Nar 08, 228: Off to War!

Off to War!
Summary: Knights of the most prominent Houses of Mobrin gather in the Courtyard of Darfield Castle to depart for war, under the leadership of Prince Tyrel Kilgour.
OOC Date: 11/07/2013 (OOC)
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Court Yard, Darfield Castle
Above you to the north, a silhouette against the sky, is the Castle, set on the side of an immense cliff overlooking the sea. A road leading to the south leads through the gatehouse and to Darfield Village. In between is the courtyard, a fairly large space that is kept neat at all times. Against the walls to the east, there are storage buildings, a stable, the dog kennel, and the mews. To the west, the kitchen, garden, and smithy, as well as their storage area and barracks for those who guard the castle. There is an area of the courtyard often used for training purposes by the knights and men-at-arms. The squires are often at work setting up or taking down practice targets and the like.
Nar 8th, 228

In the courtyard, a troop of three-hundred and fifty men have been assembled, all on horseback. A large contingency of those gathered can be recognized, the Rioga, the Knights of the Kilgour House, decked out in purple and steele plated armour. They will probably take the armour off a few miles down the rode, but the show must go on, and here they are. Also assembled are knights bearing the colors of the Crawford House and Sutherland, with a matching contingency of Ruxton men. At the rear there are ten knights wearing the colors of Aberdeen. Alliance? What Alliance? There are women and children gathered, some crying, some singing songs, at times almost seeming festive. Occasionally trumpets will blare, and more soldiers and knights will suddenly come riding into the mix, lining up to march out.

Suddenly, the main doors to the castle are opened from the inside, and out comes an entourage of nobles. The Prince is in the front, flanked by Sir Roane Leask, another Rioga. Tyrel is wearing very fancy steel plate armour, with a purple cloak, the sigil of the Kilgour house on the back. Also beside Tyrel is his new bride, Ciarrah Kilgour nee Aberdeen. She follows along with her chin up, her walk regal, yet silent tears stream down her face. Following a few steps behind is Prince Conall Aberdeen, also dressed for parade in the colors of his family. Beside the foreign Prince is a very excited Caillin, daughter of the King. The Queen is notably missing from the entourage.

Not far behind Prince Conall and Princess Caillin strides the Lord Chancellor and newly appointed Baron of Albion, Caedmon Kilgour. While he descends the steps to the courtyard, his keen eyes survey the crowd, noting those who are present as well as those who, for whatever reason, are absent.

Following Caedmon are The Duke and Dutchess of Sutherland. Cedric in his fullplate with the image of a horse on it all decked out in sutherland colors as is Terrwyn her gown bright and cheerful of sutherlands colors her hair is done up and held in place with two silver pins, with a ruby star a each end. Her dress just barely covering the slippered feet as they walk down the steps together.

Slow steps as Robben makes his way down the stairs together with his wife. Armored like the other men, the Ruxton heir keeps all his attention on Aemy as he leads the way down the steps now.

Leaving a few steps' distance between himself and the pair of Robben and Aemy, Ruthgar follows, his grey eyes staring nowhere in particular, least of all at his brother and his sister-in-law. Stern determination is written all over his face, his armour of mail and chain covered with a tabard of the blue and red of his House, the silver anchor of Ruxton emblazoned on his chest. A plain helmet, his sword and his shield are carried rather casually, as Ruthgar mounts his black horse, standing at the ready and held at its reigns by a squire.

Caedmon stands aside and watches Cedric escorting Terrwyn, Robben escorting Aemy, Ruthgar, and others coming down the stairs. Because all of them emerged from the foyer, he surely spoke with them already. Nevertheless, he offers each a bow and a warm smile when they emerge into the bright sunlight. When a running page, on some important errand, bumps into him, Caedmon steadies the lad with one hand and smiles at the boy, too. "Go!" he encourages. "One thing is sure. There will be much to do for all willing hands."

Ciarrah is at her husbands side, and he was leaving for war. He was leaving and they had just gotten married. Without looking away from him, she touches his hand. "Promise me you will come home to me. Promise you will come home victorious and soon. I will miss you." She does not wipe away the tears, but she does wrap her arms around him.

As Robben leads her out, Aemy holds tightly to his arm as he leads her down the stairs, her steps are somewhat hesitant, slow and awkward with her rounded belly. "Please be home soon, my love. I wish not to welcome our child into the world without you."

Tyrel moves down the steps and to his horse, which has been saddled and is waiting for him. His horse is obviously from Darfield, with its painted coat. The stallion looks to be about seventeen hands high and in good spirits. Stopping next to his horse, he bends to hug Ciarrah. He pulls her back to look in her eyes. "Don't worry. I shall return." He smiles at her, reassuringly as he wipes the tears from his face. "I must go. You must be here when I get back." He bends kissing her on the lips for several moments, before turning quickly to his horse. A foot goes into the stirrup and he is quickly on the mount. He smiles down to Ciarrah once more, then looks to Caillin, "Sister, don't let the peasants burn down the castle while I am gone!"

Cedric makes his way down to his mount, one of the famous southelands calvary mounts who's black head bob's in eagerness and cedrics pats his mounts broad neck. "easy there boy we'll get there soon enough. " he turns to face he wife, and smiles, while caressing her cheek.

Her movements are quiet and graceful and Terrwyn remains by his side. She moves to take his arm to remind him her stride is not as long as his. When they reach his horse that his being held by his squire she turns to lightly place a kiss on his cheek. "May the Lords and Ladies of Light keep you my duke and beloved husband." She moves to take his hand place it on her stomach. Then she turns to hold the stirrup for Cedric to mount. Once he is mounted, Cedric then leans over the side of his mount to once more caress's his wifes cheek. "dont worry those Laniveer's won't know what hit them. " he says with a grin.

The corners of his mouth twitch a little, when Ruthgar hears what Aemy has to say to his brother. But apart from that he remains remarkably calm, grabbing the reins from the squire. Tis a young lad with a slightly scared look as the Ruxton knight's cold gaze connects with his own for a short moment, and making a terrified little sound, the squire stumbles a step backwards, leaving the impressive black steed the space it needs for prancing a little here and there. Its sharp whinny resounds from the walls of Darfield Castle until its rider regains control over it, smirking a little in pride at the grace of his spectacular destrier.

Caillin comes closer near her brother "Where will be no hug for me?.." she sighs and grins nervously "I will not! Everything will be good in here… Be safe…" and she withdraws getting closer near cousin Caedmon.

When Cedric is mounted she steps away from him and offers him a deep respectful curtsy. She then moves to join Caedmon. She cannot help but laugh when she hears Tyrell's comment. "She will be leading the vanguard, my dear sweet Prince." The comment comes out and she offers a wink to Caillin and then she says to Caedmon. "Cousin you and I will need to talk soon."

Hearing Aemy's words, it would seem that Robben is unable to speak for a few moments. Moving one hand to place it on hers, he takes a few deep breaths, working on composing himself a bit, it would seem. It's probably clear to most people that he's a bit torn about having to leave, but it's their home that's in danger, after all. "Nothing in this entire world will keep me away, my dearest…" he says, a bit quietly. "When the time comes, I will be here by your side." A brief glance around, and he sees Ruthgar, before he looks back to Aemy. "After all, I have my brother there to keep me safe."

As Tyrel walks down to his horse, Ciarrah follows him, standing beside him. "I will be here when you return. Where else would I go? I belong here, in my husbands stead." The smile she shares with him is only for him and she steps back as he addresses his sister. "Be safe, my husband, and Godsspeed."

Caedmon watches silently and solemnly while the knights and lords move forward to claim and mount their horses, and while their wives and lovers say their goodbyes. He stands alone only for a moment until the princess moves to stand beside him. When the troops appear to be ready, he calls, "Cheers for all who are leaving us on this day, to teach the Laniveer to ask our permission before entering our land again!" Just before the cheers erupt from the crowd, he inclines his head to Terrwyn. "I will be at your disposal soon, cowsin."

Tyrel blows a kiss to Caillin, as his horse dances slightly, ready to go. They both had been to war before, and unlike the man on top, the horse is itching for a fight. He looks back to Ciarrah, and bends, offering her his hand for a moment, as he speaks in a quiet tone, "You better be here." He repeats his earlier statement for some reason, the smile spreading as he winks at her. "Take care of my mother and my sister."

As Robben takes her hand, she looks into his eyes, blue eyes lighting with both a smile and a lingering sadness. "Look out for him as well." Looking to her brother in law, Aemy offers him a smile and a hug as well. "And you too, Ruthgar, be safe. Keep him out of trouble would you?" Her smile is gentle, serene. She has no doubts in their abilities. Once Ruthgar is mounted, she shields her eyes as she looks back up at him before settling her gaze on Robben, bravely managing to keep her tears at bay while not in the privacy of their room.

Cedric grins at tyrel and watches as his wife moves to speak to the Princess Caillin and then Caedmon. HE looks to tyrel and then to Ciarrah .. "dont worry pricness. I'll keep him out of trouble… " he grins. " as usual." as he winksn teasingly to Tyrels wife. He once more casts a glance to Terrwyn and adds. "See if you cant keep Princess Caillins spirits up hmmm? I think she'll very lonely with out her brother here." as he kicks his mount into action.

A sudden spark appears in Ruthgar's cold grey eyes, as he leans over to accept Aemy's hug. When she lets go of him, he clears his throat, shaking his head a little as if he had to get rid of some charm a woman of the woods might have brought down upon him. "I will." he replies, an usual thick tone to his voice, but that is all. Avoiding her gaze, Ruthgar reigns his horse in beside Robben. "Let's hope we'll reach Ruxton Hall in time. Father is tough I know. But besieged by… one hundred thousand men… Who knows how long he can hold out." His cold demeanour is back, as is the chill in his gaze, when he glances to Robben with a mirthless smile.

Robben lets out a deep breath now, as he smiles at the exchange between Aemy and Ruthgar, before he moves to hug his wife gently now, saying something quiet to her as he does. That done, he looks between the others present, before he sighs. "I guess it's time to go…" Expression turning a bit distant as he says that, working on holding back his emotions for the moment. "I'll see you again soon, so we can welcome our child into the world." Another brief pause as he moves to mount his horse now.

When Tyrel bends over, Ciarrah takes his hand and at the quietly spoken words, her cheeks heat and she tiptoes to press her cheek to his hand. "I cannot promise they will allow me to care for them, but I can promise that I will do all I can to meet you at the gates upon your return." She glances over at her maid and her guard who in turn nod to her, before she looks back at the Prince. "I will miss you, my Prince. Ever so much."

Upon hearing the way Ruthgar speaks, Aemy gives him a long look, though she does not question him. Instead, she offers him a reassuring smile. "Thank you, Ruthgar. I will look our for Solara as well." As Robben smiles at her, she looks back at him, enraptured by his smile. "I suppose it is." Pressing her cheek to his when he hugs her, listening to his quietly whispered word. "I love you too, and I will take care of us." Once more her hand rests on the baby within her. Stepping back when he moves over to mount his horse, she watches him and her brother in law.

Tyrel is not in the mood for rebuttles. He simply nods once more to Ciarrah, before leaning back in his saddle. As she steps away from his horse, he nudges the horse along with a gentle kick. He heads for the gate, and like clockwork, the rest of the men fall in line behind him. Trumpets begin blaring, and people start waving goodbye. One old woman is wailing in tears, calling for her son. Yet, the processional continues and the son doesn't look back. Off to war they go.

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