Nar 17, 229: Queen takes Knight..

Queen Takes Knight
Summary: The Queen of Laniveer talks to a Lakeshire Knight about matters of war
OOC Date: 19/July/2014 (OOC)
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Ophelie Kierne 
Castle Garden - Castle Meade
The garden is hidden by trees of birch, yew and lilac bushes. Hanging from the trees are several wind-chimes. Annuals and perennials of every color and type spill out from their beds looking wild and untamed. An ambling flagstone path appears and leads past cultured herb and vegetable gardens.
Trees of peach, pear, cherry and apple grow wild and from the looks of them, they are quiet old. Then the path comes to a natural spring fed stream that cheerfully spills into a small pond that is littered with water lilies, cattails and other water flowers. Fish can be seen swimming about in the cool gray water.
Another flagstone path hidden by blueberry bushes and blackberry brambles can be seen this one leads into another area. This area contains large oaks and maples that stand proudly, like ancient guardians. There is also a small eating area here complete with a stone gazebo; the entire place is covered with ferns and velvet like grass.
Nar 17, 229 2E

It's hard to feel anxious in the sculpted tranquility of a garden. Maybe that's why Kierne's down here, with his compliment of guards. He's barely eaten, hardly slept. He still hasn't heard anything about attaining a meeting with the Lord of this Castle; maybe he's not even within its walls. Either way, it's starting to gnaw at him from the insides, and he's found a place to sit and think, a small bench off by the pond, his elbows on his knees, back slouched, gnawing on one of his knuckles.

Having heard one of her little birds is in the garden, Ophelie has made her way to her gardens. Her usual retinue she arrives with, guards and maids. As she notes the whereabouts of the Knight she lifts a hand and walks ahead unencombered save for a single guard. Her footsteps are quiet and graceful as she makes her way through the garden until she comes near the bench. "How fares my gift bearer?" She asks of him as she stands there looking down at him. "Something bothering you? I hear confession lightens the soul." She asks oh so sweetly, though the warmth does not quite reach her eyes.

Kierne spots the Queen arriving and sits up straight, setting both hands on his knees and then leaning forward to stand, more of a gesture of respect than anything else. "Oh. I'm alright, Highness, thank you," uttered as simply and obediently as anyone would please from a Knight, despite the brief stumble at the outset. "Is there any word on the downed man we found? Who he is, or whether he'll recover?

Ophelie nods slightly as he shows his respect. The question draws a slight tilt to her head. "Not as yet, but I am sure we will find out soon enough. My healers are quite good." She says as she moves towards some nearly plants, herbs of a sort. Her fingers lightly touching the leaves. "Are you concerned for the man?" She asks casually as she pinches off a sprig of the herb and draws it up to her nose before casting her gaze over to the Knight. "Lilies are in our bouquet at present, but he wears the colours of the eagles."

"I rode beside him some half the way here, not to mention tied his leg together to try to keep it falling off by the roadside," Kierne offers a haphazard shrug. "I suppose you could call me invested? And there's that," he nods, indicating the comment about the man's colors, his eyes folowing Ophelie's fingers as she draws a sprig of some herb. "He asked me on the journey whether I was about to turn sides, given my relative freedom. It was strange, I didn't even know how to answer, even if I'd wanted to. I know the Duke of Lakeshire has had correspondence, and now he's offering it in return. Do you see it as truly feasible, Highness?"

The queen strides over to sit at the bench, still rolling the herb between her fingertips. She listens quietly to his words and offers an almost motherly smile to the man, "I know it can be a hard thing for a man to ponder. Where to place his fealty and where his leige lord leads them. We share a border and I would much rather have the duke as a friend instead of an enemy. Perhaps we could stop this awful war that plagues us if the balance of power was shifted." She says with a sigh to her voice.

Kierne waits until the Queen is seated, then, with a glance to the guards, puts his hands back onto the tops of his thighs and sits far at the opposite end of the bench, keeping his hands in place and taking a shallow breath. "It's definitely a mind-bender. I mean. I was at the Battle of Crosswynds." Only a few months ago, savagely trying to murder Lannies as they tried to savagely murder him.

"And my son was directing that campaign. Would you rather us continue to be enemies and spend countless lives over a line in the sand, over a difference of opinion? I am sure his grace and We can surely come up with a better solution." Ophelie says and reaches out to touch the knight upon the hand. "There is peace we can have here and your grace is strong enough to offer it." She as she cants her head to look upon the knight's face, "Men live for battle but not for unneeded deaths surely. I can see it weighs heavy upon you."

Kierne does look fairly haunted in the remembrance of it, though his eyes snap back into focus when there's a hand on his hand, which he doesn't move from his lap, but he casts a glance down, then aside. "That's why we have a Duke, I suppose. To make the big decisions, keep them off our shoulders. Heavy the head, right?" he murmurs. "I just… get on my horse, and ride whither he sends me. Seems easy, in comparison."

"Heavy the crown that sits upon our heads. I am not your enemy, but we will defend out lands and strike out at those that will hurt us." Ophelie says before rising from the bench and leaving the sprig in her place. Belladona for those that know of herbs, the deadly nightshade. She looks back to the knight, "You may check on my little pigeon if you wish. You may do us a great service in finding his name. I would hate to have to resort to unsavoury means in order to do so." She murmurs before departing with her guards in tow.

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