Umbra 45, 228: Rescue of Lady Nimue

Rescue of Lady Nimue
Summary: The Rangers move in for the recovery of Lady Nimue with the aid of a tip off by a man named Tynan. (NPC's played by Faerinia and Aldren, or emitted by various of us).
OOC Date: 18/11/2013 (OOC)
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Old Farm House
Old farm house with boarded up windows well outside the city of Stormvale
Umbra 45th, 228

Tynan led the Rangers to the modest sized farmhouse where it was believed Lady Nimue was being held. Once the Rangers were shown the way, he took off, having received his reward and not wanting to get in the middle. Scouting of the farmhouse reveal it to have some cover to approach on two sides, with the other two sides of the house being open. All of the windows in the farmhouse are boarded up, any glass broken. Some of the windows are covered completely and some have view and arrow slits in them. It is believed that there are 8 men in total. There are usually 5-6 inside the farmhouse and the rest on patrol around it. Odds are, given the patrols, some of those in the farmhouse are sleeping. The men do not patrol the open fields around the farmhouse as those can be easily covered from the windows. The men only patrol the wooded area near the rear and one side of the farmhouse. Two freshly dug graves can be seen near the farmhouse, probably housing the former owners of the property. It is unknown where Nimue is actually located in the house as she has not been seen since she was escorted into the residence.

About 100 feet or so from the house is a barn housing horses and the carriage that brought the men here. There is also a fenced in paddock attached to the barn. Every morning one of the men goes out to let the horses out and feed them, and every night the horses are brought in and stabled.

They have come in daylight, those Rangers who the Crown Prince has sent. Araltaidan is with them and though he has no trust of that man Tynal and would have liked him detained until all was done, that wasn't his call to make. He has taken up a position to observe, only bringing himself and another man to scout things out lest too many tip off the abductors. The Sky Forester archer keeps very still, counting men, watching their movements, placing the location of the barn. When he's sees enough, he signals for his companion to back off so that they may consult.

"As I see it, we have two choices. Run the horses off while it's daylight and engage those who come out. Or we can wait until nightfall, deal with whomever is on watch first and try to get into the barn to deal with whomever is watching the horses, then go the house and block the chimney. It will force them out." Aralt keeps his baritone very low, "Either way, it risks the Lady."

Slowly, he taps a finger against his jaw as he tries to think of other options, lest his fellow Ranger has any ideas to put forth.

One of the men sleeping inside the house, stretches and yawns as he begins to wake up.

Off and in the cover a grizzled old ranger converses with Aralt. "Aye, I'd say the second idea sounds best. Smokin 'em out may leave a few in coughin' fits. And maybe one or two don't wake up. But we'd have to get in and get the Lady right quick." He squints his eyes about making sure they have not been spotted. He crouches down now and draws a crude layout in the dirt. MArking the barn and the house along with their current position.

Nimue is somewhere unseen as of yet, her state of being known only to herself and those who hold her captive. There's nothing to give away her location, as of yet.

"Sire, I have…" A jingle of metal, the fresh faced boy of the group presents a stoppered glass filled with a dark, treacle substance. Explaining to the rest, dark eyes anxious to impress the older, seasoned rest. "This pale lady gave it to me. Said water only inflames the fire it produces…we can use it once the Lady is safe?"

The man that was waking up, rolls up of the bed and stands up, he then heads for the kitchen to make something to eat, since he is a bit hungry.

Since the air has a bit of a chill to it, there is a fire in the chimney of the house. Smoke curls up the chimney and into the air. It is known by all that three of the men are outside the farmhouse on patrol, but at current one of them seems to have slipped the group's scrutiny. A cloaked man was seen heading outside the farmhouse, but the group has lost track of the man. The other two on patrol are known, their locations following the usual patterns. It means five are in the house at present to give a total of 8.

Araltaidan nods his agreement and looks to what his fellow sketches out in the dirt. He adds a dashed line with a thin stick for the patrol's pattern, "This is the route their patrol makes, more or less. Usually two men, possibly three currently but not certain, about 15 minutes keeping to the woods along here, and here. We can take them out first but they may raise alarm to warn the others. May be better to elude them and get a few up to the house directly. Alternatively, we can fire the house and force them out the more quickly. Again, we'll need to get her as fast as we can. When things start, a couple of mounted men should scatter the horses so they can't get them. But also, have them ready to chase anyone down who escapes us." What does his fellow thing before they begin?

The older ranger nods at the mans assessment. "Aye, If we do elude them we will have to deal with them after though. Unless we coordinate a simultaneous attack as the chimney is blocked. It may be hard to get up to it though. Mayhaps we should study their patrol route closer. It may change when it gets dark."

Araltaidan thinks about it and makes a decision, more finger tapping to his jaw, "Let us deal with the patrol first, then. We'll have to risk them warning the others but once they are down, any who come out we'll fight. If the hole up in the house, we'll smoke them out. Keep it simple and do our best for lack of a better plan. All right?" The Sky Forester moves to stand and makes his bow ready, "Get in close … If you feel confident, slip up behind and slit a man's throat or use your bow." As for him? Aralt chooses his bow.

The youngest ranger opts for the sharpened knife at his belt, stringing his bow for the opportunity. If it arises. The bottle secreted away in the folds of his cloak, for the emergency situation. He was after all, the follower. Not a leader.

The ranger nods as he stands. "Right, we can send Heared to scatter the horses. What of this fire formula? Should we be ready to use if it the lady is not inside?" He looks in the boys direction as he readies his blade. As for the older man he readies a bow as well. "From which direction should I approach?"

Another of the younger rangers wanders over to join the other rangers gathered, to find out what all orders are dolled out and who needs to be where and what he needs to do to help out.

The two men on patrol, so far have not noticed anything is amiss this day. They continue their prearranged routes, keeping eyes and ears open for trouble.

The third man still has not been picked up by the patrols, his location unknown. It is possible he slipped back into the house unnoticed or slipped out to the barn, or remains in the woods. No one has caught sight of him since the cloaked figured stepped out of the house and slipped into the woods to begin with.

Araltaidan gives his fellow Ranger a nod, "Let us see how it plays." As they are a go, the Sky Forester turns and slips off, designating with silent hand signals which side he'll stalk his man and which side the others are to deal with the second man on patrol. As soon as they are down or the alarm is raised, all will go to the house - stealthily or rushed, depending upon which is necessary.

Very quietly Aralt moves, blending into the shadows of the dimness within the trees as a man accustomed to living in wooded places may. Dubwyr keeps his own eyes and ears alert, taking his time to creep in close. And when he's in a good position with one man of the patrol now walking away from him but close, Aralt has an arrow already knocked. Carefully he raises his bow, sighting for the man's spine between his shoulder blades if nothing is upon his back to block the shot. The fletching is drawn back to lightly skim his bearded jaw, then further still until the knock and string almost touch his ear. Grey eyes are intent upon his target and then, softly on the exhale his shaft is released for it's mark!

The older man nods affirmatively and slowly moves off in the other direction. Carefully he picks his steps avoiding any twigs or leaves that would crunch this time of year. When he catches sight of the first guard he takes a knee. No immediate shot available he signals to the young boy to move in with his knife if the opportunity presents itself.

Handle gripped in sweaty palms, the youth responds to the signal with an affirmative. Moving in the dark, hood pulled tight over his head as he navigates the frost bitten soil and frozen leaves. Crouched over, blade aimed to slice across the throat in one graceful motion. Just like a pig come winter, he reminds himself. No difference.

The other younger ranger with a bow, goes the opposite way of the others and does his best to keep hidden and stay hidden away from the eyes of the patrol.

The young boy botches the kill and the ranger curses under his breath, a deep and disappointed sound. Quickly now he stands from his crouched position and moves from the cover of the trees quickly to gain a shot. When he does the boy is still in the way and he frowns. His arrow already knotched he struggles to find a shot.

Guard 1 seems to be in lala land up until the young lad attacks him with a knife, he dodges the shot, and manages to dodge the first arrow that flies by him. The second arrow hits him in the shoulder but he doesn't really have the chance to cry out as he is too busy pulling his sword from its sheath. He doesn't get a chance to get a hit in however since the attacks took him completely by surprise. Guard 2 heard a rustling sound and just when he tilted his head and looked like he might go and check it out, Aralt's arrow took him in the chest. While the blow did not kill him, he has clearly injured a lung and won't be crying out. He struggles to get his own weapon out while trying to breathe.

Araltaidan 's arrow flies true, landing square upon it's mark and sinking deeply within the man's chest. The Sky Forester at once nocks another arrow and lifts his bow for a second shot, uncertain if he'll need it but not wasting a second to find out. As yet he is not aware of what progress the other rangers are making upon the other patrolman until he either sees or hears something. As his man didn't drop at once as hoped, Aralt releases his second arrow to finish the task in silence, except for the soft twang of his bow and the steps of the surprised guard in the leaf mold.

"Fuck." The man mutters when his arrow flies astray, to many late nights in the tavern with wenches and not enough early mornings on the range. What is an old ranger to do though as he nears the end of his line. Shaking his head he drops his bow in the dirt and draws his blade, a short but finely cared for piece of steel. He lacks a shield and this lends some speed to the old man. He watches as the arrow takes him in the shoulder and leaves the boy to blodd himself. Instead he makes way to silence the second guard before he can cry out or draw a blade. If there is a third man about he surely does not know where. In his rushed movements he may just be a vulnerable taget for any stealthy opponents around…

When Aralt's second arrow flies he watches it find it's mark and changes course. Now he heads near the house crouched low and putting his back to the exterior wall, there he waits for the others and makes sure to be ready for any alerted bastards who might come out of the house until Aralt gives him different orders, weather they be hand signals or audible.

The flash of a knife, the boy frantic to deliver the deep cut that will silence the guard in a hot spray of red. Lost in a red mist of terror and anger that this armed piggy refuses to die. At the moment, the progress of the other men does not imprint itself on his consciousness. Barely even registering beyond the kill.

The other young ranger nods as his arrow hits the guard in the shoulder and he nocks another arrow and gets ready to fire it again.

Aralt's second arrow flies as true as his first, and the guard drops to the ground dead. As for the other guard, the one young ranger's slash cuts into his abdomen, wounding him again but not killing him. An arrow, fired by the other young ranger flies by him, thudding into a tree. The guard swings his sword at the Ranger in front of him but the ranger blocks the blow, the blades meeting in a clanging sound that while unlikely to be heard in the house will still sound rather loud to those who want to make this approach as stealthy as possible.

The grizzled old ranger watches as the boy is locked in mortal combat with the bandit. He remains with his back to the house and the door some yards to his left. He watches the rest of the mayhem as it unfolds and catches his breath as he awaits for Aralt.

Araltaidan leaves the dead man he's killed and with bow in hand, knocking another arrow, he slips as quietly as before closer up to the house. He watches and listens carefully, his head to turn as he hears the sound of blades and fighting, thankfully muffed. No cries yet, but it warns him enough that all is not as professional as rangers should be. Frowning, the Sky Forester stops when he can see them clearly.

Without hesitation, Aralt lifts his bow a third time, drawing back the long shaft. Grey eyes are intent upon the wounded guard and when the banded feathers brush lightly along his jaw, the arrow sighted, he releases!

The younger ranger frowns as he misses the next arrow he fired and sets the bow over his shoulder as he stands and draws a short sword and tries to make his way for the house as quietly as he can.

A hot spray erupts from the mans throat and shoulderline, gaping tear exposing the white bone as the youth in his fury near severs the guard. Sleeve smearing the red that dots his brow, the boy looks at his handiwork when the man falls, wiping his blade quietly on his tunic. Trembling all over, instincts and training kicking into gear as he begins his advance towards the house, leaving the body to rot in the dirt.

Aralt's arrow flies past the guard, thudding into a nearby tree, managing to miss him and the young ranger. Of course that leaves him exposed for the young ranger to step in and end his life quickly and silently.

The veteran watches as the boy continues to fight. He smiles and looks up, a small prayer of thanks muttered as the boy finishes the job. Your first kill is never easy and the ranger has effectively jumped that hurdle. Above him is a window boarded up. He tries to peer through it but it is boarded tightly. Shaking his head he looks to Aralt. Two fingers point to his eyes and the window above him. A palm outstretched and then swept around indicates he will check the other windows, He shuffles off lightly around the house. Moments later he returns having gathered some information on the situation inside.

He motions to the others when the men outside are dealt with to come near so they may devise a plan quietly and he can share what he has seen.

She hasn't been abused too much but there is some bruising from when she had tried to speak out in the past. She's chained to the bed she's sitting upon but is otherwise unbound and has a small book on her lap. She looks like she has had her basic needs met - food, chamberpot, etc - but only the very basics and probably could stand a week of good meals. And one of her hands is bandaged.

When his fellow rangers gather near he crouches down. Again, he draws a crude showing in the dirt. The front door is marked and then three small x's. He shows with his hands those men are sleeping. Then he indicates the front of the house and marks two more x's. Pointg at his eyes he indicates those two are keeping watch on the field in front. Drawing another room on the side he marks a circle to show the girl. He looks up now and nods his head to the chimney. Then he looks at theboy and then Aralt. Most likely he thinks the young boy could get up there quietly.

The younger ranger looks at the drawing and nods as he listens to the older ranger as he explains what is going on.

Araltaidan is not as pleased as he might be - this was no job for boys and rookies. His mouth is a thinned, hard line but he says nothing, keeping silent. He'll fetch his spent arrows later. For now he turns to see what the others are doing and listens to the information whispered about what is seen inside.

A nod is given and not sure who else to it, Aralt hands his bow to the man closest who's not doing anything. The Royal Ranger motions to be boosted up onto the roof with all due care and quiet as the others make ready to force entry into the house. A cloth he takes from another, nice and thick, wadded into his belt to keep his hands free.

Up the chimney to block it - and if he can do it quietly enough, those within may think the fire has become smokey of it's own accord from a bad piece of wood.

Aralt makes it up on the roof silently enough. He is able to get to the chimney and plug it with no effort. He can also get down silently enough. So far it seems no one has been alerted to their presence and it will take a little bit for the smoke to build up to a noticeable level.

The older man silently watches his captain climb up. His notion they would send the younger ranger dismissed. He awaits, sword in hand as he peers in the window now to see what the men will do. When Aralt gets down he awaits a plan, still keeping an eye on the two awake.

The boy is distracted, his own inexperience a detractor in the field where focus is paramount as he crouches to watch the Lady. Jumping at the slightest noise like a cat on tetherhooks.

The younger ranger isn't too far behind the older one, keeping down as much as he can and waiting to see what their orders will be

Once he is down and before the smoke has a chance to build up too much yet, Aralt speaks very low with the others in a whisper, "I think we should try to force the door - and take them by surprise. The smoke will confuse things but we dare not wait for them to go for the lady if she's in a room by herself. I would not have them try to take her and use her as body shield." Aralt takes his bow back and shoulders it, quietly drawing his sword as it'll be too close inside to shoot. "Are we ready?" Anyone disagree?

The old man nods to his captain and moves around to the front of the house. He is not spry enough to kick in the door and lead the way nor is he quick enough. He haunches over next to the door so that he may follow whomever boots the wooden structure in to shed blood.

Knife held in the folds of his cloak, the boy decides to be the boot for the older man, planting a hobnail foot on the wooden door. In he would run, searching for the lady to drag outside. Youth and recklessness, add to that a body honed by the harsh, outdoors life of farming.

In large part you all manage to sneak past the guards, likely staying low and out of line of sight. Now when the young ranger goes to break down the door he has to stand taller and that alerts the men on the front door. They don't get a chance to react too much as the young lad is breaking down the door and falling through the front room. The two guards turn to fire, one bolt flies past the young ranger and embeds itself in the leg of the other guard, causing him to jerk slightly when he fires and his bolt slices through the ranger's leathers, but doesn't actually scratch skin. The room is filled with a bit of smoke and the guards are currently too surprised this far to call out for help.

Once the door is pushed in everyone can get a good view of things. There is one large open room, which is a combination living area, dining area, kitchen. The fireplace is in here and it also houses the two guards with crossbows who just fired at the Ranger who broke down the door. An open doorway leads to another room which looks like a bedroom, and houses three little piles which are the sleeping guards. Another door, which is closed is where the scouting believed that Nimue was being kept. Smoke has crept through the whole house and while the sleeping guards haven't roused fully there is a slight coughing from that room.

The veteran wastes no time in following in, His steel at the ready he searches for the nearest opponent. Most likely the boy has engaged one. We will finally name the old crusty ranger from say, Greenshire. Renden, that's it. Renden naturally and with the discipline of an older warrior moves for the other. His knees bent he silently and lacking a war cry he begins to circle near the closed door as he thrusts the point of his blade at the man who hopefully is still holding his crossbow.

The younger ranger follows the others inside the house once the door is open and does what he can to help out.

Lady Nimue has been quiet this entire time, unaware of what has been happening outside of her room. The smoke grows increasingly impossible to ignore once it's noticed creeping in from under the door and there's that bang and the unmistakable sound of a crossbow's string being released. What is going on? At first she tries to scream for help but she has been made to keep quiet the entire time she has been kept here and her voice, hoarse from disuse, comes out as a squack instead. Realizing that won't work, she tries to move about her room to find things to throw at her door, wanting to signal her needing assistance.

Butchering his way through anyone that obstructs his pathway with a knife that glitters with the life fluid of his victims, the youth is a single man rampager now all stealth has gone out the window. Blinded by smoke, he gropes for the door with the hand not attempting to disembowl the guards. His elbow smashing into the rickety wood when the handle is unresponsive.

When he sees the boy get to his feet and head for the door Nimue's supposedly being kept, Aralt leaves him to it. There are still three men, or more, to be dealt with in the back room and not a great deal of time. Smoke is filling the small house. Araltaidan goes to confront them and without saying a word, attacks the man who scrambles for a weapon, leaving the other two for the instant as they have not yet roused!

The ranger lad hits the door behind which Nimue is likely hidden and basically bounces off of it. The door holds solid and he'll have a nice big bruise on his shoulder. Renden engages one of the guards, who drops his crossbow to draw his sword. The guard has some youth on his side in the initial encounter, managing to get his sword up to clang blades with the older ranger. The force of the strike reverbates down the two blades. The younger guard recovers and manages to swing his blade around and catch the older ranger's left arm. The other ranger and guard are also locked in battle, the two blades meeting with a clash in the initial swing before the other ranger deftly avoids the guard's blade. As for Aralt, he manages to get the surprise in on the waking guard, slicing the man's abdomen before he can fully draw his own sword in defense.

Renden's sword is not as fast as it once was and it shows and steel rings loudly in the smoke filled room.. He still moves to put his back to the brash young man as he goes for the locked door. the younger combatants blade purchases flesh on his arm and grinds his teeth. Now he brings his sword in a high arc and lends both hands to bring it down. He grinds his teeth more as he fights back his newest wound in a long life of bloody skirmishes.

While there is fighting in the main room, and the youth is trying his damnedest to break in the door to Lady Nimue's room, and Araltaiden has pushed through to engage the three in the back room, another ranger comes in carrying a bucket of water with one hand and drawn sword with the other. The smoke caused the confusion they wanted, but now it may well thicken too much and cause their own men issue. So if he can get there, right to the fire he goes to douse it!

Araltaidan does his best not to get himself killed and to in fact slice open the man who opposes him - before the other two are on top of him! He evades the other man's blow easily and makes a lunge, opening up the bandit's abdomin. Aralt bears his teeth, the ranger using his sword rather than his bow. It's not his best weapon by far but in close quarters fighting he could not defend himself otherwise. The ranger tries to push the other man back and stab him with a tip thrust!

As the room is filled with smoke and the door is blocked now another ranger who has remained on the sidelines scrambles up the roof. He pulls the wadded up cloth from the chimney and a blast of hot air and smoke rushes his face. He falls backwards tumbling end over end and right off the roof. He screams in pain as he breaks his ankle, a sick snap heard. He is no coward though and he start to head back to the door as he hobbles in. His eyes burning, he can see nothing as he coughs from all the smoke inhaled on the roof and right now.

In a splintering of wood, the dry and creaky door gives way. The youth near falls through in surprise, his elbow burning up as his group fights for their respective lives. Dragging himself in to sight the lady, his knife at the ready. No time for courtesies, he aims to grasp and cut through the binds and if he cannot, to haul the woman out any way he possibly can.

There is nothing to cut through as Nimue has not been bound by rope or any other martial that can be hacked into. What has kept her in place is a length of chain, meant to give her some freedom of movement while disallowing her the ability to leave the room. It's somehow attached to the bed itself, locked most likely, meaning that singular piece of furniture will have to be lifted and maybe removed of that offending leg that has been the bane of her entire existance here so it, chain and the noblewoman can be carried off, or it'll have to be dealt with in some other way. As for Nimue herself, she looks fairly alright. Not the cleanest she's been but she isn't filthy, either. She also looks fairly healthy and mostly intact save a bruise to her face which is old enough to have gone yellow-green as it slowly heals.

Gouging out the carved leg, the youth energetically hauls up the chained noble and deposits her gently as he can manage in his enthusiatic, farmhouse way over his broad shoulder. "My lady, time we departed." Off they set, hobnail boots drowned out by the clash of metal and cries of pain from the heated melee outside the bedroom. Playing up his heroic role, as youth are inclined to do. All those stories of chivalry must have poisoned his mind sorely.

The young ranger knocks down the door finally, allowing everyone to see Nimue. Renden gets his second wind back and actually manages to not only evade the sword of the man he is fighting but get in a solid hack of his own. The Ranger who put out the fire comes along and stabs the guard Renden is fighting in the back, the guard letting out a gurgle and falling to his death. The young ranger lands a solid hit on the guard he is fighting, but he also takes a hit from the guard as well. The Ranger who fell off the roof tries to help out, but his attempt at hitting the guard misses. He must have smoke in his eye… and his ankle hurts too. The guy fighting Araltaidan swings at him and misses, but then Aralt's swing at him misses as well so the two draw even. Of course now the other two guards are awake and drawing their weapons up to join the melee.

The two formerly sleeping guards, one grabs a sword and another a crossbow. The one with the crossbow fires at the young ranger grabbing the girl, the bolt hitting him in the leg.

Being hoisted is fine. Nimue wants to be rid of these people and be away from the room the bad men have held her in and will allow the boy to carry her. Not that she can't walk but speed is of the essence here and she might not be able to walk with the speed needed. The shot to her savior's leg gets a startled cry from her.

Renden offers a quick nod to the man as he plunges his opponent in the back. He looses his sword from the combatants shoulder as he falls. Hearing the bolt take the younger man and noticing the direction from which the sound came, he looks through the smoke, he sees Araltaidan now and rushes to help him with his foe.

The other man with the injured ankle continues to try and blindly lash out at an enemy.

Araltaidan's sword blocks the other man's blade rather more by chance than by skill, holding him off, though his own attack missed. So much for hoping to subdue and capture one or more of these men! So he raises up his baritone and tries to shout, "Surrender to the King's Justice and throw down your arms! In the name of the Crown Prince, throw down your arms or be put to the sword!" Bravado must be worth something, right? And for all they know there are 20 more men outside with bowmen and mounted men, knights, and the Crown Prince himself? All the while, Araltaiden boldly tries to do in another man while he backs into the doorway to make them come at him only one at a time, not three.

The young ranger and the limping ranger manage to take out the other guard near the door. Renden's second wind, with the help of the guy who put out the fire in the fireplace take out one of the guards who woke up… The guy with the sword. The guy with the crossbow, after shooting the man carrying Nimue and then hearing Aralt's words, drops his crossbow and assumes the position, dropping to his knees and putting his hands behind his head. The man facing Aralt, takes a swing at the man but Aralt dodges and then runs the man through. When all is said and done, 6 of Nimue's attackers are dead and one is in custody. The 8th attacker never made an appearance in the fight, that they can tell until everyone regroups and it is found that one Ranger who was holding the perimeter is dead, a single crossbow bolt through the chest.

The aftermath proves the old man still stands, again. Discipline and teamwork have seen him through another battle. A quick glance shows the lady seems to be alive so he lets the young man take care of that. Instead, he marches forward sending a boot to the kneeling mans chest. "Pigfucker." He says in a hoarse voice.

Ah! His words are useful after all! Araltaidan is busy dealing with the man that does not give up, fending him off and then stabbing him through with the long blade. The weight suddenly drags upon his sword as the body falls to the floor. The Sky Forrester turns and sees the older ranger putting his foot on the man who gave himself up, "Bind him! The Crown Prince will be pleased to speak to him." Aralt rummages for his extra bow string and steps forward to give it to his fellow ranger - nice flax, strong and sturdy that won't stretch. He turns his head to see if the Lady Nimue is out yet and fairs well.

The bow string lent the old man kicks the man over. He places his boot on the back of his head while he binds the wrists behind his back. Yoking him up he pushes him out into the room and out into the front of the house. To the young man he shouts. "Grab the lass! Lets get the fuck out o' here.!" His voice is raw from the smoke as he coughs while he screams. The other rangers take a least look about at the carnage and shuffle out. Looking at Araltaidan the old fella says. "Come on, all in all this was a success." Seeing the dead man outside of the farm house now he frowns and looks about. A last look for the captain be fore starts pushing the captive along. "Boys, drinks on me once we've locked this bastard up." Smoke bellows out the front of the door along with the rangers as they step over the bodies and exit.

Araltaidan comes out of the house after a look around and coughs as well, the smoke acidic. "Language my friend. There is a lady present." And with that, they gather their own horses and mount up. "Let's get the Lady Nimue to the healer and back to the city. She's been through enough." So they depart.

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