Nar 1, 229: On Changing A Heir Style

Nar 1, 229: On Changing A Heir Style
Summary: Hadrian and Tyrel speak of Hadrian's new place in the world and his upcoming wedding.
OOC Date: July 3, 2014
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Tyrel Hadrian 
King's Study
The room is nicely appointed but austere. Floor to ceiling bookcases dominate the walls, the many-colored spines presenting a varied but demure mosaic within the walnut frames of the shelves. On one wall, a large stone hearth presents itself, the fire always tended to drive off the chill of interior castle rooms. Above the fireplace one may view a portrait of Callem Kilgour's children.
At one end the room is a heavy oak desk, always strewn with bits of writing in progress and stacked with books. Comfortable chairs are placed almost randomly around the room, each with its own table and lamp. In one corner is a rather long, comfortable couch, upholstered in azure fabric, with a blanket of llama wool thrown over the back and several comfortable pillows at one end. From the indentations in the couch, it is clear that someone naps here frequently.
Nar 1, 229

After a trip through the city earlier today Tyrel has retired to his rooms and offices. At present he is working within the room that was previously the King's study. Artifacts from Callem's rule are strewn about and Tyrel has been musing over each in time.

Having sent a request for an audience, Hadrian enters into the King Study upon being summoned. He offers a soft bow of his head, "Your Majesty, thank you for seeing me at such short notice." He smiles softly. He remembered the correct way of greeting the king! "I have come to speak to you on what has transpired in the realm of Lakeshire involving myself and my fathers choice. I have no doubt that you have recieved word and the offical documents stating as such?"

Tyrel nods, bending to lift up one of his father's shields. "I have heard the announcement, to my understanding with much the same wording as was announced publically. I find myself quite curious as to the reasoning, but that information has not been offered to me." He sets the shield to the side and returns his attention to the remaining three. "Before we enter into such a discussion I do wish to offer you congratulations on the announcement of your betrothal."

Hadrian offers a soft smile to Tyrel, "Thank you your Majesty. The dowry has been offically handled as well. Though I feel due to my father taking my birthright from me, the wedding will be a lot smaller then orginally planned. It was to be held in Lakeshire but since my fathers announcement, all that has changed." He walks over some but stops, standing tall while watching and addressing the king, "My father has changed since he dissappeared shortly after the war. Before the war he supported and approved of my choice in who I wanted to marry, though not one of his choosing for arranged marriage. Then after the war, he vanished, taken, as you know. He comes back and gives me basically an ultimatium. Either marry Princess Karissa of Skingaard or Princess Nima of Kundari. Why both are good choices, neither one felt right. If I did not choose either one, then he'd give my blessing to marry Lady Emma, cost of being Heir to Lakeshire. I did not know of this ultimatium till after he asked me who I choose. When I said Lady Emma, he made his announcement. All because I choosed Lady Emma."

Tyrel pauses for a moment then moves to lift another of the two shields and set it to the side with the other. "Your father seemed often fond of such hidden tests. However I have always known him for his style in council and politic, never as family or father, so I do not recognize the difference as you perceive it." The two remaining shields are a large tower fashioned shield and a smaller horseman's style both showing signs of wear. "Of the three I suspect he would have preferred you select the Skingaard woman, while they are lax in allowing merchants to muddy their bloodlines such is kept to the lowest of the noble class."

"I am aware that for the sake of things, I should have choosen the Skingaard woman. But here is what you do not know. As a child, my father did not show love to me. He treated me as one might treat their bastard child. He'd drag me into the woods and beat me often. Once, when I was a teenage lad, I met a beautiful commoner, a pig farmers daughter and we were letting our emotions and feelings getting the best of us. In a moment when I started making love to her, my father found us, took me home and beat me. The next day, her house was burnt to the ground. I know he killed her and her family cause of me. And all due to how he raised me, Lady Emma showed me the path. She lit up my darkness, show me the path I should be on. She took me out of that darkness. But my father has only himself to blame for what has transpired and he can not see this. Perhaps had he raised me as a true father should, then I would have accepted his choice on who I should have married. But instead, he choose to take my birthrite away." Hadrian seems to sigh a little bit, "Now I am confused more then ever. Is this the way of our lands? Is this what the Gods want from us? To marry out of greed to better one's own standing in the world? Is it so wrong to marry for long? If not, why get punished over it? I don't know any more and it's certainly not encouraging me to be loyal to the whims and desires of my own father."

"Your history and your feelings do not change what should have been done, Hadrian, only your capability of accomplishing what is right. I have some doubts that your father would stoop to murder to proove so minor a point, though I do not believe it beyond him to arrange matters so that it seemed such if it suited him to do so." Tyrel moves from the collection of shields to a collection of swords and maces. "As for love, that is a reward for a marriage well managed, not a reason for a marriage in much the same way as a child must be. A child before a marriage is a bastard, love before a marriage is foolishness at best."

"Then as my father has taken my birthrite from me then I have all the time now to devote myself to the needs of the kingdom as Master of Arms. So I can serve you better Your Majesty and do what needs to be done for the people of our great kingdom. I humbly invite you to the wedding if you wish to attend though you may find my father will not be invited." He states matter of factly, "In fact, the wedding will most likely be a very very small wedding with very few present. However…" He now brings up a counter points, "if love before marriage is foolish, wouldn't you agree that marriage without love is worse?"

Tyrel shakes his head slightly as he reviews the weaponry, "I would not agree. A marriage without children is a failure, a marriage without love is still a duty fulfilled and if managed well you will reap your true reward when you join the gods in their caves." He lifts and sets aside two of the swords and all but one of the maces as he talks. "The invitation is appreciated, if our schedules allow Ciarrah and I will attend. I believe you mentioned it was not the be held in Lakeshire, do you intend to be married at the temple here in Stormvale?"

Hadrian nods his head softly, "Baron Declan is paying for the wedding and has stated he wishes it to be here in Stormvale, which works well. Here in Stormvale I can deny my father entrance where in Lakeshire, he can do as he pleases. This means I will be living here in Stormvale more so then in Lakeshire, most likely the rest of my life with my future wife. That being said, I'd wish to aquire some land here outside the city to build a manor of my own for my wife and future kids."

Tyrel nods, "I will speak with the lords in the area who see to the lands nearby if they seek a tennet, you may approach any you wish on your own, of course." Tyrel lifts one of the swords. "This sword, I have never known when my father wore it or found any who will reveal the story of it, yet he claimed it as his own." He places the sword with the two shields not put aside, "I abhor the unknown and the undefined." The king's comment made he continues on a more topical note, "For the time being Bowen will continue as my squire, though he is of an age to be knighted and I now less a knight and more a king which is a disservice to him. I have not noticed any animosity between the two of you in the past, will this be changing?"

"It is unknown and undefined, the animostity that may or may not come between the two of us. I blame my father mostly for what has happened." The darkness was stirring once again inside Hadrian. He promised Emma the life of a Duchess and now, this happens. He'd kill his own father if given a chance. "But I will say that I will become Duke of Lakeshire one day." He'll leave it open ended like that. It could happen merely by accident or by other dark means.

"I suspect, Hadrian, that you would not find the position suited you well. A man who would pursue a marriage for love over one for duty would find himself sorely tasked by the duties I set to my dukes." Tyrel selects another sword, "See to it that no animosity grows between you and Bowen, I will have no fueding within my castle, and have Lady Emma brought to me, I wish to meet with her.""

Hadrian nods his head softly, "As you wish Your Majesty. I shall have her brought within a fortnight." He smiles softly and then bows a bit. He was angry inside. Perhaps had his father raised him better, this would not be happening. The darkness inside him had the wheels turning. Big chances were going to come and he'll make sure it all happens, "Thank you for your time. I shall leave you to your work, your Majesty." He bows again and then turns to depart from the king.

Tyrel nods, "Of course, Hadrian. I will pray that you find the happiness and love you seek. This will, I expect, be a turbulent time for you. Keep me appraised of your thoughts and decisions."

Hadrian nods softly back to the King on his way out.

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