.

What is known firmly is that servants have been sent to the local bakery, with the request of plenty of sweets to be brought back to the castle, that the study is under repairs and one boar head may or may not have been destroyed by fire.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/174 Posted Author
Dungeon Duel (of Tongues) Dec 31 2013 Through the Grapevine

Three palace guards are waiting in a long line at the Shire Bakery after a shift in the dungeons, doing nothing to keep their voices down.

"I can't believe they went at it like that!"
"Yeah, well, it ain't the first time."
"What're you tryin' ta say?"
"No, not like that! She's a /priestess/, fer cryin' out loud. Get yer mind outta the gutter! Besides, if she hears, she might curse ye or somethin'. That Count o' Greenshire called her a witch."

At that, a hush falls over the conversations surrounding the men, while people quite obviously listen.

"Don't you dare accuse a holy woman of that vile practice! Do you want the Eight to come down on you?"
"Well, actually, he's… I mean… I saw things when I was with His Majesty on that trip. /She/ saw things, knew things… I dunno."
"Then that's a /gift/ from the gods, you hear? And any who says otherwise is a heretic!"
"Funny ye should say that. The Count was sayin' some… some really iffy things 'bout the Eight, ya know?"

Of course, word spreads like wildfire. Is Priestess Luna a witch or gifted by her patron goddess Umbra? Is Lord Aldren a heretic or the only one brave enough to speak the truth? Will Ray put those strawberry tarlets on sale again? Tune in next time…

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Message: 11/175 Posted Author
Two Old Washerwomen Dec 31 2013 Through the Grapevine

Two old washerwomen.
Agnes: Have ye tried the Queens Tart?
Gloria: Eh?
Agnes: The Queens Tart. Lovely little thing, Chocola tart tastes like orange, and the middles all gooey, and has candied orange bit on top. After the Queen went to that Shire Bakery, they came out. Queen were the first one ta have one an named it on tha spot, she liked it so much!
Gloria: Ooooo now, what'd she name it?
Agnes: Eh?
Gloria: The Queen, what'd she name it?
Agnes: Oh, um.. Chocola Orange Blossom.
Gloria: Oooh, that's pretty.
Agnes:Aye, but everyone calls it the Queens Tart. And I got one yesterday and I ate it in front of Sally Monfom. That cow. You know that she—— (Off into rumor)

Queens Tart

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/176 Posted Author
Raining Chocola Dec 31 2013 Through the Grapevine

"That bitch!"

"What's gotten into you?"

"The fat carpenter's wife, Marion. Her little boy is that boy Kier."

"The one Princess Ros took with her down to the water during the festival of life?"

"That's the one. Well seems they've had a small jar of chocola delivered to their mangy house every day since. Folks is saying it'll go on all year."

"What! Why?"

"Her little brat prayed for it when he had the Princess' ear. Seems she delivered."

"So why are you mad at Marion?

"If I'd known Red Ros were giving away chocola I'd have shoved my kid into her arms! Stead of that damned Kier"

"I think it's sweet."

"You would - you ain't got no children."

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/177 Posted Author
Music to work by Jan 01 2014 Through the Grapevine

"Oy, I missed it today didn't I? Got stuck in the kitchens. What'd she take today?"

"Ye certainly did. And twas the flute that caught her fancy today."

"Blast! I keep missing when she plays that. Any word on what might be tomorrow?"

"It is quite fine to hear, all of 'em are. Got ta wonder why we don't see her out performing more, ya know beyond her practicing. Tis ta our favour for certain. Oh, there was some word, someone said they heard mention she was gonna take ta the harpsichord ta'marrow. Which means…"

"…the main hall. She always fancies that one over the others fer that. And I think my work will put me past there, least without to much fuss. Would truly hate ta be missing out again."

"Just don't be asking Hendren about aiding with the floor work. As he's pushed it up ta ta'marrow fer /some/ reason and plum has near a dozen volunteers ta help him with it already."

"He must be eating that up. No one ever wants ta help with that. Especially this time of year."

"He is, the things people are willing ta offer up ta him to be on the crew fer that just ta hear her playing."

"I imagine so. Tis been a brighter bit with her back and that playing, and not all are so lucky ta catch her practicing like we do. Glad I don't have ta think about offering ta help with that floor."

"I best be getting on, ya know how it is if there even be hint I'm late."

"Don't I! And don't be late, ya know how early that Kilgour gets up."

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/178 Posted Author
Surprise Guest at the Temple Jan 01 2014 Through the Grapevine

People rush out of the Temple of the Light into nearby homes and inns, babbling about gods, statues, scrolls, and black ooze.

"…morning turned ta night in a flash. The doors burst open and…"
"…was Sess Himself. Swear on me mudda's grave!"
"…smashed all the statues of the Eight…"
"…scrolls fell out…"
"…Sess kissed that Umbra-lookin' priestess…"
"…hair turned white!"
"…most passed out…"
"…looked into His eyes…"
"…some lady oozin' somethin' black… weren't right…"
"…healers got to her, but…"
"…never missin' another confession ever again!"

Wild tales are flying about what actually occurred at the Temple. They range from all of the Eight coming down with a vengeance to a simple earthquake ruining the statues.

What is verifiable is that there are no longer any statues of the Eight there, although other artwork is untouched. Additionally, a handful of the clergy suddenly have hair as white as their robes. Sermons will be given twice per day for the forseeable future, in light of this direct touch from one of the Eight.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/179 Posted Author
The Pious Prince Jan 02 2014 Through the Grapevine

"Not often you see the crown prince spend an entire day in prayer."

"You don't think he's coming down with whatever his father has?"

"He looked fit and trim enough."

"Did he give confession?"

"Not that I heard."

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/180 Posted Author
Happenings down by the docks Jan 03 2014 Through the Grapevine

To those keeping an eye, or even perhaps the casual observer, it would seem that there has been an increase in activity amongst those ships of the fleet that are currently in dock. Many seem to be taking on supplies, fresh water, even arrows and basic melee weapons such as pikes, cudgels and cutlasses. As of yet there's no word from above as to what might the cause, but it certainly seems as if something is afoot.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/181 Posted Author
Hasty Return to Rustles Island Jan 03 2014 Through the Grapevine

It all began with a letter from Rustles Island being delivered to the Grand Duke, they say. News from home, that had the proud Mantilo Moniwid order for a swift departure, much to the surprise of his family that is currently present at Darfield Castle. The contents of the letter, unknown, as well as the identity of who has sent it. The servants whisper, it must be the Dowager Grand Duchess Annya Moniwid herself requesting her son's return, or maybe… maybe he suspects an intrigue that requires his presence to be quashed? However, Mantilo's stay, originally intended for all of the winter, was cut short and he left on the early morning of Thedor the 3rd with three ships, which had been hastily provisioned for a safe travel back to Rustles Island. His sister Princess Draventa and his brother High Admiral Estevan remain at Darfield, as well as the Moniwid ambassador, Princess Emerit.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/182 Posted Author
Looking For A Seamstress Jan 03 2014 Through the Grapevine

Eliylw is stating to ask around, questioning those she knows as to where she might be able to find a seamstress for hire. Any questions pertaining to why she needs one are met with blushing and "you'll see" given as answer. Seems like Wenna's apprentice is up to something only she (and perhaps a few others) knows about.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/183 Posted Author
A Little Ray of Sunshine Jan 04 2014 Through the Grapevine

In the midst of what have been dark times for Lady Nimue, a little ray of sunshine has been introduced in the form of a little kitten she immediately dubbed Sir Fuzzy Pants. A gift from Duke Aidan Kincaid, the little ball of fur has already had a remarkable impact upon the Lady's life and it is said by the maidens who were present that she was actually happy and truly laughing which has seldom happened since her rescue. Maybe this is a sign that the kitty will help her further down the road to her mental and emotional recovery.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/184 Posted Author
Lord Snow White Jan 04 2014 Through the Grapevine

Two servants talk in the kitchen while one is kneading dough for bread and the other is chopping potatoes.

"Aye! It's true! I saw him with me own eyes!" the girl working the dough insists. She punches her fist into the ball of dough, and continues to knead.

"You're sure?" the other challenges. With a sweep of her hand, she gathers some of the vegetables into a bowl, and then picks up the knife to chop more.

"I ain't daft!" the kneader snorts. "I seen 'is lordship oft' 'nough. Red 'air or white makes no never-mind. 'Ow many lords do /you/ know as 'old the great door open so's a we can 'urry in outa tha cold?"

The chopper nods. "'At's 'im, plain as day, but are you sure? White 'air?"

The kneader hefts the large bowl in both hands and carries it across the kitchen to a shelf where she leaves it, with a large cloth covering it. She nods. "I'm sure! Whiter than that flour, it was!"

"Me mum says that worry turns your 'air gray, but I ain't never 'eard o' nothin' like that!" the chopper admits and turns her attention to chopping carrots.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/185 Posted Author
Since the storm Jan 05 2014 Through the Grapevine

As two servants walk down the hallways from one of the suites towards the kitchens:

Well, the poor dear's had nightmares ever since that odd storm, you know, the one around the time all the statues in the temple were…" not finishing the sentence.
"Can you blame her? I have't been sleeping very well myself either since then."

"All I know is she seems even or thoughtful than before, walking about the gardens all the time like she does."

And, the conversation trails off as the women disappear to go below stairs.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/186 Posted Author
Pushy Prince Palavers Priestess Jan 06 2014 Through the Grapevine

"What were they talking about?"

"I'm not sure, something about scrolls?"

"Well she certainly didn't seem to back down."

"She never does, I heard she was brazen enough to kiss a god."

"Shameless, aren't they supposed to be above such things?"
"The Gods?"

"No, the clergy."

"Well, I suppose it was a god, probably some different rule about them."

"Anyway, looked like she was telling off the prince."

"I don't know, could have been a lover's quarrel, I hear she and the prince did some wrestling, maybe he's jealous about her kissing gods."

"You realize we're in a temple, right?"

"Sure do, if we were outside I'd fear lightning."

"Inouv's got a place especial for you, you know that."

"That's why I'm not worried bout gossiping in a temple, now pass that bread they've been handing out free, I'm starving."

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/187 Posted Author
A Painful Victory? Jan 06 2014 Through the Grapevine

"That Baron and the Count… I heard they sparred yesterday?", inquires a young giggling handmaiden when she meets her friend, the blonde kitchen maid in the hallway.

"Aye, that's what I heard, too! The Haravean got quite a beating." chuckles the blonde one.

"But didn't he ask for it? I hear he doesn't think highly of knights, he said so towards the baron the day before, didn't he?"

"True. I mean. To say he'd prefer rangers to look after his sister… In front of a knight of the Rioga."

"I hear Baron Ruthgar looked very displeased at that remark. And after all he suggested that spar, didn't he? Certainly intending to teach that count a lesson."

The kitchen maid looks a bit thoughtful for a moment. "Well, he certainly did. After all I heard, the count was on the ground when the baron was done with him. And the count yielded. He did!"

"Although…" The handmaiden adds, her eyes sparkling. "That Haravean dealt him a hard blow to his shoulder. The baron was in pain when he left. Or so I hear. While the count was in the best of health, afterwards."

"Oh." the blonde's eyes widen with concern. "Poor baron. I'd gladly offer my help to treat that shoulder of his." She giggles, blushing.

"Oh certainly you do!" The handmaiden giggles. "I bet you'd gladly treat more than that!"

The giggling can still be heard, as the maids move on in different directions as there are errands to be seen to.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/188 Posted Author
Temple turning a nobleman away Jan 06 2014 Through the Grapevine

A nobleman brings a marriage contract to the temple and hands it to a priest. "I need this contract blessed."

The priest looks at him and simply says. "We are not blessing any marriage contracts, or taking confessions, nor will we enter the castle." The nobleman and his guard are then escorted out of the temple by the temple guards who are well armed and armoured.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/189 Posted Author
Temple turning a nobleman away Jan 06 2014 Through the Grapevine

A nobleman brings a marriage contract to the temple and hands it to a priest. "I need this contract blessed."

The priest looks at him and simply says. "We are not blessing any noble marriage contracts, or taking noble confessions, nor will we enter the castle." The nobleman and his guard are then escorted out of the temple by the temple guards who are well armed and armoured.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/190 Posted Author
Temple Closure Jan 07 2014 Through the Grapevine

The temple doors are barred. None can enter, but those priests and priestesses.

__ Rumors _
Message: 11/191 Posted Author
Moving Out? Jan 07 2014 Through the Grapevine

"Hurry up! The Princess said to take -everything- of hers."

"Everything? To her old room? Why?"

"I don't know but I bet it's something about the Prince bathing with the maids!"

*giggle* "Wasn't me, but I sure woulda bathed with him. All I get is orders to get out."

*Sigh* "Me too. Also heard he's been cavorting with the Priestess over at the temple an' now they're locked up in there thick as thieves, leavin' the poor princess here all alone."

"Well, get on with it, get the stuff and take it back! I don't want to be here when the Prince comes back and finds she's moved out!"

__ Rumors _
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Mobile Priesthood Jan 07 2014 Through the Grapevine

Although the Temple doors are closed to all but clergy, they are practically swinging with the priests and priestesses moving in and out. This morning, the now easily-recognizable Priestess Luna Latea led a large wave of her peers from the Temple into the commoner areas of the city, poor and rich alike. They were escorted by Temple guards, who split off into smaller groups with their holy charges.

This unprecedented mass filtering of clergy into the city leaves a huge wave of gossip in its wake. People share and compare notes and theories on what occurred, spreading ideas like wildfire.

"Why d'ya think they're not helpin' nobles?"
"Heard they aren't having /any/ contact with nobles."
"Only helping us? Is this what Sess decreed?"
"Heard it was a different reason."
"…argument with the Crown Prince."
"…boxes his guards had in the temple."
"…he borrowed the scrolls?"
"I heard the priests talking to each other, saying Prince Tyrel /stole/ the scrolls!"
"Eight save us all!"
"They're not angry with us."
"I'm joinin' the Temple guards! They're callin' fer able bodies with pure hearts. Figure mine's pure 'nough."
"…priests giving us special attention."
"He healed m'son, he did."
"She took my confession right in my home!"
"…comin' every morn ta teach our whole street how ta read!"
"…taught the wee ones while I cooked."
"…helped me sister birth her twins!"
"…settled an argument for us."
"…brought us clothes."
"…prayed for me."

Whatever is going on between the Temple and the nobility seems to not hold at all true for commoners.

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