Nar 10, 229: Of Worth and Love

Nar 10, 229: Of Worth and Love
Summary: Tyrel questions Hadrian and Emma on their betrothal and intentions.
OOC Date: July 12, 2014
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Throne Room
The feature of the Throne Room of Darfield Castle that draws most eyes immediately is the magnificent throne, raised on a dais at the far end of the room. The Kilgour Family coat of arms, passed down from father to son through the centuries, occupies a place of honor above the royal throne.
A carpet of red softens the path down the center of the white marble floor. To each side of the carpet, stand tall silver vases of Stargazer Lilies and Irises, their heady scent drifting through the air. The cool marble walls have been draped with mingling swathes of purple and silver silk, with touches of white for smooth contrast. Set about the room, tall silver candelabras hold long purple tapers, their soft glow gleaming on the rug and silks. On the balcony above, more swathes of purple and silver silk have been draped.
To the side, there is an almost hidden stairway to the Hall of Chambers. Rioga guards stand on either side of this door, at all hours.
Nar 10, 229

With word of naval battles and the possible capture of death of Prince Logen one might suspect that the throne room would be hectic and confused. However a calm silence rules as Tyrel sits, nearly alone, on the throne. He is armored and armed with the sword of kings laid across his knees. A bottle is held in one hand and he sips it as some few advisors and informants are introduced and excused from the room. When word arrives that Lord Hadrian and Lady Emma are available for audience the rest are dismissed. "There is little to be done until the others arrive, and this is a matter that can be settled easily. Send the Lord and Lady in when they feel themselves presentable and see they are offered refreshment." The guards comply presenting Hadrian and Emma with their choices and time to prepare before showing them into the throne room. Only a few Rioga, silent and still, remain in the room with him.

Once the guards annouce they can enter and declining the refreshment himself, Hadrian makes his way with Emma in escort on his arm of course. He was a proper gentlemen in most reguards. He makes his way up towards the throne and stops the right distance from it, offering a bow of his head, "Your Majesty, it is good to see you again. I am confused as to rumors of Prince Logen as I have gotten mixed reports but non-confirmed. I do hope I have no come at a bad time." He statess softly towards the King. "Is there anything I can do to help?" He looks over to Emma then back to the King.

Emma is dressed in a lovely dress of deep plum with silver accents, given to her and made specifically for her by Hadrians father, long before she became betrothed to his song. Being thrown from a horse into cool winter waters gained her 3 new dresses! And now she's wearing one. Her hair is braided back into a series of intricate braids of all kinds and then together to fall down her back, flowers woven in. She will deeply curtsey and remain in position as she waits for the king to acknowledge them.

Tyrel greets both and gestures for them to rise and be at ease, saying, "I am awaiting clarification on the matter myself, Lord Hadrian, until such time as clarity is provided I appreciate your offer but have no task to set to you as regards my brother. For the moment I wish your attention focused on the readiness of the kingdom to defend against unconventional attack, what a war leader does on the battlefield is his own responsibility." Tyrel then directs his attention to Emma, "Lady Emma, welcome to my home."

Hadrian offers a slight nod of his head in the news of Prince Logen, "I do hope that he has not decided to run off to help fight in the war again like last time. I will not speculate but what ever has transpired, I do hope it's not ill intented by an enemy party." He says and then looks over to Emma then back to Tyrel, "The men have come to terms with my harsh training and are ready to do their part when the time times. I have devised new defensive measures incase of a castle assault. Anyone attacking this castle will not have it easy and will have many losses before they can even get to this throne room." Hadrian was good at making tactical choices and traps.

"King Kilgour, it is an immense honor to be able to be in your presence, I thank you for your kindness in allowing me to be here before you." Only then will she rise up from the deep curtsey, hands pressing to her abdomen lightly, fingers lacing. Upon her face she wears a serene smile, stepping back just slightly to allow Hadrian to take over everything now. She's just as an ornament.

Tyrel turns his head once in each direction before centering his gaze on Hadrian, "Logen was under orders to gather a company to himself, and I had just recently sent orders for him to make his way to Weston. I await detail on how he found himself so close to the border or how a party of Laniveer found itself so far in our territory but that is for a later time. At present I wish to speak with you regarding your betrothed and speak with her regarding you. As we have already spoken in brief I will speak with her first." He directs his attention to Emma, "Lady Emma, why are you marrying Lord Hadrian?"

He'd rather talk about the war then his wedding since everyone is against it. Hadrian falls silent for now as the King moves to addess Emma about why she's marrying him. His defensive begin to rise and Hadrian turns to look over to Emma then back to the King. His gut instincts telling him to be careful. "As you wish…." He waits to hear what Emma has to say about why she wishes to marry him.

Emma looks confused, lips parting slightly as her cheeks darken in color, her gaze dropping. A momentary tremble runs through her, she's never spoken to a man of his standing before, nay, any royalty other than foreign. Hands will tighten on her abdomen, and a small breath of air will get inhaled as she ..braces, "He is a Lord of high standing. It bodes well for me, for my children, to be with such a man." Her voice is low, almost shaking, as she speaks, gaze remaining lowered, "He will bring honor. With that honor he will bring ..standing. For any children we bear." Not lifting her gaze to either man, "While he marries …low. I gain advantage." Lips will then settle together, twisting a little as her eyes get misty, heart racing, chest rising and falling quickly. All the while she'll look at some boots. Nice ones.

Tyrel considers for a brief moment then offers, "Lowering your eyese demurely, Lady Emma, is a trait to be admired. Lowering it to avoid looking at those you speak to is less so, avoid it in the future." His attention then shifts to Hadrian, "Lord Hadrian, your thoughts. Why are you marrying Lady Emma?"

This is where it's gonna get interesting. "As my integrity speaks, I will not lie to my King. I wish to marry Lady Emma for doing the impossible. She turned my black heart that my father forged into something honorable again. I had ill will towards my father due to how he raised me. I was a man who could not love or know trust so how could I expect to ever even come to know it even after an arranged marriage. Is this how we are to raise our sons? To tell them there is no such thing as love? So when I got to know her, she saw through my mask. She's a very fine young Lady and she's got the makings of a Lady higher then her own standings. She would have made a fine Duchess." He looks back to her and smiles warmly to her, to reassure her before turning his gaze back to the King, "Love can inspire great trust and loyalty. You once said that I have ignored the duty of one who was to be heir of Lakeshire. After reflecting on this, I have come to disagree with that but at no offense to you. In a manner of speaking, I am being true to my duty and was making sure that if I should ever become Duke of Lakeshire, then the wife at my side will be perfectly suited to handle such a title not in the noble blood that runs through her body, but to the right composure, intelligence, and understanding that is within her. So that is my thoughts on the matter your Majesty."

Tyrel moves his hand dismissively, "Loyalty does not require you to agree with me, Lord Hadrian, only to respect such decisions as I make. I'm pleased to hear a more reasonable explanation of the situation from the pair of you than that you marry for love. Lord Hadrian, I suggest in the future you stress more often that you value her capable nature as it has not come across so in past conversations." His attention shifts then to Emma, "Lady Emma, I've at least one matter more to discuss. I have heard rumor that during your courtship, or perhaps before, you found yourself without guard or maid in the company of Lord Hadrian. How did that come to be and what transpired during that time?"

Keeping her gaze down Emma will speak, "Before, your Highness, and many a woman has found herself such, including Lady Brendolyn. He had promised a visit to a waterfall in Lakeshire when my family was visiting there after a tour through the countryside, we had been visiting our own home so my brother could show his betrothed what would be their new home." Emma will state, "I had my guards, my ladies, and he had led us through a cavern system to get through to this waterfall. They had become lost, which was Lord Hadrians intention. It would seem he had proclivities to avail a woman of her rightful protection, both to physical safety and her chasteness at that juncture in his ..journey through this life." Sweet voice will continue to speak, her gaze lifting now to the King to look at him with honesty, "I chided him, spoke to him of how it was wrong of him to put Lady Brendolyn in the same situation, that he had more honor than that, and that he was to return me to my people who would no doubt be worried for me in all ways. He then returned me, much to the relief of my people. Intact, honor and otherwise.'

"As I stated, she saw through the mask I wore and opened myself up to becoming a better man then the path set for me by my father, a dark and destructive path. In essence, she saved my life and I owe her quite a lot. Often it says a ray of light to show a man the right path he must take." He offers a slight nod as he stands by his devotion and convictions.

Tyrel offers correction, "The proper form of address is Majesty, Lady Emma." He looks to Hadrian, "Lord Hadrian you will see to it that the guards assigned to my family are proof against such trickery. I also offer you the caution that I do not tolerate such behavior and that should you ever lapse I will geld you like an unruly horse. The women of my family, household and kingdom are my responsibility and I am not so lenient as others seem to be." Tyrel sips from his bottle, then turns his gaze back to Emma, "Lady Emma, I understand from Lord Hadrian that following your marriage he seeks to secure a tennancy from a local lord and maintain his own mannor house. Once you have married into the Kincaid family what aspiriations do you hold, if any, outside the home?"

"I apologize, your Majesty, you make me nervous, I am not used to being in such company, my mind forgets itself." Emma will offer, curtseying again quickly in apology, "And I assure you if he engages in such actions against any woman after marriage to me, your Majesty, I will geld him myself and offer to you his honor in a silken bag." Oh so sweetly stated as she rises up from her curtsey, taking in another bracing breath of air, "I would continue my fathers work before he died, your Majesty, in raising and breeding horses, it was his love, and it is mine. He had hoped for me to advance within the healing profession but it has never been my love. And now with none to take the proverbial reigns, your Majesty, of continuing our good work in raising good strong horses, I would do so in his memory to continue our families honor in that vein."

Hadrian listens to the words of the King and nods, "I can assure you, all my fancy little tricks are being used as teaching tools to all the new guards including issuing items to ensure such tricks will fall on them due to young Lords with ill intentions." He Emma's words, he chuckles a little bit as that is what he likes about her. She carried herself well, better then most Princesses that he has met in his time. He shifts from looking at her and back to the King. He doesn't of course teach them all his tricks. Some are his very own patented little tricks he uses against enemies as well. "I am devoted in my beleifs. I would nay do Lady Emma wrong for she is my sunlight and without it, only darkness will befall me."

Tyrel dips his head slightly acknowledging the apology, "It is a small thing, Lady Emma, but one must be cautious with one's words. I would hope that no Lady need lower herself to such an activity, but should you manage it before it can be seen to by my groomsmen I will pardon you for your enthusiasm." He refocuses on Hadrian, "Lord Hadrian, the pastures and horses of Weston are far from Stormvale. I suggest you and your betrothed speak regarding her wishes to see to the rearing of horses as it is not a pass-time with which she will easily engage here on the coast of Darfield. The pair of you are welcome to stay within the castle, once you are wed, until such time as arrangements are made for a more permanent dwelling."

Hadrian offers a nod of his head to the King and then a smile forms softly on his face, "Thank you your Majesty. If there is nothing else, we can depart. I do not wish to take up any more of your precious time as there is much to be done." He had to see to the preparations of the guards again as he's very keen on random and surprise inspections. He offers his elbow to Emma and then glances back to the King, waiting to be dismissed.

Hadrian offers a nod of his head to the King and then a smile forms softly on his face, "Thank you your Majesty. If there is nothing else, we can depart. I do not wish to take up any more of your precious time as there is much to be done." He had to see to the preparations of the guards again as he's very keen on random and surprise inspections. He offers his elbow to Emma and then glances back to the King, waiting to be dismissed.

Tyrel nods, "Be well, the both of you, I look forward to the wedding."

Hadrian offers a bow while Lady Emma courtsey's before both turn to head out.

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