The following rules must be accepted upon creation of each new character object:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Respect players and staff
  • For every IC action there are IC consequences.
  • Be able to keep IC/OOC separate.
  • No OOC harassment of other players.
  • Understand that this is a mature theme and not be offended by what transpires ICly.


This is an Original Themed game and any comparisons to other games, characters, themes either real or imagined is purely coincidental and will be corrected if brought to the attention of the staff. We strive for originality and take the input from several people so if we miss something please let us know.

That being said, we hope your stay here is enjoyable and you have fun creating your character's past, present and future here.


At the end of the day, this is a non-consent game. IC Actions = IC Consequences.
You are not required to participate in any scene you are uncomfortable with, it can have happened off camera after the appropriate rolls are made.

However, we encourage cooperation among both players and staff, as you would find on a consent game. So when conflict arises:

1. Work it out among yourselves so everyone has fun.
2. Use the stats/combat system to resolve disputes fairly.
3. Contact staff to mediate if you can't work it out, a list of connected staff is available using the command +staff

We don't take character death/loss lightly and will try to work with you rather than against you.




You must be at least 18 years old to play here. We do not wish to deal with the liability of having underage players around.

Adapting the ratings from TV Parental Guidelines as it applies to the MUSH:

Mature Audiences Only

This game is specifically designed to be played by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 18. Roleplay may contain one or more of the following: crude indecent language, adult situations, or graphic violence.

No characters permitted younger than the IC age of 16.


Giant pre-scheduled plots are few and far between. What you'll find more of are plot hooks dropped throughout RP and bbposts, or staff NPCs/PCs going around stirring up trouble. If you see a hook and want to get involved, but aren't sure how, just ask! Staff can run small events for you or help you run them.

When things do happen, it's more likely to be spontaneous. So folks who are often about and RPing are more likely to stumble into Plot than someone sitting idle in OOC-land waiting for a +event.


Castles have security. If you don't live or work there, you must have permission ICly to be there. Day visitors who aren't staying long term in the castle will /at all times/ be escorted by House Kilgour armed guards. No loose roaming exotic animals, no making up secret passages that aren't coded.

The temple has their own security also.

If you want to try to sneak or break into the castle, or any one's home on grid, you must contact staff and you will be asked to make +rolls.

Featured Characters

Similar to FCs on other games, there is an expectation that you will help drive RP on the game by being available to other players for RP. This could mean being out and about for public RP, participating in plots, doing events, etc. You choose what's best for you.

A FC is one who is not an ORIGINAL character, one such as a Royal/Head of House or someone who the staff has declared Feature.

Tales of Daeren asks that new players create their own character first, and play on the game for a minimum of 30 days prior to requesting to play a Feature character.

This is not a huge time commitment. The important thing is that we *don't* want to see FCs who are never on the grid, or who only ever spend their time in private RP and it gives the player a chance to learn a bit of the already established backgrounds of the characters they want to app.


There are no restrictions on alts other than we ask you not to make more than you can play and to keep us informed when you no longer wish to play them. Give them an endstory unless they are a feature character in which they will be rostered.

There is a 2 week waiting period between alts.


A game without NPCs is like a movie without extras. Players are encouraged to remember that there are other people on the grid, and that just because a PC doesn't do something, that doesn't mean a NPC won't. However, please note - Tales of Daeren is about the PC's — they are the heroes in this game. Personal NPCs should be color only.

Under no circumstances may a NPC be 'twinked' in any way. Knights of the Rioga are the most well trained available.

Should there end up being conflict between a PC and another player's personal NPC - the going in position should be that the PC will eventually win. It might take a while, it should certainly not be a one pose powerpose, but the PC will win. However, exceptions can be made for story/plot purposes, if both players agree in advance. In no case should powerposing occur, unless agreed to by all concerned parties.

Community NPCs are fair game for anyone to emit as needed. This does not mean you have leave to have the king's guard incompetent — please respect the community NPCs as reasonable responsible members of society.

One should not take liberties with a NPC that someone else has created. Make sure you have permission to use a NPC that belongs to another player.


We aggressively sweep for idle players to free up roles for new characters. A character is considered idle if they have not logged in for a month or more *or* if they log in but never RP - especially if that lack of RP is impacting other players. Featured characters are subject to more scrutiny when it comes to idle inactivity.

The fate of idled-out characters is at staff's discretion. You may be turned into a NPC, placed on the roster, killed off, or otherwise written out of the story. However, we do our best to take into account the wishes of the player and any other players impacted by the character's departure.


If you're noble, you have money, if you're common, maybe not so much, depending on your IC work.
Never will you need to actually spend money either RL or Pennies in the game for anything.


Staff Ethics

We strive for transparency and fairness.

We will not spy on players. Ever.

We are always open to constructive criticism and feedback. Nobody's perfect. If we mess up, we want to know about it so we can fix it.

RP Etiquette

There is no universal code of conduct for MUSHes. Everyone has their own expectations for what is considered polite/rude based on their own values and experiences. Here are some things we encourage from our players. They are not hard and fast rules.

  • If you're in a public room, it's public rp, please try and include others who are interested in rp with you.
  • If you really want a private scene, use a TP room though remember if it happens in a TP room it is STILL considered IC.
  • Don't power pose without permission - let other players pose their reactions to whatever you are doing.
  • Avoid 'lurking' to watch a scene that you are not a part of unless you know the people pretty well. It sometimes creeps folks out.
  • If you are speed walking through a room with other players, a simple OOC "Just passing through!" is polite.
  • Ask before posting logs containing sensitive/private IC information, otherwise, please, please, please post logs so we the staff know what's going on also.

Note: Staff-run TP logs will automatically be posted so everyone knows what's going on. If you do not want something posted, we can discuss it.

Contribution and Property

We encourage our players to help with creating theme and backstory. However, any material related to theme or backstory becomes the property of The Tales of Daeren, and may be used if the player decides to leave.

Wiki Limits!

Please be welcome to make a character page. Do not make pages longer than about two pages of text, not including code, photos, or relationships. Use tabviews if your page runs a bit longer. Do use the templates please. If you need help, staff or other players will be happy to assist or set up pages for you!

File images are NOT to exceed 10 per page and no larger than 200 kb. If your files exceed these limits they will be removed. You may link to photos on a flickr website. Please do use icon code rather than uploading additional icons directly to your character pages. In some cases a staff or player may be willing to do photoshop changes to your images for period garb, change eye color, hair, etc.

Side Notes

If you find a broken link on the wiki, please send in a +request to staff so that it can be repaired. Also with any typos or errors in descriptions on the game, please do the same. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License