Umbra 40, 228: Pleasant Dreams: Jadda

Pleasant Dreams: Jadda
Summary: Nima dreams, then Eldan dreams while Nima, Elly and Kieryn talk on the journey to Jadda.
OOC Date: 13/November/2013 (OOC)
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Umbra 40, 228

Sometime after the group of travelers had finally camped again after whatever it was that happened in the last day or so, and after a little bit of a chat with Altair earlier, Kieryn had fallen asleep again, especially since Elly had decided to curl up in his lap while he was speaking with Altair and then fallen asleep. He wakes up a little while later and blinks as he notices his niece in his lap still and that he's feeling a little better, so he tells her, "You made your uncle feel better"

Elly wakes too, looking up at her Uncle. Her big blue eyes widen at his words as her thumb slips from her mouth, "I did?!" She kisses Kieryn on the cheek then flashes him her first smile of the day. "Do you think Papa is gonna be okay?" Well that worries her after all. Her papa may be in a chair, but he's still supposed to be invincible.

Asleep in the carriage, Nima seems to be dreaming. Her facial expressions alter with her dream going from curious, to delight to fear… She speaks in her sleep. "How? How can I?" There is dismay on her features. More fear. She stops, as if listening to more voices before she stiffens and looks fierce.. "YOU WILL NOT!" The exclamation is growled out fiercely, her dream her own. "Go! Leave me!" Her breathing steadies and then she is laughing. Laughing! Not in fear or anger or menace, but the melodical sound of the lighthearted and free. "If you had her, you would have no reason to be here. You do not have her. You cannot have her. You will never have has as long as I live. As long as I breathe. As long as I am here to protect you, she is gone to you and you can get no where near her because I would never allow it. You will leave, and you will be forgotten. Forgotten forever as your power is gone." She looks at peace, serene now.

Kieryn nods to Elly and smiles to her, "Of course princess Elly, you used your healing skills and made your uncle better" he smiles and then nods again, "I think if you go and sit in your pap's lap and snuggle real close and tell him you love him, he'll be bad on his fee." he blinks and then changes his words, "back in the saddle before you know it." ok he must be feeling better, he almost made a joke.

Elly wrinkles her nose at her Uncle, "He don't ever get on his feet Uncle Kieryn. His feet don't work." Goofy uncles. Elly looks towards the carriage, hearing Nima. She rises to her feet, "Uncle Kieryn, do you think Princess Nima is okay? She sounded like she had a bad dream." She pauses again and then heads back to the carriage. She pauses to give Eldan a kiss on the forehead, "Love you Papa. Be better soon." She then moves to Nima and snuggles up with you, "It's okay Princess Nima. I won't let nothing bad get you. I protect you." Okay, more than likely if she stands in front of Nima, Cai will stand in front of her and both will be protected, but that's just minor details.

"You have no power over me. You have no power here. Leave before the drums get louder, before the stars lead the way to the sun, before there is nothing left of you to flee." Finally, Nima's hand drag her cloak nearer and she murmurs sleepily. "I shall." Resting easier just as soon as Elly comes to her side and snuggles up to her, the smile is real and she opens her eyes weakly. "Oh my Elly.." Hugging her gently not too tight. "Thank you for making me safe," she whispers, but closes her eyes another moment, trying to come to terms with whatever was just in her dreams. She holds on to the little girl lightly so she can get away if she needs. "How is Papa and Uncle Kieryn?" Opening her eyes again, the answer seems important to her.

Kieryn nods to Elly before she scampers over to the carriage and he smiles, "I think Princess Nima will be just fine Elly. From what I have seen of her, though that may not be very much, she is a very strong woman and maybe a little stubborn. She won't let a sickness take her down." he blinks as he hears what Elly says and then Nima and he stands and slowly and carefully walks over towards the carriage and peers into it, "Ah the desert flower rose blooms again. Hello, Princess Nima" he gives her a smile.

Elly beams brightly at Nima, "Hey Princess Nima. Are you feeling better?" She pauses a moment and looks out to Kieryn, "Uncle Kieryn is better. He said I made him better." She then looks at her father, who is still asleep, "Papa is still sick. But maybe I can make him feel better. Uncle Kieryn said if I told him I loved him and snuggled him he'd feel better." She lets out a little sigh, "But maybe it takes a bit to work. Uncle Kieryn had to sleep first."

"Oh Elly, I am, I am feeling so much better." Nima forces herself to sit up, her hair is suspiciously from her braid, falling in a mass over her shoulders and down her back, tumbling almost but not quite to her waist. "When we are traveling, My Princess, will you do me the biggest favor ever?" Looking from Elly to Kieryn when he comes over. Assuring herself visually that he is indeed safe, alive and coherent, there is relief in her eyes as a smile tugs at her lips. "Lord Kieryn.. you look better." Whether that is true or not, she does look concerned for him still. She looks back to Elly. "Yes, he needs always to know you love and adore him. That is why I wanted to ask something very important of you."

Kieryn smiles to Elly, and then Nima and gives her a arm smile, "I am doing better how are you feeling? Elly was worried about you." he notices the look of concern in her eyes and smiles again, "We are all worried about you Princess Nima, it is good to see you are awake. I am feeling a little better, not a hundred percent, but not as bad as in recent days either I think I was on the brink of becoming sicker and sicker." he nods to Elly, "Princess Nima is right, it always make a papa feel better knowing their children love them."

Eldan looks peaceful in his sleep, the corners of his lips tugging up just slightly. Despite the pallor to his skin and the fact that his hair is damp from sweat due to fever, he appears to be resting quietly, or having a pleasant dream. Elly looks to her papa and smiles, "I think he heard me Princess Nima. Maybe he'll be better when he wakes up." She then turns back to Nima, little brows furrowing as Nima seems to be trying to discuss something important, "Okay. What you need me to promise? I'm a big girl Princess Nima, I can member stuff real good."

Lifting her gaze to that of Kieryn, Nima smiles gently. "If there is anything I can do, to help you in any way, please let me know. I feel so close to all of you, your family, your sisters, your brother, you." Dropping her gaze, she regards Elly rather seriously. "While we are on this journey, we are traveling to lands unknown and there are.. things we cannot see but can see us. Remember the cat that took my horse? He could see us very long before we could see him. And yesterday.. there were others. You could hear them, I think. I heard them too in my sleep. They are not good, my Princess, so while I want you to be happy with all of us and to have fun, I want you to know that always, you need to remain near those who love you best. Papa, Uncle Kieryn, Cai.. Even Me and Luna and the King. My brother would never allow anything to happen to you as well, but please always remember be near the carriage and never go by yourself. Will you do that for me?"

Kieryn smiles back to Nima and gives her a bow, "Of course, i will let you know if there is anything you can do to help me. We are friends are we not and that is why I came on the trip as well." he gives her a wink and smiles, then listens as she speaks to Elly, he doesn't know what went on yesterday since he was out of it for most of the trip, but he nods anyway. "Thats right Elly, please stay near the carriage and us, so nothing happens to you." he then nods to Nima again, "lots of hidden dangers here."

Elly chews lightly on her lower lip before nodding to Nima, "Okay, I will stay close. Besides, I don't like it here. It's scary." She leans closer to Nima and child whispers in her ear, which means Kieryn can likely hear it too, "Priestess Luna scares me too." She sits back now, snuggling up closer to Nima, "But I like your brother, and the King. He calls me Highness." Which is very important to Elly after all. "When we get to your home will there be places to play?" Well the problem with keeping a four year old close, is that boredom sets in. "I just wanted to play." That's why she left out of the carriage.

As for Eldan he stirs slightly in his sleep, though he still seems at peace. Whatever he is dreaming isn't bad. It actually seems to be kind of good. What it is precisely, who knows, but one thing does slip from his lips… something he'd probably be mortified to know he said in his sleep, "Nima…"

He had come on the trip because of her and now he was sick. Guilt flushes her cheeks. "Had I known the misfortunes that would befall you, Kieryn, I would never have asked you accompany us. I would not wish sickness upon any of you." When Elly captures her attention again, she bites her lip. "Oh my little love, I will tell you something else. First, thank you so much for doing that for your father and your Uncle and I. Second, if there is ever a grown up that scares you, you need not spend much time so near them. Papa and Uncle Kieryn and Cai will make sure you have one of them near you, as well as me." As Elly snuggles near, Nima holds her gently, resting her chin lightly on the silken gold locks. "There will be places to play and there will be children to play with. There is so much sand and if you add water did you know you can build castles? Little castles of course, nothing so grand. Just because we are not so tall to reach high up places. But perhaps Uncle Kieryn can for us." She shares a smile with the man in question.

"If there are games you would like to play, my maid is very good at a game of clapping hands, she taught me to play too," she smiles. "I could teach you. And do you know what? If you want your very own maid, you can choose one when we get to my home, and she will always travel with you and grow up with you for the rest of the time until you no longer wish her services." Many Kundari maids would love the adventure. "If Papa says yes."

Seeing Eldan stir, she shifts her attention to him, concerned once more, but since he seems at peace, she says nothing. And then she hears her name from his lips. Her eyes widen, and she refuses to make eye contact with anyone.

Kieryn shakes his head in refusal to Nima and gives her a reassuring smile, "Don't think anything of it Nima, it's not your fault that we got sick and you and your brother got sick as well. I suppose it could have happened to anyone, we just got a little unlucky that is all." he doesn't really seem bothered by it. "At least we did not have to cancel the trip and turn back just because of a little sickness. If I had not want to come on this trip and wanted some adventure away from the sea for a bit, I would not be here now." he grins, "Besides the company is good and I can't think of anywhere better to be at the moment." He then blinks as Eldan mumbles Nima's name and Nima's reaction, though he can't help but smile at the reaction and words.

Elly beams widely at Nima, "Could I really? I could have my own maid and everything? She could sew with us and learn to make stuff and play with me." If she knew the word awesome Elly would apply it here. "You are the bestest Princess Nima. The bestest." All that other stuff just flies over Elly's head. She does get guilt and all that. As for convincing her Papa she is really good at that. He always caves after long enough unless he worries it will hurt her. "Learning a new game would be fun too. And I really wanna make castles. You'll have to show me how cause I don't know." Until she came to Stormvale she never left her manor home after all. At her Papa's muttering, Elly smiles brighter, "Papa likes you." Elly has no idea the number of ways that statement could be taken and if Eldan has his way she won't until some time ater she turns 30… maybe 40.

Eldan, for his part, has no real idea what is going on. Any restlessness seems to disappear and he settles, still looking peaceful. No wracking cough or pain seems to be interrupting his sleep. He breathes deeply, his whole body relaxed as he once again utters things that not only would he be embarrassed to know he was saying but could be taken in oh so many ways, "Beautiful…. thank you."

The reassurances from Kieryn bring a peace to her expression and Nima takes him at his word. "I am very glad you did come, Kieryn. It has been so lovely spending time with you and your family." Cai included of course. She does catch his reaction to Eldan saying her name, but there is nothing she can say or do, for even she did not understand it. Instead, she focuses on Elly. "Oh yes, there will be so many that would love to be a maid to such a lovely little Princess. You can have your pick." Of course the Kundari would take care of the expenses, though she does not bring that up at present.

"You are the bestest too, my little love." Reaching out, she tucks strands of gold behind little ears tenderly. "I would be honored to teach you new games and yes, she can sew with us and help you walk your puppies. You are quite a young lady now and all Princesses need a man to grow up with. Someone you trust so greatly." The words of Elly also make her blush, but she nods all the same. "He is a good man, your Papa. He knows what is best for his family. You will see."

When Eldan settles, she visibly relaxes, watching him a moment and then looking to Kieryn… just as Eldan speaks again. She once more says nothing, uncertain what to say?

Kieryn nods to Nima and smiles again, "I can say the same. I got to speak with your brother a little bit today. We still weren't feeling a hundred percent, but we talked for a short bit until he needed to rest again. I asked him if the desert was as vast as the sea, though he said he wasn't sure how large the sea was, but the desert was vast. I mentioned that I'd probably like to explore the desert or at least as much as I can some day, if not the whole thing. He kind of laughed at that, not sure if he thought i could, or would do it, or if it was a silly thing to even attempt." he chuckles and as he listens to Nima and Elly, "Of course I will reach the high places to help with the castle, though you really need water to hold the castle together. I've made them on beaches before." he then listens to Eldan again and grins a bit more, but doesn't say anything about it, well not really. "He must be having a pleasant dream."

Elly rolls her eyes at her Uncle, "Of course he is. He's dreaming of Princess Nima. Haven't you been listening Uncle Kieryn? Why wouldn't it be nice if Princess Nima was in it?" Ah, the innocence of a four year old. Uncles are just silly, Elly is sure of it. Of course she doesn't see her Uncle Davyd much but she's sure he's just as silly as Uncle Kieryn… or at least he's silly, but maybe not as bad as Uncle Kieryn. She just shakes her head and turns back to Nima, "I can't wait to see the desert. It sounds like a lot of fun… way more fun than this, which hasn't been much fun at all. Papa's gonna be real sad his horsie got left." Or at least isn't attached to the wagon. She's not knowledgeable on the whole dead thing and that's probably a good thing. "But Papa is the bestest Papa ever. Not everyone's Papa rolls like him. Lots of peoples papas gotta walk." Well she can't recall a time when Eldan could and she sees great benefit in the wheelchair. She can curl up in her Papa's lap whenever she likes. It's perfect in her little mind.

As for Eldan his breathing relaxes more, his whole body completely free of tension. His breathing is deep and without a hitch. He's calm and the smile still remains on his face. However it seems that he's not going to say anything more incriminating for the moment.

"You spoke with him?" Nima seems pleased by the idea, eyes shining brightly. "The desert is vast. Surely it has never been completely charted before." Or perhaps surely it had. "I would tell you all I know of the lands of my birth." Her smile only widens when he mentions having built castles in the sand as well. "A castle in the sand is magical. Perhaps once the sea washes them underneath the water, they go to the bottom and make a home for the creatures of the sea."

Elly makes her blush, even deeper than before. She has no explanation for any of it, nor does she try. Instead, she focuses on the latter part. "If he is sad about his horse, I think there may be something for him at my home. I will get a new one as well." Her smile is indulgent and amused. "Oh yes, a lot of Papas have to walk. My papa walks too, but he gets tired much easier than he used to."

Kieryn chuckles at Elly and reaches over to ruffle her hair with affection, "I know he must be dreaming of her, Elly, that is why I said it must be a nice dream." he grins and kisses Elly on the forehead again and gives her hair another ruffle, like any good uncle would do. He then nods to Nima, "I would love to speak with you ad length about it sometime and I am sure we will have time soon and maybe when we get there as well. Though for now I think I should go get some rest again, but I will awake again soon." he smiles again, "Get better soon as well, desert rose and be sure to keep your strength up." he then turns from the carriage and heads over to where ever Cai has placed his tent or whichever today and goes inside.

Elly smiles brightly, "Night, night Uncle Kieryn. Feel better so you can play with me too." Well Elly has her priorities after all. She then turns to Nima, smile still bright, "Oh a new horse would be perfect. Papa likes his horses. He likes getting new kinds too. He'll be real cited that he can get one from where you live. I don't think he's ever had one of those." Of course all Elly cares about when it comes to horses is… Is it pretty. "I'm glad we didn't bring Butterfly. I'd be real sad if she got lefted like Papa's horse."

As for Eldan, his hand lifts ever so slightly, as if he is seeking something out. He doesn't seem to grab it though and again a single word drifts from his lips, "Nima…" It's tinged with something, almost like a call to return or questioning, it's hard to tell precisely what is going on in the man's head. He's not upset or anything, still seeming peaceful in his sleep.

As the dream continues to be spoken of, Nima looks to Eldan, glad he seems to be doing well but concerned by his dreams. Were they fever induced? Another smile is given to Kieryn, ducking her head in a quiet nod of agreement. "We will speak of it soon. Sleep well, Kieryn." An once more he calls her desert rose. She looks to Elly. "I am happy he would like a new horse and yes, sometimes it is best for animals and to remain in the safety of their homes."

Seeing Eldan's reaching and calling her name, it crosses her mind he may beed her. She smiles at Elly and moves to Eldan, offering her hand to his, giving him something to find when he reaches.

Eldan smiles when his hand is taken and he settles even more. His features are truly at peace, which actually makes him look younger thank his years. He has no worries right now, secure in the knowledge that all seems to be well. Elly moves when Nima does, delivering a kiss to her Papa's cheek before snuggling up to the man and resting her head on his shoulder, "See Papa, Princess Nima is here." She yawns then, "She'll take care of us." Blue eyes start to flutter and Elly drifts off back asleep. The days and travel taking its toll, but at least she's happier now than when she woke up earlier.

Nima smiles when he seems at peace. Her maid is nearby, but Nime continues to allow him to hold her hand whether it is correct or no. He was sick.. and she would be there for him through it all. Her family, the four, including Cai and Kieryn and Eldan and Elly. She leans onto where she had been sleeping and makes sure to keep her hand there for him as long as it was needed."Sweet dreams, Princess." She also had been told to sleep. In the carriage, and so she does.

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