Nar 18, 229: Poisonous Nightmares

Poisonous Nightmares
Summary: Elisabeth wakes up from Nightmares and Roslin is there to support her.
OOC Date: 20/July/2014 (OOC)
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Nar 18, 229 2E

On the night of the eclipse lis will go to bed and she will dream. In this dreams she is sitting a table with her family and they are eating dinner. There is music playing and she is holding her child in her arms. As the while the family is eating she looks up at the sky and she notices the blue ring of fire in the dark sky. It surround where Cri would be. The air is cold. She also the only in the party who seems to notice. Then before her eyes the party goers become ill and die quickly and painfully before her. She looks down at her infant and it is not her infant but some sort of strange creature that is half man and half lizard. It hisses at her. Before she can react she wakes.

It has been a slow recovery for Elisabeth after the birth of the twins. Much time spent abed, healers tending to her and a wet nurse to help with the children. The last two nights have proven quite restless for the woman, dreams so vivid that have woken her in a cold sweat and seeking out her children. Today though during the eclipse she was sleeping after another night of unsettled dreams and woke up screaming. Her maids could do little to calm her down accept send for a healer and such they are doing, racing from her rooms.

The screams woke Elisabeth's hostess, Roslin, who was quickly out of bed. She was at the temple when the eclipse happened, and was quiet when she returned. She rushes out of bed now, first looking over the crib nearby. Her son is awake, too, crying at the prospect of being awoken. Ros rushes out of the room, wearing her sleeping gown and her hair in a long red braid. In the main room, she spies a few maids who have been woken as well, looking scared. The screams - they come from the guest room. QUickly, Ros throws open the door. "Lis!" She calls, loudly as she nearly runs into the maid.

By time Roslin has come to the room, Elisabeth has fought her own way out from her bedsheets and is kneeling over the basinet carrying her own now crying infants. Elisbeth is visibly shaking as her fingers stroke each babe in turn. There is some small amount of blood on her gown near her crotch, a potentially normal part of childbirth but should have ended by now. Any attempt of the maids to help her is ignored, but at least Roslin's voice breaks through her panic. "There was darkness…and everyone died…" She says in a voice strained with fear and agony.

Roslin is on her knees beside Elisabeth in a moment. "They've not died," Roslin promises. "No one's died. Look at me, Lis. You know I'd never tell you false." She says, looking right into the Mowbray woman's eyes. "It's alright. Everything's alright. The babes are alright, we're all alright." She holds Elisabeth a little more firmly, in case she tries to tear away.

Elisabeth's face turns towards Roslin and she looks much like a panicked animal, eyes wide and perhaps still caught up in the dream haze a little. Her voice catches at the first words and she looks to the crib as if she doesn't believe her at first, but two squirming squawling babies lay before her. She looks back to Roslin and presses her head against the Duchess's shoulder crying against the woman, her whole body still trembling, "It was awful…the nightmares have gotten worse. There was darkness as if Cri was blanked from the sky…and my family started dying around me.."

Roslin puts her arms around the girl and settles down on the floor beside her. "Shhhh. It's alright now. The eclipse has just given you a nightmare, that's all." Roslin promises, rocking Lis gently. "Your family is well - all are well. I give my word." She strokes the girl's hair too. "The healer is on her way, and your maids too. Everyone is here, everyone is well. All is alright.'5r

Elisabeth looks to Roslin as she mentions the eclipse and her eyes widen in fear. Indeed she slept through it and only dreamt it. To hear such actually happened clearly chills her. "I thought it only a dream…" She murmurs in a whisper to hear that at least one part of her dream was truth. She turns to the basinet to reach for one of the babes, prompting one of the nursemaids to reach for the other one. Elisabeth clutches the babe to her chest and looks back to Roslin. "Everything will be well.." She starts repeating the words of Roslin, but little belief is in them.

"Everything will be well," Roslin promises, moving to help Lis up and settle her in bed. The hearler and the maids are back, at the door now. "Just lie back. Everyting is alright. I'll sit here with you, and I promise all is well. I would not lie to you, my dear." Roslin gives the woman another reassuring smile and settles beside her, waiting for the healers to do their work.

Elisabeth lets herself be ushered to bed but beckons her babes to be nestled beside her. She looks up to Roslin, trying to get comfort from the woman's words. Her princess, that she will always be in her mind. When the healers coming they help her with the bleeding and give her a herbal tea to help her sleep dreamlessly. Once asleep the babes are nursed by their wetnurse and placed again in their basinet.

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