Sheat 43, 229 2E: Purple Unicorns And Golden Tulips

Purple Unicorns and Golden Tulips
Summary: The Baron and Baroness Kilgour stop into the Glass Lily to pick up an order and place a commission or two.
OOC Date: 360/06/2014
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The Glass Lily
Above the shop windows through which the sparkling colors of glass can be seen, another set of clerestory windows allows even more light into the shop, over the three quarter wall that separates the furnace and annealing oven from the shelves of completed wares. The wall itself is of a dark, smooth stone, and is occasionally marked with chalk sketches of current or past projects. Gleaming almost as brightly as the glassware are the polished wooden shelves in front of the window and along two sides of the room. A sturdy table down the center displays the larger works of art, lit by the oil braziers, also of blown glass, that hang above.
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As the afternoon advances, Lilja puts the last of her new pieces in the annealing oven to cool, and then turns her attention to those pieces already cooled and needing finishing. Letting Dudda bank the furnace and seal the oven, she pulls off her hood and moves to the stool near the end of the back workshop area. Taking up a small, curved piece of purple, she looks it over critically, then lifts the sanding stone. The little bubbles at the bottom of the hooves are carefully smoothed away, as she begins whistling a little tune under her breath.

Now that the sun is setting, a cool and pleasant breeze wanders the streets, enticing people to leave stay outside and stroll in the evening. Dressed as usual in casual and inconspicuous clothing, Caedmon strolls along Market Street, glancing at the store-fronts and occasionally stopping to chat with residents who know him. After buying a basket of fruit from an old woman, the baron ventures further along the street. When he spots the light dancing from the various wars in the glass-blower's shop, he slows his steps and peers through the front windows, probably to ensure that he is not intruding again before he opens the door and ventures into the place. He spots Lilja climbing onto a stool in the back, but he leaves her to her work, preferring to brows the wares that the crafter is hoping to sell.

Everard will step back into the shop. It appears that he'd been in the living area grabbing something for a moment, it seems he's just in time as the door opens and in walks another "Ah, welcome back m'lord." he says a bow given as he makes his way through the shop. "I believe Lilja is finishing up now." he says but he'll look over towards the furnace waiting for the other to step out when she's ready only.

Still whistling, there's a tilt of Lilja's head that tells Everard she heard him, and his greeting, but she's busy, now. As she turns the figurine, the gold that gilds the horn glistens in the light.

"She need not hurry," Caedmon answers with a wave of his hand while he studies one of the glass lamp stands. "I know that the work takes time." He wanders from the display toward Everard. "I hope that others have discovered the treasures that you offer." He looks at a small decorative bowl shaped like a blooming flower. "When my wife finishes with the seamstress, I think that we should talk about an order for goblets and candle-sticks."

The young man smiles towards his wife as she does hear his greeting and his words. Everard looks to the noble once again though "I am sure she will not, she takes great pride in her work as you can see from the items in the shop." he will says pride in his voice easy enough. The next gets another bow "Of course m'lord we'd sketched a few basic idea's after our first meeting."

Indeed they have, the chalk marks still on the stone of what Lilja had started considering for designs. The whistling continues on as the unicorn is turned over, the surprisingly gentle fingers of the craftswoman looking for more bubbles.

Court is over and after it is another trip to the seamstress. Wenna is hunting down her husband. Her long brown hair is bound up underneath a gold hair net that is studded with vibrant emeralds. She is dressed in an exquisite silk gown that is the current height of fashion. The fabric clings to her curves and cascades to the floor like a waterfall of deep, rich forest green fabric. The sleeves and hem of the neckline of the gown are embroidered in a pattern of flowering vines of white silk floss. Each gore panel of the gown depicts a Wood scene, finely worked towering trees, flora, and fauna which can be found in Greenshire, all in white silk floss. Long sweeping sleeves lined with sage green silk offer contrast and a glimpse of her brilliant white undergown which is occasionally visible beneath the overgown when she moves. The undergown is simple but elegant and beautiful, pure silk to create a simple but fetching backdrop to the embroidered overgown. She walks slowly with a heavy limp. She moves into the glass blowers shop.

Caedmon turns when the door opens again and he hears footsteps so familiar that he would recognizen them under any circumstances. The smile on his already cheerful face broadens, shining with warmth. He steps toward Wenna and offers his left arm to her. "My dear wife," he greets her. "You arrive at a good time. Just now, I was spewing to the master about placing another order for goblets and candlesticks for the keep." He looks at the bowl in the pattern of a blossom. "I think that they should be perfect for the natural motif that we want."

The whistling finally slows, then stops. Through long habit, the animal is carefully set down before Lilja leaves her seat. Then, once she is on her feet, she picks it up once more to carry it to the front. "Good afternoon, my lord and lady," she greets with the proper obeisance. "Here is your daughter's unicorn, purple as promised. Shall I wrap it for you?" And there, resting on her palm, swirling tail and two hind legs at the base while the fore hooves paw the air magestically is the fabled beast.

"Good my lord husband, thank you." She takes his offered arm and she leans her tall frame against him. She goes to place a kiss upon his cheek. "Mistress thank you again adding to this order. Lilly is very captivated by what you have shown her. If we could have the goblets have some color of amber, grey and blue that would be a delight. Caedmon did you already ask about the colors?" She looks to Lilja next as she continues to lean heavily against Caedmon. "Yes please, Good Mistress. She would like that, it will be a good treat for her. She has been trying to read anything and everything she can find about glass."

Caedmon leads Wenna toward Lilja. When his wife kisses him, he smiles and blushes slightly, but he is clearly delighted by the boldness of her gesture. "We have not spoken of the colors, my love," he answers. "I wanted to leave all of those details to you, because you seemed eager for that task and you certainly have a good eye for colors, as your own wardrobe daily attests." He nods at the little glass figurine. "That should go a long way to stirring her imagination," he praises. "Lily also asked if you might fashion an inkwell, shaped like a tulip with a small stopper, as a gift for her tutor. I thought that such a think should be simple enough, but I did not want to tell her that until I spoke to you."

A small box is produced, and some straw, which the unicorn is nestled into. She does smile, "your daughter has a very creative mind. Did she say which color tulip she preferred? There were some lovely golden ones with veins of scarlet near my home when I was a girl her age." The unicorn safe, she turns her attention to the lady. "I could certainly fashion those colors. Am I correct in understanding that you wish amber to be the main color? Perhaps with some blue at the base or stem?"

"It is my dear sweet mother then you should be praising." Wenna says to him in response brightly. "That is a wonderful idea, about the flower for her. I left my cane at the seamstress shop and thought of walking without it fills me with dread, would you escort me to get my cane?" She asks him.

Her attention is then drawn back to Lilja. "Blue is the main grey and amber to highlight or you can make few of each for the main colors. Or you can get creative; we are not opposed to flowers or anything that is sea related. We will need about 12. I think that if you gave her a tulip like the ones near your home she will be overjoyed."

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