34th Sess, 229: Nobles, Dogs, and Voices

Nobles, Dogs, and Voices
Summary: The Infirmary seems many visitors
OOC Date: 20/Mar/2014
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Infirmary - Darfield Castle
The rectangular room has whitewashed walls and a stone floor bare of carpet and rushes. The air smells of vinegar, soap and strong herbs. On a far fall is a line of windows that look outside of the castle. Each of the windows has a widow box filled with fresh herbs and flowers. Along the wall opposite of the windows are about twenty beds in a row. The beds are narrow and simply made of sturdy oak and rope. Each bed has a fresh canvas, straw stuffed mattress covered with heavy unbleached and dyed linen sheets, a pillow, and a blue wool blanket. Next to each bed is a small square table and a stool. One each of the narrow walls are doors leading to other rooms. One leads to the hallway, which in turn leads to the main part of the castle. Across from the main entry are two doors. One leads to the apothecary and still room, and the other leads to the Royal Physician's office.
34th Sess, 229 2E

As people had poured back into Stormvale, the infirmary had become ever fuller and busy with family seeking to check in upon their injured loved ones. It had seen Nylie finally retreating from the infirmary under threats from the Royal Physician now returned and refreshed from her time away. But as people had been shooed along to allow patients to rest, and simply for the late hour, it seems Nylie was slipping back into the infirmary, a faint glance ensuring that Royal Physician was not about before stepping further along. Looking perhaps a touch better, not as pale, but there is still that edge of tiredness about her. Something likely to have been eaten, but what actual rest or sleep the woman was able to achieve was debatable. A slight pause here or there is made to check upon those she'd spent the past days helping, a smile given on to a few who might be awake, but eventually Nylie does end up over at that corner bed where Eoin was, friend and brave hero.

Elisabeth herself was shood off my Wenna earlier in the day to rest and eat. She dropped in a couple times to check on her brother before returning after dinner time to work in the still room again. Perhaps not so useful on the floor, she had been fairly well trained as apothecary by her teacher in Greenshire. Still much to learn but this mixing of regular potions had come easy to her. Finally she comes out of the Still room with a tray of medicines that are placed on a counter for the healers to disperse as needed. She wipes her hands upon her apron and looks up towards her brother's bed to see Nylie at his bedside and smiles tiredly to the woman as she walks over. "Nylie…" She greets softly as she extends her hand in greeting upon approach.

Eoin has been sleeping, he's probably slept enough for all three of them really given how little of the last few days he's actually seen. Whatever it is that Wenna's been stuffing down him seem to be working though for his colour is returning, and his sleep is now closer to resembling a normal pattern rather than the still and silent sleep of before. This is perhaps highlighted by the fact that the approach of the two ladies, and that quiet word of greeting, is enough to set him stirring.

With more of the 'regular' healers and apprentices back, and injuries healing, the aid Nylie had given early on perhaps not as required. And avoiding the watchful eye of the Royal Physician seemed more in order now, worse than a mother hen that one. A smile comes faintly, with the tiredness that yet exists,"Elisabeth.." her hand reach to catch the other woman's and give it a light squeeze. Her gaze dropping back to Eoin when he stirs,"How has he been? His color looks better than yesterday." Trying to keep her voice soft as she inquires, knowing rest was needed yet, even if Eoin had been sleeping plenty for them all. He'd more than earned it though, perhaps his archery had not taken first place, but he'd been her champion when she'd needed it, when it mattered.

Elisabeth is standing next to Eoin's bed with Nylie, softly talking. Lis has spent the last few hours since dinner in the still room and has come out to check on her brother before she rests for the night. "Better throughout the day. Wenna has been working hard with him." Elisabeth says to Nylie and she takes one of the seats beside his bed and touching lightly upon his good hand. "It is not easy to see him like this, but I am glad he is getting better."

Since Lis had been spending so much time in the Infirmary while her and his brothers were there, Kieryn figured that she may have forgotten, or didn't have time to collect her growing pup. He even washed the pup himself, since Wenna said that he could be brought into the infirmary to see Eoin, but that he had to be washed beforehand. The pup wasn't really muddy, but he did stink a bit from their long trip over the past few weeks, he even convinced his neice Elly to help give Oscar a bath, so it'd distract her from being sad that Eldan is injured. That must be the reason for the pink ribbon that tied in a bow around Oscar's neck, surely Kieryn wouldn't have put it there, well ok, he did, but only because his neice doesn't know how to tie bows. Once they enter the infirmary Oscar tries to run to Lis, but Kieryn holds him back as he wanders over towards the ladies and Eoin.

Eoin's injured hand is now free of the bandages that had swathed with, but there is still the scar there from where the crossbow bolt struck it's glancing blow. Feeling the touch on is right hand though his head rolls slightly in that direction before he cracks open his eyes slowly, blinking in the light. Elisabeth is spotted first, then Nylie, and both get a faint smile before the scrabbling of paws on the floor takes his attention away towards where Kieryn enters with the mastiff. "You're right," he starts tiredly, "he's grown."

"She did seem to step right back into things, I thought it best not to try and come back for a bit," Nylie figuring Wenna might try and tussle her into a bed and force some manner of something upon her. There had been threats of assimilation! A faint glance is given about the infirmary for said woman, just incase invoking her name has cause the woman to appear. Safe yet for the moment. Murmuring softly in agreement,"It has not been easy." Seeing him, the others….her cousin when he was found in his study. Eoin did what Rioga could not though, he kept a Kilgour safe and unharmed. As Eoin stirs move, Nylie does shift her attention towards him, a soft smile given to him, a flicker of concern. But there is that newly arrived visitor grabbing attention, her gaze lingering on Eoin a moment or three longer before she's looking along to the four legged beastie trying to escape Kieryn. An incline of her head offered to the Captain, though she does wait til he's nearer to offer a gentle,"Captain Kieryn."

Elisabeth looks up to Nylie at the words of her cousin. "She is a healer to the core. She sent me away earlier as well. Though I think her a hypocrit for doing so and not tending to herself." Elisabeth says with a shake of her head, a concern for her cousin. The scrabble on tile gets Elisabeth's attention and she smiles to see Oscar and Kieryn. "Twice the puppy he was when we left." Elisabeth arches her brow to see the pink ribbon but says little just now though she beckons the captain over.

Kieryn smiles as he approaches Eoin's bed and the ladies, he bows to Nylie, "Lady Nylie." and then to Lis, "My love, Lis. How is Eoin today?" he raises an eyebrow and Oscar looks up at Eoin and whines and tries to jump on the bed with him, but Kieryn stops him and he flops down at Lis's feet. Kieryn gives Lis a small smile and shrugs as he looks at the ribbon and bow, "Elly thought it would make him look "pretty." he apologizes to Lis. "It's hard to resist a request from a sad little girl." he explains.

A slight step back is made to allow Kieryn and Oscar to get in closer to where Elisabeth sits at Eoin's bedside. Nylie softly answering the question,"His color is better, and he is just waking, so perhaps he might be able to give answer as well." Nylie's gaze going towards Eoin, before turning towards Elisabeth a question for either,"Shall I see about some tea or a spot of bread?"

Eoin makes no mention of the ribbon round the mastiff's neck but does shoot Kieryn a greatful look as he stops the puppybeast from jumping up. His cut might be healing, but that would likely not help overly much. Instead he just lets his hand slip off the side of the bed so he can give the dog a scratch between it's ears should it wish. "I think I'm expected to live," he replies dryly to Kieryn before flicking his eyes to Elisabeth and Nylie for confirmation, since they're the closest things to healers nearby at the moment. "Do I remember, or was it the poppy. Is Wenna back?"

"He is intended to live." Elisabeth confirms for her brother and betrothed. "Yes Wenna is back, she arrived this morning I believe." She confirms as she lets Oscar come closer to the bed. As the hand comes over to scratch his ears he eagerly licks the fingers instead. To Nylie's words she nods and rises to her feet. "I will help you." She glances down to her brother, "Can you handle some broth or tea?" There is a look over to Kieryn and she smiles at the explantion of the pink ribbon before moving over to help Nylie, soft spoken words said to the woman.
Elisabeth mutters to Nylie, "… Aidan…"

Kieryn nods as it's confirmed that Eoin will live and he smiles some, "That is good to hear, just get better as soon as you can." he chuckles and then nods to Nylie and Lis as they get drink and maybe some bread or something. "That sounds good to me." he tells them and then stands back a bit to just watch for now. He grins as Eoin's fingers get licked instead of scratches the pup. "I think he is glad to see Eoin."

"As has Aldren and others, I am told my brother is about as well, though I have not yet managed to track him down, " the story of Nylie life there, tracking her brother down is never easy. Busy man that he is. "I believe he is kept busy sorting matters for the Council meeting and coronation." Oh yes, she went there. A nod going to Elisabeth as she comes to help with the tea, seeking up some crackers and a touch of bread should Eoin be up for trying something more then liquid. There is a faint nod to Elisabeth at the soft words, before something is being murmured on back.

<FS3> Eoin rolls Alertness -3: Embarassing Failure.

Eoin hadn't been watching Oscar, so the sudden and unexpected sensation of having hi fingers attacked so surpries him. Rolling his head on the pillow he watches for a moment then glances up to Elisabeth as she asks her question. He has to think, consider carefully, and that shows on his features before he has to admit, "don't know." He doesn't look overly keen, although perhaps the reason for that comes clearer as he adds, "would they mean sitting again?" As the two ladies head off though he turns hi attention to Oscar again, hearing none of their conversation a he starts talking to the beast instead, "you've been doing your job I hope?"

Elisabeth nods to Nylie's words, "I hope he arrives soon."She says softly placing a hand upon Nylie's arm for a moment before looking back to Eoin and smiling at his question to Oscar. "Very much so my dear brother." She says and steps over to kiss him on the cheek gently, "I think I may try for some sleep since you have several visitors to attend you." She moves to Kieryn and places a light touch upon his arm. "I am staying up in the Greenshire Suite for now." She informs in case he wished to visit in the morning. A light kiss ot his cheek as well before she departs, wariness descending upon her.

Kieryn nods to Lis and squeezes her arm when she kisses his cheek and gives her a smile, "Alright, I will come visit I am sure. I will see you soon my dear, you go and get some rest if you can." he watches her go and then turns back to Eoin and Nylie. "I'll have to depart soon myself, I have a meeting with ships captains and such soon." he shakes his head some at Eoin, "I don't envy your job as Admiral, Eoin." he comments, maybe its the paperwork he dislikes the most? "I also have to get prepared for the council meeting." he mumbles…when did he let people start dragging him into such things?

Nylie nods a little to Elisabeth,"As do I." Not likely to be fully settled on some manners until she actually got to lay eyes upon both him and her brother. Taking up the small try with tea and the handful of crackers, a soft bit of bread. Noting for Eoin as she settles the tray on the table beside his bed,"You need not sit up if you don't feel trying for it. " Nylie is not the task master Wenna is! Leaving the decision to Eoin, doing nothing further til he's indicated his preference. A smile is again offered to Lis,"Go rest and get some sleep." And Kieryn gets a bit of a nod as he mentions departing soon. "I do not envy you for having to go to that. " She'd heard enough grumbling about them, even when things were way less crazy.

Eoin isn't a fan of the paperwork either but he just nod as Kieryn mentions council meeting. They are perhaps the thing he personally likes the least. He won't dwell on that though, turning instead to his sister, "I'm glad," he responds to her confirmation on Oscars work then nods very gently as she says she's going to sleep. "Go, rest. I'm not going anywhere." He can't really return the kiss for now, just relaxing into the pillow as he turns to Nylie once more and shakes his head. Last time he tired to sit up it ended poorly and he really doesn't want to repeat that experience.

Kieryn nods and smiles, "Alright, I'll leave for now, but I'll be back sooner or later" he looks to Nylie, "If you're here when my brother wakes tell him I came by again." he grins, and nods to Eoin, "You get better too." he tells the Admiral and gives a salute, seems everyone is trying to turn him into a proper person and not the scoundrel he really is. Ah well, he guesses you have to change with the circumstances. He bows and then wanders off, taking the pup with him, just in case he starts any trouble, though he'll snag a servant and have the pup taken to the greenshire rooms of the castle so he can be with Lis.

A nod goes to Kieryn," Of course, I shall tell him, if I am here." Granted, the second Wenna is spied, Nylie is likely to vanish like a shadow exposed to sunlight. With the opting not to sit up, Nylie does actually move to sit just lightly upon the edge of Eoin's bed, offering a faint smile,"Just keep comfortable then, and I'll just bring the tea to you." The purpose for the bread clearer yeat, as a corner is dipped to the tea, letting it soak up some of the liquid before she moves it along to offer it to Eoin, her other hand ensuring nothing drips upon him. The tea having a hint of sweetness to it, likely honey to help get some added nutrition back into him.

Eoin just about manages to give the pup a quick scratch before he's taken away again, although he can't reall complain given where he's going to. "Look after her," he replies to Kieryn, the lack of pain meaning he's now starting to get frustrated about the things he can't do. Like look after his sister. Once he' gone though it's fair to say that Nylie has pretty much his complete attention. Elisabeth had been soaking cloths to get fluid in him, but he has to admit the, bread is better, although he can't take much at a time it seems and he rolls his head slightly away to indicate that as he chews.

The bread is also a sneaky way of getting something semi-solid into him. Nylie letting him take what he can before pulling the bread away and letting him chew, and also not simply letting it drip or crumble upon him. Giving him some control of the process as it were as well. Other than the occasional glance for the Wenna Watch, Nylie gives Eoin her full attention. "I know it's not the tastiest. If there is something else you'd want to try, I can see about getting it and bringing it by for you." Talking softly as he eats, not soaking another bit of bread until he indicates he is ready for it.

Eoin does briefly consider asking for the biscuits he has at the mansin for when he wants to relax, but given whatever it is Wenna has been doing to him seems to be working he doesn't for now. Save them for later. As such he just shakes his head slightly in reply, but when he's finished chewing he doens't immediately gesture for more, asking instead, "is there something in it?" He gestures weakly to the tea, "sweet, like honey?" He reckons he can taste it at least but something is obviously bothering him about it as his forehead creases again, or at least, those parts of it that aren't covered by bandages.

The bread isn't dipped again as he doesn't gesture for yet, Nylie knowing he probabaly won't have energy to eat tons either. A small nod comes, that braid moving some on her back,"There is a little bit of honey added to it. " Studying him a little and seeing that something is bothering him, she offers,"I can get some without if it is not sitting well with you?" Though there is another study before she hesitates and leans and adds something softly with a questioning look.
Nylie mutters to Eoin, "… it you… out… I would for… in the eve…."

Eoin seems, for a moment, even more confused by whatever it is that Nylie whispers to him, but then something clicks somewhere in his head as he follows her glance to the windowsill. "Milk," he mutters back, eyes flicking once more to the window before he returns to the initial topic, the tea. "Thought I could taste it," he notes, looking in part releived that he was right but still a little confused, "couldn't smell it."

Currently Nylie is visiting with Eoin, perched lightly on the edge of his bed and occasionally getting him to eat tea soaked bits of bread. The man seeming to have her attention at the moment, a light smile coming at the mutter of milk, noting softly,"They like both. I can put some out if you wish." Perhaps some relief to have seen the whisper click, and he not think her completely nuts. It had been some turn of a risk. A mild nod is given as she glances to the tea,"It isn't very strong, and perhaps masked by the bread and being soaked up like that." Eoin's color is better. And so is Nylie's….marginally so from when she was last spied in the infirmary. The time being late evening, early morning.

"Both," Eoin replies with a faint smile, "see which they like most." Tilting his head towards the bread again he adds, "will be milk." Her other answer seems to satisfy him though and he nods gently. His head might not hurt at the moment but things still start flipping around if he moves it too quickly.

The Count enters the infirmary. Dressed appropriately in black and a matching mournful and despairing look on his face. He makes his way to his cousin. A slight smile for the Kilgour woman, as best he can manage uder the circumstances. "Glad to see someone is keeping this scoundrel company." He says jokingly with a look to Eoin. He will hold his arms out if she wants an informal hug and add, "Eoin, have any of the few wits you possess returned to you." Humor being one of the few ways he knows how to deal with such things. Pretend it's no big deal.

"Alright, both. And most nights, aye," comes soft agreement from Nylie. "But sometimes they get a sweet tooth and like the honey best." Giving the bread a dip into the tea again with Eoin's head turning that way, and offering it along to him. Still taking care not to let it drip all over him, a finger lightly brushing along a crumb that ends up falling to his cheek. Cause you know, for being her valiant and brave hero, he gets the Kilgour as a nurse. And then there is that voice, a look to Eoin, she's been caught! There is actually a look beyond Aldren to make sure that Royal Physician isn't right behind him. Some relief that there is no sight of the woman. Nylie does rise to take in the hug, not quite so clingy today but still perhaps a little,"Some one must after all." Giving Eoin time to eat and respond. Eventually settling back on the side of the bed.

Eldan is in the bed next to Eoin, for the sake of shared… or soon to be shared family. The Baron is pale and looks like he may have taken a step back in his recovery yesterday. His breathing continues to have a slight wheeze to it, the healers keeping him propped up a bit to take the pressure off his healing chest. His eyes open slightly and he turns his head to take in the sight of his soon to be brother-in-law, "Still got… your head… I see…. was concerned… you might… lose it." Aldren isn't the only one who deals in humour. He gives the barest of nods to Nylie, "My Lady." Aldren gets a look too, "Count… missed… your sword." Yeah, Aldren would have been another good one to have that night. It was a good time to attack, so many not in Stormvale for the occassion.

Not too far from the others, Robben stirs in his own bed now. Looking around at the people present, as he tries sitting up a bit more. Looking to the people present, although he doesn't say anything yet, waiting for a few moments to ensure his voice will be working properly.

Eoin can't help but smile faintly as his cousin makes an appearance, even if he is in the middle of chewing at the time. Swallowing carefully he seems well enough to reply in kind, scrunching his brow so it looks like he's confused, "I'm sorry, who are you?" Waiting while the pair hug he then nod once more to Nylie, "I guess we'll see." Rolling his head over to take in Eldan for a moment he nods, still slowly, "so it would seem." THe gap between the Baron's words draws a frown though and he asks, "how's the chest?"

From the direction of the main entrance the door opens and Wenna enters. Today she is dressed a dark charcoal grey wool gown and her hair is braided pinned up underneath a white linen biggins. Even though she is dressed in dark grey she still wears the black bands of mourning. She moves slowly and she looks tired and pale. A smile graces her lips. She pauses just inside of the entrance to survey the infirmary.

Eldan gives Eoin a slight smile, "Be better… if the creature… sitting on it… would… leave." Cai is immediately at Eldan's side with a cup of tea, assisting him with taking small sips. The big man is looking better than yesterday but he still waivers slightly every time he changes position. He frowns at Eldan since the man insists on talking and Eldan just frowns back since Cai insists on moving when he has been told to lay down. It is two stubborn soldiers staring off and the only reason Cai will likely win is Eldan isn't capable of tackling him back into bed.

A gentle nod goes towards Eldan,"Honorable Lord," a slight pause before Nylie adds,"Kieryn wished me to let you know he had been by." Yes, she speaks informally of the captain. "Would you like me to see anything brought for you?" Even if Nylie had put in endless amounts of time in the infirmary in the beginning days, now that many of the more trained hands were back, she was not here as much. Especially since someone seemed to insist that she should get some rest. Least there is some color returned, perhaps she's eaten something. Rest, sleep was still questionable. There is a quiet smile and nod for Eoin, though she does leave that topic there for now.

"Good…" There's a pause as Robben grimaces a little now. "Morning?" It's offered to the others with a bit of an effort now, as he lets out a breath afterwards. Looking between them all, expression a bit thoughtful.

Slipping deeper into the room Wenna approaches Eldan a nod of her head is offered to Robben. "Still have the 8 stone cat sitting on your chest?" She asks him. Her smile is in place. "I need you to hug yourself and then I need for you to cough Eldan." She says to him. "It is going to be one of the most uncomfortable experience you have had in a while but I need for you to do that."
She looks over at Nylie and her cousin and she offers them a smile Aldren is offered a frown.

Eating for the first time since the attack is tiring it seems, for much as Eoin might wish to catch up with his cousin about his travels, right now what he finds himself needing to do is sleep. Eldan is given an understanding nod, and Wenna a brief smile before he turns back to Nylie and mutters a tired, "thank you," before he closes his eyes.

A soft smile and nods goes to Eoin,"Your welcome, Eoin," gathering up whats left of the bread and tea Nylie had been feeding him as he starts to dose off. Shifting to stand from the seat she'd taken on the side of his bed and then comes the 'oh crap, I've been caught' widening of her eyes as Wenna appears at Eldan's bed. Quickly giving a smile, all fine and dandy, yup. "I should probably go see these put up," is that quiet, some what hurried excuse from the tired, pale woman.

Robben offers a brief nod in return to Wenna, before looking around at the others once more. A brief pause as he looks around now, expression a bit absent as he does.

Eldan gives Wenna a weak glare, "You are… an evil… woman." He knows he has to do it, but he doesn't relish making the attempt. He gives a look to Cai and the man ignores Wenna, moving forward to Eldan to help him get into a good position. Cai knows he will get fussed at as he is still experiencing dizziness and vertigo himself, as well as having the belly wound. At least Eldan does as he is asked, though the cough sounds likely as painful as it is. Cai is quick with a towel to Eldan's lips, and once the man is done he is slowly leaned back by Cai, who takes that moment to then move to his own bed. Eldan looks worn out from the simple act of coughing, his lips completely devoid of color, but at least not completely blue… there might be the slightest hint but he is breathing, the wheeze still present but perhaps to the trained ear a little bit better.

Aldren nods to his cousin. "No one of importance." He says with a grin. To Nylie, "We thank you for it. I am sure he appreciates it as well." Eldan gets a noe as does Robben and Wenna a confused looks when she is frowning at him. He shrugs though. Placing his arms behind his back he tries to figure out what is going on around him, quickly feeling out of place.

"One more cough." Wenna orders him her eyes are on him. "I need you to cough twice ever few hours. "We need to keep your lung clear or the balance for your humors and body will be altered." She explains to him. "Just one more cough. Cai, you are not in much better shape and you should lay down after you help him with this attempt. I will only let you out of bed to help him cough outside of that there is a whole infirmary here to help care for him and you." She is an equal opportunity scolder.
Wenna looks then at Robben. "How is your hand today?" She asks him.
Nylie is next on her list. "You look better than yesterday but do not wear yourself out Lady Nylie or can get sick and be of little use to anyone. I have a report that the spring fever has raised its ugly head in the countryside."

Nylie gives a faint smile to Aldren,"It was the least I could do all considering." More epic ballads for the Lord Admiral. Fingers fussing a little with the small tray as Wenna does address her. A small breathe and she gives a nod,"I managed to eat some and there is not as much needing done with everyone returning, I am sure I shall not wear myself out any further."

Wenna looks busy and Aldrens coz is passed out. He looks around. A few nods given here and there before he quietly departs from this depressing place. To Nylie he says, "It is most considerate of you. I will see you soon, Lady." Out the door he slinks, quiet and smooth like.

Eldan gives another weak glare at Wenna, "Evil." That is all he really has the strength to get out. Knowing what you have to do and actually doing it are two very different things. Cai gives a bare nod to Wenna before he slowly moves over to Eldan's bed again, helping the man into position and holding him. This time when the torturous cough comes from Eldan it seems to get something started as Eldan doesn't seem to be able to stop coughing once he actually starts. Cai provides support for the man, but looks helpless otherwise. When Eldan finally does seem to stop coughing it seems to be more because he passed out for a minute then actually stopped. Cai settles the man gently back and seems concerned over the darker blue tint to Eldan's lips… one can't cough and breathe well at the same time it seems. Cai moves worriedly back to his bed, giving Wenna a glance as he does so.

"Still there, at least most of it," Robben replies, offering a brief smile now. "Nothing hurts too much at the moment, both when it comes to the hand and the rest of my wounds. Which is good, since I have a bit of a need to have my brains working properly today, yes?"

Leaning over Eldan, Wenna squints her eyes. She moves so that her ear is close to his chest and she listens to him breath. She is also watching his lip color as she does this act. She frowns and continues to listen. The rest of the world for the moment has faded away her focus is on Eldan.

While Nylie would love to escape any further prodding and questioning, or risk trussed to a bed herself, she doesn't simply flee when Eldan manages to offer such a fine opening. Not being a healer, more a glorified assistant in these days past, Nylie does move and get another healer to aid Wenna, if the woman should need a hand, or three.

Eldan seems to largely have exhausted himself and maybe passed out from pain. He is breathing, though still not as deeply as anyone would like. It is the lack of deep breaths that is causing the issue, but seeing as how his chest got rearranged by an axe, it is all hardly surprising. The blue starts to disappear from his lips after a fashion, though again not as quickly as anyone would like. Cai simply watches the whole proceeding anxiously… it's not that he worries being out of a job, it's that his job isn't a job so much…. but his actual family.

She frowns again and her eyes narrow. "Maggie, I need a sheet draped over him, boiling water and I need oil of laurel leaf, peppermint, lyptus, melaleuca, lemon and ravesara in it oils or extract placed in it in equal parts, meaning one drop each. The steam and those extracts will help him breath." Maggie is the healer that came when Nylie asked and is now being put to work. She goes and gets the prescribed items. Wenna is now looking more tired. She then checks to make sure his ribs have not shifted since the last time she examined him.

Eldan starts to come around as his ribs are being examined again. His blinks open heavy eyelids and takes a moment to focus on Wenna. His voice is a hoarse when he speaks, "That … sucked…" And she wants him to do that on a regular basis? Eldan hates his life sometimes… he really does. "Can I… go back to the… battlefield instead… more honorable… way to go." There is a slight smile there to let her know he is joking, but it does seem better to go down in a blaze of glory then to be taken out by a cough.

With the healer fetched up to help Wenna, Nylie knows not to hover as that is never helpful. Seeing that thee small tray put away before she pauses near Robben's bed,"Did you wish me to get anything for you to drink or eat, m'Lord?"

"You just like my charming company, but I am married. Now if you are interested in any of the other healers we can help you find less painful ways to come and be in our company." Wenna teases Eldan back and her voice is jovial so he knows she is just joking. She then leans back a little. "You are going to be with us for a while, yes I need you to cough. The next time will be better. Heal my friend and rest." Maggie in the meantime gets her the items that are needed and the two of them set up the tent.

"Water… please…" Robben replies to Nylie, offering a brief smile now. "Thank you…" Looking between the others for a few moments again now, he lets out a bit of breath again now.

Nylie gives Robben a nod before stepping off for a few brief moments to retrieve the glass of water. Returning quickly enough to offer it to him,"Here you are, I think the kitchen has some fine things planed later, should you be up for something more later." Making sure he has a good hold on the glass before her own hand releases.

Eldan half scowls at Wenna, "I could… take care of… that marriage… problem for you." He pauses a moment, "But then I'd… have to be… related to Aldren." It's possible that Eldan hasn't even noticed the Count actually left the room. He was there before Eldan was forced to cough by Wenna… the evil woman. He'd definitely say the same words in front of Aldren. Sadly poor Eldan is a little behind in his teasing.

Caedmon is in mourning clothes, entirely of black, and looks as if he hasn't slept in a week when he steps into the infirmary cradling a large clay cup of tea in his hands. He pauses near the door to survey the room that appears to be brimming with wounded and those who intend to minister to them whether they like it or not. For a moment, his eyes linger on Wenna's back while she is tending a patient. One of the servants spots him, and approaches with a deep curtsey. He shakes his head. "Do not waste your time on me. By all appearances, you have more work than hours in the day. Go, and may Sheat guide you." He slips to one side and leans against the wall while he watches the healers at work and their occasionally uncooperative patients.

Slapping her hand on her thigh when she gets Eldan settled with the warm medicated steam she laughs. "Oh my poor little brother is so unloved." She laughs again. "I am sure he will be heart broken." There is mirth in that laugh. "Caedmon and I will remain safely married." Her eyes dance.
Then speak of the devil, the man himself enters. Wenna turns her head to look at her husband and she smiles where he is holding up a wall. She motions for him to join her. "I was telling Eldan here that I am married and that there are better ways to enjoy our company that pretending that he is a shield. Your sister is here as well and would enjoy your company my love and friend."

Robben takes the glass, making sure to hold it in his unwounded hand now. "Thank you. And we will have to see when that later comes, I suppose." Taking a long sip of the water, before he lets out a breath again. "That really helped…" Looking up for a few moments as he spots Caedmon, he offers the man a brief nod now.

Eldan smiles tiredly at Wenna, "He brings it… on himself." Hey Eldan likes Aldren. He even understands that fierce protective nature the man has. He looks to Caedmon, "Wouldn't want… his job anyway." Because Eldan's luck if he killed off Caedmon they would make Eldan be the Voice and that would just suck. "You know we have… to do whatever we can… to try and steal her… away." While he is sounding better, at least likely to Wenna… he's still a bit breathless when speaking. To everyone else he likely sounds the same, and to Caedmon who is hearing him for the first time he likely sounds like he may pass out or keel over any minute from lack of air.

Kieryn wanders back into the infirmary, he'd been there earlier with Oscar after having given the pup a bath and kept him from jumping on the bed with Eoin. After he had left he had someone take the pup up to the Greenshire rooms of the castle so he could go to Lis and then went off to do some stuff he needed to take care of for the day, paperwork that was stacking up from Eoin being out for a while, though he had to ask for some help on some of it, since he wasn't sure what should be done. Pirate reports he could handle, orders he could send out, it ws the day to day management of the Navy that was throwing him off balance. Well, at least the meeting with other officers of the navy had gone smoothly enough with no problems. So Kieryn has returned to check on his brother and as he sees him awake he makes his way over towards him.

Nylie gives a smile to Robben as the water brings him that bit of relief,"I'll see that they least bring something by in case you feel up to it, some more water if nothing more." Nylie's seen most people currently in the infirmary in worse shape then they are, so anything is an improvement. A combination of the voice, the nod Robben gives has Nylie taking in the appearance of her brother. A slight murmur to Robben,"If you will excuse me, m'lord." A brief moment before she does seek a path over towards him, nothing really said when she finally gets to him, whether it be the middle of the infirmary, back over in that corner or…where ever….she simply moves to hug him, that mug to if he doesn't move it. The woman is in her mourning clothes, hair braided back. Probabaly hasn't slept more than an hour in total since the…incident.

Caedmon nods to those who are capable of recognizing anyone, and then his eyes return to Wenna. His smile is faint, but definite in answer to her invitation. "My wife and love, I rejoice to see you doing so much good for these people," he greets her. "Lord Ruxton, Baron Mowbray, under the circumstances, and if my wife grants permission, I intend to convene our meeting here in the infirmary. However, I consider that due to the health of certain members of the council, and the absence of others, the meeting should be brief, with another meeting soon to follow. We should conserve our strength for … other duties that await us in coming days." Coronations can be trying affairs even under ideal circumstances, and these circumstances are far from ideal. Although he has not seen Nylie yet, the odd awareness that siblings often have of each other prompts him to turn in time to face his sister who appears as exhausted as he feels. He catches her in his arms and hugs her for a long moment, saying nothing and knowing that no words are necessary for now, but that they will share such words in due time. Finally, he steps back, but he takes her hands in his and studies her for another moment before he sighs, "I hoped to find you under better circumstances, dear sister, but seeing you here, and on your feet, gladdens my heart enough."

Robben nods a little to Nylie. "Of course…" he offers a bit quietly, before he looks over at Caedmon again, nodding a little bit as he hears that, although he keeps silent for the moment, draining the last of the glass of water now.

Nylie has done much in the days between then and now, even if she carries not the burdens her brother does, she has tried to shoulder many all the same. Simply hugging him, a tight clingy affair as her head buries itself in his shoulder for those long moments. There is much to be said, much that needs to be told. Just not right at that moment. Her hands give his a squeeze when they step apart,"As would I have hoped. " Her gaze flickers towards the sleeping Eoin before back to Caedmon,"He is the reason I remained safe." So much, so many details of things. "I am glad to see you safe, brother. There is much to discuss, but I know if I do not sit and find food again soon, your wife will see that I am tied to a chair and fed," there is a lightness to her tone, though Nylie wouldn't put it past Wenna to do so. "If there is time before the meeting, perhaps we can talk."

Eldan nods slightly to Caedmon, "Well… I am not… going anywhere… soon." Odds are Wenna will keep him here for a good long time. "Suppose… should… rest." That said Eldan's eyes slip closed and he falls into a slumber. At least he isn't passed out, but actually asleep this time. Sorry Kieryn.

Caedmon inclines his head to his sister. "Even if it must be after the meeting, we should talk, sweet sister," he agrees. He glances to Wenna. Then he returns his attention to Nylie and teases, "She would have help. I would not see you starving. If you are to help those here, or if you wish to sit beside the lord admiral's bed, you must have strength. Go and eat. If his condition changes, I will send a page to you at once." When Eldan speaks, even if his voice is barely a low whisper, Caedmon turns and nods to the baron. "Rest and heal," he urges. Then he looks to Wenna and suggests, "We should eat soon, too, although I fear that I must force myself to take food at the moment."

Wenna smiles at her husband and turns her head away when the siblings embrace so as to give them privacy. She finishes working on Eldan and she gets a distant glazed look in her eyes. She then focuses on the here and now and she nods her head. "Aldren would be saying the same thing, here is an idea you could join each other for lunch, I could join Aldren or have him join us storms in here demanding that that rest be had."
She looks to Robben. "How is your hand and have you phantom feelings? I am sorry that finger was not able to be saved, it is the hardest to save."

Pausing from his thoughts, as he hears Wenna's question, Robben shrugs a little. "It feels okay. Or at least as good as it can at the moment." Another brief pause, and he offers a half-smile. "It's okay. I know everyone here did the best they could." Glancing around the room very briefly now, before he shakes his head a bit. "Just looking forward to getting out of here, you know. Even if it might just be to be something my children will climb on."

Caedmon glances around the room and then concludes, "I should go and allow the healers to work without distractions." Then he looks to Wenna and suggests, "If you need any supplies, tell me. Even if it is simply an order for the apothecary in Stormovale, I'll deliver it personally. The ride would be a good distraction."

"One day more Ser Robben and then we will move your to your suites. I just want to be certain an infection does not set in." Wenna says this gently to the man. "You know if you need anything just holler and I think if your Lady wife is agreeable they can come and visit you here. We have not had a case of spring fever yet in this infirmary."
"What I have need of is lunch and you are going to join me." Wenna tells Caedmon. "Forgive me but I will be back, I need to eat and prepare for the meeting today." She offers a bow to her patients and then she looks at her husband as if tell him he is to lead the way. She glances at Nylie. "You are welcome to join us."

Caedmon bows to the patients before he steps back, offering an arm to Wenna and a welcoming look to Nylie, who has watching over Eoin at the moment. "If not now, sister, at least soon," he urges. "As I mentioned, I do not want to tax the council overly with this first meeting, but they certainly will want your report on the casualties."

Wenna takes Caedmon's arm and they move slowly out of the infirmary. Her eyes are bright.

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