Sir Roane Leask
Sullivan Stapleton
Sullivan Stapleton as Sir Roane Leask
Full Name: Sir Roane Leask
Age: 26
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Leask
Position: Knight of the Rioga
Place of Birth: Westgate
Father: Charles Leask
Mother: Taryn Larue
Siblings: -
Spouse: None
Children: None


Sir Roane Leask Knight of the Rioga, Champion of Crown Prince Tyrel Kilgour.

Character Features

The man is clearly a warrior. He's tall, lean and powerful. His arms, legs and chest all show signs of a man who has dedicated his life to physical pursuits. His posture is excellent, back kept straight and head high, making him look slightly taller than he actually is. His dark brown hair is cropped short against his head. His face still shows the hints of youth, but it's already touched by lines and scars that are brought on from time in the field. A beard of dark brown covers his jaw and buries his upper lip. His eyes are a sea blue and the lines around his mouth give evidence that he often wears a serious expression.

The man is currently clad in a Long leather surcoat, which trails below his knees, and already the thread of a thick grey tunic can be seen dipping beyond the surcoat's skirt. Dark trews are tucked into roughshod boots. About his waist belt is worn, where a long dagger can be noted. A pauldron of leather is strapped over his left shoulder, while bracers are affixed to his arm. A cowl of black hangs down the front,as a pin of a silver Bear is tucked neatly and stuck over his heart. Given the weather, either a bear hide or a cloak of blue will be worn.

Lastly hung low at his hip is a thick band of a sword belt, and it comes complete with a sword.

On the Grid

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