Sess 31, 229: Qua Non Aliud Velocius Ullum

Qua Non Aliud Velocius Ullum
Summary: Eoin bears tidings of Rumor to those who love Aidan Kincaid.
OOC Date: 17/03/2014 83-
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Salon - Darfield Castle
A haven of serenity amidst the rush of the castle, the salon is designed as a place for relaxation or socialization. A hearty fire burns in the massive, marble fireplace, throwing a russet glow across the room. The walls are divided top from bottom with pale wooden paneling above and lapis marble with silver veins shot through it below. Several armchairs, a couch, and a loveseat are set around a beautiful table for an intimate tete-a-tete, the furniture finely made of deep mahogany wood with blue and silver cushions. An azure rug covers the center of the room, but at the edges the dark wood of the floor can be seen. A side table holds tea, coffee, wine and several small hors d'oeuvres, and desserts.
Sess 31, 229

Money. It's a bane to the world, as far as Kierne's concerned, and he's been scowling after his finances homework all afternoon. Ronan makes him work on it every third day, and those are the days when it just sucks to be a squire. All in all he'd rather muck out stables. But for the time being his homework is sitting abandoned on a desk, and he's taking himself a late lunch set out for him by his cousin Faerinia's handmaiden, whom he's invited to sit and have a bite with him and talk about the dangers of the coin, a lively conversation enough over a light fare of bread and cheese.

The bane of the world and yet what makes the world go round. Even if payment isn't always coin, everything has a price, goods are exchanged for services or other goods. Ah, but certainly not the topic upon Nylie's mind as she steps into the salon, one of her guards moving to place her dulcimer over there in the usual spot. Her maid moving to settle as well whilst Nylie takes in those already present, noting Aidan's nephew she does offer a polite bow of her head to him,"Good day, Lord Squire. I hope the day finds you well and your conversation plentiful."

Faerinia's badly disfigured maid begins to startle out of her seat when others arrive, perhaps afraid of being found guilty of some negligence in sitting with her Lady's cousin. But Kierne settles her with a soothing motion of his hand. "It's fine. Good afternoon, Auntie Nylie, are you going to play for us?" he supposes as much, after all, with the appearance of the dulcimer. He finishes a draught of wine which he'd poured for his lunch, and stands to go refill it at the sidebar.

There is just a mild look of surprise when the maid startles as she does, that's exactly the way to make someone wonder what a person is guilty of. But Nylie just offers the servant a soft smile before inclining her head to Kierne,"Aye, I had thought to. I oft spend my time practicing in here and giving a bit of music to those who might like a bit of it to help them to relax. "

Nylie's usual guard and maid are about, the guard having settled Nylie's dulcimer before taking up a spot to keep watch. The maid having settled with a spot of embroidery to pass the time.

Kierne has just finished lunch; his homework lies abandoned on a desk while he washes down lunch with a second glass of wine. Because two glasses at mid-day never bothered him that much, the great lush of a youth. His cousin's maid is also present, having, to all evidence, laid out lunch and then partaken of it. She's finishing up a cup of tea, herself. "What will you play?" he wonders, "Or had you decided, yet?"

Eoin strides quickly into the salon, quite obviously with a purpose rather than here for a relaxing rest. He's not dressed in his finery, but instead teh more practical cut of tunic and boots he generally wears at sea, or down on the docks, complete with a light, sea-clock to keep off the the splaters of rain. Maid, guard and fellow nobles are all taken in in one swift glance but right now he's not stopping to share his normal pleasantry and a quick nod to the former two to acknowledge their presense, skipping instead straight to a moment's indecision about who of the others to address first. Stopping about equidistant from the two he glances quickly between themm noting the relaxed attitudes and that quite obviously gives him pause. "My Lady," he offers to Nylie first along with a shallow bow, then a nod to Kierne, "Squire."

Nylie gives a mild shake to her head,"I have not decided, I usually don't til I am here and can see who is about, what mood exists in the room to see what might be best. Or if there is something those who are here would wish for. Especially should those visiting from other nations be present, I will try to play something they might prefer, should it be within my ability to do." The woman was well travelled and had quite the 'collection' of songs to show for it. What else Nylie might have continued on with is forestalled as Eoin appears, a soft smile is given to him, a turn of a curtsy. "Lord Admiral, it is good to see you." A thing she seems to genuinely mean. "You seem to be looking for someone in particular?"

Kierne lifts his newly refilled glass toward Eoin along with a nod of his head. He's wearing no finery, himself, but, after his usual manner, a long woolen tunic and hide trousers which wouldn't immediately differentiate him from the average commoner, except perhaps for the rather fine and flattering cut of the trousers. When the Admiral shows that indecision, that hesitation, his brow draws in anticipation. "What's going on?" he offers, words otherwise as casual as you'd like, but charged with a subtle gravity in context.

"And it is good to see you again too, Lady Nylie," Eoin replies quickly and with another nod before he takes a deep breath, squares his shoulders and steadies himself a bit. At her question he nods slowly, taking a moment to work out just how to reply to that as it's an awkward one, but he settles on, "there was talk of a raven. I'm looking for any who might have read it's message, as all I have heard so far is rumour." He seems to stress that last bit, rumour only, nothing to worry about surely.

The differences to Eoin's behavior, that deep breathe and the way he stresses something being a matter of rumour does have Nylie giving him a more careful study, a brief flicker going to Kierne to see if the squire might be aware of what Eoin is after before she is looking back to Eoin and gives a shake of her head. "I have heard nothing about a raven and any news. " There is a slight hesitation before she asks,"What rumour have you heard about it, my Lord?" Not entirely certain she really wants to know. And as usual, she wears on of her simplisitcly fashioned dresses, deep green.

"Rumor is a beast with a hundred wings and a hundred tongues, each one proclaiming something different from the last," Kierne brings up the poetic description, "Reporting true and false things equally. At any rate, I've been on the yard this morning in training, and since then have been trapped here with the principles of compound interst," he tips his head toward the homework that lies on the desk, still.

Eoin attempts to backpeddle slightly, he should have seen that question coming a mile off but he'd walked right into it. He's saved somewhat by Kierne's answer though and he actually points at the lad as he gives his description of rumours, signalling his agreement, before he turns back to Nylie. "All that seesm certain is that there has been a boarder skirmish to the north, a small vilage I believe. The rest is speculation at best." He almost leaves it there, but is then suddenly uncertain that he's done enough to halt her curiosity until he can find any form of verification, leaving him to add awkwardly, "and as he says," a nod to Kierne, "they report things false as true as often as things which truely are."

"I am most aware of the rampent nature of rumor and gossip, how truth and lie are spun just as easily off the tongues of those who like to wag them without end. " Nylie's gaze settling upon Eoin in the end after the back and forth between the men. "Though I have never known you to be one to take true worry about a frivolous piece of gossip, my Lord." Meaning it can be no simple tidbit that has brought him here. Then Eoin is speaking of what he has heard and Nylie is turning pale, she knew Aidan and the others traveled northwards. To the keep on the border. "What else do they say? " Eyes flitting towards to door, if the raven was sent…to King or Crown Prince.

Kierne isn't going to press Eoin further, as it's obvious he doesn't want to say what he's heard. Besides, Auntie N is doing all the pressing for him. So he passes back by the table where Treasure is still sitting, awkwardly finishing her tea during this entire exchange, and gives her a nod and a crooked little smile, letting her know she can go, if she wants to.

The prince of Skingaard saunters into the room, looking rather princely for a change. The wonders of a good night's sleep and fresh tailor-made clothes. "Yo, hey man!", he calls out when he sees Kierne, "You still owe me drink." Then he notices that there are actual grown ups present and manages a deep bow (and a sheepish expression) for them. "Lady Nylie. Lord Eoin. Good day.", the youth says, frowing a little when he notices Nylie's nervous look. But for now he won't ask outright.

Eoin would apologise to Kierne, and indeed Amando, for suddenly reshifting his focus to include only Nylie, but once he sees the colour drain from her face he knows that he is going to have to answer that question. Stepping up to her, so he can reach to enclose her hands in his in what he hopes will bring comfort in a few short moments he looks her straight in the eye, takes a deep breath and takes the plunge. "They say there was an attack by the Laniveer up by the border, they were met by the Duke, Lord Hadrian and supposedly the Kundari. I'm.. If they speak the truth.. " He struggles for the words a moment, glancing down to their hands a moment before he looks her straight in the eye and finishes with, "I amm so very sorry, but if what is said is true, then His Grace has fallen."

Kierne lifts his chin toward Amando, wincing at the corners of his mouth as he enters at possibly the least opportune moment. He beckons the fellow over, fully well able to glean the worst of the rumor from the apologetic way Eoin is approaching Auntie N. At least if they're having a quieter conversation over by the desk maybe it won't be super duper awkward. For himself, his heart's beating a little faster than normal from the adrenaline spilled by shock as he internally processes the implications. But outwardly he maintains composure. It's just a rumor. When… if… it's confirmed, he can deal with it then. "I fear I have homework waiting for me, Amando. My Lord Knight will surely have my hide if I don't finish it. And it seems as though we're waiting on word from a raven about certain details of a skirmish up north. But if good news comes by raven, I'll be glad to drink with you to-night," he promises. If the worst news is confirmed, of course, there will be other matters that need tending to.

There is a polite bow of Nylie's head towards Amando, just barely managing that even if not the proper curtsy due to the Prince. But Eoin has rather gotten her attention by the slip of news, Nylie trying to figure out which cousin she'll have to hunt down to find the truth from. Cause the rumour seems to get worse simply with Eoin stepping towards her, which does get her guard's attention. The paling had already had Alyxia studying Nylie more closely. Her eyes flick down to his hands when hers get taken up, there is a slight tremble. No this isn't going to be good. Her eyes looking to him though as he starts to speak, faintly saying,"They were going up there….to check…" Nylie not continuing, it would just be babbling really. Her eyes searching Eoin's when the pauses, wanting him to finish but not wanting to hear all the same. If she could pale any further she would at what he says, a faintly whispered,"No." And there is that blasted storm, a rumble of thunder and a death grip being delivered to poor Eoin's hands.

Perfect timing indeed. Amando senses the tension in the room even before he overhears Eoin's words. "His Grace? Who's that?", he asks Kierne quietly, "What happened?" His eyes wander back to the older pair nearby, while he waits for Kierne's answer. Apparently he's yet unaware of the news from Laniveer.

"My uncle Aidan," Kierne replies just as quietly, then, moving on quickly, he shakes his head, "It's a rumor, yet, and you know what kind of a thing a rumor is. We'll wait to see when official word comes what exactly has or has not happened." He glances down to his homework, but it all seems even more pointless than it had before lunch.

"It's only rumour," Eoin stumbles, "dockside rumour," which he tires to imply makes it even less likely to be accurate. The guard's look is missed entirely but as he feels her tremble and then the thunder he glance quickly to her maid and gives an upnod as if requesting a hand to get Nylie sat down safely somewhere. He'd shift one hand to guide her elbow if he could, but that grip convinces him to let the maid handle that while he does his best to reassure where he can. "I'll find the King, or Crown Prince, they'll know, they'll've heard. Or I'll stay if you prefer," now he glances to Kierne, "there are others that could go. There'll be someone here with you until we know."

Ah, rumours. Amando looks relieved and offers Nylie a smile. "Is only rumor. Do not worry, Mylady.", he tries to cheer her up, wandering over to her, "We heard so many rumours in Skingaard, about terrible war here in Darfield, Father sent me to fetch Karissa home. I come here - no war at all. Just tourneys and marriages. So, do not worry about rumour. Maybe he get hit on head and lie still for a while."

Nylie gives a faint nod to Eoin, agreement coming even if faintly,"Aye…I know…rumour, he can't be dead." He promised! The maid is soon along to help get Nylie into a seat, especially knowing just how well the woman does with thunder as poor Eoin's hand are discovering as the grip just returns any time there is a rumbling of it. There is fear and worry, things have not exactly been the best for her family these days, it'd be just the luck of it to be true. "I should go….Callem would tell me."

Kierne looks from Amando to Eoin, giving him a gentle nod of understanding, and moving with a slow and even stride to stand behind Nylie's chair, offering a hand to his aunt's shoulder, gently coaxing her to stay seated. "I'll stay here with you, Auntie N. Let Lord Eoin go and find the truth, and he'll bring it back to us again as soon as he hears, OK? Here, you sit, and I'll play you a song on your dulcimer. I can't promise it'll be any good, but at least you'll be able to laugh at me for a while, huh?"

Eoin seems to hestitate at what Nylie suggests, his brow furrowing in obvious concern but he doesn't dismiss it out of hand. She's right on one key point of course, the King would no doubt tell her immediately the truth of the matter. Kierne gets a glance and then a quick nod as he moves over but he's not yet reclaiming his hands from Nylie's death-grip, waiting instead to see what she decides to do.

Amando blinks. What, the dude is the nephew? He should have asked for his name at some point. "Music's always good.", he does agree, but otherwise remains silent. He suddenly remembers that there's free wine to be had in the salon and hasn't had a drink yet this day. So he goes to help himself, giving the family some space.

A few breathes are slowly drawn and released at some urging by her maid, Nylie giving a small nod to much of what is said. "No, I should go and speak with him…..He would expect it of me if such rumor is about. And I…" There is a blink, her eyes dropping to her hands and the hold they have on Eoin's, her fingers loosening," I'm sorry..I didn't mean to….do that." Some force of effort required not to retake that gripe when another rumble of thunder comes within the storm. Murmuring,"It may be for the best if I go."

Kierne takes a shallow, slow breath of his own when Nylie insists upon going to hear the news, but then looks up to Eoin once more. "I'm sure the Lord Admiral will be good enough to escort you?" he half-states, half-asks— since she seems comforted by mangling the man's hands, perhaps it's best he be there if the worst does come to worst.

"Don't worry about it," Eoin replies quietly as Nylie glances to their hands. He knows her feelings on thunder, although it was his elbow that suffered last time it became an issue. Eyes flicking to Kierne he gives the lad a faint nod in agreement before he turns back to Nylie once more, "of course I will. Come, let us go speak with the King, he will set your mind at risk I am sure." Shifting slightly so he can offer her an elbow he turns once again towards Kierne and mutters to the man, "I will send word once I know. Either way. If this is retaliation for my raid last week then I am sorry for what it may have wrought on your family."

Since Amando has turned to wallpaper, he remains silent as wallpaper.

Kierne just inclines his head a degree or so, features still stoic over any internal panic he might be feeling. "You were doing your job, and all the things that were appropriate for that job. Uncle Aidan was doing the same. There is no way to know in advance everything that might happen, so that will have to be enough. From any of us." Yeah, this kid is definitely a philosopher. He removes his hand from Nylie's shoulder, giving his aunt over into Eoin's care, and he goes to join Amando at the sideboard for a drink. His third, today, but it seems like he might need it. He offers up a dry smile to the fellow and offers to pour him another.

Nylie nods to Kierne,"Aye, Lord Eoin will be a fine escort." He is the trusted Lord Admiral and amongst family in some fashion, her brother's. Amando Wallpaer is now all the rage amongst the young Morbin tween set, stores can't keep it on the shelves! A faint nod goes to Eoin, he should see her when thunder hits whilst at sea, oh boy. "Still, I had not meant to." A hint of color perhaps having returned, the woman shifting to get back to her feet with a bit of a breathe. It would be better to know the truth then fret over not knowing. "Aye, let us go find him and see what message the raven carried. If not he, Tyrel may know as well." The crown prince being marshall and all.

Once he's sure Nylie is steady on her feet he waits for her to take his elbow and then makes a slow start towards the door. He'll speed up if it looks like she can handle it but takes things steady for now. It's only then that he actually realises Amando is even present and gives the young prince a nod in passing as he escorts Nylie towards the door.

A nod goes to both the young men after Nylie's hand does settle on Eoin's elbow. Not trusting her own steadyness, she is fine with the slow speed as she tries to get her thoughts back in order. Her maid and guard falling easily into line behind the pair.

Amando nods simply and watches the pair depart, then lifts his drink to Kierne. "Here's to good news, yes?"

Kierne pours himself one after he's poured one for Amando, and lifts it in similar fashion. "To good news, if any exists in a time of war," he utters dully, then downs the wine all in a swallow. The boy must have a hollow leg.

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