Nar 07, 228: Officially Arrived

Officially Arrived
Summary: The first official encounter between the Grand Duke of Rustles Island and the Lord Chancellor of Mobrin happens by chance, with a bastard princess and a supposed commoner healer in attendance. And an injured and famished prisoner, whose needs are tended to.
OOC Date: 10/07/2013 (OOC)
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Main Road, Darfield Village
From the village square to Darfield Castle, this is the road to take. It travels straight from the Village for a short ways, but then has to turn to switch backs, easily defensible, with defensive fortifications set up at strategic points, as it climbs to the castle gatehouse. There are two lookouts on the way, towers set up down small paths off the road that are used for military purposes, or for lovers' trysts during times of peace.
Nar 7th, 228

A new scaffold and a platform for stocks stands near the gate but outside the village's stone wall. The scaffold is empty but a scrawny commoner is in the stocks. His clothes are soggy from the recent rain, and two guards stand watch in case someone might attempt to free the prisoner. The convict's face has traces of blood. Standing before him are two people of obviously different classes. One is a woman in a lightweight linen gown with a hem caked in mud. She wears her long hair gathered and pinned on her head so that it will be out of her way. At her feet are a satchel and an apothecary's box. With her is a man in fine clothes of purple and gray. A dark bay horse stands nearby, munching on tall grass while one of the guards holds her reins.

Noise of hooves rolls through the road and bumps straight to the Gatehouse. The sound may be heared from quite far. People, who are making their way from the castle or to the castle are in a hurry to spring away from the way for the group of riders.

There are five armoured men with blue-green cloaks, where snakes are weaving to the lock. These guards are sitting in the saddles of quite simple studs, but they are following two beautiful sorrel horses, whose flamy manes are playing in the air wildly. On one of these studs proudly sits the Grand Duke of the Grand Duchy of Rustles Island.

He is wearing a loose shirt with a deep collar that is open to allow a glimpse of his broad, muscular chest, and sleeves that billow like the sails of a great ship. Over the shirt he wears a padded dark brown leather vest that provides the first layer of armor to protect him in a fight. He wears pants of a sturdy cloth in color to match the vest. To protect his lower legs and feet, he wears heavy riding boots with hard soles and shanks that rise almost to his knees. Around his waist is a stout belt with a scabbard for a sword and a large leather pouch in which he carries his jingling coin. A deep and sheltering hooded cloak of dark gray combed wool follows him swaying.

The man turns to the young girl on another stud and smiles widely "Today I was impressed by your skills of riding. With each day you are better and better!" Mantilo's look slips to the people around them, intently observing each of them. Quickly, riders approach the Gates and Grand Duke's glance becomes even more curious, when he catches the sight of prisoner. Being close to him, he whispers for the lady on his side "Interesting… What he may done? Looks like something quite horrible."

Seated on the other sorrel horse, Princess Emerit follows close in her brother's wake, fiery red locks bouncing about her and moss green eyes gleaming with delight. She wears a rider's outfit, trousers of leather beneath a dress of dark green cotton, and a cloak of dark grey colour flapping behind her. Chuckling lightly as she brings her steed to a halt she offers a light bow towards Caedmon, her face brightened by a smile as warm as a summer breeze. "Well met, chancellor. What a lovely day it is for a ride." Her gaze is on Wenna next, and after a moment of contemplation she recognizes the woman who offered her some advice the other evening, before Emerit entered the Bard's Tale Tavern. "A good day to you as well, Mistress." She frowns a little as she glimpses the prisoner and lowers her gaze, choosing not to ask any questions about that man's injuries, at least for now.

"I am glad to hear that," Emerit replies to her halfbrother, in a lower tone "But you know I have accompanied your father on many a hunt. So riding and archery are something that I feel quite comfortable with."

"Thank my lord Chancellor." this is said gently as Wenna moves to uses a wet bandage to remove the dried blood and grim. It reveals deep bruising on the man's face. With a wince she leans down to get salve made out of camafrey leaves. She smears this carefully over the bruises. It smells much better than the man. She looks up from what she is doing when she hears the horses ad for a moment there is a flash of fear in her eyes that disappears when she sees blue instead of rose. She offs them a bow if her head. "Your Highness and your grace." She offers them. She looks over at Caedmon.

Caedmon nods again to the commoner beside him, and watches while she gently cleans the face of the man in the stocks. He is holding a water-skin in one hand, and a piece of dark bread smeared with honey in the other. He, too, turns when he hears the rapid, clattering approach of horses. He turns to look at the pair. His eyes pass over the duke, whom he has not met and therefore does not recognize, and then the woman riding beside the duke. Although their meeting was brief, and in the half-light of evening, he has not forgotten. He bows deeply to them. "Your highness," he greets her first. "And this must be the brother whom you mentioned to me." He looks back tot he duke. "Welcome, your grace, to Darfield. I am Caedmon Kilgour, Baron of Albion and Lord Chancellor to the King."

Mantilo nods at his half-sister, staring at the woman, who cleans the prisoner "My dear, of course I know. But I guess you know, that I want you to be perfect. Untill you reach that, long road waits for you… Long road…" and quickly smile in his face fades. The man raises his eyebrow and with his usual serious glance studies chancellor for a moment and then tosses a quick gaze at the mistress, studing her too once more, nodding her when she addresses he. Mantilo raises a hand to brush his dark hair with it coolly. He once more peeks at the prisoner, patting his stud. "Emerit, you know these people? Are they the ones you told, you met?" Grand Duke asks before ironical grin flashes in his face. "Lord Chancellor… Nice to meet you," drawls Mantilo and starts looking around curiously "I am sorry, did I missed something? Do we have the Duke around us?"

The Mist of the Island's gaze clouds for a moment as she perceives Wenna's strange reaction to their arrival. She studies her intently for a moment longer, even more so as the woman tends to that prisoner's wounds. And for a moment she watches with fascination and curiosity.

"I see you have not lost your appetite for sweet desserts and the like." Emerit then remarks as she notices the honeyed bread in Caedmon's hand, her brow raised with light amusement. "This is indeed my… brother, his Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Rustle Island."

"Aye, dear brother." the Bastard Princess is quick to answer Mantilo, and after a short pause she adds in her lower voice: "I am sure they aren't used to Grand Dukes over here. The chancellor meant no offense I am sure. Our ways may seem as strange and unusual to them as theirs might seem to us. Wouldn't you agree, chancellor?" A friendly smile is offered in Caedmon's direction.

Caedmon looks at the bread and then to Emerit. He inclines his head to her, having already given the initial deep bow that nobles accord to one another. "I do indeed, your royal highnesses," he confirms, glancing to Mantilo so that both are included in the title that he uses. "The bread is not for me in this case, but for him." He nods to the prisoner. He explains, "His Royal Highness Prince Tyrel ordered him to the stocks. The law does not require him to starve as well, fi someone wishes to feed him." He nods. "I wish it." He nods to the healer and adds, "This is Mistress Wenna. She is a healer, as you can see."

Mantilo turns to his beloved half-sister and whispers to her "It looks like it's a habit in these lands…" silent giggle leaves man's throat and Grand Duke adds, still to Emerit "I thought etiquette is very important in all kingdoms, my dear, as much as for us. Our children from the day, when they learn how to read, first of all must learn all the proper addresses in almost all cultures. It's the way not to get into trouble, if you go somewhere…" When he finishes speaking with his sister, Mantilo turns his gaze back to the chancellor "I am sorry, Lord Chancellor," he slowly pronounces "I am still not used near your culture, but I hope to know better about your lands, while I am visisting this place. However, we hope not to sit here for too long. My Grand Duchy waits for me, actually…"

Grand Duke curiously glances at the commoner "Healer you say? A pleasure to meet you, mistress," he bows her even more respectfully than to the chancellor "Your position is very respected in my land. Healers are like royals. But… Well, they are! They have our lives in their hands… Maybe you are in communication with our Healers Guild? I know they sometimes keeps contacts with other healers…"

"For him?" Emerit inquires with surprise showing in her youthful features, as she hears Caedmon's explanation. But then she lowers her gaze to that prisoner and bites her lip. "Prince Tyrel wishes to punish him? What by Ra-el's entangling twists did that man do?" The figure of speech which might sound strange but is in fact quite common on Rustles Island escapes her without much thinking.

Listening to Mantilo's lecture of learning proper addresses, Emerit can't help but chuckle, offering Caedmon a smile that might aim at lessening the hardly concealed reproach in her brother's speech. "You are right, of course, dear brother. Yet it is us who come to this court, and not vice versa. Let us not forget about the courtesies a guest has to offer his hosts." She glances towards Wenna once again when Mantilo addresses her, curiosity as well as a certain amount of respect showing in her moss green eyes, which in a way proves the point of her brother's words.

"The pleasure is mine and I am not in contact with your lands healing guild but I would like to be. Forgive me for not offering a proper greeting as I have my hands full." Resting against the stocks is a silver headed cane with inlaid with mother of pearl. She looks to the princess. "Did you find the tavern gossip to your liking?" she looks to Caedmon and she smiles. "You and the princess perhaps share a common idea or at least she and our young princess do. The two should meet." Her attention is then drawn back to the man in her care. The scent of camafrey is strong. She moves to get into her apothecary box that rest at her feet. she gets out a tincture. the contents are poured into a bandage and she uses it to clean the lacerations on the man's hands.

While Wenna is tending the criminal's hands, Caedmon holds the water-skin so that the victim of justice can wet his parched lips, and then drink deeply. Then the lord chancellor offers the crust of dark bread with honey. "Chew this slowly," he advises. "Take your time." He shifts to look over his shoulders at the arch-duke and princess. "The prince judged him to be guilty of stealing eggs from a farmer, and sentenced him thus," Caedmon explains. Then he looks at Wenna and nods. "I believe that you are right about the two princesses," he agrees while the prisoner devours the small crust of bread.

Mantilo listens, what is said and cants his head looking at the poor prisoner "An what if he stole these eggs just because he didn't have what to eat and didn't have money to buy food?.. Sometimes stealing comes not because people are bad, but because…" he glances at Emerit and stops all the words, just shaking his head slightly and sighing. After this he once more glances at the chancelolor "Yes, we are their guests," he answers to his half-sister "and it is a pleasure to be these guests. Your lands are very nice. I really enjoy riding. Though, now we should go. We need to rest before dinner and…" he glances at Emerit "Before some reading, yes my dear?" Mantilo bows for the healer again "I am happy to meet you!" smile finally is offered and even turned to Caedmon "I hope we will meet again before I leave, lord Chancellor," Mantilo pats his stud before asking for Emerit "Shall we go?"

"No need to forgive you, we can see you are busy." Emerit replies to Wenna, her mouth twisting into a warm smile. Her gaze shifts to the prisoner, and hearing Caedmon's explanation, she lowers her gaze, gnawing on her lower lip for a moment. She remains silent, when Mantilo offers his comments on the matter, but then suddenly her green eyes are focusing on Caedmon again, a spark gleaming within them. "Funny that a chancellor would act this way, pushing the boundaries of his Royal Highness the Prince's order. As if…" Her voice trails off, as she turns, catching the proposition of her brother. "We should." she concedes. "After all, there isn't much time left. If I am to study before resting and dinner. It has been a pleasure talking to you, chancellor." Her friendly smile returns. "Mistress. Master." Even the criminal gets a nod of goodbye. He is human after all, isn't he?

"One thing my lord, I know I have no right to ask it but may I ask from you a letter of introduction to your healers guild?" Wenna says to Mantilo before he and his sister depart. She offers them another bow of her head. This one is regal in bearing and conveys respect. She then finishes cleaning the lacerations. She looks to Caedmon. "I do not think she understands the laws here yet." She says this gently.

Wenna's sudden question takes Emerit by surprise, her mouth opens as if to say something, but then the Grand Duke of Rustles Island seems to be quicker with his reply. "We will see…" he says, as he studies the healer for a moment. And so all the princess can do is incline her head to Wenna, in both a goodbye and an answer to her question. Clicking her tongue then to her sorrel steed, Emerit rides off with a chuckle of delight, closely persued by Mantilo and five Moniwid guards.

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