Cri 11, 229: Ranger Up! (Part 1)

Ranger Up! (Part 1)
Summary: Rangers of Mobrin are sent to scout north of the border into Laniveer territory to seek rumor of an enemy army. Their mission is to find it and get an estimate of numbers. They run into some Laniveer Scouts.
OOC Date: 04/13/2014 (OOC)
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Laniveer/Mobrin Border
Starting at the northern border, the rangers head north into Southern Laniveer…
Cri 11th, 229

The ship that set sail very early Friday morning with the outgoing tide took up the wind into her sails and ran as fast as she could to the west - which with a predominately westerly wind, meant she had to tack tediously back and forth to make her way more slowly than anyone would have liked. Even so, she managed better time than a man could on horseback and soon landed.

Men and even a few women, most all of them trained in Sky Forest, disembarked. Araltaidan had plenty of time while on board to take stock of who was among their party and sort a few things out. Such as himself being the highest ranked Royal Ranger presant. He has eyed Hadrian more than a few times, wondering if the noble Kincaid Heir might overrule him and take command. Soon enough to find out as they go ashore and begin the trek.

"Everyone listen up!" Aralt raises his baritone, "We have a report from scouts at Crosswynds ruins by raven as to which way we need to go. We are to head north over the border and into Laniveer … you heard right. There's an army up here, coming south presumably towards Crosswynds and we have been sent to seek it out. We must obtain intel on numbers, kinds of soldiers and archers, horseman, knights and how they are equipted, their traveling speed and their scouts, or as much as possible." The Master Ranger pauses before he continues, "You probably heard the Laniveer scouts have been given bounties on each of our heads to kill Rangers of Mobin. 20 /gold/ coins is the rumor and they are very hot to collect. We need to watch ourselves. Any questions?" (the set)

Renden is standing to the back of the group, standing with a lean in his stance, black furs ditched for more of browns and dark greens, traditional camouflage - pending there wasn't any snow and then he'd be simply hooped right along with the rest of them. The old Master Greenshire ranger spits to the side, chewing some tobac, turning his head up with an aged jadedness about him, "That's pig shit! 20 gold? That it? Lads, we can do better than that, I mark it myself, you lot have been pissin in the wind too long. And what pray tell is the Crown going to give us for one of their scouts head's, eh?" He chuckles to himself and spits again.

Hadrian steps from the boat and offers a soft yawn then stretches his arms over his head. He looks over to Araltaidan and gives him to go ahead to do what needs to be done. Hadrian was a little tired from his boot camp he's been handling with the guards around the castle as well as balancing his duties of his own Lakeshire Rangers and his time with Emma. A glance is given towards Renden and his words, shrugging a bit. Gold wasn't his concearn right now.

Kylan Fletcher is the only other Royal Ranger present, and it would appear he has no questions, as the oft-taciturn Ranger does indeed remain silent. Instead, he takes a few moments to check over his weapons and equipment one last time before they depart. They have to travel light, of course, but living off the land shouldn't be a problem for them. Kylan's familiar with the Lakeshire border, as well, having returned from mapping them rather extensively just a few months ago. He glances towards Renden and the faint flicker of a smile crosses his lips, but still he remains silent.

Lothar is standing off to one side as well as he listens to the Master Royal Ranger, "Hrmph, 20 gold? They're selling us cheap these days." He does look over his gear real quick ensuring everything is secured where it needs to be.

Araltaidan eyes the others, "Very funny. It's a lot more money than most common folk will see all at once in their lifetimes so … anyway, it's only a rumor. /I've/ heard the Lannies have so much gold that they make their privy seats out of it, but you can't believe everything we hear." He grins a bit as he gives his own things one last checking over. Yep, everything of his is as ready as he can be right down to fresh water in his skin.

"All right then, let's move out. Move fast, quiet. Eyes sharp. Stay within a tohee's call of one another and we'll use that one to keep tabs on our progress in thick foliage. You find anything of interest that needs attention, give a sharper double call of the red bellied woodpecker. Then repeat as needed until you draw us in if we aren't within sight." Pretty common bird calls at least in Sky Forest. Aralt gives the group one last glance to see if there is any last concerns and if not, he'll start out towards the north into the forest.

Renden shoulders his quivar and bow, the grizzled old bastard giving a grin toward the front where Araltaidan has taken charge of the affair. He looks over toward the younger ranger, smirking, "Ya piss hounds know how to bleeding whistle a red pecker?" He cracks a grin. Apparently someone was into it early this morning or is into this. Danger is the last thing on earth that thrills the old guy, so why wouldn't he be all for it. "You look like you've done a few peckers in your day—" this to whoever was near him, enough to get a good ribbing in. Either way, his gear is all he has and it fits quite comfortably on his person where it has always been.

Hadrian continues to move on into the forest with the other rangers. His eyes scanning the area a moment as they move. He's mostly silent, not having much to comment on as he walks. He glances over to Renden a moment and then the others as they move. He had a bow and quiver over his back as well and a longsword and a smaller dagger at his side. He was trained for this and continues onward. He was ready for anything but knew not to take chances. Emma would not forgive him if he did.

Lothar simply nods as he gets the instructions on what kind of signals to make and what for before he heads off into the forest with the others carefully moving through the underbrush and eventually fading out of sight from the beach.

Araltaidan laughs softly at what Renden says as they begin to leave the ship, "I'm a married man now. I have a wife to whistle my pecker, thanks." As they start into the thick forest foliage though, he drops off any banter and slips away from the group to spread out, ears and eyes sharp. They don't know how far they have to travel and it make take them a few days to find the army. Then again, Laniveer scouts are out here already and could be anywhere.

Kylan follows along in silence, moving into the woods without pause. His eyes are already alert and wary, even on "their" side of the border. Never know when you'll run across an enemy scouting party. As for the rest? Kylan spent some time behind the enemy lines in the -last- war. It's part of what gained him admittance into the Royal Rangers. To say he is completely lacking in fear is an overstatement though. Fear can help keep you alive, if you know how to control it. With the Whitewood Recurve he's recently won shouldered and a sword and a few knives for closer-in fighting, he's ready for action, even if hopefully they'll be able to avoid it. Fighting isn't the mission here.

The first day the Mobrin rangers see nothing out of the oridinary and the land they pass through is little inhabitted. Mostly forest. However, once they are over the border and trekking on the second day upon Laniveer soil, a few small villages and farmsteads must be cautiously scoutted without being seen. The people they see look fit, healthy, realtively well kitted out for common farmers and woodsmen. Some hunters must be evaded and the Rangers continue north, picking up trails and leaving them again. The land becomes more rolling with wider patches free of forest - pastures with livestock, or hay production. Aralt's pace he sets becomes more cautious and as they come to a rise in the land, he pauses to have a good look at the land that he can see spreading out below.

Renden wasn't in the mood for jokes the second day, as the first day seemed to press his joints and his knees more than he recalled possible. And the wheeze in his chest he could only hide for so long, thus, even when camped he strayed away from the others to regain his breath in relative peace, where coughs could be muffled without giving away his position - like by the water or some grazing animal. Some men should just retire, some men should just know when to stop, but some men had nothing else to live for and thus continued on. That was Renden, he refused to let the ache in his knees get to him. He had endured much more and while the second day continued, yet sometimes the mind was stronger than the body and he was falling behind. Liquor in a flask and a puff or two of sky herb was the only saving grace.

Hadrian was quiet, more quiet then most men really should be. Even as a few days passed on during their mission, he didn't say much. Either he was focused on the mission at hand or he had someone on his mind. Either way the look on his face says he's focused. Hadrian looks over to Renden, then Lothar, then Kylan, then Aral before looking back around to his surroundings. The party was small, small enough to go unnoticed through the land of Laniveer. One wrong move could lead them directly into the army they seek to scout out themselves. It was dangerous but he was ready to do his part for king and country.

Kylan has spent a fair amount of their travel time at point, alternating primarily with Araltaidan. For the moment though, it's the Master Ranger who holds that position, though Kylan is not far behind, dropping to a crouch behind some brush as they come to a halt and Araltaidan makes his survey. As he often does during their pauses, Kylan pulls out a piece of parchment and qiuckly scrawls a few notes on their geography. There isn't time for a proper surveying, but at least having some general information on the geography might be useful in the future. It's only a few quick strokes of charcoal in his own manner of shorthand, before it's all tucked away again. He'll transfer them to more permanent form when they camp.

<FS3> Lothar rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Hadrian rolls Perception: Success.

<FS3> Lothar rolls Perception: Success.

<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Perception: Failure.

<FS3> Renden rolls Perception: Good Success.

<FS3> Kylan rolls Perception: Great Success.

Araltaidan doesn't see anything of interest though he looks for a few minutes. He shifts to pop his back and then with a glance to any of the others close enough he might see, he begins to carefully descend the slope to head into the slight valley below.

Maybe being in the back, lagging behind, had been a blessing in disguise. Renden makes his customary stop, to not only catch a breath, but to look around. That's when his nostrils flare a little wider than usual, brows furrowing as he starts to try and recapture the scent, turning his head this way and that. Quietly he checks the direction of the wind, eyes watching the long grasses and the flip of newly sprung leaves of the trees. His head turns, lips pucker, making the whistle they had agreed on, signaling the nearest man to him with hand gestures at the west.

Kylan frowns, tilting his head curiously, gauging the wind, and then then turns his eyes towards the west. He unshoulders his bow and nocks and arrow even as he gives the same call that Renden does, but only once. A cacophany of such calls would only attract attention. Whoever's attention he garners, he gestures silently towards the west, gesturing towards his eyes to indicate he spotted something, then tapping his nose to indicate he smelled something as well, even if he can't fully place it.

Hadrian listens to the whistles fr4om Renden and then looks towards the direction towards the west as well. He moves over to some small bushes and takes a glance that way. He looks to the other men here as well to see if they notice also. There was a nod before glancing back to the direction of the west to see what it was that Renden spotted. His hand moving to the hilt of his longsword before remaining still where he is now.

<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Chance: Good Success.

The master ranger hasn't gone far before he stops and couches down. Aralt looks carefully and when he sees and hears nothing more after the bird calls, he begins to slip back to close in to see what was found. It is Kylan whom he comes to first, hunkering down in the foliage for concealment, "What is it?" It's a whisper, his own gaze looking carefully towards the direction indicated.

<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Perception: Good Success.

<FS3> Renden rolls Perception: Failure.

<FS3> Hadrian rolls Perception: Good Success.

<FS3> Kylan rolls Perception: Good Success.

For those who can spot him, there appears to be a Laniveer scout not too far off down the slope and slightly below them towards the west. He is barely visible through the spring foliage. Yet he's not moving, but crouched down and taking a shit in the leaves. In fact, to those who can spot him best, the fellow appears to have the runs! No wonder there was a hint of a nasty, acrid smell for some. The young man makes a nasty little mess and then tries to clean himself up and cover up the traces with old leaves from last year. He's carrying a bow and quiver, but also a sword and wearing leathers suited to the forest much as the rangers are garbed. Chances are, if there's one, there are probably more.

<FS3> Renden rolls Stealth: Great Success.

<FS3> Hadrian rolls Stealth: Success.

Renden isn't one of those that can see the young man, thankfully, or else he would've likely cracked another joke about pig shit. For now he continues stepping west, without a sound, but he's not really sure where he's looking anymore.

<FS3> Kylan rolls Stealth: Good Success.

<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Stealth: Great Success.

Kylan makes a hand gesture that indicates one man, pointing Araltaidan in the proper direction and then beginning to move through the woods with his bow at the ready. He's mindful of his footfalls, carefully weaving around brush and twigs, keeping crouched low and moving when the light breeze blows, trying to see if he can spot more of this scouting party.

Araltaidan gives a nod, looks around to see if the others are closing in somewhat that he might see them. He likewise nocks an arrow loosely and holds it against string and wood with one hand as he begins to slowly, carefully ease through the thickening greenery. It's early enough spring this far north that the leaves aren't dense, yet but he uses what concealment he can as he moves cautiously closer.

While Kylan's focus is on the hapless pooter down there, Aralt's gaze is sharp for signs of any others about. His own steps take him a bit off at an angle rather than directly towards the scout, looking out for others.

Hadrian was going to go after the guy he barely spots but descides not too. He remains where he is and lets someoe who's closer get to the man first. He remains back in some bushes, hiding for now, waiting to see who is going to take care of the guy.

<FS3> Araltaidan rolls 6: Great Success. (NPC)

<FS3> Lothar rolls Stealth: Great Success.

Now finished with his business, the Laniveer scout ties off his trews and picks his bow back up. He starts to walk lightly away from the scene of his crime when someone coming down the slope is noticed. The blond sees or hears Hadrian and for an instant freezes before he grabs for an arrow and nocks it, making a sharp, piercing whistle that mimics no bird! A sound of alarm. The bow is raised at once and though he can't see Hadrian well and that ranger hasn't come directly towards him, it's the man the scout happened to notice.

Hadrian watches the Laniveer solider and then offers him a smile as he seems to notice him. A small wave is given to the man as if to distract him and keep his attention on himself rather then give him a chance to look around.

Lothar has been scouting with his recurve in his hand because it would be irresponsible to be out in enemy territories without having a weapon at the ready. Upon hearing the whistle of alarm he quickly knocks an arrow and sights down at the Lan Warrior to try and silence the scout before too many of his compatriots can zero in on his location.

Renden hears the sharp whistle of alarm and hunkers down, pulling his bow from around his shoulder and finding an arrow in his fingers before long. But he's not attacking the lone scout, he's looking for others who -should- be responding to that whistle.

Kylan frowns ever-so-slightly as the Laniveer scout makes his alarm, quickly bringing his bow up and letting fly. It may be too late, but at least it'll perhaps be one less they have to deal with. And he's re-nocking a second shot almost as soon as the first leaves the bow, eyes alert for newcomers joining into the battle.

<COMBAT> Araltaidan attacks Lan Warrior with Bodkin Bow - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Lothar attacks Lan Warrior with Bodkin Bow - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Lan Warrior attacks Hadrian with Broadhead Bow and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Kylan attacks Lan Warrior with Whitewood Recurve - Serious wound to Right Arm.

Hadrian watches an armor whiz bow his head and the young Lord draw forth one of his throwing daggers hidden in his back side. He pulls it and then tosses it quickly towards the man in hopes to finish him off before he can call for help assuming none heard the mans whistle from earlier.

Lothar continues keeping to the shadows and underbrush moving quietly to get to in line for another shot which he releases as soon as the arrow is aimed down at the target.

Renden is staying still. Not even a breath is taken or made. There's more coming and rather than give away his position taking down one man that … evidently three or four are working on, his eyes scower the grass and the treeline for further individuals.

Araltaidan brought his bow up at the whistle. He tucks his leg beneath him on the slope and draws the fletching back, back to his cheek in a quick pull with his left, pushing with his right arm until his bow is drawn taught. His arrow is released with the barest soft twang of string against his arm guard and the arrow flies true, striking the Laniveer bowman in the back.

The poor bugger with the shits doesn't have much of a chance. Three arrows hit him, one of the wounds serious and he almost drops, staggered. A hand thrown out to the nearest tree barely keeps him from face planting into the leaf mold. The kid now looks scared, trying to knock another arrow and hurting.

Not far further down the slope is an answering sharp whistle and a second, then a third scout coming running to aid their fellow!

<FS3> Araltaidan rolls 8: Success. (NPC)

<FS3> Kylan rolls Perception: Good Success.

<FS3> Lothar rolls Perception: Good Success.

Kylan's second arrow is nocked and drawn, but as a bit of motion is noticed out of the corner of his eye, he shifts his body and lets another arrow fly towards one of the incoming Laniveer Scouts. Still silent, and still reaching for a third arrow even as the second is in flight.

Renden is waiting and he will not reveal himself, having shuffled to a place that will offer him some measure of hiding, until he releases the first arrow. That may call attention to him, but for now he'll not line up the first guy that runs across his vision, but the second…

<FS3> Renden rolls Stealth: Good Success.

<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Perception: Good Success.

<COMBAT> Lanny Scout attacks Renden with Bodkin Bow - Serious wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Kylan attacks Lanny Scout3 with Whitewood Recurve and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Renden attacks Lanny Scout2 with Bodkin Bow - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Lanny Scout2 attacks Kylan with Bodkin Bow - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Lothar attacks Lan Warrior with Bodkin Bow - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Lan Warrior attacks Renden with Broadhead Bow and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Lanny Scout3 attacks Renden with Bodkin Bow - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Hadrian attacks Lan Warrior with Throwing Knife - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Araltaidan attacks Lanny Scout with Bodkin Bow - Serious wound to Abdomen.

<COMBAT> Renden has been KO'd!

With the enemy reinforcements coming, Hadrian draws forth his longsword and charges into the fray. He charges after one of the scouts letting the others take care of the shitting warrior. He heads over to Scout 2, aiming and attacking with his longsword at the warrior.

Suddenly the woods are a live with Laniveer scouts, a four party group. The least experienced of them, and also the one who's sick with the runs, gets lightly hit by Lothar's arrow. He's hurt bad and his own arrow goes astray, unable to shoot far enough to hit Renden, too weak. Blood soaks his leathers and arrows fletch his body but somehow he's managing to keep his feet by taking some cover to lean against a tree.

Meanwhile the other two come charging up and take positions to fire arrows from their own bows. One of them barks orders in the Laniveer tongue while a third scout comes from the side of the slope, trying to move more quietly. Kylan spots him but the arrow goes wide.

Kylan grunts as an arrow pierces his armor. Not too deep, but still something that's going to make matters more difficult. The Ranger doesn't let it distract him too much though, letting his third arrow fly, again towards the fellow who thought he might be sneaky. Though this time he moves to try to find some semblance of cover before nocking his fourth arrow.

Araltaidan is not as pleased as he could be. He hisses a breath, "We were supposed to avoid a fight and gather information!" The whole mission might go astray now they are found out by Laniveer's version of rangers. Damn. He sees Renden take an arrow in the arm and that doesn't look good. Aralt's own arrow struck his man in the gut and the shaft sank in deep. The master ranger nocks another arrow at once, not rushing to close in as Hadrian does - but taking care where he's shooting so not to endanger the Kincaid lord.

Lothar adjusts his target from the Lan Warrior which looks pretty much out of the fight at this point and as he knocks a new arrow he aims down at one of the other Lanny scouts letting the arrow release with a slight twang from his bow.

As the second figure (lanny scout2) streaks by him, Renden lifts up from his hiding spot to draw knotch and arrow and draw back the string to his cheek, taking just a moment to aim, adjust for the speed in which the other man moves, and then letting it fly. He will allow himself to smirk for it too, because he notices that the arrow lodges itself into the guy's abdomen. No coming back from that, something's punctured inside. But the smirk doesn't last long as a sharp pang sears through his left arm, tendons snapping and flesh breaking as the damn arrow from the Lanny Scout pierces right through his arm to the other side, followed by a second to his hand. "Fucking sons of fucking whores! You cock sucking dirt bags, pig eatting shit fuckers," and that's his arm, dropping uselessly to his side as he's pretty damn certain those bodkin arrow shafts have broken his arm. Not his fighting arm at least, but the bow is pretty damn useless now. He tosses it aside and draws out his short blade, "Mother fuckers! Cunt fucking whores." He continues to swear like this, because he's drawing the attention now toward him, to give the other's a chance, "Bloody piss shitting pricks." The good thing about having a shaft completely through his arm, it's stemming the blood well enough, so he won't bleed to death - yet.

<COMBAT> Araltaidan attacks Lanny Scout with Bodkin Bow - Moderate wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Lothar attacks Lanny Scout with Bodkin Bow - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Kylan attacks Lanny Scout3 with Whitewood Recurve - Light wound to Abdomen.

<COMBAT> Renden attacks Lanny Scout3 with Cutlass - Serious wound to Head.

<COMBAT> Lanny Scout2 attacks Kylan with Bodkin Bow - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Hadrian attacks Lanny Scout2 with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Right Arm.

<COMBAT> Lanny Scout has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Lanny Scout3 has been KO'd!

The shitter looks pretty scared and he's hurting, still hiding behind a tree as best he can while bleeding. If the kid had more sense, he'd run away. As it is he thinks he has three more experienced scouts coming to his aid - only two of them just got killed or otherwise dropped with arrows. The swearing almost makes him laugh, except that he's hurt too bad.

The last Scout gets hit and he's not in good shape either. Hadrian's sword knocks his bow right out of his hands and he's forced back to draw his own sword as well!

Lothar adjusts his aim from the scout that went down to the next one knocking, drawing, aiming and then twang as another bodkin is released from his bow before he moves to another location keeping as low a profile and in the underbrush as much as possible.

With the would-be stealthy Laniveer Scout dropped, along with one of his fellows, Kylan pokes out to fire yet another shot, hissing as an arrow grazes right across the armor on his chest. He recoils back behind his flimsy cover for a moment, then pops out again, taking aim at another of the new arrivals and letting fly once more.

The one armed ranger, that's what he'll be called. This was a career ending move if nothing else. The bone was snapped through and through. The arrow was lodged there and would take some effort in coming out. Renden takes his vengence out on the one Lanny bastard (scout3) who was the cause of it. He charges at the man to the point that it startles the scout to the point of no reaction. He was too busy trying to pick another target or trying to knotch another arrow. Either way, Renden leaps and drives his cutlace down in a vicious hammer against the man's head, which… promptly sends the bastard to the ground. Wild eyed, Renden growls toward the scared little kid at the tree, seeing him still lingering there, "You little shit. Time to die."

Hadrian feels his sword stright the man hand. He notices the rest of the men come and attack the same scout as him. Hadrian turns to look to see what the other warrior, the shititng one, was doing. His eyes turn to take in the time of him coming at him. Hadrian smiles a little and moves towards the Lanny Warrior as well, moving to strike the man with his long sword.

<COMBAT> Araltaidan attacks Lan Warrior with Bodkin Bow and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Renden attacks Lan Warrior with Cutlass - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Hadrian attacks Lan Warrior with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Kylan attacks Lanny Scout2 with Whitewood Recurve - Serious wound to Head.

<COMBAT> Lothar attacks Lanny Scout2 with Bodkin Bow - Serious wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Lan Warrior attacks Kylan with Broadhead Bow and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Lanny Scout2 has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Lan Warrior has been KO'd!

The hail of arrows and Hadrian's sword prove the day for the Mobrin Rangers, this time. The last two, already badly wounded, are cut down even as the older scout decides it's time to fall back and run like hell. He doesn't get further than to turn and start for it after firing an arrow than he goes down. Four dead men lay in the leaf mold scatterede over the woodland slope.

Seeing how the last scout has fallen, Hadrian sheaths his sword, "We should get what we came for and get out of here. If the bodies are discovered then we might get discovered as well." He states before looking around too see who's injured.

Araltaidan keeps his bow in hand and goes to start checking the bodies, "Let's search them for anything like maps, orders … " He gives a nod, "Aye, m'lord, we should move on quickly. Evening is coming on and the darkness will soon help mask, but we can cover the bodies with last autumn's leaves." The master ranger searches but he doesn't turn up anything like orders, maps, or other helpful papers. Once he's done, he does what he may to help conceal the bodies and also, recover his arrows if he can. He turns his head to see where Renden's gotten to and how badly he's hurt.

After his last vengeful cutlass attack went no where against the armor, he retreated a few steps back toward the nearest tree, leaning his right side against it. His arm was bad. It'd be the end of his days as a bowmen. He would still fight with a sword, but never, in his old age, could he recover from the injury fully. His fingers are numb from the lack of sensations in it, and of course he's drinking, as fast as he can guzzle a few savouring glugs.

"Hrm." Kylan glances around, frowning at the bodies and then sitting down with his back against the tree to see about getting this arrow out of his chest. It's not too deep or serious, but well…can't really go wandering about with an arrow in you. Or shouldn't anyway. He plucks up a nearby stick to bite down on, does so, and with a grunt, pulls the arrow out in a swift motion. Then he sets to looking for some wadding to stuff under his armor to soak up the blood in the meantime. Fortunately he has a bit of field dressing for that. Should Aralt look in his direction, he'll give him a hand signal that he's OK.

Lothar heads towards the scouts that have his arrows sticking out of their bodies to remove said arrows, inspects and cleaning them off if they are viable for reuse before he either snaps off the arrowhead and stuffs that in a pouch or replaces it in the quiver. Once his arrows are accounted for he begins to search the bodies.

(To be continued in Ranger Up! Part 2)

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