Recreation & Sports

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Games of Mobrin are popular in all walks of society. Games are played by the upper classes and the lower classes. By adults and children. Men and women. Different types of Games and entertainment fall into a number of different categories including Card Games, Board Games, Dice Games, Sporting Games and Children's games.

Board Games

Alquerques - A classic period strategy game, an ancestor of Checkers

Cards - A variety of Card games including poker, whist, gin rummy


Fox & Geese - a game of strategy

Hazard - an ancestor of Craps

Knucklebones - Early game of dice

Port & King - Early form of billiards

Shovelboard - the ancestor of shuffleboard

Tables - Backgammon

Outdoor Entertainment & Sports

Outdoor Entertainment in Mobrin centers around the Village Green and local fairs and include a variety of sports:

Archery - Archery contests are especially popular, among both men and women.

Bowls - Lawn Bowling, favored by the Ladies

Colf - Golf


Horseshoes - throwing horseshoes at a target


Skipping - children's game

Skittles - an ancestor of modern ten-pin bowling

Stoolball - an ancestor of Cricket

Sword on Foot

Tag - children's game involving running and hiding. Variations include Blind Man's Bluff, Hide and Seek, Rangers and Knights.


Specific Annual Games

Golden Arrow Archery Tournament

Long ago, the greatest hunter in Mobrin was a man named Pador. He was confident, even arrogant, and incredibly handsome. He used to disguise himself and steal from those who grossly overcharged those who had no choice, be they wealthy merchants or nobles taxing those below them into poverty. The coin he took was always distributed amongst those who needed it most. He also gave generously to the Temples, especially those venerating Umbra. He was common-born, but had enough of his own wealth to have a family name and coat of arms.

Over time, Umbra took greater and greater interest in this intriguing mortal. The time eventually came when she had to admit to herself she was thoroughly in love with him. She crafted a masterpiece arrow made of gold, inlaid with intricate scrollwork. One day, while he was kneeling and praying to her, she placed the item before him on the altar. His shock and awe at the gift was immense, for he immediately understood its origin.

Knowing they could never be together while he lived, she reveled in his achievements and waited for the day she could bring his soul to her cave. Inouv, however, quietly seethed with jealousy at all the attention being given to this mere mortal. So it was, on the 17th of December, he had one of his loyal followers dress as a nobleman and behave abominably toward some peasants in front of Pador. When the hunter disguised himself to rob him, the evil man slashed the hunter with a poisoned knife. To complete his coup, Inouv had Oblivion ambush Pador's soul and drag it to the Underworld before Umbra had a chance to claim him.

For many years thereafter, Umbra mourned her lost love. She made his coat of arms appear at each of her Temples. She refused to join Inouv in his games, making the winters particularly dangerous and difficult. The Golden Arrow was hidden amongst her faithful for some time. Eventually, she had them declare Hunter's Day in Pador's honor and made the Golden Arrow the prize, showing who would have her favor for the year… or at least that day. The coat of arms became a symbol on the cloaks of those who follow her. By then, the man's name was as lost to mankind as it was to the man's soul itself, having been in Oblivion so long. The only one who carries the full tradition, as a rule, is the High Priestess of Umbra and whomever she may have her eye on as a potential successor. (This story submitted by Luna - Thank you!)

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