Thedor 4, 229: Of Kincaids and Haraveans

Of Kincaids and Haraveans
Summary: The Kincaid's have some very intriguing conversation about the Haravean's and Kerrigan's.
OOC Date: 04/01/2014 (OOC)
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Kincaid Manor - City of Stormvale
Before you is a villa style home that is set in behind hedgerows. It is low to the ground and has smooth orange rust colored walls. The roof is made of terra cotta tiles, stacked atop each other. Directly in front is the large wrought iron gate with sturdy wooden slats spiked onto the gate to make what lies beyond a secret. From the gate, the wall spreads to either side and then turns sharply to form a square, at the back of the square, the only raised structure and just barely visible from the front. The 2 story main section of the villa stands directly opposite the gate. In peeking through the wooden slats of the gate, there is a glimpse of a lush courtyard and the open-air rooms that make up the sidewalls, as well as the face of the house proper. Plain and even drab from the outside, clearly this place saves its beauty for within.
It is day 4 of the month of Thedor, 229 2E

Settled within the sitting room, Senga is neither preoccupied overtly with matters nor is she occupied with social engagements. Rather, the woman is involved in the matter of needlework in the form of fine embroidery of a shawl - it's too small to be a quilt and too large to be a handkerchief. On the small table beside her, however are a pair of missives. Both opened but one bearing the Kincaid seal and the other lacking such indications of origin. Attired in a gown of black with silver embroidery, the warmth of the room is the most significant draw for the early afternoon.

Aidan has been busy, notable because of the Court gossip running amok that he's been visiting numerous households in relation to matters nearest at hand, such as war and alliances, and of course, marriage agreements. Today seems different. He didn't rise early and there's no official visits in order today. He's thus, wearing a comfortable navy blue tunic with a warm brown vest over top, fashionable but nothing that is radiant enough to promote Kincaid elsewhere. He even took his breakfast in his rooms and has only wandered down now in the waning afternoon. He's going to take some Chocola in the sitting room, with a book tucked under his arm. Spotting Senga, he merely sends a casual smile her way as he seats himself in one of the chairs by the fireplace, "Afternoon Senga," formalities only necessary around other present company.

"Afternoon, Aidan." Spoken pleasantly with a flicker of dark eyes upwards in determination of the most recent arrival, Senga's fingers pause in their work with an observation to the other's appearance. The scent of Chocola does draw the slightest hint of a smile from the corners of her lips in response. Non-verbal, it seems. But, it doesn't keep her from inquiring about the most obvious fact. "No meetings today, I see," she offers, settling the needles within their pincushion with the darker threads being absently wound back into their place.

"Would you like a cup?" asked of the Chocola, the Duke's favourite drink since it was discovered, turning down tea and other sorts of drinks for a mug of Chocola. Maybe he catches the slight curl of her lips or he's being polite enough to include her, the servants on his tail will fill the order if she does indeed want one. The book that was tucked underneath his arm is opened now on his lap, flipping to a page he marked not so long ago, nearly half way through the thick text. It is a work from another land, translated over, and apparently about sciences and philosophies. He's always been one to read. "No. I kept my schedule clear for one day, pending any sudden visitors to our Manor today, not that I expect any." He seems almost carefree, without the arrangement of visiting this or that house, murmuring, "I'm to go to the Royal Council tomorrow. My request to attend was granted. Would you be interested in joining me?"

"Yes. I have only heard about it and quite frequently had smelled the drink being carried to and fro in the hallways." Curiosity piqued, Senga spreads the shawl partially against her lap so that it can be seen to carry a colorful and fanciful pattern for the upcoming warmer months. The Kincaid coat of arms tucked away into one corner. The Royal Council finds her nodding, once but it is enough. "Yes. I would be interested in joining you. It seems that you are maneuvering a great deal to ensure that the house increases in standing. Speaking of, one of the servants mentioned in passing .. something about a cat being gifted? To the young lady that I had the pleasure to meet a few nights ago, if I am correct."

Aidan only has to look over toward the servant once to see that Senga will get a fresh mug of Chocola, handed to her once it has been poured and all that. "I prefer it," Aidan states blithely, "It's a change to what we normally have on hand." Mulled wine and tea can get quite the bore, and drinking liquor all day is not advisable for a ruling Duke. He regards the colourful pattern, "What is that you are making?" inquiring about what is keeping her interests current. Subsequently the conversation of the Royal Council returns and he nods, "I assumed you would like to be included. I would have invited my own wife had she still be upon this earth," thus, taking the next best solution, which, was Arlen's Laniveer wife. A woman with a different perspective after all, could be useful. His lips curl slightly at her compliment of his maneuverings, "It seems that I must, for the years since I have been here last has seen other Houses gain favour over our own. We must be seen as a -great- Household. Personal reminders are in order." The visits, of course. As for the matter of the cat, he gives a slight laugh, "Oh yes, I wasn't sure how fast that one would make the rounds. You are correct. I had heard through the grapevine that Lady Nimue liked felines, so I found her one, in hopes of easing her tensions. Animals after all, are said to be helpful when aiding the mentally injured."

Senga accepts the mug from the servant with a brief gesture of her head in acknowledgement, curling fingers about the warmth coming from the surface as she listens. "Then, it would not be a terrible idea to invite the Lady Nimue to tea here at the manor house? She strikes me as a nice woman. Though I see nothing wrong either with strengthening ties with her family," she says, lifting the fragrant mug to her lips before the downward cast of her eyes set upon the shawl. Sip taken with an approving nod, she answers, "This? It is for when the weather gets warmer. My own use unless my daughter wishes to use it for whatever outing or social occasion to be held here."

"No, inviting her for tea would not be a bad idea. I suspect, from what I've heard, that the Lady Nimue has been through quite the ordeal. I imagine she lacks as many friends because most see her as… broken," though that has never stopped a Kincaid from relations before. "My daughter and yourself should, as you said, take tea with her. It will help ease her recovery no doubt, to have two remarkable ladies to which she can speak with most intimately-" and here again he is maneuvering, a typical thing for the Duke to do to secure other noble houses, "As I've yet to speak with Harmon, if we prove to show his sister some honest loyalty and friendship, I imagine in time, the Count will ask for me." Forresters and Sutherlanders, their traditional allies, along with Weston of course, but that has already been secured via Aemy and Robben's good marriage. War started a long time ago for Aidan, the tensions only further aid to bind them. Then to other matters, Faerinia. "Your daughter needs to keep herself in line, Senga. Baroness Wenna tried to comfort me by showing me the room in which Faerinia was rumoured to share a bath with those Haravean's. It does no good to have her name shamed with their own." Apparently, he's developing a dislike for the young Count of Haravean and family.

"Then I shall endeavor to write to her, requesting an afternoon for tea. We had discussed the possibility of rotating tea afternoons the evening she was here. Your daughter was eagerly in agreement of such activities," Senga remarks, speaking of daughters while the talk turns towards her own. With hints of a frown marring her otherwise even features, she already can imagine that her wayward daughter has gotten herself into trouble. Again. "I hardly doubt that my arrival is any surprise on the heels of such rumors." Mother's come to see things right. "What have the Haravean doing lately as a house?"

As to the matter of Lady Nimue, it seems it has been given sufficient attention and Aidan speaks no further on that regard. He flips a page in his book, as if he had been actually reading during their conversation - which is not a surprise. He's capable of multi-tasking, necessary for a man in his position. His eyes lift from the pages as Senga comments on her daughter, nodding thoughtfully for Senga's arrival in Stormvale, "I would have believed that being here would have encouraged better behaviour from her. Although now I see it might have only encouraged the worst. She is however, recommended by Baroness Wenna for continuing to practice in the Royal infirmary. That at least is creditable." He sets his mug of chocola down and considers Senga, "Other than burning men at the stake like religious fanatics?" he asks with a smirk across the table, "The Count has succeed in placing his admirial into the Royal council, on top of marrying his sister to the Voice. They gain influence with the Crown and it will only be a matter of time before he attempts to gain more. They're back water folk and I would not have any of my children marry into their line. But the Kerrigan's, now that is a much better option." Vassals of Haravean. Indeed, he likes mixing up the politics there, ensuring some loyalty from a vassal house of the Count's is only one way to counter measure the influences.

"Besides that," Senga counters when it comes to the matter of the Haraveans, voice neatly supplying the 'what else' in addition to what has already been done. "Still, there are other opportunities to the Council. If I haven't heard incorrectly. As for Faerinia? I have not been here long enough to impact her behavior. I had thought that she might be able to host some of the tea socials in my steed. Sometimes. If only to impress upon her the importance that she holds with regard to her station. I did not turn a blind eye to the presence of the Kerrigan heir that evening either. It seems as if he gets on quite well with your daughter but was helpful enough in suggesting ample supplies of books to build my own libraries."

"It seems suspicious to me that quite quickly, the Crown finds the accused behind the kidnapping of Count Aldren's sister, yet fails to mark a single man on the slaughter of Trueborn keep," Aidan has suspicions on that design, "It speaks of the Count's favour. Expect him and his Household to be troublesome in the future." Another page is flipped, his gaze wandering across the words. "Of course there are opportunities. I hear it that the Count wishes to be on the Council himself, master of laws or some such thing. The burning of men at the stake wasn't about just securing vengence. It's a play for more power, to be seen at the right hand of the Queen." There is an uplifted look for Faerinia, "It is too bad that Faerinia did not succeed with the Count and interrupt his betrothal to Moira. But even so, she must be careful. Lord Kerrigan has already discounted her for their son, based entirely on the colour of her eyes. She must make up for that in other ways. Though she is still important to our Household, as she's researching something for me." As for Shepard, Aidan nods, "I suspect he wishes to impress upon me that only my daughter will do for his hand, though I have other greater Houses to think of for Lynette, than the Haravean vassal. I was in fact, attempting to pitch your daughter or our cousin Keven's, Lady Sorcha."

Senga studies the room with a glance here and there at the furnishings, the mug held in hand as she rises with a turn towards the windows with an air of silence about her. "I see." While not a Kincaid born, the gears are turning in her mind with this additional information. "I think that I should accompany you to the Council meeting. If only to see things for myself. As for Lord Kerrigan?" Turning the thoughts of marriage and contracts, she presses her lips together before asking, "Who else are the likely matches for his son? And importantly, where does -his- affection lie? If it does happen to be with Faerinia, then surely he must have a say in the proceedings. Or with Lady Sorcha, for that matter."

The two are conversing in the study room, a rather informal air about the Duke since he's dressed for comfort rather than show. They're drinking Chocola and speaking of matters concerning the House and the political affairs of the nation. Servants go about the room to keep it comfortable and to ensure food and drinks are supplied, otherwise, it is just Senga and Aidan, sharing a word amongst one another. "Indeed," Aidan answers in turn to the matter of making it to the Royal Council, "I have King Callem's royal invite to be there myself and I should not think he would deny me company, as you would stand in place for your husband, now that he is off to Sutherland." Some would call Aidan nuts for sending his commander to Sutherland with war on the horizon. In fact most would, but the play for favour and support is much more important than the actual war itself to come. His brow lifts at her thoughts in regards to Rinder, whose attempt to secure an alliance with Shepard and House Kincaid. "I imagine, if Count Aldren is trying to get his vassal also on the Royal Council, he may have more prospects to select from. We, according to Lord Rinder, are the first stop. House Haravean may also offer him one of the Count's sisters to marriage. Crawfords have nothing to give and I suspect will not. Ruxton's, well, it's hard to say. So that leaves the Forresters and Kilgours. Haravean is already secured with Kilgour's as per the Baroness Wenna. So… house Forrester is my guess—" and so he's working that angle to distract the Forresters away from the Haravean's. He is a clever one. His lips turn to a smile, "Affections may not matter. The Kerrigan's hope to branch out, as was the implication of Rinder's visit."

Sorcha makes her way into the manor with her handmaid, Maria and one of the House guards. An oaken case is carried under her arm and the smile on her face is a mile wide. She seems to be humming a local ballad, popular amongst the youngfolk these days. "Oh.. Good eve, cousins." She bows her head respectfully to the both of them. "Please pardon my interruption.. I'm celebrating." She giggles slightly with giddiness.

"Indeed. Who else does he have that would even have a glimmer of hope in marrying into the family?" It's a decent question. Or so Senga thinks, lifting the mug to her lips before Sorcha's arrival into the sitting room. The presence of the girl's smile rather than the maid and house guard draw her attention thusely with a raising of not one but both brows briefly. "Oh?" With a glance towards Aidan to see if he has any inkling of what, she looks back to the young woman to ask, "What are you celebrating, Lady Sorcha? Though, congratulations are given all the same."

Aidan looks over from Senga to the happily giggling Lady Sorcha. His chin inclines somewhat, "Lady Sorcha," he greets her as she greets them and declares her celebrations. His eyes snap toward the oaken case and this further causes some curiosity to pass through Aidan's features, "Join us Sorcha and please enlighten us of your celebrating?" The conversation of marriages is put aside for the speculative glances tossed Sorcha's way.

Sorcha smiles and places the case down very carefully. She orders a mug of mulled wine from a passing servant and takes a seat. "Not only is my set intact, if I weren't playing against a Palace set, I would've had a very influential piece to add to my collection." She smiles and thanks the servant when her mug arrives.

At the word 'collection', Senga's curious expression gives way to another sip from the mug of Chocola with a rueful set to her features. "Who did you play against?" The fact that it's a Palace set hasn't escaped her attentions. Turning back to the room at large, dismissing the looking out into the grounds proper, she asks, "Was there anything else given in acknowledgement of your accomplishments?"

Sorcha's words do not ease the interest that Aidan shows for the Lady Sorcha, his brows lifting at her pleased tone of voice. "I'm glad to hear that your set is still intact-" and with that her pride as well. "Which piece did you strike with?" he asks, knowing at once that she's speaking of chess, Senga asking the very question he would. He chooses to settle in to drink more fully from his mug of Chocola, turning the page of the book on his lap.

Sorcha smiles and sips from her wine. "Nono, nothing else. Just the sheer satisfaction of beating the man in front of his beloved was enough." She sips again and slows down her speech. "I beat. None other than. Count. Aldren. Haravean…. in front of Lady Moira!" She giggles before calming herself. "I'm sorry,. I mean to act like a proper lady, and I do believe I represented us well. I didn't gloat, and I even tried to make it sound like it was difficult…. Instead of being about as easy as playing a 5 year old!" She smiles. "And the Lady Kerrigan mentioned her brother, which makes this victory even more sweeter. Perhaps she'll inform him of my daring heroism on the board."

"A shame that he did not offer anything in return," Senga begins, reclaiming her own seat where a colorful shawl has a half completed needlework affair beside the threads and the basket beside her. "But I would hardly expect such. Especially when he was the unfortunate on the other side of the board." With a brief glance in Aidan's direction, she sets the mug to one side before draping the cloth back across her lap with the intent of continuing. "Still, it seems that you have done quite well, Lady Sorcha."

Aidan turns a look over at Senga upon immediately hearing who it was Sorcha beat, as if the timing itself wasn't pure coincidence. Hazel eyes flick back toward Sorcha, with a laughter that was clearly pleased, "That is a rewarding win, Lady Sorcha." He dismisses her gloating now because it was her right to, she earned it. His amusement is quite clear on his expression, especially so because of Moira being there and thus, likely to return to her brother about how learned Sorcha was at the game of Chess. "Though I agree with Lady Senga, some measure of satisfaction should've been laid on the table," since every Kincaid chess game was a matter of fate, as it were. "Did you learn anything of your meeting with them? Or was the conversation casual?"

Sorcha nods and smiles. "My rook. My fate piece took him. It was beautiful." She shrugs. "I offered him took take a piece from me if I lost. It *is* our way, but thank the Eight I didn't need to." She smiles. She takes up a mocking, feeble tone. "Unfortunately I'm just a feeble Kincaid woman, and an off-shoot to boot. They didn't say anything important in front of me. The Lady Moira was very gracious. I would daresay pleasant, if she weren't attached to His Excellency." There's a mocking tone to her voice when she mentions Haravean's title. "The new ambassador arrived as I was leaving. The one from the Finger Isles? Unfortunately I couldn't stay long enough to see how that exchange went."

"Their mistake should prove to be our advantage." It's all that Senga will say, nodding her head in Aidan's direction as if confirming something before picking up the needles and setting herself to finding the left off spot along the cloth by cautious feel. "None of the women in this house are to be shrugged off like that. Still, perhaps it will not be something His Excellency will forget for some time."

"A daring move-" Aidan remarks about the use of her Fate piece to checkmate the Haravean Count, "Perhaps an indication of what is to come." There's always something to be discovered in the superstitions of their chess games, some manner of good tidings will occur for Sorcha in regards to the Count. Or so the Kincaid's can believe. He nods to Senga's voiced words, hoping as well for some advantage from it all. The mocking tone seems to earn Sorcha a slight look of disfavour, "It is good to win Sorcha, though never forget the importance of humility in victory." As for the last, about the ambassador, he nods, "It's a shame you didn't stay. You might have heard something of our Kin's fate up there." Where Brennon the Exiled has spent his youth and raised a family. Even so, there's a slight gesture to carry on, "The Lady Moira, what is she like? Outside of pleasantry and her attachment?" Assessment of the Kerrigan's, perhaps, outside of Shepard. "And what of Count Aldren, how did you find him to be?"

Sorcha coughs and nods. "Yes, I know. I was ever the good sportsman and guest. I was very humble in front of him. The Lady Moira is… a pawn, and she knows this. She's bound to Haravean whether she wants to or not. I know this is nothing new, but it looks like the Count is far more enamored with her then she him." She sips his wine. "We was gracious enough. I was planning on using my set to show Maria some gambits, however The Count decided to come and ask if I wanted to play him. It was quite literally an offer that I couldn't refuse." She looks to Senga. "Excellent needlework, I must say. Unfortunately my not-so-nimble fingers and this damned curse keep me from picking up needles." She returns her attention to Aidan. "Even if I had lost, it would have been worth it to find some sort of angle. I *almost* thought about letting him win… but if I did that, what kind of Kincaid would I be?"

Selecting thread and needle, Senga gives something of a tsk'ing sound as dark eyes lift to take note of Sorcha. "I find no use in being nice in allowing the Count to win. He shall have to improve if he wishes the play the game. Give no sympathy when you know none will be allotted to you in return," she remarks cooly, even though she does soften at the mention of the shawl. "But, I know this much you are aware of being bred as you have been." And that's all she says on the matter of the game. "Thank you, Lady Sorcha. There are still other talents that you can utilize beside the finery such as this. You and I still must make arrangements for going riding once the weather turns warmer."

The indication of who Moira is in the scheme of house Haravean has Aidan nod, rubbing his chin thoughtfully, scrubbing fingers over wiry whiskers. "She doesn't show true affection then? Only what she must show in the face of public presentations?" That earns Moira an absent shake of his head, "I had feared the Kerrigan's were nothing more than pawns. Although Shepard has delighted me in a private conversation, knowing what interests I have, as if he had studied a few chapters from the Kincaid books.. He may yet still be a pawn of the Haravean's, like his sister. The question is, has Count Aldren has put his vassal up to beseeching us for a marriage," a beat as he taps his rings against the mug of chocola, "or does house Kerrigan truly wish to act on their own and are seeking the prominance of the Kincaid's to do it?" That's still to be seen. "Sorcha," he looks across at her, "I want you to request time with Sir Shepard Kerrigan and perhaps his sister. Send them a missive, invite them to sup or take tea with you." Something that gets Sorcha with Shepard, "Be eloquent about it." The last makes him nod, "Indeed. We don't wish to lose any games to the Count so easily, not when he cheats." A look over at Senga, smiling approvingly for the woman's own words. "Invite the other noble women of the Court to take ride with you as well, those you wish to befriend."

Sorcha cants her head. "I don't know if she holds no affection for the Count at all, I just think that she may not be on equal footing with him. He seems to dote on her.. He was trying to impress her with this game." She nods, listening to Aidan's instructions. "At once, Your Grace. Once I've met with them, what is my focus to be? To gain more information on the Kerrigans, or to learn of the Haraveans? I do believe Shepard to be genuine, at least in the discussions that we had. Just because he was informed of our ideals does not necessarily mean that he does not embrace them as well. It could be that Haravean found him to be more… Hmm." She thinks of the proper word. "… Kincaid-like? Sympathetic to our ideals. Perhaps he's using that to his best service." She looks to Senga. I will do my best not to embarrass. Horses adore me…. until I get on them to ride. The Lady Lynette has offered me a docile horse from her stable for the ride."

"A series of outings throughout the warmer times of the year, dear brother?" Affecting just a minute measure of query in her voice, Senga nods once as her eyes lift towards Aidan before looking back to the needlework embroidery in hand, belonging to the shawl that continues to be completed - one point of color at a time. "I think that it might be well meant to send the missives out in a few week's time. That, along with the ideas of tea… it may be a busy social calendar."

"Let the focus be on them and their liege Lord," Aidan says thoughtfully, "as well as to allow yourself sometime to become acquainted further with Shepard." If the Kincaid tree were to be followed back, the Haravean's have not wed into the Kincaid pool for many generations, beyond Aidan's grandfather no doubt. A subtle hint that Kincaid and Haravean do not mesh well together, on ideals or purpose. "Do you like Shepard, Sorcha?" he inquires, since that in itself was important to know, though stated after her defense of him, which earns a glint of knowing from Aidan. As for Senga, he gives a minor shrug, "The ladies of all Houses are going to be left with most important affairs -when- this kingdom goes to war. It is best if you don't leave your social befriendings too late in the making. You'll need to get beside the influential women of Mobrin - if not be recognized for being one yourself. I will trust our family to keep our House Great, while we go to war." We, being the male side of House Kincaid. "Our social calendar must be full, we have little time left—" as he indicated with the coming of war, "Use the time wisely."

Sorcha swallows nervously at the mention of war and nods. "And knows the time for alliances to be struck before there are no prominent house to ally with." She nods when she receives her orders. "Basically ingrain myself into their household. Make them feel as if it were impossible to not have me around. Befriend the Lady Moira herself and see what her true intentions are, while looking closer at Shepard, be he toy or genuine." She understands the nuances that Aidan requires. She may not be the socially adept person, but she's learned and that may take her a good part of the way. When asked about Shepard, Sorcha smiles. "He does seem to be a decent man. One who values his station and takes nothing for granted. He also shows a good bit of respect, for women, for nobles, and most importantly for himself. I would be lying if I said that I did not wish to learn more of the man."

Oxley emerges from the bedroom area of the house, where he'd been reading. He smiles as he enters, pausing to bow respectfully to all, and then he moves to be beside Aidan. "Duke, sir," he greets, scratching the back of his mussy hair. "Am I interrupting?"

"I can certainly make an attempt now, but I would rather wait until after the King's Council. Right now, I am a virtual unknown among those women bearing influence." Senga may indeed need time to write out each invitation by hand but the importance isn't lost on her. "That should change, in due order. In the meantime, Lady Sorcha?" Setting the shawl and needle carefully onto her lap, she queries, "If Lord Kerrigan were to marry into the family, where do you think his allegiance would be? Regardless of his seeming to be of like mind with us. And while a Haravean vassel, do you think he would place that above Kerrigan or Kincaid interests? If you do not know now, it may be a good idea to find out." Pausing her queries on Oxley's entrance, she falls silent with a courteous nod to the young man before shifting her attentions towards Aidan. His choice, after all.

Aidan chuckles, "There will be houses left, of course, though who knows the men who will hold them." As for Sorcha's response to what he wants of her, she generally understand the basics behind it, "All the better then if you are sincere in your desire to get to know him Sorcha." That seems to settle it, at least, the Duke doesn't offer any more insight on what she must do. The women of the House were capable of the rest, he was sure. As Oxley arrives into the sitting room, Aidan starts to book on his lap as he regards his squire, "Oxley," the book snaps as he closes it swiftly the rest of the way, "I was wondering what you were up to. You're late-" of course Oxley is late, even if he hadn't known what he was late for. "No, we were just about finished, at least I was—" he nods to Senga and Sorcha, "As it sounds all to be in order." A glance over at Oxley, "It's about time to practice. If we're going to war, I need to know you'll survive it." Time to spar?!

Sorcha nods to Aidan and rises, bowing again to both him and Senga. "I will work on that at once, Your Grace. For now I will be retiring."

Oxley lowers his eyes a bit, "I'm sorry," he offers at the notice of his tardiness. He nods, and looks back at Aidan, "As you wish, Duke, sir. Our gear is readied, I saw to it this morning after breakfast." He smiles just a little, glancing at the two ladies, then back to his knight. "I'll survive, sir, if only to prove myself to you."

"He was merely telling me to be more sociable," Senga remarks as she moves to gather up her things, the mug being the last to be carried with her. "Speaking of such, I have a missive or rather, missives to prepare. Enjoy your sparring, Duke Aidan."

Aidan stands then, handing off his book to a servant after gesturing as much, nodding toward the ladies of the house, "Have a good rest of your afternoon ladies, I'm sure you both have much preparing to do." And missives to write. Now, as he looks at Oxley, he gestures ahead, "Good. Then we should make for the practice yard." He claps Oxley on the shoulder, "You'll survive also, because your House needs you to make Heirs." And isn't that going to be fun for Oxley. A grin to Senga, "Indeed."

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