Lord Sir Ronan Crawford
Joe Manganiello
Joe Manganiello as Duke Ronan Crawford
Full Name: Duke Ronan Crawford
Age: 24
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Crawford
Position: Knight of the Rioga, Duke of Sutherland, Royal Marshal (Commander) of the King's Military.
Place of Birth: Trueborn Keep
Father: Pallow Crawford (deceased)
Mother: Amelia Crawford nee Ruxton (deceased)
Siblings: Cedric (deceased), Caitlyn (deceased)
Spouse: Duchness Roslin Crawford nee Kilgour
Children: None yet.


Duke of Sutherland, Knight of Rioga, and now Royal Marshal (Commander) of the King's Military.

Born in the year 204, Ronan was the second son of Pallow and Ameilia Crawford, and younger brother of Cedric, the elder brother of Caitlyn. When Ronan was old enough he served as page at Trueborn Keep and was later squired to the best Knight in all of Mobrin of the time, Lord Sir Connelly Kincaid, whom resided for the most part in Lakeshire when he wasn't otherwise engaged as Rioga on the King's business.

In the autumn of 223 Laniveer invaded Jadda and the rumblings of war spread south into Mobrin. By the following spring, King Callem invaded Laniveer after the execution of two of his Royal cousins. Ronan was 18 years old when he rode to war for his King with Sutherland forces. There were heavy losses on both sides including Sir Connelly.

Later that same year of 224 Laniveer invaded Mobrin and the fighting was difficult. Ronan's father, Sir Pallow, led one third of Sutherland forces in the King's name against the Laniveer. The Duke of Sutherland was slain, out flanked, and half of the Sutherland forces he had brought north were decimated. Some broke and fled for Sutherland but Ronan, newly knighted and then 19 years old, gathered all he could of his father's men and turned them for Weston. He would not forsake his King in this desperate hour and at the Battle of Westgate, young Sir Ronan Crawford and the remaining Sutherland force came to the aid of Lord Sir Roane Leask.

Ronan himself was sore wounded but alive by the time additional Mobrin forces arrived to rally the day. King Callem was so impressed with the young Crawford's tactics and military prowess that Ronan was elevated to Rioga.


In 228 when Ronan was 23 he was away in the north along Mobrin's troubled borders. His sister Caitlyn became entangled in a scandal with Prince Logan Kilgour and the couple were forced into marriage. Not long after an unknown force came by sea and sacked Trueborn Keep in Sutherland. Ronan's brother Cedric, his wife Terrwyn, their unborn child, and most everyone in the Keep was put to the sword by the invaders. The Keep itself was looted and burned ere the raiders departed.

It took long weeks before word reached Ronan in the far north - his family had been murdered and as the last direct line male of House Crawford, he was now Duke of Sutherland. Ronan rode south but by the time he arrived there was little by way of leads to chase. It looked as though someone inside the castle had let the raiders in. Who were they? Laniveer colors it is said but not all accounts agreed. That they could come against a stronghold manned by some of the best knights in all the Kingdom, destroy them utterly and get away again, it was a blow not only to Sutherland but to all of Mobrin.

Now aged 24 years, Ronan deals with his new responsibilities as Duke. He works to rebuild Trueborn Keep and to seek those who murdered his kin. The Mines in the Pine Mountains must be carefully guarded and managed, the precious Sutherland horses protected, men to be trained for war. And in the midst of all of this, Sir Ronan Crawford must learn to play politics and get himself a wife and heir.

The winter of 228 was spent in Darfield and a miserable, frustrating winter it was. Ronan butted heads in the King's Court, a bold man used to action who found himself mired in politics. Every little bit of progress he could manage would be undone repeatedly until the end of winter finally found him forging an agreement with his uncle, Duke Aidan Kincaid of Lakeshire, for the ships and shipwrights Sutherland needed that Ronan had been unable to secure from the Royal family nor through marriage. An unexpected windfall finally brought him the hand of Roslin Kilgour, the King's daughter, whom Ronan took to wife in the spring.

With the death of King Callem Kilgour, and the succession of his son, Tyrel to the throne, Ronan was elevated to Royal Marshal; Commander of the King's land military forces.

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