Nar 40, 228: Not Until After the Wedding

Not Until After the Wedding
Summary: The library is once again the place for a concidental meeting, this time of Ruthgar and his betrothed Caillin, her brother Logen, Count Aldren even… The inevitable conversation ensues.
OOC Date: 12/08/2013 (OOC)
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Library, Darfield Castle
Your footsteps are muffled by the thick, dark blue carpeting of the library. This room has been furnished to encourage the pursuit of scholarship and learning: Several large, comfortably cushioned mahogany chairs invite you to sit and read for hours. A few tables and desks of the same deep red wood are provided for more serious studies. The room is well lit with chandeliers.

Heavy doors to the north lead out to the hallway, and cut off any sound from that direction. To the east, ornate windows let in the indirect sunlight, and a door leads into the royal gardens. An alcove contains a message area, and an archway leads into the Library Collections proper. Stairs lead up to the second level of the library.

40th day of the Month of Nar

Inside the library it is somber. There are a few nobles about sitting quietly and reading. Some inspect the shelves looking for a specific volume, and some are conversing quietly at nearby tables. A bit of sunlight is cast through the windows offering a soft glow to illuminate the place in the early morning.

High above on the second floor of collections is Count Aldren Haravean, he is pacing slowly, step by step, obviously looking for something. He is dressed in a long green surcoat of mossy green, Blazing white shirt and pants beneath. There is a bit of stubble on his cheeks but his hair looks recently cut andd is neatly combed.

Tennat slinks about the shelves returning books and scrolls and pamphlets. His prince is sleeping soundly in a chair near the back on the second floor. Logen, dressed formally for what might seem a dinner, has a cloak draped over him and a book on his chest. It would appear that the young prince fell asleep reading and was never disturbed. Tennat nearly walks into Aldren as one point, paying more attention to the listings on the shelves than where he was going. "Pardon me, m'lord." is the quick apology.

Into the libary enters a young man of thoughtful demeanour, clad in the red and black of House Ruxton. Pale grey eyes scan the place as if in search for a certain someone, before they come to linger on the sleeping prince, and he pauses, indecision reigning in his gaze. Only a moment later Ruthgar glimpses the noble in the green surcoat, and he will incline his head in greeting, if the man will look his way, although he does not know his name.

At the last second Aldren steps to the side a bit before he collides with the boy. He just frowns a bit as he gives the boy a nod. Moving around, he continues to look among the shelves. When he reaches the end he turns to inspect the next aisle and when he does he sees Ruthgar, noticing the nod and the fine apparell he himself does the same. Then he spies the prince. Looking back to Ruthgar, he smirks a bit as he motions towards the Kilgour with his head.

Tennat makes his way past Aldren and then comes to stand near Ruthgar. He looks to his prince now, and tsks slightly. "I should really wake the young man… it does him no good to sleep here." the attendant mutters to himself mostly. He starts over, and when he arrives begins to wake Logen. Who, in response roused from his slumber, springs out with a hand toward's Tennat's throat. However, the attendant is aware of this ingrained reaction of the Prince and catches the strangle before it come anywhere close to his throat. "Your highness, you really should wake up. You have many things to attend to today… the Lady Caitlyn has sent word she'd like to meet in the gardens again if possible." Caitlyn's mention is one of Tennat's secret tricks to fully ensnare the prince's attentions, and it works every time. Logen composes himself instantly and smiles, "She has? We'll make certain there is time today." and with that Logen rises to his feet and starts to brush himself off and right his attire.

Noting the smirk and the incline of Aldren's head in the sleeping prince's direction, Ruthgar can not help but smile back - albeit not as broadly as the other man perhaps, and with a bit of caution in his gaze. "Good morning, I am Ruthgar of House Ruxton. I… don't believe we have met, my lord…?"

The servant's attempt of rousing Logen is observed with mild curiosity, but when the royal prince finally awakes and rises, the Ruxton offers the required bow from the waist. "Your Highness." One corner of his mouth twitches a little, but apart from that his mien remains unmoving and still.

Count Aldren of house Haravean," he says politley, "Well met." Just then the prince is roused and Aldren bows as well, "Your highness." he echoes Ruthgar, the smirk nowhere to been seen now.

"Count Aldren, Lord Ruthgar. Good to see you both." Logen, not entirely awake but certainly composed enough to make it seem that way, replies with a dip of his head and a slight bow forward to them. Tennat hurries with rolling up the cloak, then dashing off to get the prince a glass of water. Once returned, he also takes care of the book Logen was reading. Logen walks over to meet the other two nobles now, "Anything interesting going on today?"

"Glad to make your acquaintance, Count Aldren.", Ruthgar replies politely to the Haravean, followed by another bow, before the prince requires his full attention. "Any interesting? Not particularly, no.", the Ruxton remarks, eyeing Logen for a moment with an unmoving face, "I was looking for your sister, your highness. My betrothed. And… speaking of betrothals, I should congratulate you on yours."

Almost together, at the same time, two young women stumbles inside the library. Soft voice, which can't hold the loud laugh finishes "…and I /really/ didn't see him at all! Can you imagine this? I could…" princess quickly raises her hand to muffle the sound of her giggle. She lowers her gaze, remembering, that this is the library. However, sparkling grey eyes are still peeking at her handmaiden besides.
An incredibly beautiful black fabric of Caillin's gown has embossed patterns of flowers, which are finished with tiny little jewelled stones, which just twinkle softly. Because of heaps of fabric in the skirt, it looks like, that Caillin glides through the ground, not touching it with her feet.
Girl turns to Gaela and whispers "Will you find me that book? I /really/ looked it everwhere, I couldn't find it. You always know where things are hidding…" and princess paces straight near the table, just to take a seat, when her eyes catch three very well know men. First of all, her brother gets a gentle peck on his cheek "I am happy to see you!" and then she turns to another: "My lord Aldren, how is your sister?"
Finally grey look finds future husband's eyes: "My lord…" whispers young girl, while her cheeks bloom in reddish roses. She awkwardly slips to her seat. One millimetre and she would have fallen. More heat comes to girl cheeks and she just starts nervously following Gaela with her gaze.

Gaela, who had been following suit and hadn't said a single word, notices the people as well, and promptly curtsying to everyone as soon as possible, not a single word leaving her mouth. She offers a simple nod and smile in response to her princess's request, but doesn't leave right away: she lingers around for a moment, alert to any additional order which might come from any of the other nobles.

Aldren shakes his head to the prince. "No, nothing interesting. I will be picking up some new boots later, but that is all for me." He notices the two girls now and bows yet again, "My princess, my sister is doing well. She seems happier thatn she has in a long time." He offers a little nod to Gaela, but no words.

"My princess, we were just talking about you," offers Ruthgar in greeting to Caillin, his grey eyes lingering on her with a certain warmth, and there is even a smile appearing on his face. "How have you been?" His glance shifts to Gaela then, and seeing she behaves as she is expected to, he does not seem displeased as he offers her the hint of a nod, acknowledging her presence. Hearing Aldren's reply to Caillin, he chooses to remain silent, looking slightly thoughtful.

Gaela notices nothing particular, so she dashes for a nearby shelf. She starts skimming the titles, not failing to occasionally cast a glance back in the princess's direction. She isn't supposed to completely lose sight of the princess.

"Oh!.." chuckles Caillin and bites her lip, grinning playfully "Talking about me? Am I in trouble?" girl giggles once more, still trying to keep her all sparkling and excited gaze on Gaela.
However, it is not very proper for the princess not to give attention for the people around, so Caillin glances at count Aldren "I am happy to hear, that your sister is well. I heared, that my cousin lord Chancellor is helping to take care of her. I am really happy to know that, because I remember these days, when he took care of me, then I was ill. He does it the best. I hope, soon I will have time to visit her. I really missed her wisdom and all these conversations, my lord…"
However, time comes, when girl has to answer for the special man. Well, special for her, this time. Grey orbs falls on his handsome shoulders. Girl sways thoughtfully, while corners of the lips climbs as high as possible. "I am quite good, my lord Ruthgar. Thank you. And… How are you?.." she drawls letting her gaze to slip somewhere on the man's chest.

Having had to step to the side to speak with Tennat about something important, seemingly since they both spoke in rather hushed tones but their voices were heated slightly, Logen now makes his way back over to the group, and makes up for not having said hello to his sister by moving and hugging her tightly with a brotherly kiss to the cheek. "Sister! I'm glad to hear you're doing well."

Aldren nods along as the princess speaks, until she speaks of Caedmon taking care of her. Then an eyebrow raises slightly. But, he says nothing. When she turns her attention he just stares off blankly, seemingly thinking of something else, or maybe just uncomfortable at the moment.

"Not in more trouble than usual," Ruthgar replies with a wink towards Caillin, letting his grey eyes linger on his lovely betrothed for a little longer than would be appropriate, maybe captivated by her flirtatious stare. "I am pleased to hear you are good. So I am fine, I think." Alas, his view is soon to be blocked by her brother, as he approaches her for that hug. And that kiss to her cheek. Caution enters his demeanour as Ruthgar's gaze flits downwards, his hand folding before him to wait until his betrothed will grace him with her attention again. The exchange about Aldren's sister and the Lord Chancellor does not elicit any comment from him for now.

When Caillin looks at her, Gaela gestures to just pay attention to the people she's peaking with, and not to mind her, while she moves to a different shelf. After going through some books, she walks by right immediately after Ruthgar manages to restrain himself, with the nonchalance of someone who is just passing through, and just stopping for a moment to make sure everything is alright, silently questioning anyone if they need anything with her gaze, where no response just means 'just go on'.

When Logen comes to hug young girl tightly, she clasps her hands around him and these few seconds, while her chin can rest on brother's shoulder, grey look continues staring at her future husband. Rosebud lips form a wide and warm smile. However, Caillin speaks with Logen "Yes, yes, my dear brother. I am happy too, to see you happy and doing alright too…" Though, girl's voice is slightly strange. It sounds like girl would say something similar to: please, not in front of my future husband, let me go… He was speaking with me, brother… But these words never leave girl's throat and she still blushing even more tightly hugs her brother before letting him go.
Then she slips back to her chair and while Gaela is looking for the book, Caillin just rests her eyes on Ruthgar. Her sparkling eyes, smile, excitement and many other emotions, but someone cough in the library and that sound reminds young girl about modesty. She quickly fixes her gaze on knees. Sways slowly, humming something under her nose, keeping the cheeks mannerly blushed. Letting the men do all the speaking for now.

Aldren continues to stare into nothingness as he is in deep thought.

Logen lets go of his sister, and follows the look from her to Ruthgar, then back with a knowing smile. He pats Caillin's shoulder, "Careful sister… don't make me lock you in a tower for your own good." He chuckles with his joke before Tennat comes up to him, "Your highness, we must go… you've really tallied far too long and you're pressing for time now." Logen sighs at Tennat before nodding and giving his goodbyes to everyone. Once he's made his exit known, he actually exits the library.

Feeling Gaela's gaze upon him as she brushes by, Ruthgar turns his head a touch, enough to recognize the handmaiden from the corner of his eye. Just before Caillin's smile hits him, as she looks at him over her brother's shoulder. Looking slightly bewildered at first, he returns the smile, lowering his gaze as if to motion with his eyes towards the back of her brother and shrugging lightly. Yes he understands. Overprotective brothers. He would act the same, probably, if it were Solara there, exchanging flirtatious glances with some noble. Especially if that noble were her betrothed.

"It won't be necessary, your highness," is all the Ruxton has to say to Logen, his gaze cold and assessing. "I will not touch your sister. At least not until after the wedding." A bow is offered to the departing prince. "A good day to you."

Even if at first, young girl is trying to laugh at her brother's joke, the words, which leave Ruthgar's throat makes Caillin cough and blush. Blush too much, that poor girl quickly jumps on her feet, wanting to run after Gaela and hide. Just hide from these thoughts about what happens after the wedding.
However, her brother announces about leaving, so she once more hides in the armful of Logen. She takes a few longer moments, until her little heart will calm down, before she lets her brother go.
However, girl does not take a seat. She shifts from one foot to another, glancing at the count "My lord…" she starts speaking with him, trying to avoid awkward silence "… and how are you, what type of the books you were looking today?.." Obviously, question just jumped from the sky to the little head and is not very interesting, but it broke the silence. However, girl can't keep her gaze from sliping back to her future husband.

Ruthgar notices Caillin's blush, and misinterpreting her words, he lowers his gaze with an apologetic smile. "I… am sorry, Caillin. I didn't mean to… say those words to your brother." Although, who could blame him for saying them even? "All is settled, and he is to marry that lady soon, I hear." He clears his throat, deciding to not linger any longer on the subject. "Books? I was not looking for books, my princess. It was you /actually/ that I was looking for. There have been some news, that you might be interested to hear." The Ruxton knight turns, offering Caillin a smile now, that is indeed a rare sight. "It's about… That knighting. I was told it will happen in a few days. Will you do me the… honour of attending?"

Caillin gasps "My lord, how could you think, that I may be not in there?" girl chuckles "Rumors are spreading quickly. I heared that your knighting will happen soon. I am so excited! Actually, I have never been in any knighting ceremony. I have never been too much interested in it. Always found a reason not to be there. But now…" princess grins widely "Now I will stand there in the first line, that I could see you better and I could clap and be proud of you, my… Ruthgar…" last two words are whispered as silently as possible.

The conversation becoming more private Aldren offers ome bows along with some words, "Lord Ruxton a pleasure." To Caillin, "My princess, your radiance brightens this dim room, and your presence has made my day. If you would excuse me I have some boots to be fetching." He smiles now and makes way to depart.

"Count Aldren. The pleasure has been all mine.", Ruthgar offers, a little surprised that the Haravean had lingered when his attention had focused on the princess alone. A little relieved that they are finally allowed a bit more privacy he turns to address his betrothed once more. "I would be happy if you could attend.", Ruthgar replies, his voice soft and gentle, smiling as he perceives Caillin's reaction. "It means a lot to me, to be finally accepted into that elite of the Knights of the Rioga." A pause, before he adds, a bit quietly: "I have dreamt of that day, as long as I can think."

"So! That was your dream?! Perfect. You should be very happy, finally reaching what you were waiting for so long…" drawls young girl and starts pacing closer near the man. She looks around, trying to see if Gaela is nearby. However, she is missing somewhere between all these shelfs. Princess continues "Now you will have to find a new dream. Mine will be, that Knights of Rioga would never have a job to do. You know…" slightly worried flames flashes in grey eyes "… war is around us and Knights of Rioga might follow the King to the… field… I don't want to remain in the room, alone, just waiting and trembling, you know… When you will be there… So, my dream will be that my husband would never have to do the real Rioga's job," girl chuckles and now is close enough to hug young lord. And she does that. Hug is brief, princess' gaze looks for Gaela, and before she shows up, girl withdraws from her future husband "Congratulations. I wanted to do it here. Now. I am not sure I will be able to do that in the knighting ceremony… because… Many people will want to congratulate you, my Ruthgar," now she sticks that glinting look straight to the man.

"Hmm, I wish I will get the chance to prove myself to be worthy of that position, Caillin. If there is war, who am I to stay behind, and miss out on the battle? Don't worry though. I've returned from the Battle of Blackbarrow, I will return from other battles as well." Ruthgar clarifies, giving his betrothed an assuring smile. His arms closing around her slender frame, as she offers her hug, more in a reflex than out of a calculated move, as he looks slightly bewildered and did not see that hug coming. "Don't be afraid…", he whispers into her ear. "It takes more than a bit of war to take a Ruxton down…" Then as she pulls away from him, he inclines his head. "I thank you. And you are right… it wouldn't be possible at the ceremony. Too many people,… and it would be frowned upon, most of all by your dear brother Prince Logen." A glance is shot towards Gaela. "I will leave you now, my princess. I have told you the news. I'll see you there." A last bow and he moves to the door, leaving the library to the princess and her handmaiden.

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