6th of Nar, 229: Of Gifts and Gods

Of Gifts and Gods
Summary: Gods are discussed, at length, along with the Temple and how it may or maynot be acting in it's own interests rather than those of the Gods.
OOC Date: 08-09/Jul/2014
Related: Briefly Inter-Service Co-Operation & Sating the King's Curiosity, but mostly Whistle for the Wind & Things of Old
Eoin Nylie 
Battlements - Darfield Castle
From these ramparts of gray stone, you can look down upon the courtyard through arrow slits and holes in the wall for pitch or other hot liquid to be poured through. The sky ranges above the flat expanse of battlements. Torches are lit in small alcoves to keep them from the elements yet still casting light around the battlements. The only exit is back down though the ravenry is also at the far end.
6th of Nar, 229

It's late morning, late enough for throughts to be starting to turn to dinner but not yet so late that the full heat of the day has been reached. Up on the castle battlements however there is a slight breeze. Not enough to disturb anythigning, but enough to be slightly cooler than down in the courtyard below. With his arms folded atop a crenelation and his chin on his forearms, Eoin is stood out of the way of the guards, staring idlely out to sea and while he can not see what is going on with the fleets he does at least take comfort in the sound of the waves crashing against the bottom of the cliffs, and the seabirds in the air. Not the worst of place to wait for a meeting all things considered.

The cool breeze was welcomed as Nylie stepped out from the stairs and onto the battlements, whatever guard had accompanied her remained near the doorway. A gentle nod went to those who patrolled up top, familiar enough to most of them. Her eyes drifted til they settled upon Eoin, her steps gracefully taking her in his direction,"Lord Admiral, admiring the view? I admit, I have always found it pleasant up here. It allows one to get away to oneself, not always an easy thing in this city. I am sure it is not replacement for being out at sea, of course." There is a slight pause,"Is there word yet on when you will be returning to sea?"

Eoin hears Nylie's footsteps as she draws close and takes a moment to stand up straight again and brush any rock dust from his tunic before he turns to greet her. It's a formal greeting once more, a bow with one hand across his chest and a a courtious "Dutchess," in reply. The bow though does make it clear that his head has been shorn somewhat as a natural reaction to the heat, althogh it does produce the side effect of removing the cover of hair from his forehead and once more exposing his scar. With the formailities over with he glances back briefly to the waves and nods, "it is a view I find I never tire of," he remarks almost whistfully, before he turs back once more and draws himself straight. "I'm afraid there is not, and there is yet much to do here. I need words with Duke Aidan before I sail, and likely others too," a faint shrug, "I can not say when it will be."

Nylie does give a smooth curtsey in return to the bow, competing the more formal greeting. Her eyes briefly settling on that scar that is exposed with the shorter hair style of summer, a reminder of that event, and his own heroics that day. A simple calmness settles upon her features for a time, a breathe slowly drawn as he takes in the view, looking to it herself in those moments. "It is one of those I have most enjoyed in all my travels, though I fear to admit that my favorite deals more with the trees of Sky Forest then of the sea. Perhaps unsurprising to you though." Nylie gives a brief nod,"I hope that the Master Ranger has seen that nothing was held up in that particular endevour, Tyrel wished to ensure there was no delay or shortage to what you wished to see done. I am sure Duke Aidan will make himself avaliable as you need. "

"And stones?" Eoin asks with the faintest of smiles as she mentiones the trees of her childhood, then he moves a pace or two back in from the walls so as not to allow the waves to keep drawing his attention away from Nylie. Moving onto matters both more recent, and more pressing, he nods once. "The plan prgresses. How effective it will be yet I do not know, but it is something at least, and if it doesn't work then they can be returned to their previous duties." A brief pause and then, "I am sorry if I stirred a wasp's nest in talking to Lord Hadrian about it. I had it in my head that his council duties included the rangers." A bit of a foolish mistake really, but there's nothing that can really be done about it now and he gives another faint nod at the comment about Aidan. "Aye, his Grace is a busy man, I know that and so I am, we will talk when there is the chance."

A faint smile comes as Eoin mentions the stones,"Aye, and stones. The area about them can be….something else. There is a feeling that comes simply being there, a sense of tranquility that cannot be had else where." When the other matter is pressed onto, Nylie gives a shake of her head,"Nay, you did not. His council duties do not, as Master of Arms he is given over to matters more of training and security about the castle. The Rangers are in the hands of the Master Ranger and more so the Marshal given our time of war. It seemed Lord Hadrian was trying to make use more of Lakeshire rangers, of which he does not hold power or position over any more. Much of that seems to still be…a bit of a mess. But to be expected. " Disinheriting a person always is, worse when it is the heir. Simply leaving the talk of Aidan at that, she knew first hand how busy he was. She barely saw him herself. "Now, I do recall you speaking about reasons the Temple would think to set fires over. I have wonder sometimes myself, why it is I do not end up a bit warm when I step foot into thoe places."

Eoin knows the feeling Nylie is describing well enough, or believes he does anyway, there's just something about a gentle rolling swell and a golden sunset with nothing but a scattering of clouds to mar the sky and horizon. He blinks away such thoughts though, insteaded nodding as the situation with Hadrian is covered. It's not a mistake he plans on making again thats for sure. As talk turns to the temple though he allows himself a slow turn of the head, auspiciously to take in the horizon but motly to note the positionings of guards and maids to see how close they are. Seemingly satisfied he slips his hands behind his back and bows his head a fraction, "aye, I did." He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, giving himself one final chance to back out from this before coming to the conclusion that if he can't trust Nylie with it then really, he can't trust anybody at all. "I must confess from the start that despite the premise it is not the most thrilling of tales. If you are sure you wish to hear though? I'm afraid it does not contain any long forgotten Gods, nor standing stones."

Speaking of it, did give Nylie reminder she would need to find time to travel to Sky Forest, to make that trip while she was yet able to traverse such a place. On her own. She does not press after bringing it up, letting her gaze move towards the horizon as he take the deep breathe, allowing him perhaps to back out if he would wish. She understood how it could be to talk about these sorts of things, it was not the sort of topic that could be easily spoken about with just anyone. Her head turning to look at him again,"Aye, I am certain, if you are willing to tell of it. After all, standing stones do not make for a thrilling tale. Perhaps not even a good one, but interesting to some to hear of them. "

Eoin squares his shoulders a little at the confirmation, resisiting the urge to let his gaze travel out to sea once more. "You have sailed much in your time I know," he starts, "and are no doubt aware of many of the tales of things that will bring either good or bad luck down upon the ship and it's crew." He pauses brieflt there, although it's more to wet his lips than to await any form of confiration. "One action though is said to summon the gales, and perhaps the Kraken if it's about in the vacinity. Whistling on deck." There though he does wait for a reaction, to see if he needs to explain more before he continues on, or if she's keeping track so far.

"Aye," Nylie gives a little nod as well confirming she is aware of such tales, perhaps even the songs that often cover them. She did spend much time in Aberdeen afterall. Even keenly aware of how some do not care for a woman aboard, but hard to make some treks in a single day. And when the King orders something, hard for them to turn it down in the end. Finding someone more willing, if time allowed, a different possiblity. A glance given, seeming to follow along, curious to where the story will go.

With an apparently lack of questions or call for clarification Eoin assumes he is safe to continue, and so does so. "I was told once, years back, that our forefathers of old used to know how to control that though, that it didn't summon the Kraken and if used carefully could produce enough wind to fill a ship's sails without risking a storm." Another brief glance to make sure no one is approaching before he confesses the last of it, "and it turns out that is true. The Lady Aoife has a reputation in some places for being able to find a wind where others could not, a reputation that grew before I learnt to be more careful but could at least be explained away by a slightly different rigging set to standard and an experienced crew."

Nylie is attenative as Eoin continues on, interested in what he speaks of. Certainly understanding why one would not wish to summon a Kraken, not a beastie she would ever desire to come across. Her eyebrows rise a touch when he makes the confession, saying that there is truth to it. The Lady Aoife….A small blink comes and her gaze turns outwards. Silence simply falling for a time as she processes what he has spoken, it was not a thrilling tale, but it was still no small thing hidden within it. Her head turns as her smokey eyes look back to Eoin, speaking softly,"You are saying…you are able to call the winds themselves, when you wish….with a whistle like in those tales of old?"

Eoin has a similar lack of desire to ever meet the kraken for such encounters so rarely end well for the sailors involved. With the truth of it off his chest the hardest thing now is waiting through the silence as Nylie digests the news, watching almost anxiously to see how she will react. The lack of screaming ad running he takes for a good sign, and relaxes a little once she asks for the confirmation. A faint nod is given in answer, before he adds for clarity, "so far at least yes, but the knowledge came with the warning that it is hard to control and if too much wind is summoned then there is naught to be done but try and ride it out and hope for the best. I've not had that thankfully, but I wouldn't go so far as to claim mastery of the skill because of it. As I am sure you can appreciate there is little opportunity to practice such."

It is likely a good thing as well there is not really any instant disbelief, likely part of her own upbrining and belief in old Gods. And her own recent experience, even if rather small in comparision. With the poppy and the dream. "I would think that, aye, the winds would be hard to control. And perhaps not take kindly to being called up, giving their ire if to much was called up. Fair warning for certain." There is a glance,"Though truly? To whistle and to have wind fill the sails?" There is a small shake of her head, of course he is not lying. Why would he? "I am glad that you have not called up a gale. And aye, I can appreciate that….it would not be a thing to practice oft, for as you noted, if there is to much notice taken of when wind is caught in the sails when there is not any to be caught. And I can see the Temple would not be pleased to…." there is then a small blink as something he said registers,"You said the knowledge came with a warning? Someone taught you this….ability?"

"Truly," Eoin repeats gently, not taking that as a serious doubt against his word. Tone light he offers, "I occasionally try a tune, see if that brings more favour, but I fear not even my crew could decypher what I was attempting." A faint shake of his head in amuseent at that thought shows he's relaxing more and more, even as he nods slowly in agrement with the half finished comment about the temple. THe questions that follow though are greeted with a faint 'ah',and a brief pause as he trues to work out how best to organise his thoughts on that one. "I'm not sure," is how he starts, combined with a faintly apologetic shrug. "I believe, that I was dreaming, and in that dream the ship I was on was becalmed. Then a man appeared, dressed in yellow robes. I have no idea where he came from but nor do I recall at any time feeling the need to question his presence. He explained it to me, talked about things having been forgotten, of lost arts, even had me practice there in the dream." He pauses once more as a slight increase in the breeze hits at just the right moment to send a small shiver down his back before he blinks back into focus again and explains, "from what I saw of him, and what I know from growing up, I have a mind that it was Thedor. I think I said before that he is the closest the Light come to a God of the sea. I can not be sure however, nor do I have any great desire to go discuss it with the enlightened given the gift he bestowed and the words he spoke in doing so."

There is a quiet smile, as Nylie teases just a little,"You try a bit of a tune? Do you not mean, mangle a bit of a tune?" She knew well enough how musically inclined the Admiral was, an area best left to his sister. Eyebrows rise just a touch when he starts his answer with he wasn't actually sure. But there is a nod when he mentions dreaming, perhaps putting it together with something he had spoken of before. Murmuring faintly,"Much like how Lughdon spoke to me of things being lost. " Not that she was actually taught anything, a song perhaps. But there was not power behind it. Nylie gives a slight nod,"There are areas, that the Light does not seem to fully touch, but have something that is close….just not quite. Though I can understand quite well the lack of desire to talk to the Enlightened. Given my own desire to speak to them about my dream, and that was but a dream. I dare say they would ask first how I even knew of Lughdon to think it him. " There is a faint smile,"Though at least, it was one of the Eight to have thought to have spoken to you, even if His gift is not one His own Enlightened would take kindly to. Odd isn't that? "

"Yes, fine," Eoin replies with an amused grin, "I occasionally mangle a tune. It's sometimes been enough though that one of the lads has recognised it and taken it up though, so surely I get some credit there." Okay, so the one he ususally goes for is Greenshire Lass so perhaps the crew have a head start there, but still. Turning a little more serious once more as the conversation continues he nods at the mention of Lughdon's words and how there are apparent gaps in the Light. "Often, it seems, in places where the 'forgotten' Gods would have been," he ofers briefly, "I wonder if the Light have not filled those out of respect, or becuase they know they are not truely lost to us? Hmmm, if only there were ways to ask them without going through their Priests, I'm sure it would be a fascinating conversation. Especially with both old and current saying such similar things." He breaks off for a moment or two as a new thought hits him and then he asks, "apologies for a slight tangent here, but do you know the history of the founding of the Light? Was it Priests, or the Gods themselves who formed the Eight and cast out the others?"

Nylie does smile as Eoin goes with her jest regarding the mangling of tunes,"Ah, well, aye, some credit is due then if it does occasionally not end up so mangled that someone else ends up picking it up as well. " Certainly defaulting to a common tune, or one they know the Admiral might favour surely does help. Nylie gives a small nod as the seriousness does return to the topic. "Aye, it does seem that way. Yet, do others who are unknowing of the 'forgotten' Gods even notice? " Another small nod comes,"It is a curious thing to wonder, for as you and I know, least some, are not truly lost. I do agree, it could be an interesting conversation to have. And certainly not one to even think to bring up with the Priests. I doubt they would even care to have the question asked about the gaps, or simply guide one to worshiping several as a chosen deity." There is a faint 'hmm' when he apologizes for the tangent to come, Nylie giving a moment of thought to his question. It is a curious thing to consider. But in the end, she gives a shake of her head,"I admit, I am not aware of the actual founding, or more so the particulars of it was the Priests or the Gods. Though I would imagine, any tale we are to hear would say it was the Gods who did so. "

Eoin can't really answer many of those thoughts and questions, but it'll cerainly give him something to think long and hard about when he is next at sea. "I imagine any tale we heard would say that there is only the Light and that all others are false," he concludes though, "there may be a priest or two out to the west who has another insight but before the autumn festival I am not sure when there might be a chance to speak with one such." A pause to collect his thoughts once more and he notes, "although before such a time, I suspect it might be of use to think on what we would ask if the oportunity arose."

Nylie gives a nod in agreement,"Aye, I would agree. Or worse, that they are agents of Inouv in some way. When such is not true, for the old ways were there before the Eight. " Canting her head to consider that,"It would be interesting to know….though I would wonder if there is yet risk in raising the question even with them." There is a slight pause,"Or if it would make sense to see if those who have helped pass the old ways may know." Perhaps considering whom might yet live in Sky Forest….to inquire to. "Aye….to consider what to even ask. And what to do if we even had answers to these questions as well as what else we might consider."

"I fear there is risk in any action taken," Eoin starts, "but you are right, we must be sure to reduce it where we can. I know a lot of the priests in Greenshire are less bound to the strick orthodxy of the temple here, but there would perhaps only be a few who are open minded enough to discuss what came before." He can't speak for the forest of course, but he knows she has that bit covered. To lighten the tone a fraction though he adds, in jest, "aye, we need to consider what we might do. Although if we planto overthrow the church and set the forgotten ones alongside the eight again then I'd suggest waiting until after the war is won."

"Aye, there is risk in any action," perhaps more so for her, given station, bloodlines…and the repercussions to her Houses and family. "Perhaps Count Aldren may be of help there? You spoke before of his own ideas on this, while I have not yet had time to speak with him myself, perhaps he may know which priests might be more open to having this sort of conversation? " She had wished a trip to the Forest, something to work into it now it seems. A smile comes,"Aye, waiting til after the war is won would likely be best. And perhaps after ensuring my cousin might be agreeable to the idea. " Considering his clashes with the Temple…..maybe?

Eoin nods once, "I will talk with Aldren. He's busy of late a well, but I will find the time to pin him down before the festival at least, if not before I sail once more." The mention of Tyrel's little spat with the Enlightened does trigger a thought of it's own though and he frowns as he asks, "did you ever hear more of those scrolls the Temple was gifted? I can not think that I have heard a thing since they were returned from royal keeping. If we have one old god and one of the Eight both saying it's time to remember things that have been forgotten, could the scrolls say something similar and the Enlightened be keeping quiet about it as that would not fit their teachings?"

Nylie gives a touch of a nod,"With the activity of the war and seeing yet to Greenshire, nevermind having become a father, I do imagine he has his hands a touch full. " There is a frown of thought before Nylie gives a shake of her head,"I have never heard anything further. But, I would wonder that as well….for was there not also some indication when they were revealed it was time for some changes back to things of old? Which…..aye, I could see the Enlightened wishing to keep quiet about it if that was what was upon the scrolls. But they had said none knew how to read them, would we dare to think they have lied about that? Though how would it even be something to prove?" Giving her head a shake after a moment of thought about it all, dangereous thoughts and talk for certain.

"I don't recall much," Eoin admits, "not until the King stepped in at any rate. I would suspect though, that he may not be one to approach on this matter, for when I spoke with him shortly after my return he was most keen that part of the prize for the ships taken was gifted to the Temple. I suspect we would need to know before making him aware." THe content of those scrolls being a good starting point most likely. "Perhaps then our first question, should we have the chance, would be to ask how to read those scrolls. If they have been gifted to us then there must be some desire for us to read them. Perhaps a test of faith or somesuch?" He's speculating again now though and makes no attempt to hide that.

Nylie gives a small nod,"I only recall some, for the lasting impact upon my brother." Even if his change in hair color was a touch delayed compared to Luna. "I imagine he wished to ensure amends were made with them in some fashion, now that he is King." And so they don't make some proclamation about him being a false King of some sort. Nylie looks back to the view as she considers the matter,"Aye, it would be a place to start, to ask how to read them, or least to discover what language they were within. Though perhaps first, would be an inquiry to see if the Temple itself says any progress has been made with them? " Nylie nods,"It was said Sess himself revealed them, so surely they should not be left to simply idle. It would seem to me, if it was a test, it is one that has been failed, if they have simply been left to gather dust."

"Do you think you brother might be willing to recall the events?" Eoin asks thoughtfully. "I am not sure how we might explain a sudden interest in the scrolls is we went asking, but he at least has reason already. You I think would know best how much to say to him, or not, but I do not think an enquiry from him would be thought of as odd or unexpected." A nod is given to the remarks about Tyrel and then to the comment about failed tests. "If that is indeed the case then yes, but perhaps there is chance yet for others to succeed if the Enlightened have not. If of course. They may have decoded them, or be working on it as we speak, we simply do not know."

"He might, I know his health has suffered some of late. " Assuming he of all people could be trusted with that knowledge. "But in truth, I have not spoken with me much myself, it is Baroness Wenna whom has kept communication open with me. But, there is the topic of my dream left yet open with him, for I had once inquired to him as well about the poppy, to see what he recalled of the traditions. Though I admit, I am not certain if he was ever fully taught them as I was. But I think you are correct, that him inquiring would not be thought of as odd, and I know he and Wenna were fair friends with the one Priestess, Priestess Luna. So may even have way of inquiring without much notice." Giving a faint smile,"I guess I shall have to see if he would mind a bit of a visit from his sister, or not, then. And perhaps then see if we might gleam some further knowledge about what the fate of the scrolls were and what message they have for us all."

"I had heard he was not well," Eoin confesses, "but have had little time to call on him and see how he fares." There's perhaps a touch of guilt in that, for he does consider Caedmon a friend. Straightening once more though he nods as Nylie says she will try and have words. "It would seem then that we both have our first steps. I will talk to my cousin, you to your brother. I suspect that there is little point in planning beyond that point until we have what answers they can give."

Nylie gives a little nod, she had time to call…but given her brother's lack of…response so oft, she had come to simple try and respect his space and his apparent desire to not quite have his sister within his life and family. "Aye, it seems we would. And I suspect that as well, as I cannot say I would not quite know what to even plan for without having further information."

"Then let us speak once more when those conversations are done," Eoin states with a solumn nod. He doesn't feel the need to add anything about being careful with this, she knows as well as he. "That will also give us time to consider what questions we wish to have answered," he adds, "and to what lengths we might go to find a way to ask them." Poppy milk is after all, not out of the bounds of reason for them to be able to get hold of, but without that invitation first would there be a point? He takes another deep breath and lets it out again slowly, thoughtfully, then turns his attention back to Nylie again. "For now though, shall we enjoy the view?"

"Agreed," Nylie simply leaving that there, for what more is there to say til they have spoken to the others, and have given thought to what they wish to know and even what they would do once they did know. And so true, without invitation, would there be any message or answer to find? There was much to consider and think over, even before she spoke with Caedmon. A quiet smile comes at the question, "That sounds like a fine idea." A faint sigh slipping when her gaze settled back to the ocean view, perhaps simply enjoying the beauty of it or realizing that what she told Kierne she'd see to….wasn't as easy as she thought.

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