Lord Rinder Kerrigan
Hugo Weaving
Hugo Weaving as Lord Rinder Kerrigan
Full Name: Lord Rinder Kerrigan
Age: 55
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Kerrigan
Position: Lord of Ashenfell
Place of Birth: Ashenfell, Greenshire
Father: Lord Caden Kerrigan (deceased)
Mother: Lady Eleanna Kerrigan nee Mowbray (deceased)
Siblings: 4 brothers (2 deceased)
Spouse: Lady Genina Kerrigan nee Forrester (deceased)
Children: Lady Moira Kerrigan, Lord Sir Shepard Kerrigan, Lord Drogan Kerrigan


Rinder Kerrigan is the Lord of Ashenfall and head of House Kerrigan. He was a lifelong friend to the late Count Aldric Haravean.

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