Lord Robben Jon Ruxton
Santiago Cabrera
Santiago Cabrera as Robben Jon Ruxton
Full Name: Robben Jon Ruxton
Age: 23
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Ruxton
Position: Heir
Place of Birth: Ruxton Hall
Father: Duke Jon Marshall Ruxton
Mother: Duchess Vanessa Ruxton
Siblings: Lord Sir Ruthgar Ambrose Ruxton, Lady Solara Dawn Ruxton
Spouse: Lady Aemy Irys Ruxton, nee Kincaid
Children: Josiah Robben Ruxton
Mariana Rose Dawn Ruxton
Martyn Ruxton


Oldest son of Duke Jon Ruxton, Robben is the heir to the house. He's always been known for his dedication to his House. Near the end of 227, he married Lady Aemy, one of Duke Kincaid's daughters, and they now have three children.

Immediate Family

Lady Aemy Irys Ruxton(nee Kincaid)(Wife)
Duke Jon Marshall Ruxton(Father)
Duchess Vanessa Ruxton(Mother)
Lord Sir Ruthgar Ambrose Ruxton(Brother)
Lady Solara Dawn Ruxton(Sister)
Lord Josiah Robben Ruxton(son, twin to Mariana)
Lady Mariana Rose Dawn Ruxton(daughter, twin to Josiah)
Lord Martyn Ruxton(son)

Character Features


"We all end in the ocean

We all start in the streams

We're all carried along

By the river of dreams"

On the Grid

Known Associates


"For some things, words are not really needed…"

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