Alasair 41, 228: Pointy Things

Pointy Things
Summary: Almost nothing of importance happens, when a Moniwid joins some nobles at the practice field for a bit of fersh air and conversation, the ongoing practice drill and demonstration of the Kilgour forces capturing her attention less than an unexpected generous offer from a commoner seamstress. Still, in the end it is Emerit's maid who seems a little uneasy and Logen sends his trusted servant off on an errand.
OOC Date: 28/09/2013 (OOC)
Related: There are actually. The villains from the end of the scene Not To be Distracted make a more subtle appearance, this time.
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Practice Fields, Stormvale
A barn of sorts stands at one side of this barren field. There is a fence haphazardly built and marking the edges of the fence. The barn is large enough to be used during inclement weather, though it limits the practice to only one event at a time and certainly jousting is not possible. Usually, the barn is used to store wooden archery butts, a couple tables, a few benches, and practice equipment. Weather permitting, this is the area where the town guard and those who cannot afford better practice areas come to practice arts martial - melee, unarmed, archery or some combination therein.
41st day of Alasair, 228


Callem remains standing, watching at the exercises and awaiting for them to continue. "It is wonderful to see you, as well." he says to Ciarrah. "How was your travel? Was it safe and pleasant? How is your lord father? This castle is not the same without my brother." he smiles at his own words and thoughts. "It is so good to see you again, too. Thank you, Roslin. Have you been enjoying the performance, the day, and each other's company?"

A small group approaches from the direction of Darfield Castle, led by a guardsman in Kilgour colours, followed by a maiden with fiery red curls that fall freely about her shoulder. Emerit wears a dress of dark green sammit, embroidered with tiny snakes around her waist in a thread of silver. She is followed by the Kilgour chaperone, her handmaiden and another guard. Spotting the regal gathering, the Moniwid Princess approaches carefully, making sure her gaze rests on Princess Roslin foremost and not on her father. After all it is her she greets first. "Your highness." Then followed by a curtsey to all gathered, followed by: "Your Royal Highness. My lord." Then her moss green gaze wanders about the activity on the field before she lowers it for a moment, too aware what the training is meant for.

The prince continues to give instruction to the four companies of fifty men each. All of them kneel-sitting as they watch the prince explain the types of armor, how to get out of then back into them. After wards three new men come out, each with a different type of shield. Logen moves to the smallest one, "We have here a charger, this is the smallest of shields. Used by pikemen and polemen. It is strapped to your forearm, and covers only about a foot in each direction. As you can see if gives the weilder the use of both hands and in unencumbersome." he moves to the next, "This is a round, it covers neck to mid-thigh and is favored by those who fight up close with their enemy. The shield is straped over the forearm and has a handle. Favored by spearmen, axemen, macemen, and short-swordsmen." then moving to the last, "Finally is the tower, some call it a kite because of how it resembles those flown during festivals. As you can see, it has a small wedge cut into the top, it also covers neck to thigh, and has a angled point that fits into the wedge at the top of the next tower." he pauses and the two men with towers strapped to their arm display how the shields can seem to connect together. Then Logen continues, "The shield is again strapped to your arm with a handle, this allows you to fight with a full body cover and the wedge along the fighting side gives your sword arm room to manuver your blade. This shield is favored by long-swordsmen." He dismisses the men with a thanks and turns to the rest of the soldiery, "Stand. Break to arm and drink then we'll have swords instruction." the men rise, salute, then turn back to their camp.

Roslin smiles up to her father as the Princess moves off to speak with her maid for a moment. "We have only just found each other, father, but I intend to do so more often for now." A distraction is caused by the approach of a woman with wild hair, and Roslin cannot help but smile a little, pleasantly. "Your Highness," Roslin responds in kind, lowering herself into a curtsey. "How very glad I am to see you out on this day. I did not know you had an interest in the training of soliders." She gives her father a quick, curious glance, before looking back to the woman. "Still, it does me good to see you. I feel I do not see you often enough. I must request that you come take your suppers with me, sometimes, if it would please you. We always do have the most interesting and invigorating conversations."

As the Count awaits his men he surveys the field. Noticing Moira he will easily leave his camp and approach her. A deep bow is given, "How are you today, Lady Kerrigan?" He smiles to her now and ignors his troops. He does nodto the king if he notices him though.

Emerit inclines her head to Roslin's words, a smile playing across her young features. "Not much of an interest, as I prefer crossing needles to crossing swords, alas, I needed to go out." A pleasant chuckle ripples over the field. "I keep so much to the inside of the Castle, feeling very much obliged to do so," a glance is shot towards the King, and her green eyes flash momentarily before she lowers her gaze at once, "that I could not resist the urge to venture outside today. Thanks to your hospitality I find myself to be well guarded indeed. And yes, those conversations… I do enjoy them very much, your highness."

Moira lowers in a curtsey as the Count approaches. "I am well, my lord. I had heard there was some activity down here of sorts and thought I might discover what it was. That is not a problem, is it?" Kayla stands off to the side, exchaning a glance with Moira, before waiting patiently

Roslin smiles, nodding to her father as she reaches for the Princess, to slide her arm in with the woman if allowed. "Come, then, your highness. Let us take a turn about things together, and we may talk of such things - or other things that might please you. If it is a day to strech one's legs, let us also be sure that the mind is stretched as well." She smiles, reassuringly to the woman.

The Count laughs now. "A problem? You are a msot welcome distraction." To any other lady near he will add, "As are all of you." Distances determine acknowledgments and he is confuse on that with so much going around. Turning he approaches his camp again. "Harlik," A senior officer in the colors of Greenshire approaches, "You are in charge. If the men are to be fit to armor then light for the first line and medium for the second. Full mail for the twelve largest. Align them as you know is proper. I will return." He moves back to Moira, "May I escort you from this? There was something I wished to show you?" He will offer his arm as is polite and await an answer.

Moira watches the Count go and issue his orders, nodding accepting with a graceful curtsey, Kayla coming up behind as she does so. "If you are sure. Nothing is amiss is it?" perhaps thinking to a ocnversation held elsewehre with others at another time.

Emerit lets Roslin slide her arm in with her, she even seems to be delighted to do so. A small sound leaves her throat, like a cough, perhaps to hide her surprise at such a move. "A turn with you, your highness? I will be glad to oblige." A cautious glance is cast towards her chaperone and the handmaiden, as they will of course follow, and the two guards moving to do so as well. The count and the lady arouse Emerit's curiosity for a moment, and she offers them a light incline of her head, should her momentary stare attract their attention, unknown, as they are to her as of yet.

Callem's gaze finds its way to Emerit. Gentle words follow the same path. "Your Highness. Isn't this a beautiful day to enjoy outside? How have you been faring?"

Roslin pauses so that Emerit may respond to her father's question, though she does take the moment to follow the woman's gaze to Aldren and Moira. Whatever she sees causes her to smile a little, pleased, before looking back to the company that she currently has. "You are so kind to do so, Highness," Roslin says to the Princess, and then lets her answer the King.

The count surely notices the wild red haired woman and a nod is given. Though he most likely knows who she is he is currently enthralled with Moira. "Let us leave then," He says, offering his arm as is customary he adds, "Shall we?" A look to his man is given and it is returned. Teh men are allready formed and awaiting fitting of their armor. He looks content and if the lady allows they will leave ever so casually. He will look to the princes men and observe a bit. If he wishes to relieve Aldrens man and redirect the troops he assigned him then so be it. Harlik will simply have to leave and join his lord for a drink. Worse things have happend. He turns now to Kayla, "Have you met my master-at -arms? A good man. You would get along famously." Polite nods to all are given as they leave the field, his lack luster but blatter emptied troops forgotten.

Emerit blinks as she is being addressed by the King. "Your Royal Highness. I have been well enough, thank you," she replies, inclining her head in a respectful if a bit wary nod. "And yes indeed, the weather is as pleasant as it can be." Then she offers Roslin a warm smile while her words are still addressed towards Callem. "Yet when last we spoke, I did not know you had such a charming daughter." The count's nod has a little smile flutter over the Moniwid Princess's mien and she turns her head towards the Kilgour Princess again. "So… a turn about the field, your highness? Or what did you have in mind?"

Moira nods, smiling back at Kayla, who in turn glancs towards the aforementioned Master at Arms before her attention gos back to following Moira as she takes Aldren's arm. Then, with light steps, seh follwos him out.

After a short break, the two hundred soldiers in Kilgour colors walk out to the field of wood and straw dummies. Logen moves to a new wider platform that raises him just enough so that all the men can see. He has in hand a short sword, as do all the others. Long swords are placed on the ground behind their practice targets and the men look up to Logen to wait for his instruction. "The short sword is a weapon for up close fighting, the short length and light weight make it ideal for enemies who are shield to shield. The edge of a short sword isn't meant for hacking and slashing, the short is meant for stabbing and short thrust between the plates." he begins to demonstrate the various techniques for fighting with sword.

"Princess Roslin was away for so long. But now Darfield has been enlightened by her presence, Your Highness." Callem answers in a sweet and wide smile. "I will let you spend some time together. It was a pleasure to meet you again. Now, if you excuse me." his head tilts a little, and the pair of Grey Lions lead the procession of guards outside. From the distance, and trying to interrupt as little as it is possible, he bows his head in farewell to the Prince and all the presents, leaving the practice fields to return to the castle.

Emerit nods to Callem's explanation, almost returning that sweet smile, yet her attempt remains cautious and does not have the intended intensity. "I will be most grateful," is her reply to the king, and lowering herself into the perfectly practiced curtsey she offers him her goodbye. "The pleasre… was all mine, your royal highness."

Roslin nods as the conversation between the Princess and her father ends, and then the two girls being their walk. Like all walks with the princess, it is slow - methodically so, each step taken for the enjoyment of its own merits. It is savored. As such, they do not cover much ground at all. She speaks softly to the other woman, muttering gently agaginst her so that no others may hear. "I am sure you have heard by now that my father's learned men have discovered information vital to the line of succession of the Laniveer throne, and that he is in fact soverign to both Mobrin and Laniveer?" She looks curiously at the other woman to see her reaction.

The prince takes his time, the men following his movements as he instructs them in the proper swing of things. After short swords Logen gives instruction in the use of long swords. He moves on, the men getting another short break as they leave to get polearms. The prince runs them through the use of the pole weaponry before dismissing them for the afternoon. Nightly training to begin for them after sunset.

The cavalry is soon thundering the field, lighter warriors on Sutherland striders with the standard Kilgour heavy knights on Darfield Destriers. Logen sits atop his own destrier, a cream colored horse named Resplendent, he pulls the men into a formation.

The practice is closely watched by some nobles, and several guards and handmaids as well. After all this is a public place, outside of the castle and within reach of Stormvale. One commoner woman, the rather plain sort that is wrapped into that kind of dress and cloak the common people wear, has been staring at Emerit all the while, standing perfectly still.

Emerit does not seem to have noticed or just doesn't bother. Following alongside of Roslin she lowers her head, and the hint of a smile plays around the corners of her mouth. "Oh well, as I haven't had any confirmation of my brother yet I still assume he will do what is right. This news, important and vital as it might be to you, leaves me more or less indifferent, as it does not change anything at all about my current situation, your highness." The practice on the field is brushed now and then by Emerit's gaze, while the strange commoner woman seems to follow her with her stare at first and then actually moves to follow them.

Roslin moves around with Emerit, guards and maids about here and there - aside from the giant army nearby. The redhead princess keeps her arm slung in with the other Princess as they talk. "Oh? I would have thought it would interest you greatly - at least, to interest your brother. If he has made a decision on the matter, would this not weigh in on what next steps he makes?" Roslin doesn't push the issue though - like all conversations between the two of them thus far, they are more or less light and airy. "I am sorry to hear that you have not been out as much as you would like. If you wish, I shall be happy to walk with you a little more often about."

The ugly commoner woman seems to be of surprising agility and swiftness, now almost catching up to the two Princesses, but still not quite doing so. Another glance is shot towards one of the soldiers, a large lad who seems to await his turn at demonstrating the superior prowess with his sword. The man straightens and turns his head, scanning the field, which is filled with all the ruckus of the presentation of the Sutherland cavalry.

Emerit smiles at Roslin's question and shakes her head lightly. "I am not sure what to think. What to expect of my brother. As no word from him has reached me yet. Still I trust in his reason. And if there are grave reasons indeed that speak for your King here. I am sure he would be interested to hear them."

The light cavalry is given the command and they charge down the field, they move through the obstacles with amazing speed. The soldiers strike their targets, spearing the haybales then drawing swords to strike dummies before they reach the end of the field. The heavy cavalry lines up, and takes a different formation a 'V' before their command is given. The prince himself rides at the head of the battle, the knight behind him spearing the bale while the prince's long sword lops the head off a dummy as he rides past. After a time, the men are turned towards each other and small jousting rides are run with knights being knocked from the saddle and continuing on foot. The skirmishes seem to last for a while, Logen riding into and out of the fray here and there. His voice can be heard giving clear command, ringing out over the din with a practiced control.

"That is all we ask," Roslin promises, giving the girl a reassuring squeeze. "We believe most strongly that all of this can be discussed and the truth discovered to everyone's benefit, if only we all may sit down and speak." She nods again, reassuringly. "Now tell me, highness, and tell me true - is there anything that you find that you require? I do ever so want to make sure you are as comfortable as you can be. I know the situation may not be ideal, but I also hope you shalln't harbor any ill-will against us for it, and that you recieve every courtesy to make you as comfortable and happy as possible. To that end, you need only ever come to me. You do know that, don't you, your highness? With any concerns, simply let me know."

Count Harmon, flanked on either side by renowned Sky Forrest rangers, arrives on horseback. He stops off to the edge of the field, remaining in the saddle as he observes the drills taking place. "Good Form on horsemanship, though I imagine we could teach them a thing or two about mounted archery or general bownmanship." he says to his escort with a polite smile before dismounting and handing the reigns over to one of them before approaching some of the others on the edge of the practice fields.

Acacia steps forward close to the guards, or, at least, close enough to hopefully be noticed by Roslin. She steps back out of Harmon's way, however, before she kneels briefly towards the clustered pair. "Your Highnesses," she speaks clearly in greeting, head lowered before she rises from that position. Politely, she keeps her gaze downwards even as she brushes a few bits of dirt from sleeve which inadvertantly touched the ground.

"I find anything that I require, your highness. Alas apart from on thing… I'd really like to return home - a thing I certainly know is impossible." Emerit returns Roslin's smile with warmth. "And I thank you for your kind words, for which I am truely grateful." The arrival of the seamstress catches the attention of the Moniwid princess, and as she does not know the woman, she turns her gaze inquiringly towards Roslin as if awaiting som sort of introduction.

Emerit's handmaiden lets out a shy squeal, as she seems to stumble just at this moment and is luckily caught by someone of the people lingering about before she hits the ground.

Roslin, however, does know the woman before her. She smiles, broadly, clearly immensely pleased by the surprise. "Why, Mistress Lenaryn," Roslin says, voice full of warmth. "Rise, Mistress." She turns her head to Emerit, keeping her arm entwined with the woman. "Your Highness, may I present Mistress Lenaryn? A most talented seamstress - the most talented I have come across, I must say. She did some work for me in Lakeshire - I had written to encourage her to come to Darfield where her talents might be more widely used. And here she is." She turns her attention to Acacia. "My dear Mistress, you have the honor of being presented to the Princess Emerit Moniwid of Rustles Isle, Ambassador of her country." She nods her head happily. "I know you may miss your home, Princess, but Mobrin does have much to offer to delight and entertain - particularly the skills of such a woman as this." The squeal causes her to turn, eyebrows raised, but she does not r elease the Princess' arm. The sound also alerts the guards near the women, perking up and stepping forward like so many sniffing hounds.

The cavalry charges continue, even as the prince seems to retire from them. Logen rides at a trot over to where the princesses and retainers are. As he pulls up along side them he nods his head to Emerit and offers a wave to his sister. "Sister, princess Emerit. I trust you are both well, have been here for long?" a smile is given to the young woman before he looks to the squealing maid, mounted as he is unable to offer his aid.

Soldiers of the house come running at the squeal, Logen's hand command stopping them as it seems someone has already assisted her. Deekes, Logen's personal knight guard, canters up on his own horse breathing heavily and looking as though he'd been knocked from the saddle.

"Are you alright, m'lady? Seems you feet tried to run away leaving the rest." says Harmon calmly with a smile to the handmaiden as he helps her back to her feet with a polite nod of her head. He doesn't release hold until he's sure it was just a stumble but then steps back and motions towards her Lady and offers a polite bow. His eyes dance between the ladies present and his two Rangers make their way up after securing their horses and keep a respectable distance from the count and simply observe somewhat casually as they talk amongst themselves.

"Good evening my Ladies, gentlemen." he says in greeting to everyone present as he crosses his arms to gaze out at what's left of the Skirmish briefly, some amusement and interest crossing his features before returning his attention to those in his immediate vicinity.

Acacia's gaze is drawn towards the handmaiden for a brief moment, left brow cocked before she schools her features into a careful passivity once more. She drops a belated curtsey to Harmon then kneels once more to Logen, "Your Highness." she greets him then towards Harmon, a vocalized greeting of, "Your Excellency." She lowers her head before the male, cheeks coloured red. Her cream-coloured silk-velvet gown parts in the middle to show the sky-blue silk beneath as she carefully guards the lace trimming at the edges of her sleeves from touching the ground this time.

"I see, a seamstress," the Moniwid replies , delight showing in her moss green eyes as she hears Roslin's introduction. "Well met, Mistress Lenaryn. Oh, and dresses are of course a delight. If one can afford them. I have not been left with too much wealth here, your highness. I fear I will have to put off any acquiring of new dresses until my brother will return and get me back home." Which may never be the case…

"Your Highness," comes the swift greeting with the appropriate curtsey from Emerit as she finds herself being greeted by Logen. Her gaze darts to her young handmaiden, and concern is written all over her face when she turns and inquires: "What is it, Yulanda? Are you alright?"

The Moniwid handmaiden offers Harmon a shy smile. "I'm no lady, m'lord. Just her highness Princess Emerit's handmaiden." To Emerit's inquiry she nods, not exactly with ease, yet she stands on her own feet again, whoever had caught her already disappeared from view. But no, swift footsteps can be heard, and a figure trying to disappear in the crowd, reminiscent of that ugly commoner woman who had acted a bit suspiciously before.

Roslin turns her attention to her brother and the count. She nods to the first in greeting. "Brother. No, the Princess and I have not been here long. We spoke briefly to Father, and were then simply taking a turn about the field. We are not impeeding your training, I hope? Not in the way at all?" For the Count, she also has a nod and a warm smile. "My Lord Forrester, if I am not mistaken. You must forgive me - if we have met, it was surely some time ago and I do not much recall the circumstances. I do hope you shall endeavor to forgive me." When the commoner bows, Roslin smiles to her and decides to introduce her to everyone else. "May I have the honor of presenting Mistress Lenaryn, my dressmaker just in from Lakeshire."

"Oh? Father was here? I was not told… I would have liked to have had a chance to say hello." Logen sighs and shakes his head softly, "He must not have wished to interrupt me while I was doing what he knows I love to do most." there's a soft smile before he shakes his head again, "No, you're not in the way. The soldiers need to learn to focus on their tasks and nothing distracts better than two or three lovely ladies taking an idle stroll around then entirety of the camp." he bows his head to the count, "Count Forrester, greetings. I fear you've arrived late in the day for most of the training, and we did not have anything set up for archery for today. However, I'd be more than welcome if any of your archers would be available to give my men instruction. I would be willing to discuss it with you another time perhaps." then another smile is given to the woman Roslin introduces, "Nice to meet you Mistress Lenaryn, welcome to Darfield."

"I believe we have met along the way, though I also cannot say when that was." admits Harmon as he quiets down just a bit to let the other people talk before continuing, "All women are ladies in my eyes and deserve to be respected as such." he explains simply before turning to the Prince, "It would be my honor. I have a few Rangers serving me while here and I have also done some basic instruction in different things — We should see about setting something up." he says with a smile.

Acacia rises after she is greeted by the Prince. It is then that she directs a general greeting to the four nobles, "Good evening, Your Highnesses and Your Excellency. I trust that you all remain in good health?" Her smile, then, is genuine as she studies the Princess-Ambassador. She tucks her arms within her light velveteen cloak, drawing it close against the eve's cool air. "Your Highness, you need not apply any payment until you feel able to, but we simply cannot let you go without a proper wardrobe and wondrous additions to it," she remarks quietly, an oddly cheeky grin quirking up her lips. She smiles at Roslin then says, "How glad I am, Your Highness, that you have drawn me here after my mourning period had finished. It is, I believe, what I needed. I have brought a few apprentices with me, though they remain at the Guild quarters until I have appropriated space for a shop."

The big soldier that had been lingering about in suspicious tranquility turns as well to leave in all the tumult of the horses of the cavalry. Without any order to do so having been given. But with so much going on at the same time, who can tell if anyone even cares to notice?

Emerit falls silent, letting the conversation between Logen, Harmon and Roslin continue without adding too much to it. Her gaze soon rests on Yulanda again, a bit of worry clouding her moss green gaze as she perceives a sudden unrest in her handmaiden. Until Anacia's remark distracts the Moniwid Princess again. "Oh, I would like to make sure that you will be paid properly, Mistress.", is her short reply. "How could I have you make dresses for me which I might after all not be able to afford?"

Roslin nods her head once more to her brother. "I cannot say, brother, I am sorry. I could not presume to know the mind of our Father." Her attention is quickly stolen by the Count, whom also recieves another nod. "Still, I am perfectly glad that we have been able to renew our aquaitence today. We shall leave you gentlemen to your drills, if you would like." Another nod, and the Princess turns to Acacia and smiles, mischeviously. "You see, Princess? She is impossible to resist - what's more, her work is exquisite. Nevermind the shop for now, Mistress - I should very much like to have you at the palace tomorrow. I am afraid the last creation you had for me did not survive the road - soaked along the way. I was inconsolable."

<FS3> Logen rolls Perception: Good Success.

"The feeling is mutual, My Lady." responds Harmon as he bows respectfully to Roslin, "Though, because of my late arrival I am little more than a spectator on these grounds myself and I would make no complaints of the present company." he adds with a faint and sly grin before looking to the seamstress, "I beg your pardon as well but do you also have any experience with clothing for the opposite sex? I do not tend to wear the softest or finest of cloth but I do pay well for my clothing." he says, inclining his head to the side a bit.

There's a glance as light glints off metal and Logen notices the big soldier that's leaving the field. He leans in to speak with Deekes, and the man turns and takes off after the man.

"Very true, Father's mind has a will its own. Still, he does know that this is my favorite thing, aside from reading, to do. Well, time with my lady wife tops all but that really should go without saying." Logen laughs softly and smiles, a whisp of Sutherland blue silk can be seen darting back into a pouch just inside his tasset. He nods to Harmon, "It would indeed be wonderful to plan something together. Perhaps a good natured competition between your men and the archers of Greenshire could offer a chance to build comraderie." He shakes his head to Roslin, "There is no need, the men are getting settled in for the night and there are instructors who'll be seeing to that training. If you find time later, we should go for a ride together. Father's expressed his desire for us to spend more time together."

Acacia offers another gentle smile towards Emerit then says, "I will make you an offer that I believe you might enjoy, Your Highness." She offers a slightly overly-familiar wink at Roslin then back to the other Princess, she says, "The first dress is of no cost. If you do not, perhaps, find my work fitting to your taste, you need not pay at all for it. Every woman, be you Royal, Noble or those of lower stature loves to feel beautiful, Your Highnesses." Roslin's admission does not seem to bother her in the slightest, indeed, these things happen so her remark is all of, "I will notify the apprentices when I return to them, we have not removed much from anything from the carts yet, may we have them delivered to the castle, Your Highness? Tomorrow, perhaps, we should take new measurements? You have grown, I believe, since last we spake." She draws alongside the ladies but not too near, somewhat closer to the handmaidens. Harmon's question, however, has her pursing her lips into a thoughtful line as she answers with, "I have experience with gentlemen's clothing as well, though nowhere near the experience I have with those for ladies, Your Excellency. If you would like, perhaps come along when the Her Highness wishes to draw upon my skills and we shall attempt to see you settled as well?" She seems a bit, well, nervous, if anything though a small smile plays upon her lips.

Emerit seems content to be silent for now, her gaze wary as it rests again on her handmaiden. Logen's order to his man does not attract her curiosity overly much, as her thoughts seem to be occupied elsewhere at the moment. Acacia's kind offer has the Princess blush a little. "Generosity of a seamstress, you are a noble of the heart, I am sure." Yet, the offer is too tempting to decline, as her most eager moss green eyes betray. "A first dress then it shall be. I will seek you out, maybe in the company of Princess Roslin here?" One hand moves to push one of those fiery red curls from her view.

"It is settled, then," Roslin says with a smile. "We three shall seek you out when we are available to do so, and arrange it all. And perhaps you may join me in the morning, Princess Emerit, to have our measurements done." Roslin looks cheekily back to the Count, and says with a soft laugh, "I think however, Count, I shall spare you the experience of discussing dresses wth two young girls. It may be even more than your brave heart may handle. Still, I recommend Mistress Lenaryn's skill for your own purposes, and hope to see you with a fine look of hers to rival ours, I am sure." At last, Roslin looks to her brother, and takes a breath to continue speaking, holds it for a moment, and presses on. "It is a bit late for a ride, is it not? Particularly after you have been working all day. But the sun is fading - I think perhaps it is beest if we all retire to the castle for now."

Harmon chuckles a bit and nods, "Indeed. I can brave many things, though I must doubt my mettle on that subject." he says with a grin and wink to the ladies before looking back to the seamstress, "If the princess is confident in your abilities, then so am I. I will contact you with the details to be handled at your leisure." he says bowing as he takes a step back from the group, "I'm afraid I must go and make sure my men do not disappoint at the archery instruction — myself included." he adds with a grin, though his tone betrays his total confidence in both his and his men's abilities.

Acacia dips her head in a nod to both Princesses and replies, "Then I will bid you both a fair evening, Your Highnesses, and await your bid. I shall remain at the Guild Halls this night and have everything delivered to the castle in the morning, myself and the young Jinyna and Maerad included, if it pleases you?" She turns a warm smile to Harmon as her arms find their way out of her cloak to pull it in closer around her neck, "Then soon we shall meet, I do hope, Your Excellency." She chuckles softly, a rich, warm sound then offers all four a, "I, too, must turn old bones into a warm bed. May you all be safe, always, Your Highnesses, Your Excellency." and she drops into a low curtsey, skirts pooling around her lower legs.

"If you feel it is late, then I won't insist. Take care sister, princess Emerit, Mistress, Count." Logen waves to his sister, bows his head to Emerit and Harmon, and nods with a smile to Acacia. Two knights ride up on destriers to Logen's side and one sidles close to speak with him. Logen nods and turns, following and being followed as he rides in the middle back towards the cavalry.
Logen mutters to the knights, "… between… of the knights… steel has… please…"

Harmon motions for his horse to his Rangers and easily mounts atop it as he smiles to the ladies, "And it is just Harmon, you owe me nothing my Lady." he says down to Acacian before dipping his head to them all once again, "Be well and we will be in touch." he says before turning and trotting off with his Rangers in tow.

Emerit nods to Roslin's suggestion. "I fear a light weariness coming over me already, your highness." Her gaze lingers once again on Yulanda, whereas Mistress Valaria gets a less amiable and concerned glance. And smoothening her skirts she straightens, ready to depart with the Kilgour princess. "Mistress, I will see you tomorrow, then. Prince Logen. Count." A nod is offered towards the seamstress, a curtsey for the prince and the noble. And soon the fiery haired Moniwid Princess and her retinue follow in Princess Roslin's wake, leaving the practice yard to those more comptetent at crossing swords.

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