Sess 20 229: Of Death And Hugs

Of Death and Hugs
Summary: Duke Kincaid demands his Heir to speak with him. A son's defiance leads to disowning, threats of death, and… a surprising twist.
OOC Date: 06/03/2014 (OOC)
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Lakeshire - Castle Courtyard
The gatehouse through the thick fortified walls of Lakeshire Hold is accessible only by a narrow bridge over water, limiting entry to her inner courtyards to no more than four horses abreast. Defensibility over comfort being the apparent design of the castle proper.
The castle's courtyards are relatively small and functional, considering the bedrock upon which it lies. From wall to wall, in every spare space that denotes a courtyard, cobblestone has been laid down, removing any possibility of natural flora. Despite this, a warm atmosphere has been created with lush windowsill flower gardens, an abundance of potted plants, and a combination of moss and vines that climb the inner walls.
Lower buildings with shingled roof tops surround the courtyard on all sides. These cater to a variety of needs. From a stable to house the horses of those who lived within the castle walls, barracks for the soldiers manning the castle, a weapon smith and armory. To a tailor, an infirmary, guest quarters, servants housing, and other necessary accommodation and facilities for the castle to have its own means of commerce in the event of a siege.
The characteristic feature the castle's courtyard is the stone fountain that is the source of fresh water for the inhabitants. The predominant figure therein is that of the Guardian of the Lake, a serpent dragon with webbed feet, arching high and spewing forth a great rush of water from an opened maw into the pool below.
It is day 20 of the month of Sess, 229 2E

Hadrian makes his way from the castle. He's alone this time as he normally as a small group with him, mostly a servant and rangers to issue orders too. Since the wedding was over he had no need for such escorts now. He moves with his hands behind his back and seems to be idly glancing

By now, most of those pesky Greenshire 'guests' have long departed the city. It is from the direction of the city proper that Nylie enters into the courtyard, she is accompanied by her standard set of escorts, her maid and a pair of Kilgour guards. One of the later seeming to be 'saddled' with a package or two. Might as well make them more useful, right? With the wedding past, the woman is dressed again in more simple fare and fashion. Her hair left down for the most part with small combs holding the sides from her face. Not one to go shouting across such open spaces, for now, Nylie simply inclines her head towards the Kinciad Heir.

As he turns his glance to spot Nylie, he seems to grin a little. His path turns towards her now as he moves to intercept her. "Ahh, Lady Nylie, it's a pleasure to see you again. I was hoping to run into you again as I had hoped to speak more from our last conversation." He states to her and watches her reaction to his words, "I did notice things at the wedding dispite the situtation I was dealing with which was not of any true importance. Have you came to any choices yet?" He wonders.

Nylie's path does not veer away, simply continuing across the courtyard. Offering more of a bow of her head to Hadrian,"Lord Hadrian, it is a pleasure to see you once again also. I hope the day has been treating you well." There is a slight nod, her expression otherwise fairly calm as he speaks. "I had some wonder if our conversation was simply forgotten in seeing how you were aquainting yourself so with Baronness Wenna's family as you were." A faint smile coming,"I do have some matters to discuss with my cousin, aye."

"It will be such a shame though if you choose not to marry him. But I do completely understand and all." He moves in along side her as she walks, joining her in the direction he moves. "Though I do have something else to say as well if you would care to hear it? I'll speak more softly so others can not hear if you wish it. Though it may be for the best as well that I did." He was not about to make further comment about the show with Bren. It was not something he cared to discuss. He'll handle that matter himself later.

The gentle calmness to Nylie's expression manage to stay smoothly in place,"There are many factors at play right now, poltics have a way of forcing a choice at times. " AN eyebrow does raise just a littl though when Hadrian speaks of having something more to add to what they spoke of earlier. "It sounds like it is something that I best hear, especially if I am to make such an important decsion that will change my life. It is always good to be as informed as possible. " Happy enough to leave the topic of her brother and his wife, and that clannish family in the dust.

Aidan isn't quite such a spectacle as he wanders out of the infirmary today. He's not wearing any flashy robes that would mark his station and could in all possibility, be seen as another commoner in amongst those working the lower bailey's of the courtyard. He's got a patch over his brow now, instead of a full head wrap bandage… with black and purple bruising all about his eye. He meanders out at a slow pace, eyes a bit sensitive to the light but otherwise adjusting as he remarks on those who are milling around the courtyard. A look back to see if his squire was going to follow him out, carrying his coat and such.

He seems to offer a nod to her. "Very well." He looks around a moment. He lived for making his fathers life miserable since well, he did it to him growing up. He leans over to whisper softly into her ear. A soft warm breath washes over the very flesh of her ear as he speaks his information only to add more wood to the already growing fire. Once said, he leans back and lets her take in that information. He has not spotted his father yet. But Hadrian was wearing a bit of a grin on his face as a cunning fox would.

Hadrian mutters to Nylie, "… /smaller/ nature,… more… /larger/… /fulfilling/…"

Oxley was waiting just in the building for Aidan to be released. The moment Adrian emerges, Oxley quickly takes up stride alongside him, offering his arm for balance should the Duke need it. "It's good to see you up and about, Lord Duke Sir." He smiles, affectionately at Aidan. "Can I help you, sir?"

There is just a faint head tilt to catch Hadrian's words as he leans to whisper what information he has to tell Nylie, the pair walking along with Nylie's usual 'group' following behind. The words do cause her eyes to widen just a little, perhaps not exactly the sort of information she'd been expecting to be told. A bit of a blink occuring before she looks towards Hadrian,"That is handy information to have, I have heard such can be….important. "

"Oxley," Aidan replies with a quiet tone, perhaps a little weary at this point or some muted affection there, "Where were you when Kierne was sparring with me? You should've warned me to wear a helm." There's a hand lifted to his brow, where his wound is covered and the eye marked with bruises suggests he took a good hit. He hands him his coat and shakes his head, "I'm moving along, ribs are considerably sore today though." His eyes lift toward the inner baliey, noticing Hadrian and Nylie there, groaning softly at the thought, "Run up ahead and make sure Hadrian doesn't leave. I have need to speak with him."

Hadrian seems to have a pleasant look on his face as he was quiet happy with what he had started. He offers a nod towards her as they talk, "Quite indeed. It makes all the difference really." He says softly as he looks forward and to see his father and Oxley. He knows it's about to get real up in Lakeshire. But he was in a good mood for a change so he was able to deal with daddy issues. He takes a closer look and notes his father looks quite messed up. This also put him in better spirits.

Oxley shrugs, "I was… well, I'm sorry, sir. I assure you, I'll avenge your honor, sir. Even if it means I spar with HIS knight and whip him instead." He smiles proudly, and then looks ahead at Hadrian. "Yes sir," and he jogs up ahead. "My Lord," and he manages a bit of a bow, "The Duke sir would ask that you hold, sir. He'd like a word, if he may?" He quickly bows to Nylie, "My Lady." Then he returns his attention to Hadrian.

What might be rolling about in the Kilgour's head is anyones guess right at this moment, Nylie did have the Courtly training to control her expressions and for the most part, the gentle calmness remained firmly in place as she spoke with Hadrian. "I shall certainly have to add that to the things to…weigh…as part of my consideration. However, perhaps not exactly a piece of information to raise when I speak with my cousin." Her gaze settling on Aidan and Oxley as they are seen entering the courtyard as well, something briefly flickering in her eyes as they come to settle upon Aidan and his condition this day. Not entirely certain if he is a better or worse sight then the day prior. Bowing her head towards Oxley as the squire runs on up to them,"Good day to you, Lord Squire."

Hadrian looks over to Oxley, nodding, "I know." He had already guessed the conversations to come between he and his father. He turns his eyes and his form towards him and away from Nylie and Oxley. His arms fold over his chest a bit while one resting just inside his jacket a little. "Ahh, father. It is good to see you around although you look like you got ran over by a carriage." He grins some before he shrugs his shoulders, "You wanted to speak with me on something? Please be brief as I do have travel plans soon." He did have to escort Kyra back to Stormvale.

Aidan's eyes flicker with a hard shadow at being told to be brief, "Brief? Yes well, if you wish to be brief, you might as well be quick into exile. I've no time for your shit today boy," he grumbles at Hadrian, the ire has immediately fired up in him for his useless bastard of a son. "You will come speak with me where it should be better facilitated. Come." And he starts to move toward the castle doors, leaving the choice to Hadrian. The exit leads to exile, the castle leads to continued status as a Kincaid. Aidan nods at Nylie, "Good day my lady," though with the strain in his voice from the aggrivation caused by his eldest son, it's a little harder than it should be. "If you would excuse me my lady, I need to speak with my son…" and a nod to Oxley, allowing the boy to come if he wished.

The young man offers his father a mere shrug of his shoulder, "Lets avoid the woods at least." He says and turns to the lady, offering a soft bow of his head before he says, "I shall see you again Lady Nylie, please be well." He then turns and moves along walk after Aidan. He moves his hands to the small of his back, resting them there for a moment while they move. He felt there would be much to discuss about things. He was ready and did not care much for what his father was going to say. His last words spoken to his father a play on their past.

Oxley opens his mouth just slightly. He looks from Aidan to Nylie and back. He's not quite sure who to go with. He swallows, and then lays his hand gently on Nylie's arm, "My Lady, if you need escorted, I would be honored to tend to you. Otherwise…" and he looks after his departing knight. He waits for her to allow him to stay or request his escort.

Nylie bows her head with a turn of curtsy proper to Aidan,"Good day, Your Grace." With Hadrian turned away from her, there is perhaps a flash of concern that touches her eyes as she looks to Aidan. "Of course, Your Grace. I should see to a few matters myself. " Bowing her head towards Hadrian,"It has been a pleasure, Lord Hadrian." Glancing towards Oxley has his hand ends up on her arm, a faint rise of her eyebrow. "I was just returning, but if you would wish to walk with me, you may. " Her eyes flickering towards the departing son and father,"If you do not think he will have need of you."

Aidan looks back at Oxley as he offers the Lady an escort, "Squire…" used in a tone that meant the lad wasn't going to be offering anything of the sort. The Lady had her own guards and her own escorts. There was something up with Aidan now though, in that he doesn't quite show the same affection for Nylie. One would only have to look at who his shadow was to figure it out. "Have a good rest of your day, my Lady. Perhaps we shall share words over dinner later this evening." And with that, he nods his head and continues along inside.

Hadrian moves along with his father. He walks at the same pace his father does cause they have about the same build after all. He glances back at the small group and then turns back. He heads on inside with him. He was very interested in the conversation he and his father was about to have. How he wished the winds could carry that conversation through the land to show people who his father truly was.

Oxley furrows his brow just slightly, and he bows again, "I'm sorry, My Lady…" He glances at Aidan, then back to her. "It appears I'm needed." He inhales, and then hurries off after the Duke, remaining a full pace behind him out of respect.

West Tower - Lakeshire Hold

The west tower is the highest of the castle; a steady column of stone rising from the base of the castle. One can get to the rooftop by the lower battlements, through an access door from the top floor of the tower. The tower itself does have numerous levels, the uppermost becoming a fond place of those who seek solace.
The top floor itself is considerably simple, though it comes with the best view of the lake of any in the castle. The room is prepared as a war-command should the castle ever come under siege. A cache of armor and weapons are kept here, giving the room a cold ambiance. Theres a wooden desk by one of the narrow windows and shelves along the wall supporting maps of the area.
Over the years, faded tapestries and paintings have made their way up upon the walls, though neither lending to completely warm the atmosphere of the room. A small cot suggests that its not unheard of for someone to sleep here.

The truth of Aidan Kincaid was not even one that his eldest son would know. No one would know. Isys had a pretty good indication and doubtless many times over the course of her life with her kids, she tried to ensure that Aidan was a good man and doing the best by his family. Aidan hardly said a word on his steps leading his eldest toward the room often used as the war-command, should the castle ever come to siege. Not his study, not his private room, the tower. Oxley was treading behind them, to watch his back with his eldest there capable of stabbing it once they walked out of view of most. Once up the stairs and at the 'war command' level of the tower, the third and upper most, Aidan turns toward the maps. "I want you to understand a few things Hadrian…" his eyes lift up over toward him, nodding for the squire to get them refreshments.

Hadrian follows in along with his father. He'd surely have stabbed him in the back just not in a place where others could see. He walks along with a soft smile on his face as he was thinking about his adventure with Emma and the waterfall he took her to see. His hands remained behind his back as they walked till they got in a place that was not even where Hadrian was thinking they would go. Once they arrive, he looks to his father and raises an eyebrow a little, "Yea?" He wonders.

Aidan looks down at the map that has been unfurled recently, the last time he spoke with all the generals or their prospective representatives in the room, a night or two ago. There on the map are the positions of the armies that Lakeshire controls. Donnal, Hadrian's uncle, Kierne's father, is at Fenway with a fair sized accumulation of men and ships, to hold the town long enough for the people to evacuate if the Laniveer storm in. Malakai was at Beacon Isles, with a smaller number, but holding ready all the same. Caerwyn was where Peterson, old Peterson was now. His eyes lift from the maps, "Mobrin is unstable. If… I am right about my predictions and assumptions of the current state of affairs, with the marriage of the King announced, it may be divided and fall." He's not here to coddle his son or attack him, "The King is either a pawn of the Kundari now… or he is truly out of his mind. He fails to respond to me now and as such, I have to assume his letters are being intercepted. Even so, I have proposed -you- as his way out, should he still need the Kundari alliance but free himself from it. You will marry, if it comes to that. If it does not, then indeed, civil war will be likely. And we must think of our own borders." He crosses his arms and considers if Hadrian is taking this serious, "Your hate of me may save your head if the Laniveer sweep in while we are at civil war. I have been ensuring a division in our own Land since I was a boy of eighteen. It is what we do. To survive." A beat, to see if Hadrian is following along now, "The world thinks I despise rangers and you with them. Yet… you are a master of them." An implication of some pride there, "You will -have- a loyal group of men you can rely on. They must keep you alive in the coming months." This might indeed mess with Hadrian's mind. But it was time to.

Hadrian listens to his fathers words. This was /not/ the conversation he had thought was coming to him all this time. It was no where close to it. "Wait….let me get this straight. You want me to step in the place of the king and marry some Kundari heffer?" He knew this type of talk would one day come to pass but for all his plans to ensure no woman but the woman of his own choice would be made, this was something that irriated him rather so. If the King can be proven to have lost his mind then let the counsel descide if he's still fit to rule. If such an alliance is needed for the land then /you/ marry her. I will not be used as a martyr to spare the King from a fate he does not wish, especially if it will not benefit myself." He was about to sit down but this converation has him a bit on edge, "I have someone in mind that seems to be a better fit for myself. So to your offer, I will pass. Now if you want to talk about courtship with someone, I will speak thy name and you can help me settle the negotation for that courtship but I will not be drawn into some political foolishness over a matter not of my choice or control." He says this all in an irritated tone but his voice is not raised.

Oxley remains silent, but he stares at Hadrian, the growing disdain clear on his face. He even shakes his head just ever so slightly, baffled at this man's hatred of Aidan.

Aidan does sighs with some exasperation as Hadrian just focuses on one thing, "As usual, you miss the entire picture." Aidan actually tosses down some of the markers he picked up, throwing them to scatter across the map and disrupt those already there. He moves toward the one drawer of the desk, hauling it open, pulling out a cigars (like a colt). He jams the cigar in between his lips, finding a max box and striking it hot, cupping the flame until it reaches and lights his cigar. He let's Hadrian go on a tirade about marrying the Kundari and not wanting to do his duty by marrying when and where he should. Aidan just lets the boy rant, enjoying the first pull of the cigar. "I'm marrying Lady Nylie," he says around letting the clove smoke curl against the roof of his mouth, before it snakes out between his lips. There was no emotion behind him, it was fact. Still, he reminds Hadrian, "I'm your father and the head of this House, I have all the rights to decide who you should marry. You are beyond old enough for it." And he wasn't going to go into the details of what benefits there would be for Hadrian had he married a Kundari princess. There were negatives sure, but the Kincaid's traditionally married foreigners or outside their House and therefore, it wouldn't be such big scandal.

Hadrian sweeps his hand out, "Then you have the right to choose the /right/ one I am to marry and I can promise you she is not the right one. Have you gone daft?" He states before folding his arms over his chest and keeps his eyes on his father while he begins to smoke, "I am old enough for it but everytime something in my life comes along with an ounce of happiness in my life, you happen to show up and ruin it for me. Like you did when I was a boy, like you did with Roslin. Should you wish to see me married then point me towards Lady Emma of house Ruxton. For she has caught my eye. The only way I would marry that Kundari heffer is if you fall on your sword right now." And we all know that's not gonna happen. He refolds his arms over his chest. He'd kills the Kundari woman the next day if he was forced to marry her, not that he would marry her. He had made his choice and he was going to stick with it no matter the cost. "Those are my terms dear Father."

Oxley moves a half step closer behind Hadrian, his fists slowly clenching. He's not making any moves, but he is prepared to defend his Duke should Hadrian attack.

"Then you are not the man I had thought you would be by now. Nor are you to be Heir of Lakeshire any longer," Aidan seems disappointed by this route but the defiance was no longer going to be tolerated and in the worst way it seems to be put to Hadrian now, "Had you but listened, perhaps, you still would be. Yet, you are as you've always been. Selfish." And so any intent to share plans now for the future are dashed. The chance was given and Hadrian failed to take it. "You're dismissed. Go. Ride off into the sunset, knowing you'll be free of any responsibilities of Lakeshire, marry, fuck, and kill whoever you like. Though you'll do it as a disowned son of Lakeshire." His eyes flicker over toward Oxley, to see if the young Squire was ready in case of ill reactions. Meanwhile, Aidan continues to puff on his cigar, disenchanted with his son. "Leave."

"No. I shall not leave. All my life you have taken from me and even now when I have finally set my eyes on something to better my own life, you dare take from me again. My birthright you take merely because I will not go along with your selfish ambitions or foolish behavior. No. You have never offered me anything that I wanted in my life, nothing." He looks to Oxley and there was a look of pure evil in the eyes of Hadrian, daring him to interfer with a father and son matter. He looks back to his father, "And I mock you father, you are not the man I hoped you'd become. Perhaps a small part of me was hoping you'd grow kinder in your old age but I see I was wrong. No, there is only one way to settle this matter. We settle it here and now. I challenge you father, offically, for land and title of Lakeshire assuming you are not coward enough to decline my offer."

Oxley stiffens when Hadrian looks at him, his chest rising proudly, fists clenched. Just as Hadrian seems to be daring him, so too is Oxley daring Hadrian. But then the challenge is given. Oxley is actually a bit surprised by that, his eyes widening a little, and he looks at Aidan, uncertain if Hadrian is actually able to do that.

"All your life I've been demanding more of you, yes." Aidan isn't going to deny it, he had expected much and needed to ensure that his sons were hard as iron on the inside to do the things they needed to do, over the span of their lives. "Each slight you think I held against you, a lesson to make you stronger, less reliant on things other men would have need of," his eyes fixed on Hadrian now as he merely stamps out the cigar on the table between them. The mocking and the challenge is met with an unchanging mask, "Only through death may you take land and title." He informs Hadrian very quietly, a calmness to him, even with the silly bandage on his brow that he now lifts up to remove. "Didn't you hear me before son, or are you that deaf as well?" Aidan steps around from where he was, slowly, methodically, "Every step made, every decision, has been to remake you as hard as you'll need to be, because there will be times you'll have to strike a match to a house and watch the family fleeing with their daughter, knowing your son will forever hate you. But it has to be done, to teach him loss, to teach him to grieve… to teach him that pain, so that should it happen before his eyes, at his hands even, he will survive it." Aidan spreads his hands lightly, "The dissention with the rangers a ruse… like so many other things… none of which you'd quite understand. All for the benefit to make you … apart from me. Thus, when the world crumbles around thy father, thy son still lives and rebuilds the Land in his fashion, not taking on thy father's enemies or friends. It is how it's always been and how it must remain." He comes to stand the table length across from Hadrian, looking once to Oxley, then back to Hadrian, stating flatly, "Do you understand now?"

"Then you failed to see what you raised me to become Father. I hate you. I hate you down to the very core of my being and I will see you dead before I listen to anything you wish of me. You do not understand the monster you have made yet you claim to have done so in the name of our home." He spits to the ground at that. "I will see myself dead before I leave this land, this home, the very home I fought for when you sent me away from Roslin. How bitter do you think I became when every man I faced had your face on him. Every kill was imagined to be you taking your last breath." He removes his tunic now and his jacket, dropping it to the floor with the sounds of his larger daggers hitting the floor. "If you wish me disowned then you best be just kill me here and on the spot. You never loved me at all. Taken me to the woods and beating me till I vomitted, that was your idea of what was best for me? To toughen me up?" He holds his hands out, straight, "Then just rid me now and let Bowen become heir. Let him marry the Kundari heffer for the sake of your own ambitions."

"I understand…" Aidan doesn't even flinch at the hatred, he merely lets that understanding settle into the air. He was raised the very same way, perhaps worse than Hadrian, so certain things are just walled off, a coldness there replacing it. Aidan simply watchings as tunic and jacket fall away. "To build up your pain tolerance, yes, only the strongest will survive," he admits to the times of spar in the forest, looking at the gesture, shaking his head. "Good…" to the last remarks of getting rid of him, a hint of approval there behind the curl of his mouth, "You've finally come full circle." He doesn't look ready to muster to arms or even cease the opportunity to kill his son. It didn't work like that. Instead, he says, "Hadrian. You are my son."

Oxley seems to intense a bit finally. With Hadrian acknowledging some kind of settlement, he refills the goblets of wine and then bows to them both. "I'll take my leave of you then, so you may see to Kincaid matters." He gives Hadrian a lingering gaze, one that sort of warns against trying anything, and then he turns to go.

"Obviously that's the truth." He says as he stands there as if trying to provoke his father. Yes, he's rather die Hadrian Kincaid of Lakeshire then some bansihed ex-noble. He then gets a little confused from the matter of the sentence he spoke. "What does me being your son have to do with anything? Not like you treated me like I was since you seem to favor Bowen and my sisters. I never saw or heard you drag him or them out to the woods to beat them for little or nothing at all." His arms lower to his side. He expected his father to do just that, kill him. He stands there merely staring at his father. The two were a lot a like. Stubborn, unwavering, and something foolish due to their own pride. He was indeed his father's son.

Aidan will actually watch Oxley now, waiting until the squire leaves the room before he's left to deal with Hadrian on his own. When the door finally closes, Aidan frowns, "Bowen, Aemy… Lynette… They -aren't- the Heirs of Lakeshire." He seems to get weary of trying to explain this, but he tries once more, "Lakeshire would be split into pieces on all sides, by friend and foe alike. You had to learn to mistrust even your own father and hate him, to survive what the world will throw at you." He grunts, "But I'm not finished here yet.." His jaw tenses, "And while you -are- ready now… I am not yet ready to enter oblivion. Your time will come, but not yet."

When he's ready to enter will be up to Hadrian when that day comes for his father. He turns and walks over towards the window looking out into the city of Lakeshire, his home, the place he fought for. His voice comes a little softer if not a little lower as he sighs out some. "All I ever wanted was you to show you were proud of me or even wanted me as a son." He didn't know what to do or say now. He was facing something he felt was not in his control and he hated it. The man he faced it, the more he felt to fight back. "I learned to survive by fighting and winning, understanding and knowing my enemy. I have lead men into battle. Killed many of those on the battle field. But I would have given that up to know somewhere my father did care for me and that he would wish me to become a great man and leader for our city, our people. But instead I have grown to hate and plot things sons should not be plotting. And you'd have me marry someone I've never met in order to achieve what? Land? Men? Fortune? But not happiness?" He seemed lost.

Aidan turns his face away from Hadrian when his son walks over toward the window, closing his eyes for those brief moments. Inouv would come to collect him one day, to rend his soul unto eternity for all he knew, but that day would come and how could he love where it came from and would have to come from? If not Hadrian, Bowen would do it. He moves to the wine goblets that Oxley had poured and looks down into the liquid, red as it is, wondering if his death would be found in a glass one day. War was coming, so he might be lucky and die that way. He drank deeply now. Those deep gulps did not seem to help. He drank more. It didn't help. He turned a look back over toward his son. There's a shake of his head, "Forget it." And with that Aidan just moves toward the exit, tilting his head back over his shoulder, his tone vastly different from anything Hadrian's ever heard of him, true grief behind every thing, regret…. affection, something different at least, "Words would only cheapen it." Then he leaves the room…

Hadrian turns and follows after his old man. He was shirtless but didn't care. "What does that mean. Cheapen what?" He wonders as he is not going to let him escape that easy. "You already disowned me, did you not or you taking that back now?" He ask as he continues to move after him. He wasn't going to let this go, "Either we finish this now or…." He didn't know what else to say, "Don't be a coward. Say it. Say what you are hiding. What is it so I can understand!"

Aidan wasn't thinking right, or perhaps he was. When Hadrian follows, there is a decision made. As he hears Hadrian catch up, since he wasn't really moving that quickly, for he was just as confused and unsure as his son was. Wasn't this what he and his father had gone through too, once? And he'll let Hadrian come after him, turning back in that split second decision, where the steps are short in between and he can lay his hand down on Hadrian's shoulder, the grip secure, to hold Hadrian there before the boy could jerk back and stagger away from him. A position an assassin would take. But he has no blades. He just uses the strength of all those many years… into this one gesture. It'll be stiff and awkward, but, it's his attempt to haul Hadrian in for a hug. He closes his eyes expecting a dagger to slide through his own ribs…

He felt the hand and his reflexes sent his hand to his back where his daggers were. He through he was being attacked. But then with the sudden closeness of his fathers form, he blinks in utter confusion. Where's the weapon? Where's the knife? He stands there as he is hugged by his asshole of a father. It was not something he expected. It was not something he had known his father to do. Was this his goodbye to his son who he had annouced he was disowned and told to leave. He didn't know. He had his chance, his one chance right now to take his father life and rid himself of him. But no, he couldn't. Something was wrong. He stood there with his eyes wide open and stared as if time itself had come to a stand still. A soft sigh is released from him as he moves his hand back from his back, weilding….nothing in his hand. His arms move to embrace his father as well for all the anger he had built up in the years as a boy, he found nothing there right now. A mere whispers leaves his lips as he says, "….let me at least meet her first before your word becomes final on the Kundari marriage?"

Gods new that this was the one clear opening that Hadrian had. None would be around. Oxley would be the only witness and he had gone. So there were none. Just a bad father and the monster he created in his son. His own breath was held, prepared for the impact of the steel blade between his ribs. It would be over soon, if Hadrian jabbed it underneath his uplifted arm. Straight to the heart, what heart he had… tormented as it was. Yet, such a thing didn't come. And his breath was released. Disappointment still? No, relief perhaps, that he had not been too late. Time was drawn into those long fateful seconds, between a man's decision to show affection to his son while submitting his life forward if it was time to be taken and his son's decision to reap his revenge now or just… grasp onto the frayed edges of hope of affection. It was a strange moment but it crushed him. When Aidan actually used that same hand to seperate them in that jerky sort of man-hug don't want to hold on to long way, the wreck of a strong stern man faced Hadrian, mask gone, shaking his head, "I…" his eyes look down and he can't exactly -meet- Hadrian's eyes, closing his eyes again, frowning, "I…" a sigh, yes, words escaping the Duke of Lakeshire, Aidan Kincaid, one of the most academic leaders of the known world, at a loss for words, until, he escapes by drawing in business, "It was merely a suggestion, an inked idea on parchment. The King fails to respond to any missive."

It was a small step, maybe a chance for them to rekindle what was lost to them. Perhaps the Gods would change things. If the two of them joine their strengths, a thousand men would fall before the two. But if so, would such a thing last. As they break, Hadrian comes to a stand as he noticed his fathers reaction. He was not expecting it and it dumbfounded him more and more, "Well, all the same, I would like to see a courtship between myself and Lady Emma." He says but not in a pushy way but a hopeful way. "She's a strong and brave woman. I just hope you can accept that I finally have wishes for a woman. Perhaps together we can come up with another solutition about the king and the kindari situtation. Two minds are better then one, right?"

Aidan draws his hand back from Hadrian, standing still a good distance close to him, so that if Hadrian did change his mind it wouldn't be all that hard to see it through. For so long he had kept his son at arms length, perhaps even further than that, for the intent that should Aidan see the end of his mortality at the hands of an enemy or friend, Hadrian would be exclusively apart from that. To be seen working together would certainly heighten the threat that Lakeshire could pose to the rest of the world, for the rest of the world knew of the division and would assume they could leverage themselves from it. There's a quiet look now in Aidan's eyes as Hadrian brings up in a most hopeful manner the wishes for a Lady Emma, "I know that little bird," he tells Hadrian, pondering, "She's a Mowbray. A fine family," and there is no disapproval in his tone. As for the King, he shakes his head, "The King makes a grave for himself by what he has done. I must help him get out of it."

There was still much anger in him but right now, it wasn't at the surface. It would take time to heal. But for the first time, Hadrian was glad that his father seem to approve of Emma. He hoped things would finally go in his favor though he was not in a rush to add to the many wedding that were piling up again the kingdom. "We must help get him out of it. We're Kincaids. Perhaps even work it so he owes us a huge debt, one we can hold over his head for such times to make Lakeshire even more prosperous." It was the closest he's been to his father since he was a boy. It was different. A part of him wants nothing more then to stab his father. It's perhaps the boy inside him that longed to have a caring father that prevents him now from acting on it. "So what can we do?"

Aidan never spoke about his past with his own father or even much about it to his brothers. The known history was that Aidan, Arlen, and Desmond were the eldest, at 17 15 and 14, and had to become fathers at once to their siblings, and rulers, and decision makers. At that age, their own choices were stripped from them, for they had to make choices now for a nation, a kingdom, a family. When Desmond died in battle, it was hard on Aidan and Arlen. A bit of a break in the family, for Desmond seemed to keep the two eldest Kincaid's from constant scuffles. But even so, there was some obvious lack of affection stemming back to Hadrian's grandfather, for even Kierne's father, Donnal, didn't seem at all warm to his son. The family was a royal mess, sick with hurt. And right now, as he was quite vulnerable to his son's wrath, he stood impassively with a shadow in his eyes, regret. "I was waiting to hear from the King on a Council position. I mean to make him sign me to the Master of Laws so that I can treat treason with the blade." He grunts, "Other than that and showing our full support, there is naught we can do. I have already sent him a missive to reconsider his betrothal, for the good of our Kingdom."

A hand raises to his chin a moment while he nods to this. He did not know his father was going for Council and even to taken on the mantle of Master of Laws. This would give the Kincaids a stronger postition of power within the kingdom, "Then let's hope he sees reason soon." He says some before lowering his arms to his shirtless chest. It was still hard to beleive that this was a conversation they were having was civil as all before was angered and bitter. Hadrian watched his father as the battle between boy and man raged inside him. "I've double the training regiment for the Rangers for the uncoming war. They will be ready should the time come to call upon them."

"Hadrian…" Aidan says at last, the boys name, with something other than scorn and mockery, "Before I forget," a beat, "I revoke the disowning." Hadrian had passed another test? Maybe, maybe that was all it was. Because Oxley was a witness to the initial announcement that Hadrian was no longer the Heir, stripped of his family name and honour. Oxley left. Hadrian could've taken the chance to kill his father, but Oxley would still know what was discussed and if he was a good squire, he would've made sure to inform the Steward already of it. There's a long escape of breath before he grunts, "I'll be riding out to Caerwyn, to check on old Peterson and the barony. That'll be the likely target should the Laniveer's wish to cross into our lands. Ride out with me."

Many first we being had today as a moment of history was being made, "Of course. I'll bring a small hand of rangers with us as well." Only those he feels are the best will be brought of course. "When do you plan to leave?" He wonders some as he always took matters of the home and war serious. Perhaps he enjoyed the killing or perhaps he knew it was the honorable thing to do when it came to his home, to defend and protect. Hadrian ponders the ride out to Caerwyn a moment. There went his plans to meet up with Emma in Stormvale in a few days. He'll send her a missive later and explain he's being called upon.

"In a few days time," Aidan does offer, allowing Hadrian in on the plan, he turns back into the war command room, waving Hadrian back in with him to move over toward that large map of Mobrin. He goes to fix some of the markers, pointing to the village near Crosswynds, "They'll be defenseless. I have kept the armies back from the wide open plains. We are stationed at Caerwyn and Fenway. The Lost Fens keeps us well protected from our western flanks being turned on us. But we still have coastline to ensure is swept and keep fortified." His finger pulling west from Caerwyn all the way to the lost Fens, "Here we're vulnerable. I'm hoping though that the Lord High Admiral and my brother Arlen are seeing to these waters and the protection of them. Though we cannot rely solely upon such measures." And then he touches the point of another village near Fenway, where West Lake was, "I also need to pay a visit to a certain Lord… I've news on the where abouts of my brother's ashes and need to thank a friend for his failures."

Hadrian returns into the room, grabbing his tunic and jacket, putting them back on to cover his chest. He listens as his father begin to go over the plan, reviewing what is being said. His arms fold over his chest but in a manner not threatening unlike all the times previous. "A solid plan it will make." To the last part of the plan he seems to raise an eyebrow at this, "Failures?" He did not know what his father was talking about at all on that one. There was much he did not know or perhaps understand but this was a start in the right direction. "Do I know this Lord you speak of?"

"The ride we make will to bolster the spirits of the armies, for they have sat in waiting now since winter, at the command of the Prince," his tone notes that he thought such demands were foolish, for the armies were eating the stores out from underneath the good people of Lakeshire and he knew that he wasn't likely the only land suffering to feed and entertain such great forces. "Sir Ashton Porter," comes the name of the man that failed Aidan, "You may or may not know of him." Lord, knight, same thing. He grunts, "Sir Shepard Kerrigan tasked the man to bring back your Uncle's ashes to the Lake. We've never seen them and Porter will pay dearly for not escorting a Son of Lakeshire back home."

Hadrian offers a nod of his head to that. "Then we shall go and let him know what happens when you fail Lakeshire." He says to him having no issues with handling a man who can not honor a important task such as that for Lakeshire. "His name doesn't ring a bell but it is noted. I look forward to meeting him. Perhaps along with the ashes he can be persuaded to make a large donation to our cause." Of course, he was meant threatened or worse of course. "Myself and some rangers will be ready to ride on your call."

"The Porter family is and has always been one of Hayton's supporters. Ashton Porter has kept himself isolated up near West Lake with mine uncle, in hopes of avoiding the idea of Daemon's son on the seat, where Hayton should've been. The Porter family was promised great wealth and prosperity if he had helped get Hayton and his ilk on the seat. The surviving sons that did not see the block were knelt down before me and swore their fealty. Yet, men lie of such things." Aidan's father was a strong man and kept the Lake after civil war broke out for it. Hayton was all but a ghost of a man he once was now, trying to rely on his son Keven and Keven's children (including Sorcha) to continue what Hayton started with Daemon. Ahh, such a dysfunctional family. "I suspect the Porter family did this out of … vengence. I will not be refused loyalty a second time." And there's a look over toward Hadrian, nodding, "We'll be leaving the docks of Lakeshire in two days time."

Hadrian nods his head some at the information, "I will go and make preparations to depart in two days time. If there is not anything else, I have some missives to send out before leaving and preparation to make." He says some as he waits to see if there is more that needs to be discussed before he departs. It was a change in pace but the time spent with his dad may be what is needed to further close the distance that had grown between them.

Aidan looks over at Hadrian, nodding once, "Do so then. Prepare your men to take supplies that will last them a few weeks. I imagine we may come across conflict near the Laniveer border, if not at Porter's manor." He then hand waves to the rest of the details, which will no doubt be ironed out in the coming days. And there doesn't seem to be anything further to discuss. He is still Aidan. The fact that he had hugged Hadrian was a huge step, he won't go further than that, for he does believe at this point, words will just cheapen it and will not do anything to mend the distances between them.

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