Staff on Tales of Daeren are named after deities, taken from all around our imaginary world. Please don't be alarmed if you log on and see a god or goddess — that will be a very helpful staff member! Of course, those staff members may occasionally stir up IC trouble. The gods and goddesses are rumored to visit Daeren.

The Light, also known as The Eight, is the major religion in Mobrin, the Eastern Isles, Skingaard, and some worshipers are also found in Laniveer.

There are other gods and goddess who are not of the Eight from Mobrin but are important none the less. Their stories are interconnected into the history of the world and the Eight.

The religion of Mobrin consists of worship of a pantheon of eight deities who make the world go round. These eight deities are generally equal in importance, though at present time Sess and Alasair are the two who have the most worshipers. Each deity's associations and importance is detailed below, but their areas are encapsulated in one-word in the list below, for convenience.

Gods Goddesses
Inouv - Evil Alasair - Chaos
Nar - War Cri - Creation
Sess - Victory Umbra - Night
Sheat - Light
Thedor - Time

The following lists a quick overview for those playing a character from Mobrin or a character who worships the Eight.

Worship: Repeated prayer. Prayers may be quiet meditation, alone or in groups, or led by clergy. Very religious observers may have prayer beads (small symbols on bead necklaces) that they may use to perform various counts of prayers. Regular services are held on Sunday evenings and holidays at temples and holy places.


Mortals' Origin: Created by the Eight during Creation.
Deadly Sins:

  • Murder
  • Theft
  • Greed
  • Blasphemy

High Virtues:

  • Valour
  • Charity
  • Honesty
  • Chivalry

Associated Artform: Ballads
Coming of Age: 17



"Before the Gods, who made the Gods, had seen their Sunrise pass…"
G.K. Chesteron

Some in the world still worship nature, the stars or the gods that are deemed dead by history. Those that worship nature believe in the spirit of the trees, the earth, wind and sky. Many of these worshipers are found in Greenshire and Skyforest, the countryside at large. They may speak of the fae or Old Ones, often in the form of old tales or traditions. Those that follow the old ways often believe that the soul returns to the wheel and that the person's deeds in life determines what they will be when they return. The old ways have long been frowned upon by those who worship the Eight, and thus those who follow the old ways often do so quietly or in secret. In the beginning, the Temple of Eight worked simply to bring those who followed the old traditions into the Temple, but long have they been intolerant of those who worship the Old Ones. Within Mobrin, there has been an increase of questioning and punishments for those thought to or discovered to worship nature or the 'dead' gods. Sermons have taken upon the direction that this worship is the worship of demons, causing those who do yet follow the old ways to question their beliefs, some have quietly converted and others, strong in their faith and belief, have simply become even more careful, more secretive about their beliefs and worship. It a dangerous time to be a follower of the Old Ways, a worshiper of the Gods of Old and the consequences dire if discovered.

It should be noted that the Temple of Eight within the kingdoms that follow the Light will, for diplomatic reasons, be tolerant of those from other nations that do not follow the Light. However, they still believe that those people are going to Inouv and may try to yet convert them.

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