43rd Sess, 229: No Change

No Change
Summary: Wenna goes to check on the progress of one of her patients.
OOC Date: 29/Mr/2014
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Dining Hall - Greenshire Manor, Stormvale
Stone floors, a vaulted ceiling and a large stone hearth at the far end of room greets guest. Natural light is let in through high windows, which are at least 8 feet up from the floor and stretch towards the ceiling. A formal old dark and mahogany table graces the room, along with red velvet cushioned high back chairs that sit sternly around it. Tall silver candelabras stand spaced at intervals along the table. Soft yellow bee wax candles from a local beekeeper rest in place on it of the great silver pieces. Between each of the candelabras are fresh cut flowers from the garden. Theses flowers fill the room with their rich scent. The stone floor is padded with colorful hand woven rug and the walls are covered with tapestries featuring hunts.
43rd Sess, 229

Spring is definitely here, with the garden starting to bloom and the weather warming. That said, the fire is still on in the hearth, but it's been allowed to burn low so as not to overheat the room. Sat at the table and working his way slowly through what appears to be a cake Eoin is doing very little else. There's a book open infront of him but he's staring out of the large windows instead.

Entering now the Count has his sister on his arm. For his part Aldren is dressed a bit more casual, a green tunic lacking any adornment and brown breeches. His face gains a bit of a smile at the sight of his cousin and he says "There he is." Helping his sister over to a chair he asks "What can I get you? Eoin would you like something to drink?" There is a servant nearby but Aldren waves them off as he enters the kitchen to fetch the drinks himself.

Slow and steady win the race. A worn out Wenna takes her time entering into the hall. She has dark circles around her eyes she holds on to Aldren's arm and when he settles her down on to a chair it is done so gingerly. She then leans against the chair itself and she closes her eyes for a moment resting. When the question is asked she comments back. "Tea my sweet brother or watered wine." She then opens her eyes and she peers at her cousin. "I am sorry I have not been by to check on you, how are you feeling and how is your sense of smell and your head?"

Eoin doesn't seem to react as his cousin's enter, but Aldren's question does get his attention as he turns his head to see who has arrived. "No, thank you," he replies after a short deliberation, then turns to Wenna as she sits. "You look more in need of rest that I cousin," he states gently, "for myself though? I still tire easilly, although that is getting better, and the dizzy spells are noticablely less frequent now. Beyond that?" He gives a faint shrug then takes another bite of his cake.

Aldren returns now with a decanter and cups. Moments later a servant behind him with tea. It all set down now the Count settles into a chair. Pouring for himself now he takes a small sip and listens to Eoin. Setting his cup down he says in an off-handed manner. "You seem to be recovering just fine, all things considering." To his sister he does now look. "Our cousin is right though, a bit of rest would not kill you."

"I am glad to hear that, any night time loss of your waters or finding that you have lost a significant amount of time, Eoin?" Wenna asks him. "Nay I am just tired, I will rest. Caedmon stated he would bring Lilly to the tea. I will be sleeping during that time." She stifles a yawn.
"Thank you for the day my dear Brother. I will point out to you that I have been resting, you are the one that roused me from my bed today." She points out with a smile and a laugh. "Besides, I have a feeling I will be laying down here for a rest soon. I brought my apothecary supplies with me." She moves to pick up the tea. Holding it in her hands she savors the warmth before she takes a sip. "Will you be doing to the tea brother, will you be going Cousin?"

"I do my best," Eoin replies with a wry grin to Aldren, then shifts his eyes to Wenna as she speaks to him. "No cousin, I have not," he replies with a slow shake of his head, "and no, I will not." Another faint smile, "I was informed by the Countess that it is ladies only and I would not wish to impune the honour of the little ladies." That and not being around a bunch of screaming children is decidely preferable right now.

"Well, I guess I did. But a little family time is good compared to all that infirmary work. Depressing folk in there." He comments before a sip is had. When she asks on the tea party he looks to his cousin, a knowing gaz there as he confirms, "Aye. Moira said Ladies only…I told her garden only." He winks and chuckles and then says, "I wonder if little Elly will be dressed in those sandy rags." He shakes his head now, "Most barbaric to let the little noble girl prance around dressed as savage like that." Oh no, he does not approve.

"If you do, I need to know. It could mean a few things happened to your head and the balance to your bodies humors." Wenna continues to sip her drink. "If that is the case you might have Caedmon joining you in your study or for a drink for bit, while Lilly becomes enamored with the countess. She is not used to be noticed by adults or indulged, I need to teach her to run wild and go barefoot this summer."
"Brother I will remind you that all three of your sisters ran amuck through the moors dressed in trews and breeches." She laughs. "I have a feeling he will be joining you both then if it is girls only. I wish I could take her but I would be falling asleep and snoring and none need to see me drool. It is not a pretty sight when that happens. Mind you it does not happen often but it does happen. I envy those that sleep and look so perfect in their sleep. Aldren is a good sleeper, unless he has drunk too much. You are a good sleeper too cousin." She is starting to babble, filter what filter?

"Just be sure to keep cricket away from them," Eoin remarks to Aldren, not wanting to see that beast running amok amongst the small children, "take him for a walk along the cliffs or something." He himself is pondering a trip to the Mowbray's to see how his sister is settling in but has enough of his mind still on the conversation to nod his agreement to Wenna. Finishing off the remains of his foot he allowls himself to relax into his chair, book long forgotten, and lets the conversation wash around him.

"Eoin, how is your sister doing?" Wenna asks him. "I am sorry that I missed her wedding, if you write to her let her know that I will make it up to her. Do you know if they need or desire anything, I will have Caedmon go and get it? Yes, I am aware he is my husband and not my page." She changes the subject. "You are very lucky my sweet cousin and I am sorry I was not there for you more while you were and are recovering. But, I do think you most likely feel better now that you are not in the infirmary any longer. My healers are wonderful and well skilled but there comes a time when the patient should return home."
"Eoin has a point Aldren, Cricket would be wanting to play and would want to join the tea as well. Besides that they may dress him up in ribbons and your clothing." She points out to him. "Remember when we use Wila the cat for a doll?"

"She is well," Eoin replies, resting his head back gently against the chair, "I do not think I shall be writing oon though, as the to get to here from town you have to pass the Mobray's residence." It's that next one along infact. "You could likely stop in on your way back and I am sure they would appreciate the visit," he offers with a smile. As talk turns to his own recovery once more he asks, "how long do you think before I can return to sea? In ideal circumstances of course, it may yet till be the case that needs must but I hope we will have more time that that yet."

"I would say as soon as the dizzy spells are gone. We do not need you fainting on deck or vomiting your guts out especially if you have never had sea sickness in your life." Wenna tells him. "I will try, it took much effort to just get this far, but if I know I will not be falling asleep on them I will go and meet with them. But, I really need to get them a proper a gift. There just has not been time to think about such things. How was the wedding?" She is now speaking to cousin only now as her brother attends business that was brought to him by a page.

Eoin nods at that, it gives him something to aim for, or at least a benchmark to judge by. "I may go visit once th elittle ladies start to arrive," he then confesses, "if so I will pass on your regards to them." Thinking back to the wedding he considers the question for a moment before offering, "it was nice. There was little fuss and both the ceremony and the afterwards were pleasant."

"That is how a wedding should be." Wenna nods her head. "Aye, but one that is needed, if you get dizzy when the ground is not moving can you imagine what would happen if were on the ship?" She nods her head. "Aye, give it time and try to be patient with yourself the wound you receive was grievous and to be honest I am glad you are alive. There are two very large issues that we come to face with injuries such as yours. Some develop the dropping sickness or shaking sickness. That is why I asked about the loss of time and the losing of water at night. Other do not make it that far and they fall asleep and never awaken. Then there are those who suffer from blinding aches in the head. I for one am glad you are alive and functioning this well."

For all that Wenna's list of possible complications is truely horrific, Eoin seems fairly chilled as it's given. He nods along slowly as it continues then, when his cousin is finished, he states calmly, "there has been nothing like that. The odd headach yes, the dizzyness which is fading and then the smells issue, but that is all cousin."

"How are you doing with the smell issue? Has it gotten better and have you tried very spicy food?" Wenna asks him or more like grills him. She nods her head. "Cousin, you are healing and you are healing very well." She adds. "Smoking the sky herb?" Wenna asks him as she tosses another question out there.

"No change," Eoin replies flatly, before shaking his head at the comment about spicy food. "If I'm honest with you cousin I've been mostly eating small amounts of plain food on acount of my gut." The other place that axe decided to make it's presense felt. The question about the herb gets an amused eyebrow raise reponse thought and he shakes his head, pointing instead to the few crumbs left from what he was eating earlier.

"I did forget about your gut cousin forgive me as I am coming out of a fog only recently. Stay on the bland diet a while longer and we will speak more about when it is time to change. How are you bowels doing?" Wenna asks him.

"I will do so," Eoin replies with a single nod, "and they are fine." Moving to push his chair back slowly he starts to push himself to his feet and then offers by way of explaination, "if you will forgive me though cousin. As I mentioned before, I am still tiring easily and should retire for a while. Good day." That said he then heads slowly out of the dining room and back to his rooms.

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