Duchess Roslin Crawford née Kilgour
Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner as Roslin Crawford
Full Name: Roslin Crawford
Age: 17
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Crawford (Formally Kilgour)
Position: Duchess of Sutherland, Daughter of King Callem, Sister to King Tyrel
Place of Birth: Mobrin
Father: King Callem Kilgour (d)
Mother: Queen Laetitia Kilgour (d)
Siblings: Prince Tyrel, Prince Logen, Princess Caillin, Prince Mikhal, Princess Laela
Spouse: Lord Sir Ronan Crawford
Children: Lord Robert Crawford, heir to Sutherland


Princess Roslin is the second-youngest daughter of the King and Queen of Mobrin. Known for her wit, intelligence, and occasional coldness, most admit that she is quite mature for her age. She has a reputation for being an exceptionally well-behaved little royal, to the point of even correcting some of her peers on their own behavior and etiquette. All the same, her reputation also says that she can be somewhat of a cold individual, even while exceptionally clever - too much brain and too little heart, many say. This reputation softens among those who have spent time privately with the girl.

Last year, Roslin traveled to Lakeshire in order to visit the Kincaid family and to pursue advancement of her studies on trade and the economy. This was done openly and per her wish to observe real world applications of economic policy in the port city. For whatever reason, she decided to end her trip and come home after about a year with no announcement. Instead, she breezed right into the Throne room during a royal visit from King Isaac, much to the surprise of all the courtiers and her own family.

Since then, she has begun to scribe for a former Master of Laws and served as a confidante for her elder brother, Tyrel. It is known she is ambitious, and while it was expected she would become a foreign Queen she has instead been selected as the next Duchess of Sutherland as the wife of Lord Sir Ronan Crawford. This means that she won't be leaving Mobrin after all…

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Callem The Late King Callem Kilgour : My father,once deserving of awe and praise. He is a true gentleman, a true warrior, and a true King. When he traveled to Jadda to arrange for a marriage between myself and the God-King's son, however, he came back a changed man. Secretive, unconcerned with matters of ruling, distant from his family. I do not know the man who died at the assasain's hand - the man I loved, adored, and revered never returned from abroad. I mourn that he shall never come home again.
Laetitia The Late Queen Laetitia Kilgour : My mother, the steadfast light that always shows me the true way. It is often said that I take after her by those who know me. I consider it to be the truest compliment that any woman in any kingdom could ever receive. Just before her death we quarrelled a little, both lost and frustrated without Father's guidance. It's not fair and it's not right that she's gone. The cruelest joke of all is that I am sorry for any arguments we may have had, and wish only I could throw myself at her feet and offer my apologies and adoration once more. But it will never be.
Tyrel King Tyrel Kilgour, Soverign of Mobrin : My eldest brother, who has my admiration much the same way my father does - for his strength, his goodness of character, his good heart and his sharp mind. Tyrel and I have often shared a bond in our mannerisms, and I swell with pride each day I see him preparing more for his inevitable duties as king. My most precious posession is a gift from him, before I left for Lakeshire - a silver and amethyst dagger, simple and beautiful and deadly.
Logen Prince Logen Kilgour : A brother whom I love for his sweet nature and good heart - a brother I will always love for those things. Recent developments, however, have troubled me greatly about his ability as a Prince and as a leader. We have grown entirely apart since he dishonored the sister of a Duke and married her quietly, only for her to die a few months later. It is the Gods' will, I know, but I think it all may have made him a little bit mad.
Caedmon Lord Caedmon Kilgour, Baron of Albion and Voice of the King : My cousin, he plays the role of Chancellor very well. I cannot imagine how hard it is for him to keep himself to himself, and to move among the Royal family as a friend and confidante to all. Once he was well-trusted with political and personal secrets by the Royal family. Since his marriage, all that is beginning to fade. For the best, I think - I do not like someone to have such power over us, and I do not think he cares for me anyway.
Wenna Lady Wenna Kilgour nee Haravean, Baroness of Albion : Healer and member of the council, she is a pensive woman who has been through much difficulty in her life. Our mannerisms are somewhat similar, although I consider her too forward for her own good - I imagine many feel the same way about me. While that likeness has not generated an affinity between us, I have respect for this woman and her work.
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