Inouv 24, 228 : Reporting in

Reporting In
Summary: Upon her return to the ctiy, Lady Nylie seeks out Crown Prince Tyrel in order to tell him what had been discovered upon the journey towards Albion
OOC Date: 13/12/2013 (OOC)
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Nylie Tyrel 
Crown Prince's Office - Darfield Castle
A man's room. This spacious room is graced with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Three tall windows, topped with gorgeous stained glass look out over the harbour to east, and the ocean below. Dominating it is a truly massive, oaken desk, topped with assorted bits of small statuary and objects of art. The desk is ornately carved with an elegant vine pattern. Behind it is a rather grandiose throne of a chair, carved in a somewhat gothic style. What isn't wood is covered in black leather secured by silver studs. In front of the desk is a cluster of smaller black-leather chairs. The hardwood floor is covered in a thick purple rug with silver trim. A few silver candelabras spaced about the room in addition to a few wrought-iron wall sconces provide plenty of light. The walls are paneled two thirds of the way up the wall with a dark cherry wood. From there on up they are painted purple, and about a foot from the ceiling is silver stenciling. On one side of the room, a bookshelf lines the wall, from floor to ceiling. The shelf is filled with books from all across Daeren. A door leads to a private room for the Prince.
Inouv 24, 228

The hour had been late, or early depending upon how one looked at it, when Nylie had returned to the castle. It had taken some doing to talk her into pausing to warm up and get some form of substinance into her. But any attempt to get her to freshen up is cast aside and thusly when the woman comes knocking upon her cousin's office in her search for him, she yet wears traveling clothes that bear the splatters of mud and snow, and a bit tussled and she is looking a bit pale, never mind worried. There is a knock followed by,"Cousin Tyrel, are you here?" And somewhere behind her, that trust handmaiden does trail along in proper fashion.

Tyrel looks up from a number of reports, "I am, cousin, enter and… what has happened to you?". He rises to aide her to sitting, he looks to his guards, "Have someone bring mulled cider.". He turns his attention back to Nylie, "Now, what has you in such a state."

There is actually a hint of relief that comes to find him there, with the news that had greeted her upon returning…a lot seemed to have happened in her brief absence. "To much time upon the road, but I dared not wait to be more presentable before delivering what we found." A small breathe was drawn after she sits, her free hand smoothing the skirts of her travelling dress. The other holds what seems to be a torn bit of saddle blanket wrapped about a cross bolt. "As you perhaps recall, I set out after Caedmon and Wenna had left, to join them in Albion for a time. Count Aldren and Lord Admin Eoin caught up with me at a point…and we came upon some distressing signs near midway there…..We worried for them that something might have befallen them, and I returned to report of it, and in returning I hear whispers that Albion has sent inquirey of them. Is it true? " There is a pause before she says,"If so…I fear Caedmon and his wife have been taken, cousin."

Tyrel is carefully composed only shifting a hair as he hears this information and looks down towards the bolt, "This is not welcome but nor is it unexpected news.". He moves to reseat himself. "I have come to suspect such things the moment anyone is delayed, it is not leaving me with much restful sleep.". He gestures towards the desk in front of him, "I take it that is not a keepsake, what have you there?".

Nylie allows a small sigh to slip,"it is as we feared when we found the place upon the road. But there was hope…that it was not about them. But to hear the news when I returned." The item is offered with care, as a small shake of her head occurs,"No, it is not. It is a cross bolt that we found within a tree, the tip is laced with poison," explaining why it is wrapped,"it is one I recognized as of our land and quite lethal. We also found this," a small torn pice of padded jack within the color of one often worn by the Rioga. "There were signs upon the road that an ambush had been made, the Lord Adminal found traces of blood, though no bodies were found in the area."

A small breathe is drawn, and while worry and concern lace her words, Nylie does well in remaining generally composed as she reports the finding. "Count Aldren was continuing on to Albion to see what news could be found there, he sent two of his rangers to follow what tracks were yet possible in the snow. The Lord Admiral thought he had seen such," a nod of herhead towards the crossbolt," at sea before," the feathers upon the bolt not recognoizable as coming from anything native. "And split towards his ship to seek further informtion, and to meet up with the Count…as hehad also heard word of pirate activity and wished to make way and investiagte upon that as well."

Tyrel takes hold of a figurine on his desk and grips it as he listens, "The rioga and rangers will be sent out in force. See that the bolt is given into thier care, I understand a great deal of information can be found in the make and style of it. We will see the matter settled, for the moment go and get what rest you are able, there will be many who must ask questions of you, the first being those rangers which will move to find this place of disturbance and seek some trail. Is it somewhere you can describe or will you need to guide them?"

An incline of her head comes,"I will see it done, cousin. Is there one to whom it wuold best be given onto?" Nylie nods just a little,"I will rest after I have seen the bolt delivered. I do not wish to risk a moment that might be put to use in seeing my brother returned." Another nod comes,"I will be able to describe it, though I know as well that more snow falls will not make it easy to find. Count Aldren's men did search the area and may be able to provide better answers to what questions may come than I. "

Tyrel considers, "Araltaiden has shown remarkable skill in such situations, but there will be many involved.". He rises and gestures for the guards to come forward, a brief conversation and he moves off, the castle comes into motion shortly after as horses are readied and soldiers begin setting out.

Nylie nods,"I will see him out then and see it given to him." There is a slight hestitation before she adds,"I am sorry to have returned only to deliver more bad news to you." By alrights, the family could do without anymore bad news or events…for at least a week, maybe a month?

Tyrel looks to Nylie, "You returned cousin, I will not require apology often so long as you do that."

Nylie manages a faint ficker of a smile,"I have always returned, cousin, and shall continue to do so." She has spent most of her life being 'sent away'. Giving a bow of her head before withdrawing to seek out the Rioga to delvier the bolt to and get some rest.

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