Nar 18, 229: Queens and Goddesses

Queens and Goddesses
Summary: The Queen of Laniveer discusses Matters of Religion with Valarius
OOC Date: 20/July/2014 (OOC)
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Throne Room - Castle Meade
The feature of the Throne Room of Castle Meade that draws most eyes immediately is the magnificent golden throne, raised on a dais at the far end of the room, draped with the blue colors of the House. The Stewert Family coat of arms, passed down from father to son through the centuries, occupies a place of honor above the royal throne.
A long blue rug softens the path across the white marble floor, straight down the center, from the entry to the floor below the throne. To each side of the rug, stand tall silver vases of Dahlias and roses, their heady scent drifting through the air. The cool marble walls have been draped with tapestries, depicting important parts of Laniveer history. Set about the room, tall silver candelabra hold long golden tapers, their soft glow gleaming on the rug and silks.
Nar 18, 229 2E

The queen sits alone at present in one of the thrones at the head of the room. Such strange happenings have fallen upon the city that has led her to a contemplative mood as yet. The rumours of the priest though stirring the masses though forced her hand to …invite him to the castle, whether he wished it or not. He would not be manhandled less he refuse the invitation. There are few people at court today, most dealing with the eclipse in various levels of panic. The queen though looks calm and radiant as she sits her throne waiting on the arrival of her…guest.

They wouldn't have had to look too hard to find Valarius, considering he was likely at the head of some mob, giving dictation upon the Light, either converting people to a belief or at least to find their own salvation as the Darkness rose upon the lands. He would have seen the guards surrounding the square and once his public sentiments of devotion and religion were given, allowed them to surround him without too much fear behind him. Only the echos to his followers who rumbled at his escort, that the Light would protect him and if not, that surely this would be the first trial of the Great Darkness. Otherwise he had no choice but to follow in line with the Royal guards, murmuring prayers with his hands folded before him, to face whatever fate waited for him.
He is presented to the Queen, a strange Priest wearing red robes, that the people have started to call the Red Priest, clearly, for the fashion - but it could also be his great warnings of blood and death for all, if nothing was changed and people didn't alter their priorities. He's a young looking man, early twenties if not younger. Blond hair and light silver blue eyes, looking pious in his robes despite they do not match the robes of the Temples of Mobrin or… not even those here of the Father. But he was still a symbol of guidance, even if he took to Sheat's representation literally. The only difference between the figures of Sheat in the scriptures and the presentation of the young man before the throne, was that Valarius had blond hair. He was striking in features, a softness of beauty as they often referred Sheat to have bared.
He did have a golden belt on his waist that had to be obtained by the Temple or perhaps by killing a Priest. It was otherwise, the legitmate mark of his belonging to the clergy. He looks aside as the guards stay near by in formation, upon his invitation to speak with the Queen. Val looks forward to the calm radiant figure upon the throne and nods his head in respect.

Ophelie watches as the priest is brought before her and she looks at him silently for a time. Indeed he was fine of featured and easy to look upon. She lifts a finger and summons him to come closer to the base of the platform. "I have heard you have been enciting panic amoungst my people priest." She says in a calm voice as she looks over his visage, "What say you for yourself?" She continues before raising one hand to the side and into it is swiftly placed a glass of wine which she sips from, looking over the rim to the priest. If the eclipse and happenings have unsettled her she shows it not.
Kierne arrives from the Grand Foyer.
Kierne has arrived.

There is little fear on his features. There's a resolute and unbending confidence in him, brought on whatever beliefs he speaks of in bold public sermons. Standing in front of a Queen, while it once would've made his knees weak and his belly heave up at the mere thought, is shielded by some divine purpose. His lips turn into a quiet smile, that some who wouldn't know him, would appear a sneer. He takes those steps closer, hands kept to opposite wrists, so the long tapered sleeves can cover them completely, a humble represenation of a devout man of the Gods. "The panic comes to those who are not properly prepared to meet the on set of the Darkness, out of their own ignorance or the ignorance of those who lead them." He is better dealt with the people of the world than those of the noble class, but he has a few friends who taught him to speak with respect in his tone, just not a proper filter that would otherwise still it. "I say we have seen and witnessed the first coming of the Darkness." There's an ominous drop in his tone, from his own dread at the dire sign above them all this day, "If you value your soul, your Majesty, you would be wise to consult a Priestess and make proper confessions."

Kierne has put away a few drinks, by now. The first one was the hardest, but, when that didn't kill him, a few more followed suit up in the salon to which they'd repaired with the delegation from Skingaard to watch the aftermath of the eclipse in the sky. A true thing of beauty. Now, well fortified in wine, he has his posse of Lannie guardsmen escort him kindly downstairs and to the far end of the royal hall from the dais on which the thrones are sitting. When they see the Queen already entertaining audience, they'll stop him there, to wait out of earshot.

Court has not yet been closed, though it is not so well attended as usual as people react to the happenings of the day. Ophelie listens quietly to the priest speak before him. "Dear priest, do you call me Ignorent?" She asks with a touch of humour in her voice. "You are not speaking to someone from Mobrin. They who worship but the offspring of our God. Ours is not the god of dark nor light, but all of the Cosmos that came to be." She says to him before taking another sip of her glass, "I need not make confessions to a priestess. What I do for the good of my peoples puts not guilt upon my mind." There is a glance towards the arrival of one of her 'little birds' and she nods to his guards to allow him enter, "What say you my humble knight?"

Valarius tilts his chin, looking around at the faces that linger, then back to the throne, "You are only ignorant if you believe you are, your Majesty. The people of Laniveer are not encouraged as much to the teachings of Faith, thus the fear they have now in their hearts have them seeking to make amends." He stills his breath for a moment and listens to her words about the offspring of her God, "Your God and the Eight are one and the same, Majesty. I have -studied- under your Temple rooves these matters of religion. I see the similiarities and -know- that together they should be worshipped, not as separate deities. Just as our people should be -united- and not forced to tear into one another." He lifts his shoulders to the fact that she goes without confession, "What you do for the good of the people, regardless of your intentions, may still bear some burden of sin. It is wise to seek confession, for your soul must too stand up to the coming blight upon this land, upon the world." He looks up as if he could still see Cri blotted out from the sun, a bit of fear lingering in his eyes, as he turns back to Ophelie, "If you fail to listen and acknowledge the signs of warning upon us, you will not have a chance to save your people you claim to care about."

Dair to Ophelie: As soft female laugh fills Ophelie's mind. "He is but a child to my children." The voice softly says. it is a gently voice like a whisper. "He has much to learn.

Kierne steps slowly forward, when it's allowed, dipping his head with a brief smile to the Queen as he approaches with one guard neatly keeping pace to form a square about him, as though he were the middle pip on the fives-side of a die. "Majesty," he echoes the word used by the Priest; he's been here longer than Kierne has, after all, and sounds to have learned their ways. "Respectfully, I don't believe it need be any manner of dire sign. I've seen these motions of the celestial bodies before. Not— played out in the heavens, of course— no, but in cosmological texts, at school, in the great libraries of Lakeshire. Great men have so mapped the motions of the bodies through the ether that they have predicted the very motion we saw to-day as not only probable but actually inevitable, given enough time. An eclipse of Sheat's luminescence by Cri. They trust that it has happened before, giving rise to ancient tales of mid-day sunset, and that it would one day occur again, in a natural cycle, if much more longaevous than the natural cycles we see passing day to day and year to year. A thing of nature's beauty, the great order of design, not a thing of fear."

"They have the faith of Viri and in their leaders to protect them. Little more than that do they need." Ophelie responds to the priest and sets her glass aside as she continues to listen to the man, "You seek to comfort my people by telling them the god they worship is false? The Maker of all that is and was will fail them unless they call their god false and turn to another of your design? You are not the first prophet to speak such words to our people. A drought, a flood, a great storm and war always brings forth people speaking of repentance and always we recover." There is a pause and she looks towards her maids with a questioning look before looking back to Valarius, "You have much to learn of Laniveer." She says before she looks over to her Kierne's words of the matter. His words draw a smile of surprise to her lips, "Well my little bird is a learned Knight. That pleases me to hear. Perhaps you might find such spoken in the scrolls of mine own library as well. The words of history of happenings that have been witnessed before and survived. You could educate this young man before me so that the fear of his own beliefs do not continue to burden his soul."

Valarius flicks his eyes over toward the bird that the Queen spoke of. To his surprise it is Kierne Kincaid that walks out to call down the belief that comes from the Priest's mouth. To quash everything that Valarius stands for in that one single moment of … whatever it is. There's a flicker of heartbreak there on the Priest's eyes but otherwise, it is gone in the next moment, turned to face the ire of the Queen of the north. "I am not saying your god is false. I'm saying the Father and the offspring of the Father, should be worshipped together. For each has born a purpose of creation upon the world in which we live." Though to be called a prophet has his chin come up a little more and his brows furrow, "I have been visited by the Gods, your Majesty. The peril of the Hammer of Sess risen over the Kilgours, I saw it and watched how their halls turned to blood, the very same as I see now. There will be creatures rising from the night, to pull down the living. This war with Mobrin will only distract you from seeing it." There's a tightness of body drawn over the Priest as the Queen suggests that the Knight educate the commoner priest, "There is no fear for my soul. Any sins I've committed have been redeemed and my purpose now is to save as many as I can. Those who will not listen will fall."
You paged Dair with 'Eldwin is the more…mystical of the pair. Ophelie more…logical and scientific. This will be interesting for Ophelie ;)'
Dair to Ophelie: Hrm, you make my husband proud daughter." The voice whispers. "We have been asleep for a long time.

Kierne lowers his eyes to the floor, glancing briefly aside to Valarius but not letting the glance to linger, any. "I don't fancy that I might persuade anyone away from his own beliefs, Majesty. I had recalled the information as I watched the event, and I thought it right to report to you that I had done so; if you have any scholars who study physical philosophy and wish me to speak with them or try to find the text I'm recalling in your library, I'll be happy to do so, if you think it would help to calm the people," he offers, humbly, calmly. "It was an awesome event, and a thing of beauty if I've ever seen one. But I know that I have the advantage over many who have not been afforded the opportunities in life that I have."

"A father is not equal to his children, nor is their mother. They are greater then that which springs from them. To speak otherwise is to speak little of the parents." Ophelie responds and rises to her feet to clasps her hands before her. "His children have their purpose but would have none if not for the direction of their parents." She tilts her head slightly, another questioning glance given to her maid at words heard but not spoken before she looks back to the priest. "Such is the words of all prophets who would abuse the fear of the people. I think you should remain a guest here so that you may think upon your teachings and educate yourself on the true meaning of the signs that have been witnessed." She cants her head towards Kierne. "But you are a learned man and such it is your duty to seek the truth and help others to understand it. Knowledge calms the fear of those who have none." She can't help smile at his last words, a someone endulgant smile of a mother to the words of a child.

Valarius closes his eyes at the continued words from Kierne, shaking his head in the treachery and insult of those words. Rather suddenly his breath catches and his eyes slide open, looking behind him and around him, as if touched. "Wait… They are your parents?" He calls out, anguished for more reasons than one and not understanding seems to be the important factor, "Who? Who are your parents? The Father, yes? Whose the mother?" He draws his eyes back up to the crown, but if he really hears her words, it is hard to say as his eyes seem to slip distant and he squints as if trying to listen to something more important, "The Scholars… the libraries… See the child as the guide." He smiles a little, "Yes. The child can be the guide back unto the parents!" He harks out, looking up at the queen, "Don't you see. The parents are forgotten! The children are the way back to them. I … am guided by one of them. A child." He is quiet lost within his own mind to realize the guards surrounding him are stepping in tighter formation as he's asked to stay as a guest, "You don't understand. You -must- understand. You would leave your people oblivious to the danger that comes. Search the libraries! Have you scholars that would convince you towards reasonings that only put the parents into darker places in the people's mind, locking them away as more men and women turn from the faiths!" He sends a desperate glance over toward Kierne, "Find the answers in your answers. I forgive you for your disbelief!" Now he's getting out of hand for a throne room, but clearly passionate for his cause.

Your scholars would convince you towards reasonings that only put the parents into darker places in the people's mind, locking them away as more men and women turn from the faiths! We cannot turn from them now!" He sends a desperate glance over toward Kierne, "Find the answers in your libraries. I forgive you for your disbelief!" Now he's getting out of hand for a throne room, but clearly passionate for his cause.

Dair to Ophelie: There is another laugh soft and quiet. Then warm male laugh follows. This one is deep and rich.

Kierne cocks one brow faintly upward, looking one way, then the other, one corner of his mouth twitching upward in an uncertain smile as he's forgiven. "Uh… thanks?" he supposes. "It's not like I don't believe. I believe," he utters the word softly, though, lowering his eyes, as though it were a personal sort of thing. "I believe that Sheat's light blesses the mind of a man with reason and knowledge, lets him come to understand things wonderous great about the universe." He looks up to the Queen, then, "And, yes, saves him from fear and sorrow." He takes a deep breath, clearing his head. "Anyhow, I'm not here to preach, I'll leave it to people better learned in scripture. If you wish me to look through your library, I'll be happy to."

"The Cosmos is both Father and Mother to all." Ophelie neatly responds to her words, perhaps a slip of reference to Dair. A belief long lost amoung the people who see only the father figure as all, but is it lost in this strong queen who is clearly not a subservient woman even as much as queen's go. "You then may have access to my libraries as well preacher. Do you think your words can be proven in ways no other prophet has been? Then prove them to me and you will be allowed to preach to my people and my confession you will here first of all." The words are said as if she believes not that it will happen. "Only a child who rebels against their parents would utter such words, it is our job to guide them not the other way around." She nods to her guards, "Please show our guests to a room so that he may pray in quiet contemplation. She laughs softly caught by another laugh she hears. She turns her gaze on Kierne, "You have been taught of the power of Viri's children and such children he beget, learn now of the father and grow to understand what was once your enemy my learned knight." She nods to her guards, "See that he has access to my library and the temple should he so desire it."

The guards are moving in at the words from their Queen, taking Valarius by the elbow and shoulder. The Priest's eyes flicker with some odd glint at her request to prove it to them, "I could no more prove what I'm seeing than until it happens, for you still believe in the Father and yet, does he show himself to you? You have to awaken yourselves. I am a messanger and it's my mission to save as many who -will- listen. You can close me off to the world, but the Gods will still speak through me!" He grunts as one of the guards shoves him forward, a look back at Kierne, some hint of emotion there. Then he's being nudged forward again, "Parents never wish to lose their children… You will learn that the Father and Mother never wished to lose their own and loved them! As we all must love eachother and come together in these times." One of the guards helps to silence him, mutter something akin to 'that's enough preacher' …. and escort him out of the room toward his "guest" quarters.

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