Nar 44, 228: Prince's proposal

Prince's proposal
Summary: Caitlyn visit's Logen after the tournament, they talk inside his tent for a time. They are lost to the party that picks up outside, until seen againt with the prince down on one knee.
OOC Date: 17 August 2013
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Logen Caitlyn 
Logen's royal tent, Tournament grounds
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44th Nar, 228

The tents off the tournament fields are usually small, with only a short closed off section for the fighters to have a moment's privacy to change. However, the royal family's tents are much larger and meant for comfort as they are a permanent fixture here. The floor of the tents start as a thick blanket, covered over with rugs and furs near the bed. There is a fur covered cot in the back, a small desk with a chair near the front, and a short bookcase just behind that against the tent wall.

Logen walks into his tent towards the armor stand at the back, a squire is quickly behind him but Logen dismisses the boy. Tennat moves in, "Tennat I need privacy. I'll change out of the armor on my own this time. Lady Caitlyn is coming to see to any wounds I could have sustained though nothing got through my defense that I can tell. Better safe than sorry, she alone is admitted. No one else, save mother or father. Inform the guards." with those instructions, Tennat leaves and his heard speaking with the four knights outside Logen's tent flap after is falls closed.

Caitlyn says, "paces outside the tent, her fingers twined together, fidgeting as she waits for Lavona to return with her satchel. Tennat but watches with a neutral expression, as ever the faithful manservant and bodyguard. Lavona returns to hand over the satchel, moving as if to follow the quickly retreating back od Caitlyn as she enters the Prince's private tent. Tennat however makes a quick maneuver, stepping in front of the giantess with a waggle of his finger. Lavona rolls her eyes and grunts, but as of late has given up enforcing the rules that her absent employer, Cedric, laid down. She shrugs and takes up a lounging position nearby.

Caitlyn enters the tent, her eyes adjusting to the dimmer light, searching the darkness for Logen's form. Her lips are parted, her breathing quickened, a light of awakened desire, deeply passionate, bright and feverish in her eyes."

Armor hangs on its stand nearby, the heavy plates of hammered steel with their intricately worked eagles swaying slightly after Logen brushed them down with a cloth quickly to keep them from rusting at all. One of the squires will truly clean it later. For now the bare chested prince runs a drying cloth over himself to wipe away the sweat and grime from his rigorous fighting earlier. He carries a deep frown on his face, he'd wasted time and exerted far too much of his own energy showing off as he did. Sure, it was worth it because he proved that Caitlyn's future husband is a force to be reckoned with, but it's against his natural inclination to use his enemy's energy to his advantage. No matter.
When Caitlyn enters his tent, Logen's back is to her as the prince slowly runs the cloth over his chest before coming down his abdomen to his breeches. A quick finger pulls the string holding them up and they drop to the floor revealing the princes naked ass, it isn't until the flap's heavy weights slap against the poles that hold to entrance up that Logen turns the cloth going to cover his crotch instinctively. He stops when he sees Caitlyn's beautiful face and passion alighted eyes staring at him, and the prince blinks before blushing slightly at his lack of modesty. "Caitlyn… I, you're a bit earlier than I had expected… I think." the last part added with a little confusion. His court etiquette gnaws at him, while his desires bite him.

Caitlyn can but stand there, gaping as Logen's magnificent form is revealed in all it's glory. She is stunned into a statue-like stillness as her gaze roams over his body as an appreciative sigh leaves her lips and a flush of color rushes to her cheeks. When he turns, her eyes widen slightly, her eyes feverish as they cannot help but devour him hungrily. As if in a dream, she starts towards him slowly, her eyes lowering as she reaches out to take that cloth from him, damp from his sweat. Without a word, she moves, circling him. Standing behind him now, she brushes the cloth over his shoulders, down the center of his back slowly along his spine, finally reaching his ass. The soft cloth caresses his skin as her breath is felt on his shoulder blades before her lips make contact with his still sweaty skin, tasting the salt of his perspiration as she moans deeply in her throat. Her fingers trace the curve of his hip before cupping the globes of his ass, whispering in a thick voice…"You are so beautiful Logen….so beautiful to me…"

A light breeze blows the flap gently, and Tennat quickly secures it from the outside so that it doesn't let in a draft. At least, that's Tennat's reasoning behind it for what else could there be reason to essentially lock the prince and his healer inside the prince's tent after he just won a flawless victory in her honor? The attendant, never smirking outwardly, and certainly knowing that his prince is an honorable gentleman, pats the flap quietly before turning around to take a seat on a wooden bench next to Lavona. He attempts to strike up conversation with the she-giant, and though Tennat isn't really one to gaze at a woman… he can't help but admire her arms for a moment perhaps too long.
Logen's eyes are storm of desire and restraint, using every last ounce of will power to not simply take hold of Caitlyn and tear her dress from her, but at the same time struggling with the ingrained procedure to call for her maid or ask her to wait outside for him to be decent. When she takes the initiative. He freezes even more, her lips to his skin causing pleasing shivers up his spine. Hands cupping his crotch for some small act of decency, he says. "As you are to me, my love. Will you wait a moment for me? I would like to speak with you… but under this condition, I am not decent for holding conversation. My breeches should suffice…" he drops off, waiting for her response to him… not moving because in all reality he had sort of planned for this to happen and he really doesn't wish to do anything other than turn to her as he is, but there are things they should speak on.

Caitlyn's lips move along Logen's skin, her tongue tasting his flesh as she trails kisses along his spine for a moment, skilled healers fingers moving over the hollow of his spine, the curve just above the start of his ass. Her voice is a soft purr as she leans in to kiss his shoulder, standing to his side, shaking her head softly as she looks up at him with a beguiling smile "As your healer, I cannot make a thorough examination of you while you are clothed, now can I?" Her fingers run down his arm as her eyes follow, a slow caress that causes tiny bumps to appear on his skin. "you can speak while I conduct my examination…if you wish." Her voice weaves around him as she continues running her fingers over his skin, learning every inch of him by touch. The cloth moves to his chest as she comes to stand before him, her eyes hungrily admiring his form.

Lavona does not speak at first, instead adjusts some of the tiny throwing knives hidden in her voluminous sleeves. Though not a beauty, she has strong features dominated by full lips. If she would only smile, it would soften her features, making her almost pretty. Lavona looks almost warily at Tennat as he admires her arms, catching the look before he turns away. Her brow furrows slightly as she looks towards the tent flap. After a moment though she shrugs and returns to adjusting her knives, lifting her skirt slightly to adjust a strap at her calf. She glances at Tennat every few moments.

"Alright, my love... I suppose, as my healer you are allowed examination." Logen starts, the tiny bumps on his skin erupting over him as her fingers and lips caress him. "I, wanted to ask you if you'd had a chance to speak with your brother at all." He begins, allowing her to lift his arms to the side and spreading his legs to shoulder's distance apart. Her eyes doing the primary inspection with a practiced look. As she circles him, taking in his form to its entirety, he speaks again. "I also hope you're proud of me, and my victory in your honor. I, know it isn't the most formal of announcements but it was all I could do for now. At least they are aware that I acknowledge our marriage… and saw that I welcome it with open arms.

Tennat now and again watches Lavona as she adjusts the various hidden pain sticks about her person. He hears Logen's voice, faint but enough to know they are simply speaking and assuming nothing untoward for now. He'll give them about ten minutes before peeking in to assure himself of his prince's gallantry. "Tennat, is my name." He offers to the handmaiden, something of a deadly beauty about her draws his eye when he isn't going over list upon list of things to be seen to, in his head.

Caitlyn continues her examination, noting only a couple of nicks on his skin, not even deep enough for needing stitches. She shakes her head in wonder as she answers Logen's query. "I am amazed that you came out of such a melee without more than two scratches. After seeing the others wounds…your skill in battle is astounding." She pauses before continuing with a furrow on her brow. "And no, I've not spoken to Cedric at all. He was in a high temper when he left." She smiles then "And I loved that your words rang out so clearly, claiming me as yours."

Lavona glances at Tennat and mumbles "Lavona." simply as she seems satisfied with her arsenal. She looks away to the pennants flapping in the breeze, rubbing the back of her neck with one hand. She looks almost shy as she flitters a glance back at Tennat,

"I have practiced a great deal in the arts of combat, as a tactician it is my duty to use my enemy against themselves… and yes, I am rather skilled with a blade. I've studied every technique, and practiced them all. The tutors call me a master swordsman, it speaks well of that watchman to have lasted so long without real armor to protect him." Logen speaks just loudly enough that his attendant can hear he's speaking at all. He lowers his voice to a whisper, so that they cannot hear him. Then his voice rises again, "He was rather upset with my brother… the accusation of calling you a foul slew of names. I believe he heard what he thinks he heard, but I believe my brother's explanation of what he'd said. I had hoped to try and convince your brother to return and ask for his post back… I know the dowry is already a blow to your family, but perhaps offering up what more could be spared… might convince my parents to consider making you fully part of the family. And save face for your brother." Logen is trying to offer help here, so that the Crawfords don't lose standing in society because of him.

Tennat nods to Lavona, a gets out a small set of panpipes. He begins to play a sweet woodsy melody, masking the fact that the conversation inside drops off for a moment. As he plays his eyes glance to judge Lavona's reaction to his tune.

Caitlyn smiles softly as she takes Logen's hand in hers, brushing her fingertips against his "I know I shall never fear for my safety or the safety of our children when you are near, my beloved. sighs softly as she steps back, admiring Logen's chest before turning her profile to him, gazing off into nothingness for a moment "I would give anything to please your family, but I have no right to negotiate for Cedric. I'm not sure how much it would help anyway." she says with a tinge of sadness in her voice. "What did your brother say when you asked him about what happened between he and Cedric?"

Lavona arches a brow as Tennat starts to play, looking surprised as the sound wafts from the pipes he plays. She half-turns to watch him as a rare look of relaxation comes over her, smoothing the permanent scowl on her brow. She simply watches Tennat, listening to his song

"I will always keep you safe, my love. And our children will have a carefree life, I will strive to end this war before it affects them too greatly." Logen says with confidence, making so that he's somewhat covered with the cloak she'd given him incase someone peeked in on them. Which does happen just after she'd moved to stand in profile to him. Lavona nods, confirming they are keeping to appropriate behaviors before returning to her seat and continuing to listen to Tennat's panpipes. For the attendant, Lavona's return means his prince isn't doing something worthy of report and he'll leave them alone for now. He does notice during one of his glances that her features have softened slightly. Taking a guess, the wily man begins to play a tune from Lavona's home town, one she'd recognize instantly.

"Tyrel." A breath, "Said that the dowry paid was unbefitting you, and more inclined to a whore's." another pause for breath, "He." breath, "meant that Cedric was." another breath, "not paying your full worth, and that." pause, "he was upset that my children. would. not. be…" his words drop off for a moment.

"Parhaps you can ask Tyrel what might be more befitting our match." Cait says as she traces her tongue over her lower lip, tasting Logen's essence as she looks at him with renewed passion "I ahhh…I could send a missive to Cedric asking for him to reconsider…I don't want it to be an embarrassment for you." She lowers her voice then as she kisses him once more…"Oh my love…two months is an eternity!"

Lavona is seemingly entranced by Tennat's playing and she actually smiles when he begins the rollicking tune she knows so well, tapping her foot in time with the music.

There is a moment of silence from inside the tent, "He has asked that I visit and speak with him soon… I can speak with him. However, it is my father's decision if your brother retains his post." a breathy pause, "My Caitlyn I would not wish to drive your family to the brink of collapse for my own selfish reasons. If my father feels there is no harm done to your family's name with all this… then I'll let it drop. I need his opinion, I need more information before I make a decision. Something you'll have to learn and understand about me my love. I do not rush into a decision, I take my time gathering all there is to know then laying out the best possible course of action." he muses for a moment, turning to look at his cot. "Perhaps that is what caused me to fall in love with you in the library that night we met. I knew nothing about you, and yet in the matter of four statements.. you'd managed to smite my heart and make me want you in ways I've wanted no other. I am sorry I bolted like I did… just too many people too quickly."

Tennat smiles as he plays the tune, picking up the pace correctly where it should. The two attendants seem enthralled with their music and it even begins to get noticed by others. A small gathering begins to take place, and the wily Tennat stands on the bench and draws in other musicians to accompany him. All this merriment incites dancing and laughter, completely drowning out the voices from inside the tent.

Caitlyn's eyes fill with excitement, sparkling with forbidden desire, silently thanking the stars for the distracting party staring up outside. Drink starts getting passed around as within Caitlyn takes Logen's hand and quickly pulls him over to the cot, silently thanking that it looks both comfortable and sturdy, but then wouldn't it be so, belonging to a prince?

The party outside grows in size, drink, music, and laughter fill the minds of the two attendants. Perhaps it is lucky for the two lovers inside that when one guard does think to check on the wards within, he only sees them holding hands. Had he watched for a second longer, he would have seen the naked prince's full glory for that is when Logen turned to side beside Caitlyn on the cot. He did not see this however and assumed all was kosher with the healer and the prince, for perhaps she was taking his pulse or checking for signs of something. He doesn't know, and instead just makes sure no one attempts to enter the tent, he certainly wishes is wasn't so damn loud.

Outside the merriment is winding down, about an hour has passed since Tennat last checked on his prince and he and Lavona move to peek inside. Seeing the prince lying under a thick blanket alone the rest of the tent deserted. Tennat turns to Lavona, "It would appear your Caitlyn has left already… care for a drink down at the tavern? I'll ask for a maid to see about your ward. I'm sure she'll be fine on her own for one afternoon." his smile charming, and hopeful.

The party out front of his tent rouses Logen a few hours later, Cailyn snuggled into his arms and chest. Naturally content to hold her there for all of eternity, Logen breathes a soft sigh and rolls out of the cot to get himself dressed. First simple things, light cotton underclothes, then a richer dark set of breeches and a belt. A light gray tunic with purple trimming and gold thread embroidery. A black vest, and finally his black-purple cloak. He pads softly to Caitlyn's side, and strokes her hair, "You must wake my love, we need to sneak you back to the castle before you're well missed."

Caitlyn's awake, and quickly works to straighten herself. A gentle loving kiss shared between the two before Logen checks to make sure the coast is clear and helps to sneak her out the back of his tent and along the back side of the royal row. Once they reach the courtyard of the castle, Logen stops Caitlyn and takes both of her hands in his. "My Caitlyn, I do not think I've every truly asked you." As he says this he slips to one knee before her, and places his right hand to his heart. "I pledge to you my undying love and devotion, Lady Caitlyn Crawford. I ask you, outside the bounds of court and family, you alone… Will you make me the happiest man in all Mobrin? Will you marry me?"

Caitlyn wakes slowly, her sweet face filled with the last remnants of sleep, protesting with a soft whimper as she tries to burrow deeper into the covers, but to no avail. She smoothes her dress best she can and takes Logen's arm as they make their way back to the castle. The crowds look on curiously, their curiosity turning to astonishment as they see their prince go down on one knee before the Lady of Sutherland.

Caitlyn stops and turns as Logen pauses, turning to him with a furrowed brow until she sees him kneeling there. She gasps, flushing as she stares in wonder at her beloved, tithe throngs around them fading away. Her eyes brim with unshed tears and her smile warms the chill from the room as he pledges his troth to her. "Oh Logen!" she whispers as a hand cups his cheek, her thumb grazing his skin in a soft caress. "I would have no other. I love you and I will always love you, even as the stars fade I am yours…"

"Then tell me yes, my love. Fill my heart with its missing piece, complete me like no other could possibly dream of." Logen looks up into her eyes, a deep gaze of hope and unrestricted love. "Softly spoken serenity sounds sweet, so I am told. I'd like to hear you say yes, for in that moment I will be able to leap from the battlements and soar into the sky as the bird on the wind."

Caitlyn's tears of joy course down her cheeks as she says one simple word. "Yes" she says in a ringing voice, her arms coming around him with a cry of joy!

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