Nar 28, 228: Not So Stable

Not So Stable
Summary: Ciarrah and Logen happen upon each other in the stable and have a chat.
OOC Date: 31/July/2013 (OOC)
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The stables are large, to accommodate all the horses used in the daily commerce of the Castle. Every type from a lady's sedate riding mare to massive wagon-pulling draft horses are here. With luck, you can probably even find one for riding, if you search hard enough.
Wednesday, Nar 28, 228

It has come upon the evening and the sun is just setting in the sky leaving the gold and pink and purples streaking across the sky. Ciarrah has left the safety of the castle, seeking some time alone because Tyrel had dragged her from the roof and then promptly left her alone. Again. The stables has to be a nice enough place to spend some quiet time and here she is, with her handmaid Serah and a single guard who stands at the door protectively, not interfering, but keeping her safe. Standing outside one of the closed stall doors where a large black horse hangs his head over, eating an apple from her hand, she finally has a look of peace and contentment about her.

His younger sister always a pleasure to talk to, his older brother always a pleasure to chat with, his older brother's wife always a pleasure to see and parley with, and then all the other various peoples in this damned stuffy castle. After all this time away with the pease and quiet afforded him in Westgate, Logen can't take it anymore. He rushes out of his room, down the halls and out the doors to make for the stables. He's going to just go for a ride despite having just returned and that it's getting late. He's dressed in a rider's outfit with a hood over his features and thus unrecognizeable at the present.

While the horse eats, Ciarrah watches, gently running her fingers along the neck of the horse. "Hey Starlight, I missed you too." Her voice is soft, her mode of dress the colors of her new House, the princess from the Islands continues to murmur softly to the animal. Hearing the door of the stables open, she lifts her head and looks over, seeing someone approach, her handmaid stands near her, but she does not recognize the newly arrived, so she turns back to the horse.

At the back of the stables and to the right of the large stall, is another stall that houses and beautiful grey mare. It is to this stall and horse the unknown person walks. As he passes the lady and her handmaid, the man stops. A familiar gentle voice speaks softly, "I thought you'd be in my brother's company this late in the day." he says, his hood not removed. He starts to take a step towards his original destination.

As she had turned back, Ciarrah hears the man passing, but upon hearing the voice, she turns to face him, a smile tugging her lips into a half smile. "Prince Logen? Is that you?" Her voice is quiet, a mere whisper really. "Your brother is doing his usual Princely duties. What about you? Are you going out for a ride?'

A finger lifts to his lips to motion to keep quiet, then the hood turns to look at the handmaiden knowingly with a slight turn to indicate the guard as well. "Princess Ciarrah, I feel silly that my older brother chooses his so called duties over his duty to his wife. Especially when that wife happens to be you." comes the soft reply as the hood and body turn to fully face the woman. The body takes to leaning on the post of an empty stall.

The handmaid remains silent as the two talk, Ciarrah pets the horse, but she smiles at the Prince. "He was forced into a marriage with me." Her words are still a mere whisper, a murmuring in the ever darkening stables. "Can you blame him for resenting me?"

"I blame him for not making the effort to at least bridge the gap. I mean, you aren't a terrible person are you? You're certainly easy on the eyes, and so far you've been nothing but pleasant company." the voice continues to flow from the shadows of the hood. There is no motion to remove said hood either. "May I be bold and ask if my brother at least storms the castle?" using the cliche to soften the rudeness of the question.

"Please do not blame him, he has his intentions in the right place, yet he just cannot find the time to actually execute all of his intentions." Ciarrah is still attempting to be a loyal wife to her new husband. His question though brings a furrowing of her brow. "Storm the castle, Prince Logen?" Missing the meaning entirely, she remains talking in the soft muted tones.

Logen shrugs slightly, cauing the hood to slip a little and the light catches chin and lips. "He has people he can deligate to, and if he hadn't sent me away for all this time, I would have been here to have a lot of it deligated to." her asking the question brings a soft chuckle like waterdrops. "I do not wish to embarrass my lady by breaching a subject that would breach her sensibilities. I simply asked if my brother… is still a man, when it comes to his wife." attempting again to mask the question's vulgarity and rudeness.

"That is true. Our marriage took all of two minutes and was done in the Council Offices by the Queen before Prince Tyrel left for the battle." Ciarrah offers softly. "None of the lovely dreams girls have of dresses, and flowers, and peach blossoms in our hair." There is a sadness in her voice and a deep longing. His question, when reasked, she turns her head to look at him more fully. "Are you asking does he bed me at night?" Incredulous. Defensive. "He does. Once he has drank enough wine and mead and ale."

"Then he is both a fool, and an indiot." he replies softly, "Though, I suppose speaking of my brother that way is poor form. "I apologize, and I am sorry for the compliments and asking a question not my business." he shifts foot to foot, "Just with how you look and how you've towards me so far, I find it hard to understand by any man would need 'encouragement' to even simply kiss you."

Ciarrah must defend her husband, but there is little she can say when she does not know him so well. "Not a fool. Nor an idiot. More likely he is a man who feels strongly he was forced into something he did not wish. It happens to royalty all of the time. I was a Princess in Aberdeen, so I have already known my fate would be set one day to wed of my fathers choosing. As will you, to wed who your father chooses for you. As for Prince Tyrel." The words bring a blush as Logen speaks of any man kissing her. "He will someday get used to me, I think."

Logen shrugs slightly, "Sure, though I actively work to keep myself out of the tracker's mind when I comes to being married." he shakes his head with a gentle chuckle, "I wouldn't work against a wife, as my brother seems to, but I also don't wish to fail her and make her unhappy. I've always thought a husband has an unspoken duty to make his wife happy, at least enough to enjoy life with a soft smile." then he chuckles again, "Tyrel? You speak of my brother still correct? Let up hope the skys open and wash the lands clean again. I hope, for your sake, that he wakes up and finally sees the gift who's horse he's so skillfully looked in the mouth." there is a pause and he relaxes a little more against the post. "So what of your desires? May I call you simply Ciarrah? Or perhaps some other simpler name? Logen is fine for you to me." he says almost dismissively.

Finding that somewhat amusing, Ciarrah continues to gently run her fingers over the neck of the horse, though she faces Logen. "You have no desires to get married? I truly cannot blame you for wanting to avoid it." Though the look in her eyes belies the statement, she would have done all asked of her by her father. As he compliments her once again, the blush deepens, though this time she does not shyly glance away. "You are filled with kind and understanding words. I wonder where you learned to have such nice things to say. And you seem happy to speak to me even without a drink." Peering up at him a moment, she assures herself that he has not been drinking. "Desires? I suppose to be a good wife.. and someday Queen."

Logen shrugs slightly, "If my father were to tell me tomorrow morning I was marrying someone. I would not protest like my sister would. I would do as he wished, and if my mother was with him on it then I would even smile and try to be happy." Logen shifts slightly, "Those are admirable desires, but are they what you really want? Or what you think every wants of you?"

"I admire when duty comes between desire, at some point, such as following through with a political match your family arranges with the minimum of fuss.. though what about afterwards, if you were not happy? What then?" Ciarrah queries quietly in return."Would you not do the same as I do? Try and be the best as possible of what is expected of you? Yes, those are what everyone wants of me though. As for myself.. I wish to feel loved and to be happy."

"If I were truly unhappy with the marriage, then I would not have given the other person a fair chance from the start. If years go by and we are truly incompatible, then I would free the other of the need to placate me. I would give us both the freedoms to find whom we are compatible with. Despite the scandal that might create, I would wish on no one life long unhappiness." Logen's arms come up to cross over his chest in a seemingly idle way, as if he doesn't have anything else to do with them. "Then you should, you should find who or what makes you feel this way and cling to them or it. If there is no out for you, as I doubt there is, then at least you can fill the need to make your public appearances better."

Withdrawing her own hand from the neck of the horse, Ciarrah turns to face him more fully. "It has been a month or so since your mother wed us in the council chambers with the rest of the council looking on." This does still trouble her and she bites her lip, looking away from him when he speaks of scandals and freedoms. "I have no family here, other than Conall. He is my brother, the Crown Prince of Aberdeen. He stays awfully busy with his own interests and that of my.. his Kingdom. I have no friends to commiserate with other than my handmaid who is my best friend, Serah." Motioning towards her for the sake of Logen. "Are you suggesting to find someone who… loves me?"

Logen nods slightly, the hood slipping back a little farther to reveal a nose along with the chin and lips. The eyes catch light for a moment as they seem to regard her. "You have one friend here, aside from Serah, if you wish for my friendship." he smiles, "I am suggesting you find someone or something that returns your affections and can make you smile genuinely. Not pity you for what might be a misfortune, though my brother is really a great guy for as much as I said. Bitter, I think, for feeling sent away… but he's not like that under normal circumstances." Logen's eyes loose the light, "Give it time still, and I don't think the drinking is to make you pretty enough… you're already one of the most beautiful that I've seen, at least. He could be stressed out and just using it to relax at night… though if it's every night I might need to talk to him about it cause that's excessive. One drink every couple days or more is fine, but I rarely drink at all even then."

When the light catches him and the attractive features are on display, Ciarrah smiles. A genuine one. "I would be honored to be your friend, Logen." Taking him up on the earlier offer too, of the names. "Yes, he is a great guy, truly he is. I just.. I wish he knew he was, but I think he does not realize it." Clasping her hands together, she notices the shadows move back in. "He just likes drinking is all I know, because he always has a drink."

Logen rests his head back on the post and the hood is pushed forwards again bringing the shadows over his features. "Certainly, he is. Always pushed and supported me to be better. I think this Voice of our father role ate him up… but I don't know him now. Too much feels like it's changed." there is the flash of light on his eyes as he looks at her for a long moment, "Then friends we are, you are technically family now, so it's perfectly fine to come and visit me when ever you'd like." his head moves to look up out the window in the top of the stables, now the hood falls completely off revealing the face in profile as his eyes study the night sky. "It's gotten too late to go for a ride, and I don't feel so cooped up as I did… good company and a pretty smile often helps." his own smile tugging at his lips.

The explanations go a long way towards making her understand Tyrel a little better and Ciarrah smiles in return, though the hood cloaks most everything in darkness. As he agrees about the friendship, she gives him a gentle smile. "Then I shall find you whenever I have the need to talk, if you are agreeable, and you will do the same for me?" Looking towards the night sky, her smile falters. "I should go inside… would you be so kind to escort me? I need to go find Tyrel."

Logen looks at Ciarrah now, his features half in the light with his hood now gone. He smiles softly, moving to stand next to her with an offered arm. "Of course. As for coming to find me, anytime day or night my door and ears are open to you. We all need a friend and confidant within the stone walls of a castle." if she's taken his arm, he'll begin to lead, with his other hand moving to return the hood to it's face shadowing position on his head.

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