Thedor 5, 229: Rebuilding Bridges

Rebuilding Bridges
Summary: The Laniveer meet with the Kundari in hopes of rebuilding burned bridges.
OOC Date: 5/Jan/2014 (OOC)
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Kundari Ambassador Office
An office with a desk and a chair on one side and two chairs on the other. The room is spacious, the stone walls warmed with tapestries depicting the desert. A window looks out over the courtyard and practice fields.
Thedor 5, 229

Chairs enough for everyone have been brought in and a missive sent to the Laniveer to come to the office, should they be able. At the moment, Nima is seated on one side of the desk, with a chair for her brother beside her, should he be interested in attending as well. Goblets and wine are in the center of the desk as well as winter berries and other fruits. The time is the evening, while the Council Meeting is going on, and Nima sips her own wine as she waits.

An unfortunate fact is that there is a Kilgour guard along with the Laniveeri visitors when they come by, one who posts himself just to one side of the door once Rowena and her brother are announced and shown in. Rowena curtseys, her chin dipping when her head is bowed, the skirts of her fancy gown poofing out slightly as she makes with the courtly gesture. "Your Highnesses," she greets Prince and Princess alike. "Thank you for inviting us." Now all she can do is pray to the Light that this meeting will go more smoothly than any of the others so far have.

Elisen is just behind Rowena. He smiles at the guard as he steps in, and then moves to hold the chair so his sister might sit. He offers the appropriate bow, "Your Highnesses," and he smiles to them both. "Your invitation is indeed, quite pleasing for us." He then looks at Nima, grinning a little goofy for a moment, and then quickly looks away, his cheeks flushing ever so slightly.

Altair is indeed attending. Looking at the arriving Laniveeri, he glances momentarily to the guard, before he looks back at the visitors, offering them both a polite nod and a smile now. Letting his sister do the first greetings, since she is the ambassador after all.

Nima rises as the others enter, dipping her head into a polite bow. "Please, call me Nima. It would make things more on an even ground with the order to refrain from titles in regards to you." Attempting to be diplomatic about such things. "Please, have a seat, Rowena, Elisen. This is Altair, my elder brother. Thank you both, deeply, for coming."

At least Nima's willing to dispose of protocol which should make things easier for them all. Managing not to bristle when the reason why is then mentioned, Rowena merely smiles weakly and sits down. "I have to admit to being surprised that you'd wish to speak with us. Pleasantly so." Her hands slide over the front of her gown to smoothe the fabric, the blue velvet making a soft 'swish' when she quickly makes sure she is presentable. "Is this to be a social call, Nima?" She hopes so as her head really is not in the right space to negotiate any terms or discuss politics, her desire to talk on such subjects ruined thanks to the Royal Family.

Elisen looks at his sister, and he smiles. "I've spoken with them both in the last day, sister. The Kundari are our allies, and I hoped we might be able to relax amongst friends." He smiles at the two Kundari, and then says something short to them in Kundari, "There wasn't opportunity to speak with Rowena on the matter we discussed. If we may, allow us to tread gracefully in the matter for her?"

Altair smiles, nodding at the mention of the lack of titles. "It is good to meet you again, both of you," he offers, before he nods a little at Elisen's words in Kundari, offering the man a brief smile and a nod.

"Oh yes, Rowena, a social call indeed. We are neighbors, and our houses, up until a few months ago, have been associated, one with the other." Nima speaks now in Kundari, for Elisen to translate in whsipered tones, should he wish, to his sister. "I thought it would be nice for the youth of the Houses to get acquainted as our fathers are. I am happy to hear familiar names here, as Stewert. It brings a bit of home. I also heard talks of Jadda joining Laniveer. It could possibly turn the tides of the war."

Elisen nods, and responds to Nima in Kundari, "I've heard the same rumors of Jadda, but we left before I could learn if it was true." He looks at his sister, "Nima has hopes that we can all be friends and strengthen the connections between our Houses." He smiles, and takes his seat beside his sister. "May I?" he asks, and if agreed, he will pour himself a glass of the wine. "Ro, I was explaining to Altair earlier the frustration of our imprisonment. It's difficult to attempt to open talks for peace when you're confined."

The guard coughs and shakes his head when he hears that foreign language being spoken, a reminder to the Kundari Princess that such will not be tolerated. This is exactly why his presence has been ordered by the Kligours and he is very quick to remind all present of that.

Rowena listens to the translation Elisen will undoubtedly give her before nodding, her expression faintly pained. "It is always nice to make new friends," she says with a nod, her face held in a mask of neutrality to try and hide the welling of fear that's now gnawing at her. Pausing, she looks around before asking of Nime, "May I please make a request for some tea?" Perhaps that'll quell the nausea that is taking hold. Looking at the Prince, now, she nods, smiling as much as she can. "It was a pleasure to have met you. I am sorry that visit was so short."

Altair looks over to the guard at the coughing, studying the man for a few brief moments, before he looks back to the others, offering a nod at Elisen's words. "It is quite understandable that there is such a frustration. Hopefully things will change in the future." A pause as he hears the request for the tea, he raises his voice to call out to Tamir, his servant that is in one of the other rooms, instructing him to get hold of that tea. A smile in return to Rowena, he bows his head a little. "Sometimes it is far better with a short meeting than none at all. Let us hope we all get the chance to speak much further than that brief meeting now."

"Of course." Nima says quietly, speaking in the common language of the Mobrin. "Syri.." Though Altair takes care of it, so she ceases the order to her handmaid. Looking back towards the two, she offers a serene smile, still speaking so the guards may understand. "That is all we wish. Our relations with the Laniveer were strained when it turned out to be a more.. tyrannical alliance, that the Kundari fought long and hard to get out of. I thought the four of us could make amends past that and perhaps even be friends, whether our Houses ever are again or not."

"Which is exactly what we want as well," Elisen notes. "Tyranny happens when investment is only one-sided. It was a good alliance, it was just without binding substance." He smiles, looking at his sister, "I'm sure we'd all agree that an ally with no investment likely feels less an ally, and more a servant." He returns his gaze to Nima, "My father took some time to realize this, but he has. We'd like to lay substance to our alliance."

Altair nods a bit as he listens now, pouring himself some wine as he listens to what's being said. "That is the nature of the term 'ally', I suppose. Something where both sides get something positive out of it." A brief pause as he takes a sip of the wine now.

"I should not wish to speak of alliances at this time with a pending one with the Mobrin." Nima gives Elisen a long look, then her eyes briefly flicker to Altair. "I only got news today by Raven that something has happened at home and we must return there as soon as we gather Dastan. We should not be gone for long, but there is something that has happened we must see to our father."

"Speaking of alliances with us is foolish to do anyhow," Rowena asserts, the look she gives her brother bordering on grumpy. "No offense, Elisen. But with the tensions between Laniveer and Mobrin, we're only asking to have trouble visited upon anyone who might…" She rises and paces, the hem of her gown sweeping about her feet when she moves. "But I do agree that we should be friends. Gods knows we could use more of those." Especially here while the Stewerts are prisoners. Looking to Altair and Nime, she adds quietly, "That you both are willing to be such despite our families' shared history with each other makes me feel better. Like there's hope." Hope. That has been in short order.

Elisen tilts his head a bit, and he raises his hand to still his sister. "Our alliance has yet to formally be broken, Nima. I'm saddened you're seeking to trade it for a Mobrin alliance. King Kilgour's claims are, of course, going to be proven false." He shrugs, "It just seems wiser to finally solidify the relation we have had for so long. It would be quite good timing were you able to return to your home to announce such a solidifying event as a betrothl." He looks at Altair, curious for the Prince's opinion.

Altair pauses for a few moments as he listens, taking another sip from his wine now, "If our father needs us to return to home, we will have to do so," he replies a bit quietly to Nima's words, before he nods a little at what's being said. Raising his glass again now, "To friendships, and hope for the future?" he offers, offering a smile to all the three others now. A glance around the room for a few moments, then back to the others. "Any idea of where our brother is hiding, Nima?"

Nima inclines her head to Rowena. "Indeed, as I believe there is a pending alliance between Mobrin and Kundari, in the manner of a marriage between Duke Crawford of Sutherland and myself." As the Stewert rises and paces, her smile is gentle as she watches her. "Please, we are friends, I would wish to spend more time in your presence as soon as I return, should you still be here." Transferring her gaze to Elisen, her head bows once more. "We have liberated ourselves for the most part from the Laniveer, though you and Jadda are both our neighbors, so it would stand to reason we remain friends." At the mention of a betrothal, she looks between Rowena and Altair. "That would be entirely to my brother, for he has the say from my father in who is to marry whom." The tea has been delivered, the wine poured, and Nima lifts her glass. "To future friends." Once more she smiles to Altair. "Likely touring the bakery."

Rowena was merely correctling her brother so there hopefully won't be any brows raised at what she said although Elisen might be paid a little more closer attention to if Tyrel or Laetitia decides it's necessary. While mentions of possible marriage matches are made she raises a brow, shocked. "I am sorry to hear that… but perhaps you'll have a better time of his company than I have." Her attention drifts and she moves again, this time to see about getting herself a cup of tea poured. "Yes. To friends. May we always be such, until the end of our days."

Elisen lifts his glass as well, "To friends." He takes a drink, and then sits the glass down. "I'm sorry to hear you have to leave so quickly. I wish you good travels." He stands then, offering them both a bow. "I hope what draws you home proves to not be dire." He smiles at his sister, and then looks back at the Kundari. In Kundari, he offers, "Thank you both for your hospitality." He gives a lingering look at Altair, nodding once more, and then he prepares to depart with his sister.

Altair smiles as he takes a long sip of his own wine now, before he places the glass on the table. "Sounds like Dastan, yes," he replies to Nima, before he adds, "As for the good Duke, I have not heard anything from him lately, but hopefully he has come to a decision soon." Looking between the others once more, he offers a brief smile to Rowena. "I hope the tea was to your liking? Tamir is more used to the kinds of tea I tend to prefer myself." Nodding a bit at Elisen's words as well, "Thank you, my friend. Hopefully it will be dealt with safely, and we can return here. To better days for us all."

"I would not speak ill of the Duke, though perhaps he was only having a discouraging day. I understand he has a tremendous weight on his shoulders that he must bear daily," Nima finds herself defending him, though ducking her head to conceal the flush on her cheeks. "Friends," she takes a sip of her wine, glad to let the too new and tender subject go. "Thank you, Elisen, though I am sending a Raven in advance, so my parents may send someone ahead if the need is no longer there for us to return home once we have set out." A tentative smile is offered Elisen. "It was indeed a pleasure speaking with you both."

It is sweet that Nime wants to defend Ronan but Rowena disbelieves the possibility that it was just a bad day that had him acting the way he did but it's let go of and the topic is allowed to rest there with nothing more than a nod from her. "I do wish you safe travel… oh, yes, Altair. The tea was perfect. Not what I am used to be it was a delight." She bows her head to them both before she turns to face Elisen. "We should retire before we are missed," she suggests.

Smiling once more to the Kundari, Elisen nods, "Good night then." He offers his arm to his sister, and once she's ready, will lead her out.

"I am glad to hear that, Rowena," Altair offers to the part about the tea, before he looks behind the two Laniveeri, offering them both a nod and a smile. "Good night. And hopefully we will meet again soon. As with all of the times we have met, it has been a pleasure and an honor to speak with you."

Nima glances mildly between her brother and Elisen's sister, a smile playing over her lips. As the others move to leave, she rises and offers a bow of her head. "It was truly wonderful getting to know you both further. I look forward to a time we might be able to talk again. Do not hesitate in sending messages, should you need us for anything."

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