Nar 08, 228: Princess, Prince, deer and the Giant

Princess, Prince, deer and the Giant
Summary: People are still just preparing to go where the war is raising. So, the Market place fulfills with people slowly even in the early morning. Even the Prince from the island comes to look around and meets the Flower of Darfield, Wind of the Great Sea. Their discussion is interrupted by the Giant.
OOC Date: 11/July/2013 (OOC)
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Market Place
Closer to the river, a bustling circle of small shops, hawkers, and tradespeople has arisen. This little area has become known as the Market Place, and is where most, if not all, buying and selling in Darfield Village takes place. Interesting aromas and sounds are known to come from this area, as it's also where a lot of the crafting takes place. Small stalls and carts are interspersed wherever there is room around more permanent buildings and even pavillions set up for special events.
08, Nar, 228

With time running out for when they are to be in Weston Conall has decided to take a day to wander the market. The night just turning into morning as the young heir wanders the streets of Darfield, they area starting to get set up with the few first stalls.

The young Princess, followed by two guards, is rushing to the Market. Her gown as blue as the bright sky has small, but vivid embroidery, which reminds the fluffy clouds above. Gilr's tress flaxen hair falls beneath her shoulders and sways in the blueness as rays of sun.

Princess Caillin glances at the group of five children, who are playing on the road with some small stones. Their dirty clothes and tired bare feets betray them being very poor or even without families. Sparkles in Caillin's face fade and she sighs sadly, bitting her lip, when these children raises their nose, trying to smell the aroma of just baked, still warm pikelets.

Princess shakes her head and firmly paces near the baker, offering him a smile. "I know, you are still not ready, but give me one basket of these pikelets, please," warmly orders young girl. The baker bows "Your Highness… I always opened for you…" and he extands the basket to the Princess. A warm steam rises from the pikelets, when girl gives money for the baker "Have a good day, master," she smiles to him and almost bounces near these children. She takes a seat on bench, close to them and extends the basket. At first children are hesitating, but when Caillin grants them with even more wide smile, they run straight to her and starts chewing on these pikelets. Girl laughs "My poor rays of sun, be careful, it's hot!" Children clean their mouths with arms and almost in choir answers "Aye, aye, Your Highness…" there are so much love in their voices.

Conall looks to the bakery and the princess with a raised brow as he studies them for a bit. Grinning as the childer enjoy the pikelets. "Seems they enjoy it, and they do seem to like you, princess Caillin." He offers in his usual stoic attitude. Moving to take a seat and smile over at her.

When the Prince addresses Caillin, girl flinches, but quickly stabs her grey eyes to him. She playfully bites rosebud lip, forming wide smile and can't stop her cheeks from colouring themself in a slight reddish tone. One of the children, obviosuly the oldest one, giggles and pokes the boy close to him. Now both kids are staring at the princess, until she gives a brief glance at them, forcing boys to get back on their pikelets.

"Your Highness…" soft voice of the princess whispers and she extands the basket with still many pikelets to Conall "I hope they like them. I love them myself, actually. This baker is one of the bests in our kingdom. You should try!" However, girl's eyes can't stop eating the Prince in front of her. Sparkles are twinkling in her grey eyes joyfully, before one of the children, the youngest girl, remainds of the last statement of the Prince "Yes, yes! She is… mommy! My mommy and my brothers!" girl grabs the arm of the oldest boy, still gnawing on pikelet. When she hears kids voice, Caillin turns to the children and sighs "I love them. They are so pure creatures. They must be loved, even if Gods forgot about them…" one flaxen curl is hidden by girl's finger under the ear. Though, she continues staring at these children, but her voice speaks with the prince "So, you are preparing to go to the… Journey?.." she whispers a little bit afraid.

Conall studies the princess with a smile on his lips. Chuckling a bit as the kids run off. "Your highness." He greet in return. Taking one to taste, nodding a bit. "Thank you." Chuckling a bit and raises a brow to the princess. "Mommy?" He asks in a low voice. Nodding a bit about loving them. Looking over them with a smile. Nodding a bit, "I am. How so, princes Caillin?" He asks as he looks to her.

When the girl calls Caillin mommy, she does not react to this, but the curiousity from the Prince makes heat come to the Princess' cheeks even more. She takes a deep breath and starts nervously running with her fingers through the basket. She once more extands it to Conall, trying to change the subject at first "Please, take one. Taste it and when… if some kind of shadows, some kind of bad day will cover your journey, you will remember the taste of this pikelet and a bright smile will appear in your face, making the day look brighter! Believe me…" Caillin glances at the girl once more and gasps "I am…" she starts gesture with one hand "I am not… You know… She is not… Nobody is…" stammers princess leaning against the back of the bench. Immersing her fingers to flaxen curls she finishes "No mother, they just… I am not… They do not have parents, so I take care of them… So, they look at me as I would be their mother…" sighs girl nervously.

Conall chuckles and nods, "I suppose so." He says and will taste one. Nodding, "It does taste quite nice." He offers with a smile. Laughs at the princess, shaking his head a bit. "I understand, I was just teasing, my lady." He offers to her. Smiling and looking over them, "That is quite kind of you, princess Caillin." He offers and smiles. "Now how come you always seem to be blushing?" He asks with a grin.

"Aaah! Teasing…" starts laughing Caillin with a small relieve, though still a bit nervously. Moreover, the second question strikes girl dumb. She raises on her feet and brings the basket to the children, giving it to the oldest boy's hands. She takes a few deep breaths and gets back on her seat,besides Conall, though, watching the chidlren, how they enjoy the pikelets. "Your Highness… are you teasing me now too?.." just after this question, Caillin dares to look at prince's eyes, once more bitting her lower lip. She smiles to him nervously, but tries to gather all her courage not to turn look away.

Conall chuckles at her and shrugs, "I am just curious. I can't say if I can help you with it or not, I just wonder what might cause it." He says and shrugs. Meeting her eyes and studying her a bit. A small smile on his lips.

Caillin smiles flirtatiously at Conall and raises her eyebrow "Your Highness, we all are work of art. The painters, who gave us some colour are Gods and Goddess of the Light. We are not so powerful to add any new lines or erase some from their work…" Princess sighs giving one glance at the children, but quickly gets back to the Prince "Even if our desire for that would be incredibly huge. So, I don't think you can help me, Your Highness…" girl sighs once more and the blush still rests on her cheek. Though, her gaze slips to Conall's shoulders, runs through his arm and springs on the knees of the Princess, where she plays with her fingers.

Conall smiles and nods a bit. "Perhaps that is right, princess Caillin." Preferring to be a bit informal with the address as they are both royals. "Perhaps so, although I do not think that answers much unless you are saying that you are jealous of me." He teases her with a chuckle. Watching as her eyes moves over his body. A slight grin on his face. Letting the gaze move over to watch the children.

Caillin chuckles silently and gestures with her hand, turning to Conall "These strong hands," she shows at his hands "And this smile of yours, and hair…" she chuckles a bit louder "broad shoulders…" shake of her head is given and a playful smile flashes in her bright face "No, Your Highness… I am not jealous of you. These things would not look jauntily on me," girl continues giggling "I love my hair, actually, and I like to be elegant flower. I am a woman after all!" Girl turns her gaze to the children for a few seconds and lets her gaze to slip a little bit farther, as far away from prince as possible. Staring somewhere at the temple, when prince can't see her lips, she murmurs "Though strong oak always looks very nice near fragile flower… giving her a lee…and…" with each word girl murmurs more and more silently and it's almost impossible to hear the last words, especially, when raven decides to remind about herself, sitting somewhere in the tree.

Conall chuckles and nods, "I suppose you are right." Shifting a bit and there are usual a few scars on him, a bit all over. Both very old and newer ones, as usual. "I suppose you are right." Listening to her with a grin, "I see. Might that be a reason for your bad reaction to the betrothal or, rather, marriage of your brother and my sister?" He asks her as he studies her. Always staying stoic.

Girl sighs and turns her eyes back to knees, where fingers nervously are clenching each other, quite firmly and some of them even lose their colour, becoming quite pale. Caillin just whispers "With these marriage my oak was cut off… Now fragile flower sprouts up in the open field alone… She is free for wild winds…" Princess sighs once more and quickly shakes her head, sticking her eyes to the Prince "I am so sorry… I do not want to offend your sister or something… I guess you are pretty happy, that she is married now and has her own oak, so strong oak…"

Conall nods a bit, "IT is fine. And I suppose, as long as he treats her well." He offers and shrugs a bit. Tilting his head. "I would say perhaps it is for the best for all of us, princess. I am sure you will find your oak." He tells her and smiles. "I do think I saw a goddess dance with a bear though." He says and grins. "At least she seemed to be able to enjoy yourself." He suggests.

Caillin sighs even more sadly and sparkles in her eyes fades "I heared rumors that the bear is just a cousin of that goddess and when she gave hi a form of human… He started to look for his own flower… Maybe even already found…"

Conall nodding a bit. "Perhaps the goddess should had looked at other animals." He says with a smile. Leaning a bit on his arms as he rests. Looking out over the crowd of children.

Caillin nods "She saw everything… Goddess always see everything… But…" Princess chews on her lip nervously for a moment, staring at the prince, while his eyes observes children "Other animal looked pretty busy with their goddess, moons, raindrops… She had no choice but to enjoy her cousins company… Maybe just hopping, that one of these animals is doing the same… I mean dances with his cousin…" sigh leaves girl's throat.

Conall chuckles, "Well, some animals never got a chance among goddesses or celestial bodies. And not even natural elements. I do know an animal with a god and one lucky bear with a goddess, but that was all." He says and grins. Smiling at her a bit then as she goes on.

Finally children finish the food given by the princess. The oldest boy comes closer and bows through his waist, extanding empty basket to Caillin "Princess," his childish voice utters "Thank you for such an amazing feast for us, you are the light of our Kingdom," and the boy blushes withdrawing from Princess and finally turning tu run away with his friends. However, that youngest little girl murmurs to the Prince, bowing her small head too "Our princess is a treasure, ser…" and she chukles running after her brother. Yes, children are the only creatures, who are so pure and honest.

These words makes Caillin laugh once more very loudly and she follows kids with her grey eyes full of love. Though, after that she finds Prince's orbs once more. Warm smile keeps glinting in her face. "I guess one goddess made a mistake… Even they make mistakes… I just wish her to get a chance to correct her mistake… I hope it will be not too late for her…" sighs Caillin.

Conall chuckles a bit as he hear the words of the children, "I understand." He tells them before looking to Caillin. Grinning a bit amused. Letting his gaze sweep to her. Shrugging a bit, "For a dance? I am sure there are animals willing to dance with a goddess." He assures her.

Caillin raises her eyebrow at the Prince "Just to dance? Or some of them are willing to be guardians of the goddess, like that bear, who was the guardian at first?" Caillin claps with her hands playfully, when her mood gets back "I love dancing. Dancing and playing with my piano. But I love dancing more! I would love to be goddess and could dance with whatever I want!.." she stops for a second and finishes in a bit lower voice "Have my dance partner forever in my arms and sway with him…" she sighs and her cheeks gain some colour again "I am sorry, Your Highness… I am sorry…" chuckles Princess.

Conall shrugs a bit, "That, I can not speak for. But I am sure friendships are always a possible first step." He offers about their talk, which seems to revolve around gods and animals or something. And dancing. Chuckling a bit at her. Smiling a bit to her words. "It is quite fine." Always stoic and keeping his calm.

The answer makes girl's smile fade. Though, she tries not to show it. Just turns her gaze somewhere at the stalls, full of interesting goods, likely, because of people, who are gathered around. Princess Caillin stares at the backs of people, just sighing and drowning to her thoughts. Fingers of the girl still clench each other on her knees firmly as she would be still a little bit nervous.

Conall smiles and gives her a nudge as they sit and rests a bit. "One step at a time, my lady. You shouldn't be in rush of things." He tells her before rising to his feet and offering his hand to her to lead her along. "Shall we see what the streets and stalls have to offfer?"

Shazaa pushes into the crowd of people in the marketplace, several men looking up toward the giant, and moving out of his way. His eyes scan the crowd, as he carries a huge slab of deer meat over his shoulder. His eyes spot a meat vendor, and there he goes, pushing people out of his way and busting through the crowd; creating quite the ruckus. Once he is near the meat vendor, he starts negotiating. The vendor looks rather intimidated, but holds his ground in the negotiation.

Princess chuckles, when she gets a nudge and her eyes widen, when Prince extands his hand. Smile on girl's lips starts dancing wildly and she joyfully puts her fingers into that hand of the prince "Of course, Your Highness. It would be lovely to walk with you… To see what gets your attention…" chuckles Caillin and stands, nipping the soft fabric of her light blue gown with free hand. She follows the Prince where he goes, not seeing any giants around, not seeing anybody around just the Prince besides her. She walks proudly next to him as he would be her just caught prey. However, she tries to hide all her excitement under the elegant moves, raised chin and all the stance of the haughty princess. However, she has too kind heart and to keep that stance is too hard, because she wants to share her smile and warmth with all commoners around, who bows to their princess respectfully.

Conall chuckles as he hear the ruckus and the source of his, shaking his head a bit. "As discreet as always." He murmurs and seems mostly amused. A bit of a smirk on his lips. Looking to the princess again then. Taking her hand and helping her up before offering his arm to escort her. Wandering towards the giant first. His own appearance seeming quite calm. Bowing his head in return to those bowing for the princess. "Shazaa!" He calls out with a grin, his voice always keeping the tone. "Seems again you cause a stir." He teases the giant.

"Oblivion, no! That i'not fair price and you know't!" He speaks in very quick tones, his accent heavily marked from growing up in Kundar. "'iss meat is fresh!" The hulk of a man is arguing with the vendor when his name is called out. His head turns to scan the crowd for the person addressing him. When he spots Conall, a wide grin spreads on his face, "Prince Aberdeen!" He pushes another person out of the way as the Prince begins to approach. He offers a polite bow, then another to the Princess, just before his eyes look her over as if looking at a piece of candy. He then looks back to Conall, "I knew not that you had wife." He slaps the man on the shoulder in the thunderous way that he does. Conall, unlike many man, can handle it.

When some kind of a little bit scary and unseen man approaches Caillin takes a step back, just to hide a little bit behind the Prince. However, she tiptoes to stare at the man curiously through Conall's shoulder. She does not say a word and lets two friends speak with each other. However, girl tries to remain as polite as possible, giving the smile for the giant. The last sentence of the stranger makes Princess' cheeks to turn into riped charries. She giggles and opens her mouth to explain, but just sighs turning her gaze at the stalls and letting two friends to explain things for each other.

Conall chuckles as he comes closer to the giant of a man. Hearing his usual speedy talk. While his own is that more soften kind. Laughing about a wife, shaking his head, "I do not, yet. This is princess Caillin Kilgour of Mobrin." He explains. "I am just escorting her, as our host I am sure she could tell me a lot." He says and smiles to the princess at that as well. Indeed handling it and seemingly enjoying the hit. Besides, he might have grown used to it to some degree, and perhaps missed it. He does keep Caillin close enough to make her feel safe, while still being proper. "What is your arguement with the vendor about anyhow?" He asks with a chuckle.

Shazaa furrows his large brow, looking down at the vendor who is still standing nearby. "He wants t'pay me ten copper coins for meat. I want two gold coins. This meat is… how you say…" he ponders a moment, before looking back to Conall, "This meat is fresher?" He nods once, "Fresher." He glances across the Market, then back to Conall, "That woman, Vi'toria… you know the one I speak of. I buy her something nice today. A trinket. Or maybe necklace." He shrugs, looking back to the vendor, "But this coward think my meat is no good!"

When man becomes quite angry about the vendor, Caillin frowns a little bit, glancing at the piece of fresh meat. She tries to remain close near the Prince, even a little bit closer before she dares to say "I am sorry, master… hunter?.." a little bit confused girl starts "But I know /that/ vendor very well, as I know all my people… Two golden coins for this…" she gestures at the meat and touches her belly with free hand as the view would make her feel bad. But she manages to continue "I would say one golden coin, but not more…" and Princess nervously squeezes the hand of Conall while speaking with the giant "I understand you, you want to cheer your… woman?.. So, I know that at the end of these stalls a young girl is standing, who makes just perfect necklaces. She is young and a girl, but very talented. Her work may be not too much glinting, but each work of her is special, because she makes them with love… You could buy a necklace from her for less than a half golden coin… She would be very happy. She does not have parents and has to feed her little brothers…" sighs Caillin, hoping that she will help for everyone this way.

Conall chuckles a bit, "You do know quite a bit about how to survive and cook. I would say that your skinning techniques might need to be freshen upon, but yes. When it comes to the hunt you do know what you are doing." He says and grins. Nodding to the vendor as well, as a royal just gave Shazaa's meat the thumbsup. As for buying something for Victoria, he nods. "That is quite sweet." There is a moment of pondering then. "On second thought, sell that meat to me." He says and offers coin to Shazaa. Three gold coins even. "That should do." He says and winks. "Well, you understand a deer usually is enough to feed between 30-50 people if you do it right." He explains and shrugs a bit. "Of course, everyone will not be fully satisfied but it would be enough to make them go on. So if everyone wants a completely full belly, perhaps still 20 people, wouldn't you say so, Shazaa?" He offers and grins. Tilting his head a bit though, "I did not realize that you were chasing the mistress that much." He offers with a smile. Smiling at Caillin at her suggestions as well, "Indeed, those are good suggestions."

Shazaa furrows his brow at Caillin's words. One gold piece? He shakes his head and nearly tosses the meat to the ground in disgust. The meat he carries, easily weighs 150 pounds, clean cut. When Conall speaks, however, his expression turns from grim to a grin. A nod is given, and the burly man flips the meat from his shoulder rather easily, although it may land on Conall with a *THUD!* The giant of a man reaches into his belt and retrieves a sack which already has a few coins in it. He tosses the gold into the pouch, before synching it up. At Conall's words, a brow is raised. "Chasing? I do not understand this word… chasing." He shrugs casually, as he stuffs the pouch of coins back into his belt, "I no chase woman." His thumb goes to his chest as he points to himself, "If Shazaa want woman, Shazaa take woman." With those words being said, he looks back to the Princess, looking her over again, an appraising look in his eyes.

When Shazaa becomes angry at her suggestion, Caillin takes a few more steps back, clasping her both hands around Conall's arm. Her breath becomes a little bit more quicker. But when the golden coins from the Prince calms the man down, girl sighs in relieve and whispers with a slight chuckle "Your Highness, what will you do with that meat? I mean… Now you will carry it to your room?" she childishly chuckles and peeks at the giant. Though, his gaze makes girl feel uncomfortable and she flinches, turning grey eyes to the two guards, who aproaches closer.
Conall hands over the gold and doesn't seem fully ready as the deer is slapped down on his shoulder, especially with his body a bit turned to let the princess hide. He does push the princess a bit to the side as the meat hit his shoulder and he stumbles down to his knee. Laughing loudly though, despite most likely having a bit bruise there now. "Warn me before doing that! Else I might be making the princess fall and all of that." He says with a grin at Shazaa. Looking between him and the princess as he rises to his feet with that meat on his shoulder. Looking heavy but not enough to bring Conall down completely.

Shazaa raises a brow as the man struggles under the meat. He lets out a throaty laugh, then nods once, patting the man on the shoulder once more, this time a bit lighter. A glance is given to the guards who step closer, pondering whether or not he should take their heads. He decides not to, today, and instead offers a bow to the royalty. "I leave you two now. Enjoy day." His Daeren is very broken and gutteral. Another glance, and even a smile, is given to the Princess, before he turns away, moving toward a necklace vendor.

Girl gasps, when she is pushed to the side a little bit. Though, she is not worried about the idea, that she might fall or something. She just gasps once more, when Conall falls on his knee. "Your Highness!" and girl wants to spring closer to him, to help or whatever, but the laugh of the Prince ripples through the Market and she just sighs, peeking at the stranger with a slight discontent. Though, the way how Conall handles this brings a lot of admiration to young princess eyes and she just giggles, blushing a bit and continues staring at the strong man with a heavy deer on his shoulder. She sighs again. Not wanting to show her emotions, Caillin starts to brush her curls, as she would like to fix them, even if there is no reason for that, cause her hair looks perfect as always. Princess does not forgets to offer a smile for the stranger, when he leaves. Her smile has a bit of relieve.

Conall does frown briefly as that pat is lighter than earlier. Though it passes quickly. "Thank you." He offers with a smile to Shazaa. "Until next time, my large friend." He says and grins. Then looking to Caillin as she seem worried, shaking his head a bit, "I am quite fine, not to worry." He assures her with a smile and standing with her soon enough. "We should get this stored away, or cooked." He offers, turning to lead her out of there, for now.

Caillin grins "Yes, you should, Your Highness. Though that deer on your shoulder looks nice, showing how strong you are! You can handle the hits of that…" she stops to sigh "man… Strange man. A bit scary. Is he always so angry?" and she follows the Prince to leave.

Conall chuckles and nods, "I suppose it is quite the impressive deer." He says. Laughing about Shazaa, "Strange and scary, maybe. But he isn't angry. Though might be his size that makes him seem angry." He suggests and smiles to Caillin as they make their way along to leave.

Having sold his deer meat, the bulky man moves toward a jewelry vendor. His huge fingers lift a necklace, eyeballing it quietly. "How much this?" He demands of the vendor. "Two crowns…" is the response. A nod is given as Shazaa continues inspecting the gold and pearl jewelry.

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