On the continent of Daeren, the Eastern Isles, Finger Islands, and Skingaard, there are five races of humans. This section of the wiki breaks down the features of each race.

Dyfan (Mobrin, Skingaard, & Eastern Isles)


Dyfans are usually light skinned, with light features. They usually have light hair, ranging from blonde to brown. A large majority of Dyfans have red hair with ruddy features. They are a tall race, and their men are considered large across Daeren. Dyfans are predominate in Southern Daeren.

During the reign of the Manghem dynasty, many Dyfans fled Mobrin, settling on various islands in the Eastern Isles. They pushed the native Kezians off the best islands and claimed them for their own. Today, five powerful city-states have risen in the Eastern Isles, all ruled by Dyfans.

Aruthen (Laniveer & Finger Islands)


Aruthen are similar to Dyfan. They usually have brown or black hair. Aruthens have more black or brown eyes than blue or green. While their skin is pale, their features are dark. Aruthens are slightly shorter than Dyfans, and the men are usually wider in the hips and shoulders.

Aruthen are racial cousins of Dyfans, and dominate Laniveer. Many of the pirates that operate out of the Finger Islands are also Aruthen.

Rychan (The Hills)


The men from The Hills are a very tall people, with wide shoulders and big legs. They have pale skin, though darker than Aruthen or Dyfans. Usually, both men and women Rychan wear their hair long. The Rychans are a rugged people, and are extremely clannish. Family is most important in Rychan culture. Rychans rarely travel outside of The Hills, and aren't fond of others coming in. They are extremely prejudice against other peoples. The only Rychans known to travel out of The Hills were disgraced and exiled from the clans.

Shazan (Jadda, Kundari Desert)


The Shazan are a wild, almost barbaric race that occupies Jadda and the Kundari Desert. Their skin is a dark tan, with thick kinky hair and large foreheads. Their men are usually monstrous compared to other men on the continent. They have not advanced as quickly as other people, over the years, when it comes to technology.

The Shazan of the Kundari, also know as Kundarians are a nomadic people that have moved around the desert four thousands of years. They have never been conquered, and have never settled down. They live in tents, and ride on camels. In spite of their nomadic ways, they are somewhat cultured, and use their own form of feudalism.

Kezian (Eastern Isles)


The Kezians are a lightly tanned people, often with mocha colored skin. They usually have brown hair and brown eyes. Their women are extremely exotic, and their men make tough warriors. They are only slightly shorter than Dyfans, and most are extremely athletic.

Kezians were the original occupants of the Eastern Isles. However, during the reign of Gaelor Manghem, many Dyfans fled Mobrin and settled in the Eastern Isles, taking over the best islands with the most resources. As a result, the Kezians have lived on smaller islands and atolls for over a thousand years.

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