Cri 13, 229: Ranger Up (Part 2)

Ranger Up! (Part 2)
Summary: Rangers of Mobrin continue north into Laniveer seeking the enemy army - some of them wounded. What they run into turns into an ambush that claims the life of one of the rangers and hounds the rest of them.
OOC Date: 04/15/2014 (OOC)
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Araltaidan Renden Kylan Kaylee Lothar 
Southern Laniveer
Woodlands giving way to grassy pastures where the enemy army is found in war camp.
Cri 13, 229.

In the aftermath of the Lanvieer scouts falling on the Mobrin rangers, they had just enough time to hide the bodies and tend to the wounds before they were forced to move on. The risk was too high to stay in one place for too long, near where the alarm had been sounded. There's no telling who -else- heard that alarm. But they had yet to achieve their goal, to find the massing Laniveer army… some split off, as rangers ought to do, yet, the majority were all still spanned out around one another.

Renden did what he could with his injury, unable to remove the arrow shaft without some severe moaning and groaning, he decided against it and just had one of the others wrap some bandages around the broken stubs to not jostle it. When they were clear of danger, he'd have one of them look at it more closely. Thus, he held onto his cutlass with his right arm, his left now without function.

<FS3> Renden rolls Chance: Success.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls Chance: Success.
<FS3> Kylan rolls Chance: Good Success.
<FS3> Lothar rolls Chance: Success.

With Araltaidan off with the other group for the moment, Kylan Fletcher has taken point yet again. They've barely started to move before Kylan pauses, glancing in the direction of the bodies they've just hastily hidden (after yoinking their arrows of course). He gestures in that direction, then cups an ear, indicating for those that can see him to listen, then slooowly starts to move in that direction, trying to see if he can get a look at what or who might be sniffing around.

Kaylee had went off in another direction when the first hit the ground and started the searching. Now though she is catching up with the group that was attacked, no that she didn't have her own issues with the group she was with. Seems the place is crawling with issues as some that she was with are hurt, she didn't get out unscratched but nothing is at least sticking out of her arrow wise. She has her bow low and arrow ready as she slowly moves along until she has catch sight of the few rangers up ahead. A soft low whistle of a call escapes her showing that she isn't the enemy as she makes her way forward slowly taking in the area to see whom is there and perhaps who is not.

Lothar was with the group that did the fighting and having moved back out with the group. He's not point but he's running a roaming flank moving up to about where the point man is and then back to the rear guard and then back forward just keeping a general watch on their flank.

<FS3> Kylan rolls Stealth: Great Success.

When Kylan gestures in the direction they had just come from, Renden decides to move a little slower so that he's back near Lothar, going into his routine for now of settling in the back and waiting for anyone who tries to flank them. He spots Kaylee and there's a hint of relief on his features, but otherwise, he gestures her up toward the front and winces for her whistle, flagging her with a gestured hand to not do that. They're too close to the enemy. But be it as it may, he can only gesture and if she catches it or not to prevent another whistle, he'll hunker down with the cutlass in his hand.

The noise caused by the whistle only seems to remind the creature at the grave site of the downed Laniveer soldiers to turn back and flounce off back where he came. A perceptive eye might notice large canine tracks around the burried bodies and one of the bodies actually dug at - as if an animal was trying to unearth the dead men.

The tracks… can also lead somewhere, if a man was willing to follow an animal, be it wild or tame. There was most certainly wolves known in these parts.

<FS3> Kaylee rolls Tracking: Great Success.
<FS3> Kylan rolls Tracking: Success.

Kylan studies the tracks a few moments, then gestures silently towards the north. He does, however, notice Kaylee studying the tracks as well, giving her a curious glance to see if she confirms his assessment or has anything to add.

Kaylee will make sure to keep whistling to herself, though she is glad to see the few she knows are in somewhat one piece. A slight look is sent to Renden, a faint frown seen as she catches sight of his bandages but that will not comment. One talking is bad at the moment and two as if he would listen. She crouches slightly, sending a glance towards the area where the group was in the fight. Something has caught her attention and she turns slowly moving towards tracks that she knows are fresh. Her bow and arrow is tucked close to her, left hand stretching out to push the dirt around a bit and she ponders. A large canine, was here for sure. She lets her gaze follow off the direction that the tracks are going and lifts her head to ponder. She glances over to Kylan and points in the north-west direction. "War hound." Is whispered out towards him, her voice only caught because he is so close.

Renden moves on up to where Kylan and Kaylee have stopped, not bothering to look at the same tracks as they both assessed. At Kaylee's signal to start heading north-west, Renden seems to take that for their lead, nodding Kaylee to the front so that she can follow the tracks. He'll stay as quiet as he can, knowing they're back where they started and shouldn't stay there long.

<FS3> Renden rolls Perception: Great Success.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls Perception: Success.
<FS3> Renden rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls Stealth: Success.
<FS3> Kylan rolls Perception: Success.
<FS3> Kylan rolls Stealth: Amazing Success.
<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Stealth: Great Success.
<FS3> Lothar rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Lothar rolls Perception: Good Success.
<FS3> Renden rolls 4+2: Success. (FOR THE NPC DOG)

Kylan moves through the woods like a ghost, making nary a sound and disappearing so completely that even his fellow Rangers who -know- he's there might have trouble spotting him. He moves along, following the tracks as best he's able, keeping his bow at the ready and an arrow nocked on the string.

Kaylee glances over to Renden at the motioning that she is to take the led, a nod is see while she shifts and moves in front to follow the tracks. Her gaze flicks here and there, making sure to keep a close eye on the tracks so they continue to follow them towards where this hound has gotten too. She has a feeling there is someplace this canine is at, perhaps with more bad guys someplace. Her movements are controlled and quiet so she is ahead of the game for that. She has her bow at her side once more, arrow nocked and ready.

The long grasses provide some cover, with thick shrubs and trees as the woods adding the efforts, though the woods are thinning, as if they're starting to enter a clearing. A trickle of water will indicate they are near a water source too, which might be a draw to the animal they are tracking.

Renden goes on the opposite side of Kaylee as Kylan did, while he might not be as great as disappearing with an arm he can no longer move, he's quiet enough. The noise of a camp he catches with the turn of the wind. In short order the Mobrin rangers will be coming across the spanning maw of a large clearing, playing host to an enemy army. Renden will spot the war hound first and makes a quick gesture to stop them from moving further ahead. The animal is lingering on the edge of the clearing, sniffing and perking his ears up at some movement behind him, but not yet reacting to the rangers who follow him. The beast is more interested in pissing and marking his territory than the soft gentle whispers of clothing rustling against stick and grass.

<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Tracking: Good Success.

Araltaidan is slipping through the forest as quietly and as unseen as he may. The Sky Forester carries his bow with an arrow knocked but the string lax, for his attention is divided between scanning the ground for signs of tracks, and keeping a sharp eye on the land around him. His ears also are pricked, pausing randomly and often to listen. He is not too far off to Rendon's left and behind, finding his own way.

Aralt pauses when the trees give way to grasses. He crouches down to take a careful look before he begins to wend his way through, stalking low. It's a good thing he sees Renden's gesture to stop, eyes seeking to find what the other noticed.

Before the eyes of the Mobrin rangers is a mass of numbers. Strong numbers. It's hard to estimate how many, because their numbers run into the forests behind them. By the tents alone, they easily count into the thousand range. Amongst their numbers are men who appear to be infantry, horses tied that can only be assumed to be part of the cavalry, glimpses of lumbering machine that have slowed the group down, siege weapons… and the archers. There is a small group of healers, though for the size of the men here, not enough to see them through whatever battle may lay before them - that or the Laniveer are confident they will not need healers.

<FS3> Renden rolls Perception: Good Success.
<FS3> Kylan rolls Perception: Failure.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls Perception: Good Success.
<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Perception: Good Success.

Kylan comes to a halt at Renden's gesture as well, eyes peering outward and eventually falling on the hound. He frowns, noticing its' perked ears. His attention is drawn away from the camp, though, instead being focused on the dog. It knows they're there. Moving away might alert it further. Attacking could also mean alert…but then again…camps are hardly silent affairs. A brief sound might not attract much or any notice. Or….if it makes no sound at all…. He levels his bow, nocking one of the Laniveeri arrows they pulled off of the Scouts. He takes a moment to gesture to the others, indicating both what he's about to do, and hopefully giving them the idea that they should be ready to run if it doesn't work. And then he draws….though he waits a moment to see if Araltaidan objects.

Araltaidan is not really interested in trying to befriend a big dog at an army camp. He's a lot more interested in crouching very still and hoping the dog will loose interest and go on it's way. After all, the Royal ranger is keen to back off and come around the camp again from a few directions so that they may get a firm assessment of numbers - though surely there are sentries to be avoided, or delt with. A long arrow lays against his bow, ready to draw. That is when he catches Kylan's movement and look. Aralt gives him a nod and lifts up his bow as well - perhaps the others will too for together they could drop the hound in a flurry of quick shots with better odds of dropping it in silence.

Kaylee takes in the long grasses that they are coming upon, which could be a good thing or a bad thing seeing how they can hide them but also hide the enemy, and in this case dogs that are for the other side. She frowns a touch but doesn't stop. There is a moment where she hears something ahead. Something that sounds like a camp perhaps. A glance is sent towards Kylan and then towards Renden as she catches sight of the movement from him. There is a slight nod as she pauses her movement any further into the grasses, bow resting before her and fingers resting upon the string. As she takes everything in she slips rather quiet, even a bit pale perhaps as she gets an idea of the number of people, which could perhaps be out through the forests and the camp before them. A glance is sent towards Kylan, a brow lifting at the arrow he pulls free to use. Her gaze drifts towards the others before she is searching (with her eyes) for where that dog is. There is a chance at any moment in time that dog could call them out. She shifts her bow lifting and arrow at the ready. Making friends with animals is at the top of her list of things normally, though with the camp right over the edge if it went wrong it could end badly for all of them.

Renden, while his attention had been steady on the dog for a bit, he turned to the numbers before him as the dog seems concerned with taking a piss. The numbers was their mission after all. To count heads, to regard what the army consisted of, how many, which direction if any (and while they're stationary that's hard to tell), and if this was to be a force to threaten Mobrin. He frowns as the trees prevent an accurate read, he only estimates between four and five thousand, a number which he flashes to Araltaidan, to see if the other confers with him on the matter. Outside of that, he cannot estimate the size of the infantry, archers, siege engineers, or cavalry. Nor can he lift a bow, so he's busy counting heads! Or trying too.

<FS3> Renden rolls 4+2: Failure. (DOG)

The dog has discovered a really interesting scent on the ground. He's actually gnawing at the grass a little and nudging it around with his nose, pawing at it. An ear flicks to the side but he doesn't register the sounds of his doom.

<COMBAT> Kylan attacks War Hound with Whitewood Recurve - Serious wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Araltaidan attacks War Hound with Broadhead Bow - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Kaylee attacks War Hound with Broadhead Bow - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> War Hound has been KO'd!

<FS3> Renden rolls Chance: Good Success.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls Chance: Good Success.
<FS3> Kylan rolls Chance: Failure.
<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Chance: Success.

Not much to it really. Three arrows go out, and the War Hound collapses with one in the head, one in the chest, and one in the belly. It dies without so much as a yelp. Kylan draws another arrow and nocks it but doesn't draw, turning his attention back towards the camp.

Aye, that was well done. Kylan's shot in particular. Araltaidan shares a nod then with Renden for the hand signals, then tips his bow up in silent salute to his fellow Royal Ranger (Kylan). Kaylee too did not disapoint with a fine shot. The war hound dropped like stone, never knowing what hit it.

Now it is time for Aralt to begin to ease and move towards whatever cover he may to start getting a better idea of the enemy war camp's numbers. How many knights perhaps, or seige engines. A very sharp eye and ear is kept to watch out for sentries that surely must be postede - likely more of those Laniveer scouts with bows.

While the dog was killed swiftly and without sound… doesn't mean that someone doesn't see it. A man rises from one of the camp fires and points to where his dog had been just moments again, but is now a slumped pile of fur on the ground. Even from a distance, the distinction between a moving dog and one that was suddenly dead stiff and still, is apparent. The dog's handler cuffs a few of his 'mates and nods them toward the spot, weapons drawing as they march toward the lump of fur - which also draws the attention of a few others in the camp.

Kaylee watches as the hound falls, a faint breath escapes her. So far so good! One issue out of way at least. Though nothing is /ever/ that easy, something is bound to go wrong and she catches the movement of men towards the nod dead hound and she is quietly and quickly pulling out another arrow from her quiver. This could be a problem that quickly finds them, if they move it will be a dead give away to where they are, if they don't move… Well it could be bad.

<FS3> Renden rolls 3+5: Success. (HOUND MASTER)
<FS3> Kaylee rolls Chance: Failure.
<FS3> Kylan rolls Chance: Success.
<FS3> Renden rolls Chance: Success.
<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Chance: Failure.

Kylan lowers his bow, beckoning for the others to high-tail it. He can't see any scenario of "stand and fight" that doesn't end with an army trampling them if they stay, and their mission is a failure if no one survives to report back. Before he moves though, he glances to Araltaidan, to see what the Master Ranger intends. His arrow is still nocked, and his eyes upon one of those approaching with a bow. Taking out the archers or crossbowmen might give them a head start, at least….

<FS3> Renden rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Kylan rolls STealth: Great Success.

Renden curses low under his breath as he sees the three coming toward them. Renden is not an idiot. He attempts to slip away from the dog and if the others want to sit around and wait to see what happens… but he needs to distance himself from that dead dog and fast, before the alarm is called out for their arrows. Good luck on hiding the arrows! They'll be seen shortly and if they don't distance themselves now, they're hooped. Ren issues the signal to split up. Best to fan out and have one of the slip away to deliver the reports to the King and Marshal.

Araltaidan isn't about to argue with Kylan's instinct, nor Renden's. He gives a nod and a hand gesture for the others to fall back as soon as they can, but /quietly/, staying unseen. The Sky Forester slips his arrow back into his quiver and draws forth a bodkin, more suitable against men with armour if needful even as he stays low and makes to withdraw as silently as he may. While it would have been good to see more, they have seen enough to complete their mission objective. More can be gathered soon enough.

Kaylee doesn't have a problem with the thought of leaving, and she is going to turning and leaving to do just that as well. Best idea is to go back the way they came, it was safe that way right? Her bow is lowered while she starts to slowly and hopefully quietly make her way away from the enemy that is moving towards the fallen dog.

There might be a reason why no rangers have returned to Mobrin to give away the Laniveer's location. It's because of the large party of stealthy bastards the Laniveer has put to good use. While they lost four men, the routines that are followed and the calls that are issued in a cycle that repeats every other hour and sometimes sooner, in a coded message of bird songs - they discovered the absence of the four. The ambush party came across the burried bodies and the tracks left by the Mobrin rangers. Instead of alerting the army and having a thousand of soldiers pouring into every direction and swinging swords at shrubbery, the network of Laniveer's trailed the tracks and settled down in their own positions, waiting for the Mobrin's to come to them - as surely they would now. The party spots Araltaidan and Kaylee… 20 gold for a dead ranger, double that if taken alive! With a sharp whistle… it begins!

The ambush leader will spring out at Kaylee and attempt to tackler her into submission… the other two will rush at Araltaidan. Thus, the three who were investigating the dead dog here the whistle and the sudden commotion, grinning at one another. They know this trick. "More Mobrin cunts come to spy on us-" and of course, with 20 gold on the line, they don't want a thousand soldiers competing either, so they start to head in the direction of the noise.

Kylan makes his way back away from the camp in near-silence yet again, and for a half-moment he begins to think they just might get away unscathed. And then the whistle comes. Kylan draws the bowstring back, and almost on instinct shifts and swiftly lines up and fires a shot at the shape that lunges towards Kaylee a not-too-far distance away.

Renden curses their luck. This was to be expected. This would certainly explain why there hadn't been much more interest in the missing scouts… and why Mobrin's scouts failed to return. He spots the men going after the Royal Ranger and even with one arm, tries to even out the odds, breaking his cover to go stab at them with the pointy end of his cutlass.

<COMBAT> Kylan attacks Ambush Leader with Whitewood Recurve - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Ambush Leader tries to subdue Kaylee but fails.
<COMBAT> Renden attacks Ambush Soldier with Cutlass - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Ambush Soldier2 attacks Araltaidan with Broadhead Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Ambush Soldier attacks Araltaidan with Bastard Sword but Araltaidan DODGES!

Kylan's shot unfortunately doesn't lodge an arrow in the Ambush Leader's eye, but it does drive a very deep gouge along the side of his head, and take a piece of his ear with it. With Kaylee slipping away from his attempt to grab her, he quickly nocks another arrow and fires, seeing if he can bring the man down before he can attack again.

Ambush Leader howls as his attempt to subdue the greasy little Mobrin Ranger fails and he takes an arrow in the head for it, his ear forever pinned to some god forsaken tree! He spins on Kylan and slides his sword from his sheath, spinning to attack the archer!

The Hound Master, the Lan Scout, and the Shadow are now in this… picking their targets as they reveal themselves.

The whistle is caught and Kaylee sends a sharp glance towards the sound of approaching men, though perhaps they have made if far enough that they can break out into a run? Well that was the thought! The movement is caught right upon her basically, she turn swinging out hard with her bow towards the man's head though thankfully someone gets a hit on the man that was making a grab for her. She doesn't wait to see what happens as she dives further out of the way, she pulls out an arrow as her shoulder rests against a tree she slide into and lets an arrow fly towards one of the soldier's that has appeared. If this keeps up they are all going to be overrun with soldiers and scouts.

It startles him when men pop up out of the trees and tall grasses to lay upon them! How is it that they didn't notice the men in hiding?! No time to dwell on that now. Araltaidan must dodge the sword that comes for him, an arrow narrowly missing him as well, zipping past his head and shoulder! The archer twists and draws his sword but has enough sense to know he is so not interested in hanging around this party, no way! Yet he can't help but spare a glance aside as he sees a man go for Kaylee! Thankfully she slips free!

With every mind to get away as quickly as they can, Aralt tries to run the fellow through who jumped him. If nothing else, to get him off so the master ranger can get free.

Renden manages to nearly gut the one soldier as he rushes him. Though, the blade gets lodged in there with the armor, slowing the gutting to a mere stab wound! A mere stab! He leaps back with his cutlass in his right hand, frowning at the situation they're all in. His voice bellows out as he notices three more crashing through the bush, "Retreat!! You bastards, retreat!!" Yet, the Laniveer might not very well allow that.

<COMBAT> Kaylee attacks Ambush Soldier with Broadhead Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hound Master attacks Renden with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Ambush Soldier attacks Kaylee with Bastard Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Shadow attacks Renden with Crossbow - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Renden attacks Ambush Soldier with Cutlass and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Araltaidan attacks Ambush Soldier with Bodkin Bow - Light wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Ambush Leader attacks Kylan with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Ambush Soldier2 attacks Kaylee with Broadhead Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kylan attacks Ambush Leader with Whitewood Recurve - Light wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Lan Scout attacks Araltaidan with Cutlass - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Ambush Soldier has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Renden has been KO'd!

Kylan backpedals away from the Ambush Leader's wild swing of his sword, but the motion does cause his shot to merely graze the fellows arm. With only a bit of distance between them, Kylan swiftly nocks and fires at near point-blank range! He's skilled with a blade, but he's better with a bow, and if he can drop this fellow he might be able to better help his comrades with covering fire.

Kaylee let's the arrow fly right as two are attacking her, a swing from one is felt as it hits her but thanks to the armor she has on which is reinforced a bit more then what she tends to have on and it is a good thing at the moment. As for the arrow it zips by and slams into the tree that was next to her. She turns quickly rounding the tree to use it as some cover, a arrow is pulled and noched and she lets it fly towards one of the men that is moving towards them. Hopefully it will offer someone some cover so they can continue to escape this mess!

Araltaidan hears Renden's shout and he's too busy for a moment to give reply - his sword only lightly hits the man who's trying to get Kaylee, but it's enough to distract him from hurting her! Victory in that, but another of the Laniveer catch the master ranger with his blade, stabbing him in the abdomin! Aralt bares his teeth at the pain, a sudden flash of memory of being in an alley with the Princess Caillin and how he was almost gutted to death by two men. That is enough to motivate him, stumbling back from the Laniveer Scout.

"Run for it! That's an order!" It gives him away as the one in charge, but let it - if it'll get men off of Kaylee and help her to get away. "Go!" He tries to get another man off of her, "Go now!" Araltaidan didn't even notice that the man he struck fell into the grass.

The three crashing through the bush… well two of them go for the old bear first! Renden was already injured and an easy target! He couldn't defend his left side and that's where they come at him. The long sword he tries to meet, yet, fails too as his swing just goes wide of his target, opening him up for the crossbow that zings his way and thunks into his chest - the sweep of the long sword doesn't even feel as bad as that bolt that's lodged deep into his chest. He staggers back from the Hound Master, feeling the shock and adrenaline seize him all at once. He backs up a few more steps now, growling as the others are sticking around and fighting still, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! I'VE GOT THESE BASTARDS!" As in, nows your chance! Cease the day! Run like fucking Inouv was on your ass!! Inouv. Renden growls with a surge of adrenaline and faces down the Hound Master, whose grinning at him.

The Hound Master smirks, "This is what you get for killing my hound you dog!" Oh the irony.

There's more noises coming from the camp now as the sounds of a fight reach more ears…

<COMBAT> Renden attacks Hound Master with Cutlass but Hound Master DODGES!
<COMBAT> Shadow attacks Renden with Crossbow - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Kylan attacks Ambush Leader with Whitewood Recurve - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Ambush Leader attacks Kaylee with Long Sword but Kaylee DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kaylee attacks Ambush Soldier2 with Broadhead Bow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hound Master attacks Renden with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Ambush Soldier2 attacks Kylan with Broadhead Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Araltaidan attacks Ambush Leader with Long Sword - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Lan Scout attacks Kylan with Cutlass - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Ambush Leader has been KO'd!

Kylan grits his teeth, hearing Araltaidan and Renden's words. With the Ambush Leader felled, he narrowly avoids an arrow, only to get a relatively minor cut on his right arm from the Laniveer Scout that's moved to attack him. He doesn't want to leave his comrades behind. Every instinct tells him not to…but there is the mission. So Kylan fights back the instinct to fight…and opts to attempt flight instead.

<FS3> Renden rolls Escape: Failure.

Too many things are going on at once. Araltaiden manages to catch the fellow dogging Kaylee's back and with Kylan'd help, drop him! Kaylee is free, then. "Come on! Get out of here!" He barely has time to look around, hearing Renden's mad shouts that will surely rouse the enemy army camp. They have a very narrow window of escape if they try for it now - and then horsemen will be breathing down their necks quickly enough! Aralt knows that /someone/ among them /must/ escape to report their findings back to their own forces. And though he keeps glancing back, afraid to leave his comrades, he does his best to reach the trees.

<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Escape: Success.

Kaylee may not be near Renden, but the fight between him and the others is easily caught from her angle. "Renden!" Is heard once she hears him, this isn't happening, not like this here and now. The yells are caught though for them to run, for them to escape and yet how can she when Renden is basically getting killed? Another arrow is grabbed and with gritted teeth she sends the arrow flying towards the Hound Master before she has no choice but to turn and attempts to flee, perhaps mere moment that could prove badly for herself but honestly telling her to leave when Renden is back there? She is hard headed after all and this is one of those moments that is won over her better judgement.

<FS3> Kaylee rolls Escape: Success.

<FS3> Kylan rolls Escape: Success.

The damn cheat! Renden would've growled, had he the ability too, caught up in a duel with a Hound Master. The Hound Master dodges Renden's swing. He was never so good at blades. He was a master archer and without his damned left arm, useless to that. He does manage to avoid getting his head chopped off by a blade, but not so much a crossbolt that zings at him again. It's a rather sudden forceful impact that has him thrown off his balance and creening back, sprawling to the grass with a sudden gasp of breath out of his lungs. The bolt took him in the jaw and sliced across a part of his neck, taking off an ear in the process. Somewhere in this dazed universe, he realized he was bleeding out and that there was no help for him now. He could only help the others. With a grunt, he realizes he's near one of the dead enemies and feels his hand clasp arond a long sword. He pushes himself up, half hunched over, but he swings at those remaining, spitting to the side… a gob of blood is all that he can taste and see hork to the side. Doesn't matter. He cannot even talk now. Doesn't matter. His point of his sword indicates his intent to fight the bastards as the others use the opportunity to escape.

The Hound Master shakes his head and smirks, approaching Renden with a knowing look that the Master Ranger has hardly a moment left in him to live. It's only time but he'll cut the man down officially to claim the 20 gold on his head. The shadow doesn't seem to like that and quickly reloads, trying to get another bolt off, so he can claim the purse for himself. 20 gold. Their blood price for the old dog!

The last two are chasing Kylan. The Lan scout couldn't get a hold on Araltaidan and that one is slipping away, reaching the trees in the falling darkness. And Ambush Soldier2 was on Kylan's heels as well, though that ranger turns out to be fleet footed, escapging them! Bah! There's still that woman, going to help that old ranger who's gone down! Now /she/ would be a nice catch - and not just for the 20 gold, but to have their way with her! So towards Kaylee they turn.

<COMBAT> Kaylee attacks Hound Master with Broadhead Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Shadow attacks Renden with Crossbow - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Renden attacks Hound Master with Cutlass and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hound Master attacks Renden with Long Sword - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Ambush Soldier2 attacks Kaylee with Broadhead Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Lan Scout tries to subdue Kaylee but fails.

Araltaidan stops at the edge of the woods for Kylan to join him, looking back, "Shyte! Renden's …" done for, though he doesn't say it out loud, "Kaylee, damnit!" But there is nothing to be done for it. He thins his mouth, "We gotta get out of here. It's her choice, Kylan. We /have/ to make it back to report and we may not, even so. Must try." With teeth gritting, Aralt makes himself turn his back and sheath his sword, keeping his bow in hand. He picks up a run and starts to get the hell out - he has orders after all and the Mobrin forces at the border are counting on their rangers.

The two have closed in, and one makes a leap for Kaylee but misses! "Come on, my sweet! We have plans for you, lassie!" He even knows some Mobrin, though his accent his thickly Lannish. "We'll treat you right fine, yes we will!" They don't look too concerned about Renden, that old bastard bleeding with a crossbow bolt through his face! He can't last long now. The other two are hacking him into pieces even now, fighting more over the claim on the 20 gold pieces than with the ranger who's done for.

So the Lan Scout and the Ambsuh Soldier continue going after the woman - they want her.

The shouts have roused the war camp! Sentries call out into the growing darkness, closing in. The alarm spreads through the close side of the military, men leaving their fires and suppers to take up their arms, many shouting to find out what is going on.

Renden was somehow still standing. His attacks though, are not doing anything. He's just a distracting target as the Lanny bastards can count gold in their pockets. A second bolt to the chest thunks deeply and heavily into him. In this instance, he checks over his shoulder to see in his dying haze if the others have fled, signaling with his right hand in vain toawrd Kaylee as he cannot bloody well talk, his jaw was hanging there, his cheek split open and gaping. Yeah, it wasn't pretty. Who said death was pretty! He hopes that'll be enough because the sword that comes at him seems to do the trick, running him through. There's a cough of blood as he looks down at the blade, for an instant. As the Hound Master twists it, to ensure the old man goes down.. and how ironic it is that a Hound Master would take down the Old dog. There's nothing else glorious about it. As the sword is withdrawn, it seems Renden's life goes with it. The old man's corpse slumping dead at the Hound Master's feet. The fact of it is, the Hound Master cheers, "I got him! 20 gold for me!" And the Shadow can be heard complaining, "But I put three bloody bolts in him! He's mine!" And so they'll argue over him… This is war. No hard feelings.


Damage Report for Renden

(Current) Type Wound Treat Est Heal

1. Serious 0 Bodkin_Bow to Left Arm - 6 days

2. Healed 0 Bodkin_Bow to Left Hand - -

3. Moderate Physical Long Sword to Chest + 5 days

4. Critical 0 Crossbow to Chest + 14 days

5. Critical 0 Crossbow to Head + 14 days

6. Serious 0 Crossbow to Chest + 9 days

7. Critical Physical Long Sword to Chest + 14 days

Total Wound Modifier: -15.9 Healed By:

Kaylee wasn't actually going /towards/ Renden, as much as she wants to help him she knows that she can't. Though not getting off a shot to at least try, she would never be able to live with herself. The sight of her arrow missing the man that is attacking her teacher, her friend and that will hurt her more than anything the soldier's could go to her honestly. With the arrow missing she is diving through the underbrush of trees that was behind her, one missing the grab thanks to this and she continues to go. Nothing else is said, no other looks given over her shoulder while tears roll down her cheeks, the only sign of emotion she's shown in a long time. The only thing she can do is run, the picture of Renden dying something she won't be able to forget for a long time. If she makes it out of this alive.

<FS3> Kaylee rolls Escape: Good Success.

They'll not be friendly to the old ranger's body. They'll rummage through his things, pocket anything of value - which was mostly his weapons. Anything else seemed rusted and unimportant - like his iron wedding ring, which gets aimlessly tossed aside, ever to be lost, the only marker to Renden's existence there that day. They'd also drag his body back in a parade of victory, beheading him and tossing the body down some unmarked hole, for all they needed was a head to prove their kill. A hunting party is put together to track down and kill the remaining Mobrin Rangers. Where that chase will lead the Mobrin Rangers, is hard to say, but the Mobrin rangers will not get a day of rest… the laniveer hounds are coming.

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