Nar 31, 228: One Boy One Girl (Warning Not for the Squeamish)

One Boy One Girl
Summary: Aemy gives birth to twins with the assistance of Wenna.
OOC Date: 03/August/2013 (OOC)
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Aemy Wenna 
Aemy and Robben's Room
A room with a bed and a view.
Saturday, Nar 31st, 228

Warning. Not for the squeamish

Just after lunch time, Aemy had been relaxing in her bed when the persistent pains that had been bothering her all day had worsened and she had sent her husband to get the midwife. It had been several hours since then and now it's approaching dinner time.. and the sounds from her are very indicative that the baby is near.

The midwife arrives in the form of Wenna the Baroness of Blackforge. She is a tall woman who walks with a cane and slight limp. The woman is dressed in an ill-fitting gown that has been dyed a dark grey and her long brown hair has been pinned up. With her she has a hand maiden who is carrying a birthing stool and an ornate box that is decorated in knot work. When they get into the room she motions for her Maid to put down her tools on a small bedside table that is cleared. Servants have been ordered to bring hot water and clean rushes. From her box of bottles and instruments she takes out a lump of harsh soap. When the water is brought she washes her hands then puts on an on apron. She looks over at Amy when this done. "Duchess," Both Wenna and her serving maid move to her side. "We are going to move you to the birthing stool. Forgive me for not introducing myself sooner but from what we had been told we had little time to get you and the room prepared." She says at last. "Have you felt a great pressure like you need to relieve your bowls lady?" The woman asks her. As she says this the door of the bed room open and a female servant brings in an armful of clean rushes to put beneath the stool.

Moisture dots her upper lip, her hair is plastered to her head most unbecomingly but Aemy nods, pushing the locks back from her face. This was hard work! Blue eyes move to the stool and she nods to the midwife. "Please call me Aemy.." the words are softly murmured. With great difficulty she heaves herself into a sitting position gripping her stomach on each side as another pain passes. She nods mutely as it drags through her body, making her want to push.. yes, just like the pressure to relieve herself. "Yes.." she follows the nod with the simple word as she braces her hand on the side of the bed and her handmaid assists her in standing. Wearing a simple dressing gown with nothing on underneath this time, she moves very slowly, one step.. two.. until finally she reaches the birthing stool and gingerly sinks herself down onto it. "Hurts.." she mutters, but tries so hard not to complain.

"It is going to hurt Aemy." Wenna says to her. They move to help her get to the birthing stool. "That is a good sensation for you to have. Did your water break?" She asks her. Her own hand maid goes to get Wenna shorter stool to sit on. This stool is placed in front of Aemy and Wenna lowers herself down on to it. Next she arranges Aemy's skirts so she can see just how far long the laboring woman is.

And hurt it does! It felt like a vice of sorts was clamping on her stomach and dragging the contents down, down. Heat flames into her cheeks and she nods mutely. "It.. did earlier. When Robben had gone to get his lunch. I was not hungry but when I got up there was a sudden rush… I cleaned it before he arrived back. He should not see such things." And when Wenna looks it seems she is very dilated and the baby is coming extremely soon. "I feel I have to push.."

"There is no shame my dear." Wenna say gently and in a kind tone. She offers her a warm smile. "You are almost there. I am going to press down on your stomach to be certain." She says to her as she leans forward and her hand firmly press Down on Aemy's stomach and she feels to make sure this child is not going breech. "This is not your first?" She asks her as se continues with her examination. "When did you last eat?"

"I have never… had a baby before.. but.. I have.. helped, even been a midwife.." As a healer and midwife herself, she had seen it done, but it was different, it clouded your mind when you were in pain! A sound of pain, a very loud one, escapes her not from the pushing but from the contraction, from the pushing. "I ate.. yesterday morning. Not since." Yes, she is pushing now, because it is natural and her body cannot stop from doing so.

Wenna moves from checking her abdomen to moving to check to see if she is crowing yet. "You are crowning." She looks to one of the maids. "Get that soft blanket for me." She tells her. She then is moving to position her hands to help ease the infants head out of the birth cannel as Amy pushes. "Keep pushing dear, bear down." She looks at one of the woman. "Meg get that winter green out and the horse hair. Make sure you boil the horse hair." Her hand maid nods. Her attention is then drawn to Aemy.

Taking a deep breath, Aemy keeps pushing.. having a baby is definitely not a pretty process.. and she does push and hard. As the baby crowns and the midwife uses her hands to help ease the head out, Aemy takes another deep breath before pushing hard once more.. crying out again at the sudden rushing relief as the baby is born. Panting, she holds on tight and looks at Wenna… waiting.. waiting..

<FS3> Wenna rolls Healer: Good Success.

"Push Aemy, the shoulders are next I have the head." One hand cradles the head while the other continues to help ease the child out. When the shoulders are clear and then the feet Wenna moves quickly to clear the child's air way and to check to see what sex the child is. "It is a boy." Then the cry comes from the infant she places the child against Aemy for her to hold as she moves to tie off the umbilical cord. She does this with practice ease. Her maid comes to her and she hands the child to the maid. "Present the child but do not let them in yet we need to get her clean up. They need to see that this child is truly his after the presentation, bring the child back and the child is to go to his mother's breast.

The encouragement brings another hard push and another and after the baby arrives and is pressed against her, tears flow freely down her cheeks as she forgets whatever pain there was.. still is? And focuses on her baby. But then there is the sudden need to push again as another pain takes her. As the child is once more taken, Aemy groans loudly and pushes again… "What's happening?" the words are almost panicked.

Wenna puts her hands on Aemy's abdomen and then looks down to check her she calls to the maid. "Keep the men out of here she is still in labor." She looks to Aemy and in that calm kind way of hers she says. "You are going to be giving birth to another, it will be okay, I am here, your maid is here, you can do it. Do not fear my friend. I need to you to focus on us. You can do this and you must. You have the strength picture the light and picture Cri. She will guide you through this."

Not understanding the need to push, Aemy does so anyway because her body tells her she has to. "Still.. in labor?" Surprised, she bears down, crying out again as the next wave comes.. and again the baby crowns, then more, somehow the second coming a little easier, but there is a good amount of blood with it.. "Thank you for being here… thank you, so much."

"Cloths" Wenna orders Aemy's maid in a kind and calm manner. The maid jumps at her bidding and goes to get her the cloth. Blood is wiped away and it drips into the rushes. "Do you read?" She asks the maid. "Shepards purse, the bottle of the tincture is labeled. If you do not bring the box to me," Wenna is then moves to put her hands back into place to help ease the infants head out. "You can do this my dear, it is I who should be thank you. I adore attending births." The older woman tells her and from her tone she means it.

So very tired now.. weary from no sleep, from not eating, from labor forever, Aemy wilts a little on the stool, so tired. From somewhere deep inside, she manages one more final push and the baby comes the rest of the way out with Wenna's expert guidance.. "T..two babies? Is… everything.. okay? How is the baby?"

Wrapping holding her the baby girl Wenna has tender look in her eye as she hands the infant to Aemy, she clears the infant's airway and there is a cry. "She a girl, it is hard to tell, they are small but they are breathing. First let your maid present her, you need to birth afterbirth then I will get you cleaned up and then and only then may your husband enter. Before I do that," she pauses. Using a bowl of water she washes the blood from her hands before she reaches into the box that the maid has brought to her and she takes out the small vial. Unstopping it she rises awkwardly from her stool. "Open your mouth up and I am going to give you something call shepherds purse. It will help you are bleeding a lot." Only after she does that does she go to tie off the umbilical cord.

With a sudden sob, Aemy reaches for the baby and holds her near, so tired, but so so happy. A son and a daughter all in one day! No wonder she had been so tired.. all the time. Cuddling the baby a moment before she hands her to the maid. Opening her mouth, she obeys, taking what Wenna gives her and only after the umbilical cord is tied off does she feel it.. once again comes the sudden urge to push… except this time it is not a baby that comes out.

When the after birth comes Wenna checks it to make sure there are two of everything. As child bed fever is not something she wants Aemy to have to deal with, when she is done she speaks. "Clean cloths, sheet, rags and warm water for mom. If you clean up the infant I will clean up Aemy." Wenna tells the maid. "Aemy I need for you to give the child up while I get you cleaned up." The water is brought to her along with cloths and a clean shift. Dipping a cloth into the water she starts to get Aemy cleaned up first.

The other maid brings in the boy and Wenna sees her. "Give the boy to Aemy's maid and take the girl and present her you know what to my dear and you are doing well." Her eyes are bright and her maid will do this if Amey allows.

Indeed, Aemy does give the baby to the maid and remains still while she is being cleaned up. It looks as if there were indeed two of everything, so everything is on the ups. Except Aemy is exhausted.. so so tired. It had been a long day and she was very tired. As the beds are made up and everything is being cleaned, her maid holds the boy while the girl can go be presented. "I am eager to see my family all together.. Did my brother make it in yet?"

The afterbirth is gathered up to be burned. The room is cleaned and Aemy is placed into the bed and made comfortable on a mountain of pillows. The one child is placed in the cradle and room is made for his twin. The cradle is placed near Aemy. Wenna then speaks to her. "I will check to make sure you are producing enough milk if not I will get a wet nurse with good milk." She tells her. She looks to the other maid who has been helping her clean the room and get Aemy and the other child. "Your husband and others will want to see you but then you should rest."

Once she is cleaned up and the mess is all gathered up and cleaned and Aemy is in the bed, a new dressing gown with her baby beside her as she awaits her daughter as well, she smiles at Wenna. "I owe you so much… I could never have done this without you here.." A tender look is given to her son, and she nods. "If I can I would like to feed them myself. Please allow anyone in who wishes to see our new family."

Wenna does not offer a curtsey instead she moves to gather up her box, her cane and she offers a kind warm and motherly smile to Aemy. "I will go and tell them and you do not owe me anything. I will come and check on you in a little bit but you must rest. I will also leave my hand maid her to make certain that you rest. She is skilled in this." Her tone is gentle. Then with a stiff gate she makes her way to leave the room. But she does leave it clean.

"I am so grateful to you, My Lady. You have gone above and beyond.." Also so happy the room is cleaned. "I look forward to seeing you in a little bit then. Please send them in."

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