Umbra 44, 228: Ronan Meets Arto

Ronan Meets Arto
Summary: Count Aldren spars with Sir Arto in the light rain while Sir Ronan rides up to observe.
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Practice Fields, City of Stormvale
A barn of sorts stands at one side of this barren field. There is a fence haphazardly built and marking the edges of the fence. The barn is large enough to be used during inclement weather, though it limits the practice to only one event at a time and certainly jousting is not possible. Usually, the barn is used to store wooden archery butts, a couple tables, a few benches, and practice equipment. Weather permitting, this is the area where the town guard and those who cannot afford better practice areas come to practice arts martial - melee, unarmed, archery or some combination therein.
44th of Umbra, 228

Ah, as he said would be the case, the Sutherland men and their horses have departed the city. Headed west and eventually north to go and strengthen the northern borders as was promised. So it is that now he's seen them on their way, Ronan quietly walks his grey stallion into the practice field where he could hear the sound of men sparring. With him rides his recently injured squire, Kierne, his legs and ribs from the spill of his horse not keeping him over much from his duties to his lord.

The Rioga's gaze goes at once to see who is upon the field, letting his horse have his head and guiding the animal subtly through his seat and legs, "Ah, and there we have the Count Havarean …" his baritone trails off as the Duke examines the youthful young man with whom the Count has paired himself against, "Well now, that's House Benthur's arms." Kierne perks up in his saddle to look more carefully.

Arto is focused on the fight and does not yet see the Sutherland Duke. He brings up his shield blocking the blow and then ramming it forward towards the Count once again. He sticks his leg out and tries to trip the nobleman to the ground and finish this once and for all.

Arto may have used his shield a little much, Aldren of all notices this. When he spurs it forward the Count dances to the side and offers the blunted blade to the back of the mans knee,

Arto spins out of the way of that blade and aims another flurry more vicious and not as quick as before attacks with his sword trying to throw the Count off balance. He keeps his shield at the ready but makes no moves to thrust it forward again now relying on soley his aggression and skills with a blade.

Having stopped their horses but made no move to dismount, the Duke leans forward a little to lean a forearm over the pommel of his saddle and watch the arms exercise. "The Count's leg doesn't seem to be troubling him as much, today." Ronan says low to his squire as he observes. Kierne gives a slow nod from the back of his bay gelding.

Skills with his blade he has, but not enough to trick the Count now. His won movements perceived, Aldren spins quickly and offers an elbow to the back of the mans head.

Arto moves out of the way of that blow and turns continuing his assault with the blade and then aiming a kick at the mans knee. The blonde knight keeps coming forward trying to wear the Count down and push him to his knees. The shield comes forward again a blow aimed for the nobles chest.

Knees, shields, blades, they are all seen. Aldren dances back quite quickly before he attempts to seize some small window while the Benthurs shoulder seems open. He does not hold back now as he swings from sunset to sunrise with the blunted blade to test the mans training garb, and send him down.

Arto does go down in a heap and then rolls onto his back. His shield is dropped as he falls quite roughly to the ground. He lays there for a moment and looks up at Aldren grinning and then chuckling softly as he picks himself up and resheathes his blade. "A most excellent challenge indeed Your Excellency. Its been too long since I've had such a good fight simply practicing." He inclines his head and picks up his shield strapping it onto his back and spotting the Duke as he does. Once the shield is secure he salutes and then bows low to his liege lord.

"Ah, but there he goes down before the Count." Says Kierne, the squire. Ronan nods faintly, "He looks young." And a glance aside to the 15 year old on the bay beside him, "He looks not much older than you, but by his skill I'd say he's probably a few years more than he looks. Baby faced." Kierne says nothing more and the Duke urges his grey to draw nearer now the two are finished.

Ronan has been studying the young man Aldren was sparring with and as he stops his horse close by them, his baritone speaks up, "Give me your name, son of House Benthur, for I do not know every noble of your line as well as my brother did." Unlike Cedric, Ronan has spent a fair bit of his life anywhere but Sutherland. The Duke inclines his head politely to Aldren, "Well fought, Count. Again. How fare you this eve?"

Straightening up to his full six foot eight inches of height Arto's face is calm and his tone even as he replies to the Duke's question. "I am Sir Arto Benthur Your Grace." His tone is polite and he studies the an with a cool blue gaze. Yes his face is young but those eyes are hard and have the gaze of a man who has seen battle before.

While not quite as tall as the youth, the new Duke of Sutherland is a little bit of a mean looking son of … Amelia Crawford, with dark, hard eyes of his own to assess the Benthur. "I see that, but where are your spurs? Have you not earned them that you do not wear them? Hense forth I shall expect to see them on your heels whenever you venture forth, Sir Arto." The Rioga straightens in his saddle, "It is good to see you sparring. You held the Count off well until your stumble at the end. How many years have you?"

"Yes Your Grace, I shall wear them next time and all times after that." Arto says with a brief respectful nod of his head. He smiles faintly at the praise. "I did my best Your Grace…I am twenty five in years and I saw my first actual battle at nineteen." His answers are polite and direct seeming to sense the new Duke might prefer this to the normal courtly graces.

"I should hope you had if you /really/ earned your spurs, Sir Arto. If you were not well blooded by now, you should be stripped of them." Arto judges aright. Ronan looks him over, "You can easily pass yourself off as younger, with a face like that. You'll likely find that will serve you well against your opponents." As it seems the Count had to excuse himself and see to some matter a servant has come calling upon him for, the Sutherlander Duke has focused most of his attention on the Benthur. "One last question for now. What are you doing up here in Stormvale and do you linger long away from your House?"

Arto keeps his calm and a yet small smirk appears at the mention of not earning his spurs. "I assure you Your Grace I /have/ earned them." He nods to the man as he comments about his looks. "Indeed it causes many to underestimate me and I use that to my advantage." He replies to the next question promptly. "I was sent to Ruxton while your brother was Duke. Their Duke sent me here with a message for his children. I will stay away from my home as long as needed. If you have need of me here than here I will remain if not then I shall return to my house or go where I am needed."

That satisfies his Duke for now. Ronan gives him a nod, "Good. Serve your father well and Sutherland, and we'll see about the rest. I shan't be here long. There is much to be done at home and a keep to rebuild." Subtly changing the position of his legs as well as his weight and preassure of his seat, the grey stallion lifts his head and pivots his body to begin to turn aside, "Until we meet again, Lord Sir Arto Benthur." A brief lift of his hand to his heat to salute his fellow knight back, then the Rioga sets his horse to moving at the walk to depart the practice field.

Ronan's squire smiles faintly, salutes the Benthur knight as well and quickly turns to follow his lord.

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