Nar 24, 229: Reports of Dire Men

Reports of Dire Men
Summary: Tyrel receives report from Baron Brennart on the battle with the dire men.
OOC Date: July 26, 2014
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Tyrel Brennart 
Throne Room
The feature of the Throne Room of Darfield Castle that draws most eyes immediately is the magnificent throne, raised on a dais at the far end of the room. The Kilgour Family coat of arms, passed down from father to son through the centuries, occupies a place of honor above the royal throne.
A carpet of red softens the path down the center of the white marble floor. To each side of the carpet, stand tall silver vases of Stargazer Lilies and Irises, their heady scent drifting through the air. The cool marble walls have been draped with mingling swathes of purple and silver silk, with touches of white for smooth contrast. Set about the room, tall silver candelabras hold long purple tapers, their soft glow gleaming on the rug and silks. On the balcony above, more swathes of purple and silver silk have been draped.
To the side, there is an almost hidden stairway to the Hall of Chambers. Rioga guards stand on either side of this door, at all hours.
It is day 24 of the month of Nar, 229 2E

The throne room of the castle has grown steadily more sterile. Many of the rugs and swaths of silk have been removed, as have the tapestries and many of the ornamental decorations. The coat of arms remain, as does the throne, and upon that throne sits Tyrel Kilgour. He is armed and armored, a suit of plate armor, made with attention to the decorative nature of the suit as well as the functional aspects. The sword of kings, it's blade bare, rests alongside his leg. The crown rests on the king's head holding his unruly locks firmly in check. His attention moves to the door as guards announce a messenger.

Brennart heads into the throne room after he's announced stopping before the king to lower himself into a bow, "Your majesty, my name is Brennart Huntingdon and I bring messages and tidings from the front." He presents the messages from the commanders out at the front, "I also bear eye witness testimony for what the messages contain."

Guards move forward and take the messages passing them to scribes who inspect the seals and the paper preparing them for the king's review. "Rise and be comfortable, Baron Huntingdon, tell me what it is that requires your witness and testimony that my commanders suspect I would not believe from their written word."

Tyrel says as he gestures for a seat to be brought forward for the Baron and a cart of refreshments follow.

Brennart nods as he takes a seat when it arrives, "Your majesty we were set to destroy the enemy when Cri went dark. Then the blue fire surrounded where it should be when there were two giants that appeared out of the ground with flaming swords. They were unstoppable with the armies working seperately… So the commanders called a meeting and decided on a temporary truce to defeat these beasts. Even with both armies working together for survival the losses were great. Myself and a group of our own knights managed to fell one of the giants but after I struk the killing blow the giant simply decayed and was reabsorbed into the ground." He pauses and looks up at the King, "I swear on my Honor as a Knight and as a Baron that I speak the truth in this."

Tyrel considers this for a few moments, "Baron, do me the kindness of avoiding hyperbole while discussing matters. If you and our army were set to destroy the enemy that would indicate they were at a great disadvantage and would therefore be of little aid in defending against these giants mention. When you retell the tale in your hall or during celebration I grant you license to recall the matter as suits you best, but for now, avoid such overconfidence." The first of the letters have been cleared and are handed to Tyrel, "Describe the method in which you engaged and destroyed the giant."

Brennart nods, "Understood your majesty. To engage and destroy the giant we had to bring it down to our level. We charged on horseback using hit and run tactics along the giant's legs. It took multiple passes with archer support while we were wheeling the horses around to finally cause the giant to fall to it's knees. At that point we raised our target point to his arms to criple his ability to swing that giant flaming sword. Eventually we charged in with lances when mine managed to pierce what we assume to be it's heart because at that point it just toppled over and decayed and was reabsorbed into the ground leaving nothing more than a goo where it was."

Tyrel scans the first of the reports quickly, "A touch more detail, Baron. Your lance struck where you suspect the heart, or other focal point of the creature's being if it has no heart, to be. Whereabouts would this have been, near the location of a man's heart in the chest, or otherwise?" He glances further down the page before setting it aside, "Further was there any armor or portion of the creature's sword remaining or did that too fade away?"

Brennart nods, "The lance struck slightly off to the left side of center in the chest so aproximately the same region as our own hearts your majesty. And nothing remained of them afterwards armor and arms dissolved with them."

The next report is handed to Tyrel who begins scanning it again, "It appears that you have done quite well, Baron Brennart, there appear to be several commendations for yourself and your men. Once I have had time to review these in further detail I expect I will be calling you back for further acclaim, but at present I am more concerned with understanding what transpired than heaping honors upon you which you already know you have earned." Tyrel puts the next hand aside and calls for the others, "Bring them, what other messages they might contain you can decipher later." He turns his attention to Brennart as the scribes scramble to obey. "What of the attitudes of the men, Baron Brennart. Such things are not expected in this age and that which is not prepared for can bring panic. Was order amongst the men restored before you left, there is little here noting that the battles lines and defenses had been properly redrawn."

Brennart nods, "The men maintained their dicipline throughout the event. After I left to return here your majesty the two armies had settled into a nervous cessation of hostilities until further orders comes down to them. There were a few men to have fled I believe one of the missives has their names but they weren't career soldiers. And your majesty I need no acclaims as I was only doing my duty to the crown and the Kingdom, and only by pure luck managed to strike the final blow as it was all of the men involved that truely felled the giant. The lines weren't fully redrawn but the camps remained in their original location."

Tyrel looks up, "If you were a farmer who had picked up a pointy stick and charged the creature I would attribute the victory to luck, baron. Years of your own training, generations of loyalty from your troops, the skill of our craftspeople, and the dedication of all those involved led you to be prepared for the moment when opportunity arose. Such acclaim and award as is bestowed upon you is not flattery, it is recognition of your dedication and the generations of men and women who worked so that you were in the proper place at the proper time." Tyrel looks back down to the remainder of the missives, "I will have word sent that the commanders are to resume their guards. We need not advance the borders of Weston to accomplish our goals so if this event has cowed the Laniveer into a lull we will not force them to resume their actions."

Brennart nods, "Yes your majesty. Is there anything further you required from me?"

Tyrel considers for a few moments, "You will be interviewed by those who look to such records, and, I should think, by priests of the temple as they seek to interprit these happenings. If you should wish to send for any of your men and family, do so. I expect you will be about the castle for some weeks at least unless there is other more pressing need for you of which I am yet unaware."

Brennart nods, "Understood your majesty I will of course make myself available to all who you wish to interview me. Do you want this kept quiet outside of those who interview me until more is known?"

Tyrel shakes his head, "There is no point to it, those who fled will be spreading tales of panic inflated to make themselves seem less craven. I should prefer if the story be told by men brave enough to face these creatures so that the people know that these beings can be faced, fought and conquered."

Brennart nods, "Then I'll see it done your majesty."

Tyrel lifts his hand and makes sign of blessing towards Brennart, "Go then, Baron, take what rest you require and make yourself comfortable. You have done well."

Brennart nods and stands up offering another bow to the king before he gets ready to depart, "Thank you you're majesty."

The King Later Announces the following:

Lords, Ladies, Masters and Mistresses,

On the matter of the recent darkness and glow that swept our lands and the lands of our neighbors. I wish to assure you that within the last week my family has communed directly with the gods and they, as a whole, bear us no ill will and in fact seek to provide us blessings and guidance. This being said I will not tolerate or excuse any disruption or hysteria while the temple works to interpret this sign. Should any have cause to question the good will of the gods towards our kingdom and our people they may present themselves and bring such matters to my attention at the castle of Stormvale.

Tyrel's message is presented from the castle the carried on bird and by fast rider. Arrangements are made to receive any who present themselves.

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