6th Cri, 229: Preparations

Summary: Kieryn and Elisabeth visit Eoin before he leaves.
OOC Date: 06/Apr/2014
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Eoin's Suite - Greenshire Manor, Stormvale
Eoin's chambers have the air of a place that is not used all the frequently, but when they are, are used hard. Divided into two rooms, the first is a reception or lounge type area with comfortable chairs, a large fireplace, and windows that open out onto a small balcony overlooking the grounds. The area is clean and tidy with shelves covered in books and charts lining one wall, with more being placed on top of the oak mantel that surrounds the fire place. Upon the opposite wall are hung a selection of the admiral's favorite bows and above them, paintings of the ship's he's commanded. The biggest painting in the room though is above the fireplace and depicts his current flag ship, the Lady Aoife, is fierce battle with a pirate on the high seas. Trinkets from foreign ports and captured pirates are scattered about the walls and shelves, a torq here, a ceremonial spear there, a compass that doesn't point north, and, possibly most noticeable, a ships bell is attached to the wall near the fireplace, right where it's be really useful for summoning servants.
6th Cri, 229

Ever since Eoin made the decision to sail he's been a busy man. Provisions for the ship, packing his own gear, fishing the crew out of the dockside entertainments, it'll all to be done. For now he's going through a collection of charts and selecting which to take and which to leave, a decision that largely seems to come down to the quetion of 'is it of the west or east coast?'

Kieryn makes his way towards Eoin's room with Lis along with him. He gives her a smile as they approach the door and once they reach it he gives it a couple of knocks in case the admiral is another part of the room so he can hear it.

Yes, no, no, no, yes, the piles grow steadily until Eoin's thought process is interrupted by the knock. Probably not too much of a loss though, given he'd just about reached Southerland and isn't expecting to be sailing in that direction. Glancing towards the door he calls a quick, "come in," expecting it to be something to do with the preparations, although if it's a sailor come to take his seachest, the King come to bid him well, or anything inbetween he can not say.

Well, it's not the King and it's not just your normal sailor either that comes in the door once told to come in, it's Kieryn and Lis come to pay a visit. Kieryn glances around once the step inside, "Admiral you in here somewhere?" he asks, figuring he has to be somewhere.

Eoin sets down the chart in his hands as the identities of his guest, or indeed guests, become clear. Smiling warmly he takes a few steps towards them, offering his arms to his sister for an embrace while giving Kieryn a welcoming nod. "I'm glad we had time to talk before my departure, I'll likely be ready for the early morning tide. Please though, sit, take a drink." Then, specifically to Kieryn, "is there anything you need of me before I go?"

Lis smiles to her brother and gives him a tight hug when he offers her a hug and Kieryn nods to Eoin and smiles. "Where are you headed, or are you still trying to decide on that?" he raises an eyebrow curiously as he ponders the question about if he needs anything and then he shakes his head, "I don't think that I need anything at the moment, at least not anything that I can come up with right now.

Eoin returns the hug then lean to place a gentle kiss on his sister's forehead as is their want. Breaking the embrace he reaches to hold her hand a moment before drawing her towards a seat. "West," he then replies to Kieryn, "we have a lot of coastline both Darfield and Lakeshire that is close to Laniveer. It needs to be covered with the improvement in the weather and so that is where I will be." A nod a it's confirmed there's nothing the yonger man needs and then he offers a advice, "if the Council gets too political, or caught up in minor matters, I find it useful to merely abstain on anything that doesn't affect the fleet or it's ability to do it's job."

Lis smiles and squeezes her brother's hand when he takes hers and Kieryn sits down beside her once she is seated. He nods to Eoin "Going to check on the Western fleet then? It seemed to be alright and everything in order when I did my inspections over there. I think I stopped everywhere to make sure." he nods again to the advice about the council, he's really not looking forward to dealing with that, but he'll need to. "I will keep that in mind, it is probably a good idea just so I do not lose any sanity at the meetings." he chuckles and little and then shrugs, "Next thing you'll have me doing is staying confined in some crowded office, right?" he laughs at that, "Ah, I do have a question. Have you seen the new ship the Darkstar? I had her built for better pirate hunting, do you have any suggestions for a crew? I already have someone to captain her though."

Eoin takes a seat himself and then gives Kieryn an amused grin. "Given that I'd need to sail east, then south to go check on the Western fleet, that or all the way round Laniveer, the Hills and then Jadda, no I shall not be checking up on the Western Fleet. I'll most likely be staying in the area between Morbin and Laniveer to the west of here." The comment about the council gets a knowing lok and a nod of agreement, although he says nothing further on the matter himself, considering instead the metnion of the new ship. "A crew? So long as you don't steal any of mine I'm not sure I do. There are experienced men about and I'm sure you'll find more wulling than you'll need. Just make sure to be careful with your seniors."

Lis looks at her brother and frowns a little, "You will be safe wont you and you will come back home." Though it is more of a statement than a question. Kieryn nods to Eoin on the issue of a crew, "True, I will need to find some experienced men to crew her, she's the only one like her out there a prototype for a new line of ships, so we want to give a good impression, so maybe they will build more like her. Perhaps having some mock runs would be a good idea once I find a crew, it wouldn't do to have her untested and sunk the first time out."

Eoin smiles over to his sister and gives a nod, "I will, never fear." Then, to Kieryn, "a loss on her maiden voyage would be a terrible thing indeed. When are you proposing her first sea trials? If I am back then I could lend you my sailing master for a day or so, but I fear I will need him with me for now. Lord Arlen might have an experienced man or two he could spare, or there are always plenty of officers looking for advancement within the fleet you oculd look to. I think your hardest task will not be finding experienced men, but picking between them."

Lis nods and smiles to her brother, though she still worries about him going off to sea, but knows that is what he does. She listens quietly as her husband and brother talk about the new ship. "Do you have any tea?" she does ask though.
Kieryn nods to Eoin, "I am not sure, I am thinking that the first sea trials will be after I have hired on a crew and I am sure that they will work well together. I'd like to begin the trials within the next couple of weeks though, sooner if possible." he nods to the picking, "I think I will start interviewing for positions in the next few days, mind if I use your office for that?" he chuckles.

Eoin pushes himself to his feet as Beth enquires about tea, moving to ring the bell that should hopfully bring a servant in a minute or two. Then, moving back to his seat he nods along as Kieryn speaks. "The sooner the better, before everyone is sailing to war or you will find your choice limited." A grin at the mention of an office and he shrugs, "if I had one then I'd say yes unreservedly. You might want to consider using the council chamber though, if you want to make am impression on people of the importance of the job. That or ee how they react to pressure."

Kieryn nods to Eoin and chuckles as he says he doesn't have an office, well, what do sailors need with them anyway? "I didn't think about using the council chamber, but that is a good idea. I think I will see about using that, since it will be a bit intimidating." he smiles to Lis as she asks for tea and takes her hand in his. "Do you know how long you will be away?"

"Or if you want it to be really intimidating, do it in the middle of a session," Eoin jokes, adding a tea order of his own to his sister's. "Thirty days, a month," he then starts, giving a shrug as he does so, "it's hard to say. We need ships out there though and it's you or me to take them. You," he getures between the two, "are newly wed, and I am in need of being elsewhere for a while, so I shall go and you shall stay."

Kieryn nods to Eoin and chuckles and he looks to Lis and gives her another smile, "Alright, that is fair enough I suppose, but next time I get to go and you get to stay. I've been on land a while now and need to get back out there on the sea, but I wont worry Lis with both of us being out there." he squeezes Lis' hand and she nods to her husband. "I wouldn't be happy with you both gone at the same time." Well, Kieryn wouldn't just abandon her like that anyway.

"There may well yet come a time when we both have to be," Eoin cautions solmnly, but he doesn't linger on that point, not wanting to depress the tone overlong. "We'll see how the situation changes, it may be that I find a sea full of Laniveer ships, in which case I shall need you with me. It may be that the seas are empty and I can roam freely on my own. I can not say. There will be chance for you yet to sail again though, fear not. Do not be impatient though and enjoy your time together while you yet have it." His expression does turn somewhat grim at that point, given his own experiences, but he shakes it off once the tea arrives and busies himself with pouring, given he's host.

Kieryn chuckles some and nods to Eoin, "I know, well it's not that life here on land is all that bad." he smiles to Lis and nods to her, "As you said I am married now and happy to have found such a woman as your sister. I will go when needed and if needed and all of that. I will try to be as patient as I can though."
Lis smiles to Kieryn at his words and she nods to him in agreement and then smiles as Eoin pours the tea and she takes some once it is poured, "Thank you." she tells Eoin, "You both know I will just worry if you are both gone at the same time, but I understand."

"It's just that the sea is in your blood and you hear her calling to you as the waves crash against the beach, or the cliffs," Eoin replies to Kieryn, he knows, he hears it too. His sister gets a smile, he knows she worries, has been worring a great deal of late, but such things can not be avoided sometimes. Tea sorted he leans back and sips of his own before he recalls something else and adds to the pair of them, "it occured to me, that in the lead up to your wedding I neglected to seek out a gift. I know that there is a trip to the music shopped planned and so, if it seems fitting with you, I'd like you to select something for yourself while there and I will sort the finances for it upon my return."

Kieryn nods to Eoin as he mentions the call of the sea, "That is true, well, as you said I shouldn't be too hasty, but sometimes the call isn't so easy to resist as you know. It might not be the same, but maybe a short sail around the harbor or something would satisfy a bit and that should be safe enough to maybe even take Lis along too." true, that couldn't hurt.
Lis smiles as Eoin mentions a trip to the music store and wanting to get her something as she sips at her tea and she nods, "Oh, I will have to find something then, thank you."

Eoin gives a short, half laugh at the thought of a 'trip round the harbour' being enough. It's not a scoff, but it's half way there. Shaking he head he replies amusedly "you're deluding yourself but I will not stop you if you wish to try." A smile and a nod go to Beth before he's pushing himself to his feet again and heading towards the charts once more. Tea still in his hand he offers, "please, do stay and finish your tea, but I fear I shall have to keep going or I will not be done by the time I need to sail."

Kieryn chuckles and knows Eoin is right, but hey its something to do, He nods as Eoin says he needs to get back to getting things ready, "Alright, have a safe trip when you leave." he grins, "And if you have trouble, give them hell."
Lis sets her tea down and nods and she gets up to give her brother a hug again and a kiss on the cheek, "Be careful dear brother." she tells him.

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