13 Alisair, 229 E: Rain Garden

Rain Garden
Summary: Trevian's dinner for his bethrothed turns into an all out party
OOC Date: long, long, ago in a galaxy far, far, away
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Public Gardens City of Stormvale
A broad path of crushed white stone runs in a wide circle around a fountain, ringed in turn by flowerbeds. Beyond them, the lawn continues, smooth and softly green. A row of rosebushes, in full bloom, are planted along the stone wall to the north, flanking the gate. The path branches off to the south, where it joins a shady avenue lined with lush green trees, and to the east toward a quiet grove.
13 Alisair, 229 E

It might be stormy out, it might be raining- but Trevian is often ready for such events. He had planned to spend the evening in the garden with his beloved, Rorey- and he wasn't going to let a little rain stop that. And so, he made camp- a proper Ranger's camp for comfort in the rain. He's got a tarp, tied between two trees that are out of the rain. Fresh meat is roasting on a spit, along with various forest fruits and vegetables he's gathered in this fall season. Mushrooms, fresh bird eggs, a brace of rabbits and some venison. A real feast. All of it cooking in proper bush-style. It takes a little longer, but he's excited to show Rorey some 'proper Sky Forest' cooking. The whole camp was warm, comfortable, and dry- allowing them to enjoy the rain out in the garden. The fresh scents, and sweet smells, and eachother. (re)

Now, let it not be said the as-yet-unwed couple should be found ALONE… no. The camp's big enough that the two can have some mostly-alone space to themselves, and also allow her maid and an extra guard (at her elder brother's insistence) to be present. All things must be proper! Right now, Rorey is seated on one of the benches scattered throughout the garden; and she's trying to be delicate about the way she picks the meat off a rabbit's leg. It's quite delicious, and makes for tasty mushrooms, too!

Trevian sits on the bench next to Rorey- the thing is right near the fire, to allow the warmth to chase away any chill of the Autumn evening. The fire is burning happily, the wood clearly hauled in from somewhere. It smells nice, pine, by the scent. He miles to Rorey- all the food laid out and ready to be eaten. "So, is it to your liking, m'lady?" he wonders of his wife-to-be with a grin. "It took a few days to capture and collect it all, but I thought you'd like a bit of Sky Forest cooking." Made by the man himself! No useless nobleman, he.

It's raining. They're in a garden, and it's raining. At this particular moment, Chassidy is probably more ready to murder the lord who broke his betrothal to Nerissa than Nerissa herself was at the time. Had the lordling been honorable and kept his part of the deal, Nerissa would be a married woman and Chassidy wouldn't have to follow her outside when she decides that rain isn't a deterrent for a walk. Even with the waterproofed cloak, and hood pulled up over her face, the woman miserably follows the lady who doesn't seem to mind the rain… and has even let her hood fall partially back so that the raindrops have plastered a few tendrils of red to the side of her face. A few paces into the garden, Nerissa pauses, tilting her head back and closing her eyes to the rain she sniffs… a little bit of home in the garden of Darfield.

There is another moving through the rain likely bundled up though he is a bit behind. He is tall and though covered appears to be well dressed if one can see that far. Moray had asked about to see where the other had gotten off to and had finally located her. He's not been able to speak much since the last time they had done so and so it's time. He spots the one he seeks and will move closer "Rissa?" he calls over the sound of the rain as he approaches not wishing to startle.

<FS3> Trevian rolls Perception: Good Success.

Trevian looks out into the dank and dark, noticing shadows out there- but its a public garden, after all. "Ho!" he shouts out, "Come out of the rain!" he offers, "We've got a warm fire, food and shelter!" Trevian can't help but offer assistance to someone caught in the rain. He smiles to Rorey, as he takes a few of the roasted mushrooms and some sort of root. He takes out a knife and cuts open the charred outside of the root and offers it over to Rorey, "Try this one, next." he says, "Its a type of bardock root. Its like a sweet potato, only.. Well. Try it, you'll see." he grins wide at that.

Rorey hid her grin as Trevian invited more into the little bit of warm-dry-awesome here in the middle of the garden… an oasis in a desert, nearly, except without the want of water! Her attention is drawn once he offers over another morsel of food; Rorey carefully spears it with her fork. She gives it a sniff, "A sweet potato, is that so?" Who knew sweet potatoes could grow wild? She was learning quite a lot from her betrothed about wild-things. Tentatively, she takes a couple nibbles, tasting, a considering look on her face.

<FS3> Nerissa rolls Perception: Good Success.

The crackling of fire turns Nerissa for a couple of steps, until she hears her name behind her. She pauses, but before she answers, Trevian is calling out his invitation. "That sounds like Lord Trevian, Count Harmon's younger brother," she tells Moray, skipping the greeting. "If you have not met him, yet, you should." With that irrepressible, challenging grin, she gives a little toss to her head, daring him to follow as she walks towards the shelter and fire, and the smell of freshly cooked meat.

Moray might not be expecting that others would be out here in the rain but he looks up at the greeting and will turn to face where it's come from but he glances back to his sister after a moment as she knows its him clearly now by the look on her face "I dont belive that I have." he says and seems to accept the challenge as he continues falling into step beside her now instead of walking behind as he had been.

"Yes, this particular type of the root doesn't need much preparation, just a good roasting. Some of the others you find in Sky Forest require a bit of soaking in a stream before they're safe to eat." Trevian winks to Rorey, "Don't worry. Nothing here is dangerous. I made sure of it." Which means, of course, that he tried everything to ensure his beloved wouldn't get ill. "Its just nice to get out in the nature and really experience Cri's creation, you know?" he says with a grin towards Rorey as he watches those shadowed figures approach. "Ah, it looks like we'll have more guests. Good, I was wondering if we'd be able to drink all that wine and mead on our own." he teases, with a wink towards Rorey.

Eating the rest of it, she makes a little noise of approval, shielding her mouth to say, "It's delicious. Light, and your'e right, quite like a sweet potato!" She takes a small sip of wine, and then continues to devour her roasted rabbit…. One of her favorite foods, actually, if she didn't think about how cute they were when alive. Rorey then eyes Trevian's pack, where she knew his sky herb was sequestered. "Well if we're to have guests, and the more the merrier, what say you show me how to pack a pipe again, hmm?" Sky Herb. Ahhh.

"Do I smell venison?" Nerissa asks when the reach the tent, Chassidy scurrying in to settle near Rorey's maid as soon as she is able. "Lord Trevian, it is a pleasure to see you once again. If it is not too bold, I have the pleasure of introducing you to my brother, Lord Moray Horizon." She turns slightly to the side once under the shelter to allow the tall man beside her more room and to properly speak to him. "Moray, this is Lord Trevian, Ranger and younger brother to Count Harmon." As soon as is seemly, once the introductions are concluded, her eyes drop to the feast, and to the lady with the Forrester.

In a different time she might look a touch 'dark' with her black lace covered crimson silk umbrella resting over one shoulder, a black lace gloved hand holding it there. She idly twirls it mostly for the fun of watching rain fly from the edges, snerking a little as droplets land on the cheek of a guard following perhaps too close for the lady's comfort. "How far could I run, really.. we're in the gardens.." she says with a grin back over one shoulder. Her maid giggles softly from beneath the hood of her cloak and the guard pauses to let Brendolyn have a little space, just in time for Bren to spot her sister. "See there, people I know, family even, all is well," she assures her group then heads toward Rorey and Trevian, and whoever else is near them. She bounces lightly on her feet as she walks, letting her skirts swish against her legs. "I'll help with the mead," she offers as she draws near, catching that last little bit of Trevian's words. She smiles over at Nerissa, "Good to see you again," she says then looks to Trevian, "And you, almost-brother." She dips just slightly toward Moray and water runs off the edges of her parasol which makes her jerk back and send a fresh spray of water back behind her. "Ah, oh, sorry, I'm Brendolyn, I don't believe we've met.." and she collapses her parasol, handing it off to her maid.

"Ah! Lady Nerissa! So good to see you again!" Trevian replies, as he stands and opens an arm towards 'Camp'. "Please, wont you and Lord Moray join us? This is Lady Rorey Haravean, my betrothed and sister to the Count of Greenshire, Count Aldren. And this, " he notes as Bren appears, "Is Lady Brendolyn, my beloved's sister." he offers, as second introduction. "So good to see you again, Lady Brendolyn." he states as he turns then to Rorey, "To pack the pipe you put the bowl of the pipe into the bag with the herb, then use your thumb to scoop it up and pack it down- not too tight now, just a firm touch."

He returns to the rest and smiles, "Please, help yourselves to food and drink, there is plenty for all- and aye, venison I've hunted myself. All of this I gathered, trapped, or hunted for."

Trevian smiles, as well, to Nerissa's brother, bowing his head. "Well met, Lord."

"I believe so." He's distracted by the dry area and various items and smells which are coming from it. Moray does come back at the introductions though he nods "It's a pleasure to meet you M'lord." he returns the greeting. "I'd be honored to join." he says stepping further but it seems more introductions "M'ladies." he says a bow of his head to each while he looks to his sister once more who looks perfectly at ease which is good.

"Sister!" Of course, Rorey immediately 'swoops' in on her sister for a big hug. "It's good to see you." She eyes the guard and her maid, silently telling them to go mingle with the other guard and Rorey's maid, Rosie. And then, just as the Lady Nerissa and Lord Moray are entering the little encampment, she turns with a bright smile to them both. "Ah! Good evening; well met to you both, I don't think we've met before. Are you hungry? We have plenty to eat." She gestures back to the food, sitting on a little makeshift table. Trevian, it seems, is an excellent Ranger — prepared for just about anything, all the time! Rosie brings her sister, Brendolyn, a glass of mead; and one for Rorey too, which she sips appreciatively.

Trevian's greeting actually earns a tiny bit of a curve at the corner of her lips, as if Nerissa may smile. "My lady," she bows her head to Rorey at the greeting, and then raises her eyebrows in surprise at the appearance of yet another. "I had not realized walking in the rain was such a common past time. I thought the castle dwellers would be afraid of melting, Lady Brendolyn, may I present my brother, Lord Moray." The Sky Herb definitely draws her attention as the Ranger instructs his lady how to fill a pipe.

Bren hugs Rorey warmly then takes the mead and nods her head to Moray's greeting before her attention returns to Trevian. "A good ranger indeed, we should hunt sometime," she says to him. She smiles at Nerissa again, "I'd have thought you would know better of me though I'm not a castle dweller so nevermind," she says. She nods to Moray again, "Well met, Lord Moray," she says all proper like. She sips her mead and looks to the skies from beneath the edge of the tent, "I like the crisp scent of a storm."

Moray shakes his head "I don't believe so, i've often been sailing with the ships of my family but am returned now I believe nearly for good. It is good to meet those i've not gotten a chance to previously." he explains a bit as to why he'd not have met so before now. He nods looking to the table "I would enjoy that warming up with a bite to eat and something to drink sounds excellent and with a good group gathering it seems." he smiles friendly to all turning at another introduction "It's a pleasure to meet you Lady Brendolyn." he will move over though to get some of said food and a drink.

Trevian just smiles and nods, retaking his seat after a moment and getting himself some mead. He waits for Rorey to pack the pipe, and light it if she wishes as he sits back. "A good meal for you, then." he nods to Moray. "Better than something you'd get on a ship, a bit of home, if you will. Plenty of roots, berries and mushrooms as well. Most of the forests around here have something much the same to what we have in Sky Forest and it does one good to eat of home, no?" he asks with a grin, "Please, help yourself." he states as he looks then again to Rorey- his eyes often falling on her with an easy smile coming to his lips.

<FS3> Rorey rolls Perception: Success.

Rorey turns Trevian's pipe over and over in her hands, as she walks back to sit down. Then she takes the pouch of Sky Herb — she could smell it even before opening it! — and does as he'd said before - scoop, tamp it down with one's thumb juuuust enough, and hope it was right… well, the hoping was for beginners, at least, right? A pleased twinkle in her gaze, she hands Trevian the pouch and goes over to fetch a long, thin stick, lighting it over the fire and then bringing the finger of fire to the herb… giving a little puff, puff… the smoke making a puffy white cloud in the damp air. She turns, then, and grins; noticing first Trevian's gaze, and then responding to Brendolyn and Nerissa with a nod, "Yes, we're quite used to just about any weather, aren't we?" It's true; this sort of togetherness, too, reminds her keenly of home.

Nerissa gives a little snort of a chuckle. "Of course I am not surprised to see you out, Lady Brendolyn," she replies. "I didn't expect there to be so many hardy people in the castle." With everyone seeming to be properly introduced, she finally finds a seat near the fire, letting her hood fall all the way back, her braid twisted at the nape of her neck. The eggs and mushrooms are also interesting to the young woman, and she pulls out a small, decorative knife to cut off a piece of venison. She closes her eyes in appreciation as she takes a bite, and then opens them to look up to Trevian and offer him a silent nod for a job well done.

One hand lifts to her lips and Brendolyn tugs off a glove with her teeth then swaps her cup to the other hand and does the same, both gloves laid somewhere dry and out of the way. She reaches for a little berry and dips it into her mead then eats it, "Mmm.." she says softly then takes another. She glances to the pipe and grins then dips her berry in her mead before eating it and then taking a drink. "Make rings with the smoke," she says toward her sister, grinning.

"I'm still teaching her that trick." Trevian says over to Bren, grinning to Rorey. "Or, have you been practicing?" he wonders of his betrothed, with a quiet smile. Trevian nods to Nerissa, and smiles to Bren. "Well, as long as your brother doesn't mind, of course, I'd be glad to go out hunting with you." he says, "Though, I don't recommend going out with him- has a habit of using beaters, where as I prefer to actually hunt. Stalk the deer, watch it, wait- and then take it." he explains, "A little more difficult, but worth the extra effort." he says with a nod towards the venison that's quite happily cooked on that table. He takes a long, quiet drink of the Mead- waiting for Rorey to finish with her smoke before he reaches over to claim the pipe and take a few puffs for himself.

The house heir will take a few bites and a drink while he's glancing around. "This is quite a bit better than ship food i'll admit, I could get used to be more land locked for the moment." Moray chuckles looking about the area he looks to his sister as she speaks of people who live in the castle though it's a casual enough remark. The smoking catches his attention just watching for the moment while he eats and drinks a bit.

At Brendolyn's suggestion, Rorey wrinkles her nose, "I can't do it yet," she states, "And no, I haven't been practicing. I don't like to smoke alone, it's a bit boring." She takes another puff, and tries for a smoke ring…. Puff… nope, just a cloud and her feeling silly for making such a strange face to try and make the smoke a loop. She huffs, and passes the pipe to Trevian.

Bren whirls her drink around and laughs some at Trevian, well not at him, just in amusement, "I hunt with Aldren all the time..he's pretty good..I can best him sometimes," she says proudly. "Just have a look at my chandelier sometime.." she says with a jut upward of her chin. She looks to Moray, "I've heard that learning to handle a blade on a rocking ship teaches one to handle it better, what say you?" she asks, eyes flicking to Nerissa and back to Moray. Hmm, that sounds piratey!

"Aldren is a good shot, but when we went last it wasn't quite the hunt I expected." That is all that Trevian says, and all he needs to say it seems. He inhales, puffing away at the pipe before offering it over to Nerissa and her brother. "Fancy a smoke of sky herb, then?" he wonders of the pair with that same easy smile.

Moray sets his drink down after another sip from it feeling the warming effects at least which is nice after walking through the rain, he finally remembers to reach up and remove his own hood he'd forgotten he was wearing though turning as he's spoken to he smiles to the lady "I've heard that before myself, it certainly presents a unique set of challenges. I would say that footwork and balance become more important and so those areas are improved. Have you traveled much by sea m'lady?" he turns but will shake his head "No thank you, for myself at least." he speaks of the smoking.

Rorey is, at the moment, quite relaxed. Sky Herb has that pleasant way of mellowing a person out… no matter what worldly problems might be going 'round. Not that Rorey can recall any at the moment. She smiles, listening to the conversation being passed back and forth, and sips at her glass of mead again… it was perhaps a quarter gone. Hearing Brendolyn, she can't help but chuckle, amused. Ahhh, only her sister; no-one else quite like her! And of course, there is Trevian, whose company she's finding most enjoyable… even sans the rest of it all. She leans a bit to the side, so she can look at him without having to turn her neck. Not that she would *stare*… at least, not on purpose.

Brendolyn grins at Trevian, "Well that goes without saying, he can be.. unpredictable," she says of her brother, the Count. She cuts a look to her sister and grins then looks to Nerissa briefly before answering Moray, "Well, I suppose that is somewhat relative but no, I have not, I was considering it though, hoping to improve my skills before the big hunt," she says, then turns up her cup to drain it. She widens her stance and holds out her hands, as if balancing herself, swaying side to side, "Yes," and she holds her cup like the pommel of a sword, swishing it around, "Footwork and balance, assuredly," she says, then lunges forward and drives her imaginary sword into whatever is before her. She straightens and smiles then pours herself some more mead. Yep, her maid is probably about to faint.

"Wasn't he, then?" Nerissa asks Trevian with great interest. "I seem to recall him assuring me he could hunt as well as any Sky Forest… or was it that Greenshire men could hunt as well… hmmm. It was awhile ago," she concedes. At Brendolyn's mention of learning sword play on a ship, there's a slight flush to her cheeks, almost a guilty tinge as she eyes her brother for a moment. Instead of speaking on that particular subject, she decides that a glass of mead would do her well, just now.

"As I said, an excellent shot. I'm not sure he could do the same hunting I do- but, I don't know his abilities in the deep woods." Trevian admits, with a quiet shrug. "Good man, though. Friendly, generous, and throws a damn fine party. He might even be a better shot than me. Though, that has yet to be tested." he says with a grin, "Rorey's a fine shot, as well. But, its to be expected. Greenshire and Sky Forest have always been good with a bow, and always shall." he says, just smiling still. "I'd rather like to go hunting again with him, though I'd be the one leading the hunt this time. See if he can do it without the servants beating the game towards us. IT be a good week of hunting, out in the bush." He peeks over to Rorey, catching her gaze and smiling again. "Of course, I'd rather enjoy showing Lady Rorey here the forest as well, although, without the hunting."

The man smiles as he's listens taking another bite but finishing it of course before he'll speak further. Moray spots the look from his sister at the topic but manages a small smile to her before turning back to see the Lady's duel with her foe "Indeed, something quite akin to that unless it's choppy sea's you might also be bouncing up and down off waves." he speaks lightly easy going as always while he takes another drink after he'll indeed bounce once or twice for effect.

<FS3> Rorey rolls Perception: Success.

She gives Brendolyn a bit of a clap, appreciating her acting, "Aha! Yes, get him, little sister!" And yes, it seems the maids are in a fit of pique. Rosie is much more used to it, though. It just makes Rorey giggle. Her vivid blue gaze caught by Trevian's look, Rorey's soft mouth curls into a broad smile. "Yes, yes, we must do that sometime. I'll have a chat with my brother, although autumn will soon be upon us," — then she grumbled, sotto voce, "Again." But she's good-natured about it; it might be the Sky Herb, or just her personality. Noticing the little bounce Lord Moray makes, out of the corner of her eye, she can't help another small giggle. Eventually, when the pipe makes it around to her again, she takes a few more puffs, enjoying the way the smoke curls into the air above the small group.

Brendolyn just grins at Nerissa's decidedly quiet approach to all the talk of swordsmanship, her expression completely cheshire in quality. She glances over at Trevian, as if sizing him up then tilts her head, "He's as good a shot as any when he wants to be," she says of her brother, suddenly a little serious on that note. She looks to Moray and grins, "Well a bit of bounce wouldn't hurt, you never know when you might need to jump over a log or some dead man's leg," she says, eyes flitting to Nerissa again. "A little training on a ship might do well indeed," she comments, then takes a drink. She looks to her sister and rocks on her feet then grins at Trevian, "You can show her, her guards, her maid, and me.. or Aldren, we'll all go, one big happy entourage, you can show us the forest.." she says.

"Ships are the business of the Horizon family. They keep the coast along Sky Forest." Trevian offers up, "Good at it, too- though, I'm not particularly a seaman myself. All that bucking and waving, I'd get rather ill." he admits, shaking his head. "I could, yes, Lady Brendolyn." he says, "Though, it would be more work for me then and less a camping trip. I'd have to keep you all safe, fed, warm, and on route. Though, it might give me a chance to show you just how rich the forests are. Sky Forest is a special place, truly a holy place to Cri."

Bren looks to Trevian, "We would not all need so much help.. we're Greenshire folk," she says, because that explains everything. She nods about Horizon, however, and their ships, "So I hear," she says then she smiles and peeks out from under the tent, "Bother, I think I'll get back home while the rain has let up," she says. She smiles as she turns back to the group, "Nice evening, everyone," then to Moray, "Nice to have met you, Lord Moray," and after a brief wave she draws her parasol like a sword then up and open over her head, grinning back over her shoulder as water sprays out, "We'll practice soon," she says, though with no name.. who knows what the girl means. Off she goes.

For herself, Rorey gives a little yawn. It's probably due to Brendolyn getting up and taking her leave, which reminds Rorey it's getting on in the evening. She bids her sister good-night, promising to see her later on; and then half-closes her eyes lightly, passing the smouldering pipe to Trevian so he can smoke as she rests a bit… and does her best not to fall asleep with company still here!

"I suppose I never thought of it as a helpful aid for such an occasion, a good point m'lady. It was likewise to meet yourself." Moray turns back as his family is spoken about and gives a chuckle "I'm glad that we are able to do our jobs well m'lord, i've not done as much hunting as i'd like to be honest perhaps since i've got time on land now. I will learn." he comments pondering this a bit more and liking the prospect.

Nodding, Trevian grins to the Horizon lord just across from him. "Every Sky Forester should know how to hunt and live off the land, Lord Moray." The Forrester states, with a nod as he takes back his pipe and leans just so for Rorey to have a shoulder should she get sleepy. Its not horribly improper if she dozes off or anything- and better she fall into him than onto the ground should she doze. "Anyways, if you find yourself in trouble on the sea and have to take shelter on some Island or foreign shore, knowing how to survive will keep you and your men alive. Very important for all of us that House Horizon stays strong on our coasts."

And oh, that shoulder, how it draws her in! And what a better excuse than sleepiness, to scoot a smidge closer, and rest her head just-so. Not entirely snuggled-up against him (she wasn't about to be that bold), but leaning so they formed a sort of upside-down V; Trevian more upright, of course. Oh yes, the Sky Herb Sleepiness is upon the lovely young woman before long; the hum of the gentlemen talking back and forth helps to create that lulled-to-sleep feeling.

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