Sheat 22, 229: Retiring to Albion

Retiring to Albion
Summary: Wenna and Tyrel meet to discuss Wenna and Caedmon's plans to retire to Albion
OOC Date: 10/06/2014
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Council Chambers
The council chambers are much like the rest of the castle. Opulent tapestries line the walls as gray marble covers the floor. The ceiling is vaulted, with a mosaic painted of the Battle of Skingaard. The north wall of the room is almost entirely made of glass, looking across the sea beyond. In the center of the room is a large table, with chairs lining each side, and a large chair, similiar to a throne, at the head.
It is day 22 of the month of Sheat, 229 2E

With the throne room under construction, or at least redecoration, Tyrel has meeting using many of the rooms of the castle for his meetings. When the messages carried by the servants reveal that Tyrel and Wenna's schedules have crossed conveniently the King sends word for Wenna to meet him in the council chambers.

Tyrel is seated in the big chair, drinking mead from a bottle. He is reviewing several scrolls of figures and tallies. He wears a partial suit of light, decorative plate and his sword is near to hand, leaning against his seat. Several other places are set around the council table including Wenna's customary seat.

Wenna enters into the Chamber and she is moving slowing and using her cane to walk. She pauses just inside of it and she lowers herself into an awkward curtsy that holds little in the way of grace. She uses her cane to balance herself and to hold it. She is dressed in a gown of pale grey blue silk. Her long hair has been braided and simply wound around her head creating a crown of braids. The gown itself is decorated with silver floss that creates a detailed scene of ships sailing over an ocean of grey blue along the hem of the gown. She lowers her gaze to the ground as she speaks and holds the curtsy. "Your majesty, I thank you for taking the time to see me."

Tyrel nods, "Of course, Baroness, it would make little sense for me to have counselers who I did not listen to. Rise then sit and make yourself comfortable, there is some mead and wine and hard cheese, if you wish anything else brought make the servants aware of it." His eyes fix on the cane for a few moments before returning to her face. "Do you have need of a few moments of pleasantries to compose yourself of shall we proceed to the crux of the matter?"

"I do not have any needs I would rather us proceed but I will find that seat." She moves to rise from where she was seated and she moves with that same awkward gate so she can take a seat. Her movements are slow at best. Once she is settled she sets her cane aside. She looks tired. "We had sent word before but we did not hear back from you. I left the letter to you short and sweet for I feared that perhaps you would not respond to this one as well. Caedmon is ill; he has Dropping Sickness or what is known as the shaking sickness. We left for Albion suddenly because of it. He would be here now but we did not make it past the city gates before he had another episode. We both need to resign." She says in normal forthright manner.

Tyrel sets down his drink and brings his hands together, fingers matched each to its mate then they tap out a short sequence. "I will look into what caused the correspondence to go astray. Had it come before me you would have had a more immediate answer." His hands part and he reaches for his drink again. "I will make the council aware of your resignation, and if Caedmon is ill will seek to name another to the position of voice with prudent haste. As for yourself, have you any person in particular that you would consider suitable to replace you?"

"I have none. The healers in the castle are unfortunately too young and or are not of noble birth. Master healers of noble birth are rare. I would suggest use the staff I have trained and leave the seat open until someone can prove themselves. If you trust my staff and leave the position open you will not be lacking. The formal seat on the council is traditionally used more for tie breaking if a vote is called. The real information comes through the new guild. The other option I offer is to keep the seat and the guild seat but use it if it is need or during times of sickness. I also beg that you do not let word of Caedmon's illness get out. There are those that would view it as sign he is possessed by the oblivion." Wenna tells him. "He is ill and I have taken great pains to hide this from many."

Tyrel nods, his mein solemn, "There will be no word of it from me. He has his barony to look after and…" there is a pause, "…you still have that child. Ample enough reason to retire from the political for a time." He takes a drink of his mead then continues, "As there is no replacement at hand and such matters as may come can be channeled from the guild and through you by correspondence I will leave you named to the seat until such time as a successor of worth becomes available. The guild may be capable but I do not wish them to rise above their place."

"I understand and we have two wards now. The baby and an older child, I also thank you for not mentioning the loss of our child after the poisoning. I will run both and I thank you for allowing me to work through correspondence." She offers him very respectful bow of her head. "I thank you for allowing us to remain in Albion as well. We have come to see it as home. Your majesty I truly thank you for protecting my Caedmon by not mentioning what ails him. I also thank you for showing him mercy as well as myself." She says in a gentle manner. Her shoulders visibly slump with relief.

You say, "There is little mercy in this, Baroness. The both of you have served the kingdom well, and will continue to do so. What offenses we may have given each other in the past were, I believe, given in good faith that was intended to better the other." Tyrel shifts, the metal of his armor rasping against the leather below. "My brother, Mikhal, will be due back from Aberdeen before long, when he returns I should like him to join you in Albion. Should Caedmon's health not improve you will be able to use his education as reason for him to see to those tasks best suited a man, and I should like him to gain what insight he may into Caedmon's wisdom as Voice. I do not forsee Logen maturing to that role.""

"Logen will not, he is ever the martyr. I do not mince words, forgive me, as I know life is fleeting and I have precious little time and what time have must be used wisely. He has never seen past that Martyrdom, I fear it will grow the more he seeks certain company." She takes a deep breath and lets it out. There is warmth in her voice when she speaks of the next topic at hand. "We would adore fostering Mikhal, and we will do what we can to continue his education. We will still come to court as we must ensure that Albion flourishes and I will still need to be close to the court and here, yet we will be spending more time in Albion. Caedmon needs rest and I wish and pray to have him in our company for as long as I am able." Her eyes soften anytime she says Caedmon's name.

You say, "No forgiveness is needed, I am aware of my brother's foibles. It will be some months yet before Mikhal will join you, but when he does have him carry such messages and act in such a manner to Caedmon as he might one day act to me as Voice. In the meantime I will seek one who can hold the role." He takes a deep breath, holds it for a moment, then blows it out between thinned lips, "This news does not come at an opportune time, with so many of my commanders spread across the battle lines those I would choose amongst are limited to those who I can spare from the war, but that is for another time. Go and see to your husband, whatever resources are needful to you are yours to see that he is comfortable and to aid his health. The springs of the lakes did wonders for my father, perhaps a visit to them once he is fit to travel.""

"I can speak for him when I say this. We are grateful that he is allowed to be released from his duties and because of that I will do all that you need me to do. I thank you, I am also sorry for timing, but there will come a point if he did that that he would have an episode in the council chamber, he does not deserve the ridicule of court or the temple. He is a kind and wise man and he is intelligent. Sometimes our bodies do not match the strength of our will or minds." Wenna offers him a bow of her head. "Rest and family is what he needs, we will stay out of Lakeshire."

Tyrel nods then rises, "I leave you to it then. Though I cannot promise I will not seek his counsel in the future I will make effort to only do so in dire need. Send word with what arrangements you will require if any during your visits to make them comfortable."

"We just ask to keep our quarters downstairs near the infirmary. That is all your Majesty." She reaches for her cane and rises from where she was seated. She then offers him a deep curtsy that is once again awkward and clumsy. She holds it with her head bowed in a respectful manner.

Tyrel nods, "They are yours, of course. Go with the gods, Baroness."

She then rises from the curtsy. "May I have leave to depart your majesty?" She asks him.

Tyrel nods, "You have my leave, Wenna, take care of him and send word should he have any need."

With a nod of her head she then departs. Her steps remain slow soon she is out of the chamber.

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